Love your weird, Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius December 19/20- January 13 2020 imbues love beauty relationships and creativity with radical electric c high wire intensity. Venus in Aquarius brings off beat, weird, and freeing value into our consciousness. This helps us to accept our own weirdness as well as others.

Aquarius’ modern ruling planet Uranus orbits at a 90 degree angle. Get that picture and you understand a lot about Uranus and Aquarius. Saturn is the traditional ruler of the 11th sign and with the Capricorn stellium currently lined up like a stellar conga-line, Venus is under pretty heavy practical hard knocks reality lessons right now.

Venus in the airy detached winter ice queen realm has a heart for networking, organizing and management of everyone’s rights on the same level playing field.

Love and sex can be seen as necessary to maintain equilibrium and balance and to keep one’s head clear love is much More, antiseptic than erotic.

Venus rules values and in Aquarius values are “out there.” Women are pushing boundaries into brave new lofty ceilings. The ceiling isn’t made of glass anymore it’s a crystalline self made open roofed concept. ..

Invention, pioneering revolution and radical feminism are all Venus in Aquarius ♒️ keywords.

Freedom from traditional female roles will be broke through. Rebellions, and protests will escalate throughout the world.

“Let your freak flag fly”as Neil Young wrote in his famous 1960’s song.

Venus rules money and finance the cryptocurrency markets may take a wild swing and new currencies may be popping up like shrooms. the stock markets could be initiating many new IPO’s and new technologies will come online.

We can benefit from being much more detached during Venus high wired trip during this Capricorn stellium karmic meetup January 12, 2020. Things are very heavy practical grounded and weighty,Venus in Aquarius is a breath of fresh air literally.

Famous Venusiquarians

Singer songwriter Taylor Swift

Singer actor freedom fashionista Harry Styles formerly of One Direction, singer Adam Levine, Ricky Martin, Elton John, Janis Joplin, Sade, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone

Tv personality Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, the first woman to come out as gay in TV

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Celebrity Paris Hilton, actor singer Jared Leto, actor Ashton Kutcher, James Bond actor Daniel Craig, Timothee Chalamet, actress and partner of Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes, Nicholas Cage, Bruce Willis, Bollywood actor Salman Khan, Sharon Tate, Gary Oldman,

Actress Marlene Dietrich

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking

Pope Francis, comedian Chris Rock

Jeff Bezos CEO Of Amazon,

Film director Quentin Tarantino

Tony Robbins

Conceptual Artist, singer, wife of Beatle John Lennon Yoko Ono

Lebron James basketball player

Historical figures

Nostradamus, Sir Isaac Newton, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, feminist writer Simone De Beauvoir, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, writer of Lord of the Rings J. R.R. Tolkien, spiritual writer, philosopher, educator, artist, inventor Rudolph Steiner, heavyweight boxer Mohammed Ali, Chairman Mao Zedong, writer Gertrude Stein. Painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, writer and anthropologist Carlos Castenada

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Leo Moon,a Psychic Tarot Reader’s Life,Chris Colfer GLEE Birthday wishes, Astrology from Tara Greene

Its been MOON in Leo ,fiery proud roaring, me  1st times since Fri May 25 which is WORLD TAROT DAY if you didn’t know. 

I’ve been celebrating WTD since 2004 and it has grown. see previous post on WTD, tarot decks etc.

I felt like a very passionate fiery LEO like WTD. I poured my heart out and performed LEo is the actor- NON STOP all day! I read in person clients very long intense readings as well as phone readings from noon till 10:30 pm barely a pee  break and a bite to eat. Whew. But it was worth it and now I am LEONINE proud! My heart is full in LEO like fashion. Thanks for all my clients old and new for connecting with me for World Tarot Day.

Hey in my life WTD is every day. I am always in the cards. Living the Tarot cards, the symbols, the Archetypes, the energies, talking to them, praying , conversing, thinking, dreaming them. The Tarot is such a marvellous resource. I am so blessed to be able to introduce people into how the tarot works, what it truly is, how deeply powerful and profound, a beautiful and whole symbolic pathway.

It takes many years to really steep yourself in the Tarot, there are so many layers, symbols, so much knowledge one has to really understand and assimilate to work proficiently with the Tarot. There are many people out there with not much experience, maybe high on the excitement of Tarot itself, getting to know the cards, but I do really feel it takes much time to be a really good tarot reader. You do have to have a thorough background in Astrology,a very intense system all on its own. Numerology, Kabbalah,color scales, mythology, symbolism. I could go on and on.

Tarot is a living system, My prayer for every reading is I know nothing….that keeps me open, surrendered, receptive, a vessel,lets my Higher Self and Guardian angels come through. I have other prayers too, affirmation prayers. There are always two parts in prayers and meditations,  an asking action type of prayer or mediation and a receptive listening type of meditation or prayer.

Energy was pretty lite Sat mainly sextiles 1 trine and a couple of quincunxes thrown in for good luck.

Except I find everyone drives crazy on a LEO moon because each person is like ME FIRST I Am the only one on this road.

May 27 Sun conjunct Mercury early am brilliant thinking!!!!

That LEO moon continues to charm the pants off of Venus and then even Saturn via sextile all before noon.


It’s Glee’s Chris Colfer’s BIRTHDAY

Glee Chris Colfer Astrology by Tara Greene

Glee’s talented Chris Colfer MAy 27 Gemini

Chris Colfer of Glee Birth Chart                                                                                                                 click on the chart to see larger

May 27 is Chris Colfer of  TV series Glee 22nd Birthday

I love Glee, and everyone loves Chis Colfer the openly gay, multi-talented singer, dancer actor.

Chris is obviously a GEMINI, which is a hermaphrodite sign, a Two sexes in One, charming, youthful, fast talking, quick-witted Gemini,that suits Chris to a T. A san openly gay man he has a very well developed feminine side.

I have no birth time for Chris so in the chart I am using  is a NOON hour chart for one who is in the public eye.

His Venus at 26 degrees of Aries. He is  impulsive and a go-getter in love. He wants to be the boss.  Chris has Saturn opposite his Venus now. He is maturing, especially in his love life, tastes and values. Saturn is making him grow up. He may be torn between two desires now as well.

Chris seems to have the  MOON is in Cancer. He is sentimental, emotional, close to his family his roots and traditions> Moon in Cancer brings out the feminine soft, nurturing, protective, caring side.

Chris has Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Cancer so his role is to be a healer form his own wounds and emotional hurts in a big Jupiter way for others. He has related how he was bullied by other kids for being gay and was home schooled during a couple of years. His character on Glee comes out,and this has made him a hero for may young teenage boys.

His Mercury @ 12 Taurus suits him perfectly. He communicates in a sensual, earthy, Taurus way. Taurus rules the throat, many singers have planets in Taurus. It is also his best year in 12 as Jupiter and many other planets have sashayd through the sensual stubborn bull-headed sign  for most of 2012.

Chir’s Mars– his libido, his drives, his defenses are @ 27 degrees of PISCES. He is a chameleon and that’s what makes him such an excellent actor a perfomrer. He is highly creative, imaginative, dreamy, fantasy filled, humble,service oriented, compassionate. I’m such he is a sweet in real life as the character he plays Kurt Hummel on GLEE.

Like all of his generation born between March 1988 to the end of 1990 he has Saturn Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn.

Chris was born during Saturn Retrograde. That is  a specifically karmic placement, indicating a karmic lesson a re-integrating of certain lessons which are unfinished with certain authority figures in his life. Especially men, and men in power. Also that he is revisiting his own place of power from past lives. Uranus and Neptune are also Retrograde. Saturn Uranus and Neptune spend 5 months of the year Retrograde so this aspect is tnot that unusual.

PLUTO is Retrograde at 15 degrees of Scorpio meaning its moving back to the middle and most powerful degree. Chris has immense charisma,lotsa  power, control, has big desires and the will to get whatever he wants. He is mesmerizing because he allows himself to die into his roles and be reborn as whatever character he imagines. He is not fluffy, he has depth.

North Node at 9 degrees of Aquarius, his highest spiritual goal makes him a freedom-fighter, a renegade, a very stong person who sets his own style trends, fights on the front lines for individual freedoms and self-expression, He works well in groups.

His birthday this year is very powerful and positive with the Sun  conjunct Mercury on his natal sun so his fame and communications skills will be shining brightly in more than one medium this year. H will take on film.

With his Natal Venus at 26 degrees Chris has Saturn opposite his Venus now. He is maturing, especially in his love life, tastes and values. Saturn is making him grow up. He may be torn between two desires now as well.

Jupiter is opposite his Natal Pluto , so excellent for travel, expanding horizons, deepening soul connections.This is more riches on the deepest levels possible.

Pluto is transiting his natal Uranus now so expect the unexpected Chris, with Uranus also squaring that, as has been happening for the last year or so.

Jupiter will enter Gemini and cross his Sun in Mid July so he may be touring travelling, connecting in a wider way. How much wider can it get?

Jupiter in Gemini lightens up everyone’s mood. This is also his best year in 12 with Jupiter cross his Sun. 2013 is the real Major year when Jupiter conjuncts his Natal Jupiter so he is striking very well for another two years.

Blessings to you Chris you are a beautiful young man, an inspiring light, agreat talent. Thanks

Mercury at  6 degrees II and Uranus @ 6 degrees ARIES

good for brilliant fast thinking outside the boundaries

LION moon square  BULL Jupiter in TAURUS @ 4:54 pm PDT/7:54 pm EDT

Couple of fixed signs square off here. visualize a boxing ring. And in this corner Ladies and Gentlemen Lion de LUNA his opponent Jove the BULL

in a match between the lion and the bull who do you think wins?

 A classic Lion Leo vs Bull Taurus image

After the big punch out  MOON goes Void-of-course till 11:06 pm PDT and 2:06 am next day EDT

SUNDAY Evening chill and chill some more


Ther’s 10 count ’em aspects onMonday alone.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE early am PDT and for late risers also on EDT.

Yes California dreamin’ for all you PDT’ers, it will be a foggy hungover Monday,

mo Monday stuff later…

2011 Crystal Ball world wide predictions Tara Greene intuitive



Aries- you get the big blast!  PISCES prepare to take centre back stage. Seriously what do the stars hold for you? – just email me to set up a phone reading   

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2011    Predictions by Tara Greene   


  Overview: 2011 is a MASTER NUMBER YEAR!  Also reduces to the Number 4 the Emperor!


2011= # 4 year Numerology

The Emperor’s new clothes


2011 will be more tumultuous than 2010 was because there are three major planets changing signs early in 2011.

The Planetary movements through the signs affect huge shifts in people’s attitudes and behaviours. For example the 60;’ were implemented through cosmic geometry by conjunction of outer planets Uranus and Pluto. These two rule generational, transpersonal cultural issues. 911 was impulsed by Saturn and Pluto at opposition when Saturn was in Gemini- sign of the Twins, Saturn rules structures, and Pluto was opposite in the Sign of Sagittarius- sign of foreigners, religious fanatics and airplanes. Pluto was placed directly on the United States Ascendant just before 911.


The Total Lunar eclipse Dec 21 2010 creates large shift in earth’s magnetosphere. Another solar eclipse Jan 4 begins 2011 with a bang. All eclipses have long term effects on countries the eclipses are total over and for individuals whose planets are connected with the degrees of the particular eclipse.


New WARS begins in 2011 – Jupiter in Aries

Many new beginnings as Jupiter planet of expansion, education, international law, philosophy, gambling, humour, optimism, religious fanaticism, hypocritical attitudes, judgements and air transportation enter Aries rules by the War Lord Mars.




China becoming increasingly aggressive militarily as a show of power. They are getting ready for global dominance. They are moving towards being the number 1 economy in 2011.


A new global government agency will be formed including more countries and to facilitate the change-over to a new global currency.


There will be territorial battles over Kazakhstan, and and other key areas in the world for ownership of natural resources.


Canada and Denmark truce over Hans Island.


Jupiter will actually move through 3 signs in 2011, an unprecedented speed!

Starting  Jan 22 2011, note the numerology, Jupiter will speed through Aries entering Taurus June 4th and end 2011 at Zero degrees of Taurus.

Time is speeding up; there will be a panic in the air as there is not much time left, so panic will be in the air.



Uranus also enters Aries March 11. Planet of revolution, technology, freedom and unexpected change, Uranus is now exactly where it was 84 years ago just before the Great Depression. You don’t have to be psychic to figure this one out.

Uranus always brings many advances in technology this year and for the next 7 years.

WITH URANUS IN ARIES the latest war will be all –technological-drones and robots. No soldiers on the ground, Just kids sitting at home as if they were playing videogames,

But engaging in real war all over the world with no U.S. soldiers injured or killed.


URANUS CREATES many new tech inventions:

Cloning, growing organs, choosing designer DNA, becoming more commonplace. Advanced brain surgery techniques to improve all kinds of mental handicaps, accidents, burn victims, face reconstruction, eye surgery.

Many people will get disgruntled and angry about cell hones, and technology and opt out.



Neptune planet of spirituality, dissolution, creativity, addictions, dreams and compassion enters Pisces April 4 for the first time in 165 years.  Neptune rules oil and viruses amongst other things like photography, the oceans, end of life, karma, ashrams.


Everyone will be telepathic and empathic.
Neptune in Pisces will awaken peoples innate but dormant psychic and telepathic faculties. Many people will hear and feel what others feel. There will be a very disoriented seen of having no boundaries. It will be as if a veil was lifted. Many people will experience lucid dreaming and realise that this world is a spiritual world and not just a material world. World religion will total change.

Everyone will be able to experience spirit directly and not need and intercessory like the church. Catholicism will fall.  People will throw away their cell phones – preferring to use their ÓTELEPA-PHONES.

There will global guru spiritual networks and prophets on every corner.

Many People will leave the day-to-day rat race en masse to drop out and create or join communes, ashrams and thriving spiritual communities all over the world.

Many people unable to deal with the reality of no boundaries will turn to much drugging,

Drinking and escapism.  Popular entertainment- movies, dance shows, reality shows will continue to be most popular than ever.

CULTURE will opt for slow, local, barter, grow your own, DIY, organic, community, small is better. People will give away most of their possessions and become traveller/wanderers. Home schooling will become ever more popular as families opt out of the system. New types of improved forms of education spring up locally gaining word-of-mouth popularity, spread through the Internet.

Taking psycho-tropic plants which create spiritual awareness in a sacred manner in a temple setting will be commonplace, like ayahuasca, mescaline, peyote cactus.

Technological dream mapping machines and technology to communicate and share dreamscapes with and understand other species will become a common form of spirituality and cultural entertainment.Paying attention to their dreams will become a huge focus of peoples lives.

Spiritually based MUSIC will become popular as an anti-dote to rap, rock, etc.




The earth changes that were long predicted over 30 years ago will be even more intense.

Very high magnitude earthquakes all across Northern Russia and Northern India.


Extremely cold temperatures throughout northern Europe, Canada, Mid-west U.S. record snowfalls, economies cities and towns come to a grind for days and weeks on end.


Summer will be very hot with record high temperatures and droughts. Drought conditions in Russia, Northern Canada prairies, California and many forest fires raging out of control. Weather patterns so consistently out of control.


Volcanic explosions in Yellowstone, geysers blows, creating havoc in world’s weather.

Just like last year when Iceland’s volcano blew up.

Many Indigenous peoples gather to share their knowledge and broadcast to Western world that the earth is teetering on the verge of collapse unless we change our ways.


Much flight interruption due to strange wind and weather patterns over Europe Atlantic.

Earthquakes in Western South America. Getting on a plane to a destination is not so simple or guaranteed anymore.The earth changes that were long predicted over 30 years ago will be even more intense. Travelling by ocean will be more popular.


Large tsunamis in Indonesia, Japan early spring and Fall 2011.


A strange and unexpected comet will be sighted with a green-ish tail.


Landslides, in California, China, Uruguay, Russia.

Huge hurricanes in Caribbean wipe out Florida, New Orleans, Gulf of Mexico, again.




2 huge oil tankers collide in mid-pacific stalling shipping lanes and creating havoc with food supplies.


Food shortages in world, a tropical fly causing a new disease carried in fruit.


Assassination attempt on Barrack Obama’s. He will be wounded but not very badly hurt. Shot in the arm.


Airline falls out of the sky in the Atlantic killing 300 passengers. Air France airplane


Outbreaks of cholera and TB in US.  More mad cow and e-colli outbreaks. Government implements mandatory vaccinations and huge protests ensue by people opposing the governmental control suspect contents of vaccine safety.



Canada will de-mote French as it’s official 2nd language. This will infuriate Quebecer’s but the demographics speak financially. The debate about which language to replace it with wont be settled in 2011, Mandarin? Spanish? Whatever happened to ESPERANTO?


Huge migrations of people from the U.S. to Canada as Canada’s economy is way more stable. This creates much stress on the infrastructure of main cities, Toronto Calgary and Vancouver, which are unprepared and unable to deal with a new open border policy between the two countries. Increase in street crime, the homeless, robberies ensues.


Something strange will be discovered on the Moon  proving that other beings have been visiting recently.


Mass shootings on college campus in North East and throughout the U.S. as people explode with unmanageable rage from unemployment, homelessness, no prospects and loss of face in the world.  Riots in Southern California.


Proof of intergalactic intelligent life discovered through radio telescopes. Contact. May –July 2011.


Mass spiritual events, miraculous sightings of the Madonna, Mother Mary, all over the world.  In the skies, at ancient sites, and wells in Glastonbury, Southern France, Spain. In Machu Pichu  people experience a spiritual communion with the water, well or place are given messages from a Feminine Goddess. A huge spiritual revelation, a new beginning. The goddess is emerging as the New Religion. Paganism is the fastest growing religion in the world.



Tom Cruise and His wife’s marriage on rocks. Tom flips out in public again.



Superbowl- Indianapolis Colts

Sorry the Leafs don’t do as well as we’d hoped but they do pick up a bit of speed in 2011.




The U.S. dollar loses its position as top valued currency. The U.S. dollar loses 80%of its

Value and  Local currencies for trading and bartering in US spring up as unemployment worsens and US dollar is revealed to be worthless. World currency created because of US dollar going off the world standard. IMF creates worldwide standard currency to control all governments in the world.




Year of women speaking up more and more. In politics. One person does make a difference. Women create their own formsof educational system, business models and support systems.Oprah with a new network supports huge initiatives.


Aries- you get the big blast!  PISCES prepare to take centre back stage.

Seriously what do the stars hold for you? – just email me to set up a phone reading    I got friends in HIgh PLAces!