Earth Grand Trine, body soul merge

Wow things are pretty intense out there aren’t they? My daughters been sick and I got so tired, that old NEPTUNE SATURN square is giving it to me. So I crashed last night early which is good after doing some very heavy readings yesterday. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. which is the Holy Hour and meditated for awhile. I am up early watching dawn slowly arrive. 

Yes i felt that beautiful TAURUS sensuality walking down the street yesterday, my senses felt wide open and very physical. Did you?

Today there is a grand earth trine today between the TAURUS MOON PLuto in CAPRICORN And MERCURY slow as a tree slug in Virgo about to go DIRECT  tomorrow @ 10:31 pm PDT and sept 22 @ 1:31 am EDT/ 5:31 am GMT @ 14+ degrees VIRGO that very powerful 15th degree. 

esoteric earth trine Tara Greene witch


the moon Pluto Virgo trines have already happened. 

Moon sextiles Chiron in PISCES  making it easier for us to know where the pain is being held in our emotional and physical bodies to release.

THERE is a FINGER OF GOD or YOD from TAURUS MOON to Mars in SAGITTARIUS and VENUS in LIBRA @ 26-27 degrees.

The Moon is on the Fixed Star ALGOL the Medusa’s head

Many heads will roll today. Be prepared for blowback.

Give them the divine Finger.

MERCURY TRINES PLUTO in the evening with Mercury RETROGRADE

This is a positive brain enrichment aspect. Brain + SOUL power = rich mind rich body.

PLUTO is the soul’s riches, the death and rebirth aspects. 

Interestingly you get a repeat of this aspect on the 23rd with Mercury moving Direct at the same degrees. So see this as a two parter.

On the 20th I would use this initial Retro aspect to dissect, take apart, and analyze practically, what is not working, clicking or coming together, in your body mind/soul. What is it that is  preventing your mind and your soul body from acting as one?

On the 23rd use the forward moving energy to birth and create the bringing together of the head and the heart/soul aspects.

The Moon enters GEMINI @ 10:53 pm PDT on the 20th

On the 21st @ 1:53 am EDT/5:53 am GMT. 

SEPTEMBER 21st is the U.N.’s International Day of Peace and there are celebrations and meditations going on. I will be joining in with #TuneinPeaceout The Hood Witch and The Numinous and many other thousands of people gathering to focus on creating peace in the world.  Join in too, yuo can email me to be included in the peace wishes. 

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