Inconvenient love truths, no second chances

Yes its a great day with Jupiter trine Pluto June 26 but there is also a heck of alot going on. 

Pandora. Astrology Tara Greene


Some deep dark secrets as well as some hidden soul gems may be unceremoniously revealed as the planet of communication Mercury in two faced Gemini is inconjunct to MARS RETRO in SCORPIO in the morning. Be aware that the pot is feverishly boiling over right now, full of resentments, unforgiven memories, caustic chemicals, and past life vendettas, oozing veritable pus and vitriol, leading up to June 29th when Mars finally turning direct in Scorpio. Don’t take your mind of of that overheated pot  for a moment or- it’ll explode in your face and you may have a tone of damage control to cover.


Venus in Cancer wants to mother everyone and needs to be needed but Saturn in Sagittarius is up on his high horse leaving Venus knee-deep in the dust as he rides off for adventure, promising to return home after he captures those bandits and recoup’s the loot. 

These are the inconvenient truths you don’t want to hear. Saturn in SAGITTARIUS can’t help but speak the truth which often hurts and is thoughtless but not necessarily meant to be hurting. So true of BREXIT- we don’t need no EU education, we don’t need no thought control, as in PInk Floyd’s The Wall, We don’t wanna by mommed, we don’t like your Eu watered down chicken soup. We are independent and fancy free gypsies.  So stuff your stuffy club. We’d rather be free than tethered down to a false mom.

Sit with the emotional tides of all of this under a big GRAND water Trine with  the Cancer Sun trine Lilith in SCORPIO trine ATHENA the Warrior Goddess, conjunct EROS conjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES.  These are heavy waters, birth waters, battle waters, drown in your own shit waters. 

The MOON enters ARIES June 27 and CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER turns RETROGRADE @ 25+ degrees PISCES until DECEMBER 1st @ 20+ degrees PISCES.

That tiny 5 degrees of space can mean so much.  

Chiron is sextile to ALGOL, Medusa’s head and they are both in a YOD or Finger of GOD to JUNO the FEMININE form of GENIUS at 29 degrees of LIBRA.

This helps us to recognize the Feminine Genius in the wounds which have been created and inflicted by the Wounded Masculine onto the Feminine who has been made to be the martyr, the feared snake haired Amazon. Women have been blamed for all of human kind’s problems as the reason for the “fall from Grace.”  LOL. 

Yes, go back and pick up all the wounded pieces, where you hurt so bad, where you are so vulnerable you think you cannot survive if you let that out of the bag, it feels like opening Pandora’s box of secrets.

ASTEROID PANDORA @ 28 degrees LEO squared by MARS RETROGRADE at 23 degrees SCORPIO and ALGOL Fixed STAR of MEDUSA’s head at 28 degrees TAURUS always.

That is a FIXED T-square of epic porportions and the fear of opening the forbidden box is enormous but the hidden forbidden treasure is where the healing is. And allow yourself to cry and feel the remorse and the tears and the sadness and the anger. Cry as much as you need to. MARS is TRINING CHIRON so let it out and let new energy in. 

These are incredibly complex times folks, MARS is virtually stand still in the sky although slowly inching his way to Bethlehem turning DIRECT finally June 29 at 23+ degrees SCORPIO. You will want to mark that spot with an X and see how Mars’s change in direction affects your life.

Under a super powerful Mars Retrograde in SCORPIO, the sign of death, they hold a Brexit vote and expect anyone to keep things the same? LOL that’s why you government officials should always consult astrologers. The pollsters were wrong. Now
2.1 million Brits signed a petition for another EU referendum.
They want a 2nd chance?
Mars in Scorpio NEVER gives 2nd chances. Everyone knows that. 

PLease share widely, all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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