Turkey, its Astrology factors by Tara Greene

July 15 Turkey has had an attempted coup fail. Up to the moment news state that the Turkish people stormed the streets and bravely stopped the coup. Over 1,500 military were arrested and that democratically elected President Erdogan reasserted he was in control of the government. He has accused Fethullah Gulen for insighting the coup. The Turkish government just lost a trial in the U.S. to shut down Gulen who lives in Pennsylvania.

Turkey coup astrology


The traditional rivalry in Turkish society has been between secularists (including those in the army) who look to the modern state’s founder, Kemal Atatürk, who transformed Turkish society from perceiving itself as a Muslim part of a vast Empire into a modern, democratic, and secular nation-state.  Erdogan’s AKP party states it upholds democracy but is more Islamist leaning. It is very important to Europe and the West that Turkey remains Democratic as it is the gateway to the East/Asia as it has been since it was Constantinople thousands of years ago.

Lets look at whats going on  in Turkey’s astrology chart

Turkey, political Astrology Tara Greene

Turkey October 29 1923, 8:30 pm Ankara Turkey

What leaps out at me first is that SATURN at 10 degrees Sagittarius, still Retrograde, in the sign of the military, laws, foreigners, religion, philosophy, justice, honesty is squaring Turkey’s NORTH and South NODES. Saturn will turn DIRECT at 9+ degrees of SAGITTARIUS making an exact square on August 12/13. This is a karmic turning point in Turkey’s  evolution. These Nodes are evolutionary or regressive turning points.


Turkey is under a rare and powerful PLUTO opposition in its 7th house of “bedfellows” which has been going on intensely since 2012. Pluto is Retrograding back to 14+ degrees CAPRICORN on September 26 where it stations Direct opposite Turkey’s natal PLUTO at 12 degrees CANCER. 12 degrees Cancer is conjunct to the FIXED STAR SIRIUS, and the U.S. Natal Sun, and there is always a basic sense of connection to the West as was established by the countries founder ATATURK.This is a fight to live or die  for Turkey.  There is a natural Grand Water Trine in Turkeys natal chart between Pluto in the 1st house  in Cancer to VENUS in SCORPIO in the 5th to Uranus and South Node and the Mid Heaven in Pisces and the countries events are always highly emotional and based around religion, power, drugs,repression, rebellion and values.

PLUTO is also squaring natal Chiron at 18 degrees Aries in the 10th house of worldly position. This energy will continue to apply indicating feelings of vulnerability much wounding and unrest over the next year and all through 2017. I pray for this country which I visited years ago and felt so at home in. My grandfather who was Romanian spoke Turkish.

URANUS and ERIS the discordant planet who started the Trojan War are opposing Turkeys Mercury in LIBRA in its 5th house exactly at 24 degrees. This calls for revolutionary creative negotiations between the opposing sides. Good luck with that! URANUS and ERIS also inconjunct natal JUPITER in SCORPIO exactly now. Eris moves incredibly slow, Eris has been within a 5 degree inconjunct aspect to Jupiter since May of 1999.


The transiting NORTH NODE has just crossed TURKEY’s M.C. or world fame position since June. JUPITER has also just crossed the I.C., 4th house cusp and roots of Turkey, at 16+ degrees of VIRGO. This is its sense of home, security nourishment and safety. It is literally the land. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. In Virgo this is  a budget tightening time. There has been sanctions placed on Turkey from Russia since the beginning of 2016 over its controversial shooting down of a Russian Su-24 bomber on the Syria-Turkey border in November 2015.

SATURN by transit in SAGITTARIUS will square natal URANUS conjunct to Turkey’s MC. at 13+ degrees PISCES in mid-October, exact on October 27.

This is Turkey’s personal “catalytic upheaval. Revolution is definitely in the air. This is the “should I stay or should I go?” big transit. Saturn in Sagittarius is martial law and Uranus in Pisces indicates underground terrorists attacks, by gas attacks, viral warfare, bombing and inside jobs. It will not be easy and Saturn in Sagittarius represents International involvement.

SATURN will exactly square the M.C. World fame position/homeland security I.C. axis exactly November 18 @ 16+ degrees SAGITTARIUS.  These symbolize tough dates and clashes with destiny. Saturn limits freedom of religious, legal and educational matters also International Trade and travel. SATURN In SAGITTARIUS can also be positive as the courts want transparency honesty, truth and justice.

NEPTUNE the planet of spirituality, dissolutions, lies, gurus, religion, institutions, addictions, oil, tear gas and secret enemies is also Retrograde currently on the SOUTH NODE of Turkey in its natal 9th house close to its M.C. The 9th house position governs the affairs of  religion, philosophy, education, foreigners, travel, honesty and inspiration. The South Node  indicates its past, the countries history, its all inclusive, secular outlook.

Neptune will RETROGRADE back to exactly touch the Nodal Karmic Axis  on OCTOBER 10 2016. This indicates a confusion, a fog a dissolution, a coming apart, a  review of its past in religion and foreign relations. Neptune crossed this point moving Direct on March 6, 2016 and will cross it again moving Direct on December 30/31st.

MARS turned RETROGRADE and is still simmering away in SCORPIO,opposite to ALGOL, Medusa’s head, fixed star of death and destsurction bringing up all kinds of unconscious power-hungry movers and shakers as this is another birth, death, transformation, resurrection time. MARS is sitting right on Turkey’s Natal JUPITER at 24+ degrees and also squaring natal Neptune at 20 degrees Leo. There are various military factions vying for leadership against the Erdogan. Expansion of military might.

Up to the minute reporting on July 16 says that Umit Dundar, has been appointed acting chief of military staff. 104 coup plotters have been killed, according to Reuters plus 90 people dead including 47 civilians,a further 1154 people have been wounded.

TURKEY’s MOON is at 29 degrees GEMINI which indicates an intellectual, youthful, curious, open mindedness. Yet Turkey is split, it has a dual nature. It may always experience this opposition within itself or secular/Islam. The Moon is in the 12th house governed by the powers of deep unconscious emotions, spirituality, hidden enemies, psychic powers, the oil, dissolution, compassion, dreamers, martyrdom.  The famed poet Rumi was born in Anatolia Turkey in 1207, over 800 years ago.

Interesting that the Turkish men came out in thousands and stormed the military on the bridges and lay down in front of tanks and overran police stations to contain soldiers in the coup. The PEOPLE are energetic, active, make their voices known. This is good.

ECLIPSES activating Turkey’s chart

The Solar ECLIPSE of March 20 2015 @ 29 degrees PISCES was exactly square to TURKEY’S moon at 29 degrees PISCES. The Moon is always the people and they are awake. That eclipse also fell on Turkey’s natal ERIS at 29 PISCES in its 20th house. This also release the chaos, ego-driven delusions, and war tendencies.

The more recent SOLAR ECLIPSE March 8 2016 @ 18+ degrees Pisces fell on the MC/IC axis activating unrest.

The March 23 16 lunar eclipse @ 3  degrees LIBRA activated Turkey’s Natal MARS, its military, its anger and defenses in its 4th house its roots foundations.

The September 1st 2016 Solar Eclipse @ 9+ degrees VIRGO falls smack dab on Turkeys’ North Node in its 3rd house of communications and its neighbours. Their is trouble with Kurds and the Syrian border and Russia. . This highlights major changes and transformations in Turkeys highest goals and directions.

The Sept 16 Lunar eclipse falls at 24+ Pisces squaring the Moon, the people and stirring up the 12th house Unconscious, energies.

My Prayers go out to the Turkish people and for a democratic peace in Turkey.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Deja Vu, 21st Century Crusades

Neptune went Direct November 18 2015 at 7 degrees of Pisces. Pisces is the sign of the Martyr.

Pisces’ symbol, the dual fishes swimming in opposite directions is very much a yin/yang symbol. It is the symbol adopted by Christianity because Christs’ birth coincided with the beginning of the Age of Pisces.  A new Astrological Age begins every 2,160 years. We are now in the last hundred and fifty years of this age. Usually chaos governs the close of any age.

These Ages of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo  preceded this present Age as the Zodiac  moves backwards through the signs. This is what is known as the Precession of the Equinoxes.

With France literally declaring a War on Daesh / the Islamic State and declaring virtual martial law in France and cracking down on the entire country, some are seeing this as the New World Order being set up. Some people believe that the entire Terrorist horrorshow is carefully created by the Military Industrial complex, the CIA, the Billdengergers, the Secret Government, the Illuminati, the lizards, strictly for profit by the less than 1% of those in power in the world. Or because they eat negative emotions like fear. It’s just like they revealed to you in The Matrix. It isn’t hard to see that. The method has been tried and true, create the enemy, keep every one ignorant, divide and conquer.It may be hard to see that the millions of ordinary people in the world like you and me are just serfs and profits on an arms dealers spreadsheet. 

Mercury enters Sagittarius today and makes everyone more fiery, maybe more optimistic.

We can’t really imagine that the world could ever be or ever was different from the hierarchical Patriarchal model.  John Lennon’s song Imagine is truly the World Anthem for a real New World that many New age people envision. And the pre-requisites are given in the song to create it.

No religion, no heaven, no hell,abolish all organized religions. Peace, sharing, no borders, no possessions, sounds like Communism. Living in the Now-is very spiritual Buddhist,they don’t believe in a God concept, and Eckhart Tolle.  That is totally PISCES energy. The dreamer, the imagination, compassion, all as One.

As you know Saturn and Pluto are heading into their headlock next week. And they will continue to spar into 2016.

Saturn, the planet which rules this dense physical reality is the hardest of the hard-lead. Saturn is karma, cause and effect, seniority, Patriarchy, testing, limits, taxes, time and Death. While in Sagittarius Saturn picks up the energies of religious zealots, honesty, foreigners, military pageantry, philosophy, history, airplanes, refugees, politics and laws, optimism, teaching, metaphysics.

Sagittarius has a Fixed Star in it in Tropical Astrology called Antares, { in Scorpio in Astronomy/Vedic} a huge red star, its name means rival of Mars. This star’s energy is just that, super Macho, the competitive warrior.  Saturn is approaching it now. This is the Karma of War.

Then it gets harder, on December 6, after Venus has enters Scorpio, sign if death, Mars in Libra is in another CARDINAL T-SQUARE with PLUTO in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. No it ain’t over till its over. 

The more we rewrite or forget history the more we condemn ourselves to repeat the same thing.

The first Crusades against the Muslims was launched on November 27, 1095  by Pope Urban II. It started as a widespread pilgrimage in Western Christendom and ended as a military expedition by Roman Catholic Europe to regain the Holy Lands taken in the Muslim conquests (632–661), with the ultimate ultimately resulting in the recapturing of Jerusalem in 1099.

crusades tara Greene astrology

The Seljuqs, orthodox Sunni Muslims had controlled most of Anatolia, present day Turkey and Syria before the Crusades.  There was always fighting for control of these lands by one sect or another. Egypt and much of Palestine, present day Israel, were controlled by Arab Sh’ite Muslims, these two factions were fighting for control.The same factions are still fighting the same battles today, almost a thousand years later. 920 years to be precise. 

Let’s look at what the planets, stars and asteroids have to show us about this ancient war between Christians and Muslims and where we are at now.

Terrorists, Astrology, tara Greene


You can see in the almost 1,000 years that the Fixed Stars have moved quite far. Antares was at 27 degrees Scorpio,where Saturn was sitting Retrograde for the most of last summer. Regulus was at 17 degrees Leo and now it is zero degrees Virgo.  Fixed Star Agol, the “most evil ” star has moved from 13 degrees Taurus to 26 degrees Taurus . I have included a number of Asteroids which were suggested by astrologer Alex Miller who commented on my article Pray for Paris, into these charts. Nemesis is Asteroid #128, Apophis is the egyptian personification of evil, #99942, Atropos, one of the Goddesses of  the fate that cuts your life.  #273 , and Arabia #1157.

The parallels with the first crusade and now are shocking.

In 1095 Gregorian calendar, Saturn, was in Virgo and Jupiter was in Capricorn. The outer planets, yet undiscovered still influence the picture. Uranus was at 21 degrees Aries, and Uranus 2015-16 is already in conjunction to that revolutionary chaotic energy and will touch this degree exactly in April 2016. Uranus is revolution, chaos, freedom, nuclear fuel, literally “stealing fire.” 

Neptune in 1095 was at the last degree of Cancer, the sign of homeland and was opposite Jupiter and squaring Uranus. Neptune rules martyrs, religion, spirit, addictions, delusions. Jupiter, also rules religion, battles, foreigners, travelling, and in Capricorn it is expansion of Corporate or Church influence. You can see that these are the two main T-squares in the crusades chart. Pluto was in Aries indicating that there was a new long term karmic cycle that had begun. Pluto is trining Antares.


Fixed Star Agol, or Medusa’s Head,  is considered to be one of most the bad ass stars in the skies.   Algol symbolizes a strong consuming passion that may devour you with anger and rage.  Algol was square Fixed Star Regulus and Mars in Leo in the Crusades. This was a battle of the heart, Regulus in Leo is pride, courage, Kings, royalty, kings, Pope’s sultans, battling it out for supreme power.  Saturn was sitting opposite Algol for most of last spring and summer preparing for this.

The planets that move the slowest are Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. Pluto taking about 250 years to make one complete transit, Neptune takes about 164 to make one transit, Uranus tales only 84 years and Saturn takes 28-29 years.

Transiting SATURN is now sitting on the Sun from 1095, the purpose of the Crusades and very close to Mars’ rival, Fixed Star Antares. Star of Battles. There have been 32 + Saturn returns in the 920 years. Saturn is squaring the 1095 North Node at 1 degree Pisces and the South Node at 1 degree Virgo indicating a karmic re-activation because the lessons are unfinished. T. Saturn is Squaring Saturn at 11 degrees Virgo. T. Saturn is squaring Asteroid Arabia at 6 degrees Pisces where Neptune is now.  There is some foggy illusions and definitely an addiction about all of this, a cult of killing in the name of whatever God you claim is the one god. 

Transiitting Jupiter in Virgo crossed where Saturn was in 1095. Jupiter is squaring Asteroid Nemesis and Mercury in Sagittarius at 22 degrees. 

Chiron in Pisces is also opposite to Jupiter now in transit and Chiron the wounded healer will be squared by Saturn in December 2016. The ancient spiritual wound of separating form the source, the earth and the Feminine will be bleeding even more.

Uranus is again almost exactly where it was. Pluto is almost squaring Uranus and will continue to move into an exact square over the next 5-6 years. This is the same old “revolution.”

We can only pray to the Great Mystery that Sagittarius’s need for truth and justice will win out here through an International co-operation for Peace { Pisces}.

The Dark Side of Pluto in Capricorn is this kind of totalitarian control. Uranus in Aries is the freedom to break through all types of ideologies. This is the kind of us vs them is how the Nazi came to power. The Terrorist are clearly mentally insane, psychopaths whose minds have been brainwashed. How many people are verging on psychopathic now in the world? That’s a good question. 

I can feel the world level of fear rising. My daughter who is a Quadruple Pisces has been feeling sick to her stomach and I can feel it too. Psychic protection is very necessary.

Saturn dampens optimism. I can feel that too. I had this really horrible image that we would have to experience a Word War 11 kind of holocaust ourselves. What was the point of all that youthful optimism? What were the 60’s all about? Wasn’t the world supposed to be changing and the consciousness getting higher?

The key is to take very deep breaths. Stay in the Light but I am also mindful of what the sentiments and things that do go on in the world. New Agers choose to ignore them at their peril. There is a fine line of noting what is going on and really being in the world but not of it. That is really walking your talk.

WHat do you think of this current situation? 

Nuke all the Arabs? Put all Muslims into detention camps everywhere in the world? 

Stay Liberal and open and undefended? Pray for Peace and do nothing?  Give up all our freedom for this? 

My freedom, a Sagittarian thing is very precious to me. I don’t want anyone else to encroach on my freedom.  I believe in the inherent freedom for all women to be at least equal to a man, and never any man’s property, her father, relatives, husband or religious leader under any kind of laws. Religious, marriage, philosophical. 

Can we Deprogram the planet using Uranian technology and remove the implants so people can become semi aware and self-responsible?  Can we get them out of Plato’s cave?

 The Chinese abolished religion. Will we have to have a Maoist cultural revolution to stop the insanity? It is all very complicated.  

I’m mulling over the possibilities. 

PLease share widely

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NEW YEAR’S 2014, the X factor, top psychic astrology from Tara Greene

Hi I’ve been busy getting some down time over the Holidays. I hope that you had some time to relax and enjoy with family friends or as you chose. I’ve been resting, the energy has felt quite intense. I’ve also been doing some media appearances on Toronto Breakfast Television and other interviews.

December 31, 2013

Last day of the year goes out with a bang.

Due to the very intense astrological energies on New Year’s Eve I strongly recommend staying home and staying safe. A quintuple Capricorn alignment with Venus Retrograde, and Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer-means  home sweet home. The Cardinal Grand Cross with Mars in Libra opposite Uranus is unexpected change ups in relationships, short tempers, danger, and in square to Pluto and Jupiter its heavy intense and emotionally insecure. You’ll be wearing your  vulnerabilities so to speak. So stay home and nurture self and friends. The mood is the moon, in Capricorn approaching a New moon on January 1st.  Capricorn is serious, mature, SOBER, heavy. Saturn rules the 5 Capricorn planets from Scorpio, its dark, shall we say. It’s a great New Year to really shed, shed, shed, the old.
Of course you have free will  and can do what you like.  There are always lessons to be learned.

New Year’s Day One, Numero Uno of 2014 can be seen as the blue print or star print of the entire year.

Set for New York, New York.

New Year 2014 Tara Greene Astrology

That’s one tough Cardinal T- square there. All the planets are conjunct to the 4 main angles. Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries are conjunct to the Ascendant Descendant axis. This is the Horizon line, the reality line.

The SUN and PLUTO Are within 1 degree of each other right on the I.C. roots, midnight, unconscious, endings of the chart/year. This is how you detonate an atomic bomb. Truly.

And Jupiter Retrograde is on the 10th house M.C. High Noon axis. About as tight and INTENSE as it can get.

X MARKS THE SPOT, Planet X, the X factor.

This is the 1st time in the United States History that Pluto will be directly opposite it’s Natal Sun, its identity,  along with all the other planets in this alignment.

Saturn in Scorpio is the major ruler of the chart as it rules all 5 Capricorn planets.

The world is in the gun sights of GOD/Goddess the Great Mystery cosmos. X marks the spot.

bang Astrology Tara Greene

BANG BANG by Solmaz Saberi

If you’re born Dec. 31- Jan 4th, July 1st- July 4th. March 31- April 4 and October 4-8th.

You are in the direct line of fire. Bang Bang, let yourself die and be reborn like a phoenix.

The X is where the buried, BURIED – LOL like all the Capricorn jewels buried in the 4th house of roots or under the Secret SATURN in Scorpio rulership.

We each need to look at our own X factor. What is the mysterious X in your life?

X is a cross. We can be nailed to a cross as a Martyr. What cross are you bearing/ Is it real?

Are you playing victim still?

We can use the x as a very focussed nailed down balance. If you are clear in your structure, if you have all 4 aspects in place, 4 elements then create what you will.

The  X factor is the something special about you. Name it. OWn it.

The x can also be fear of change when change is the name of the game. What we resist persists.

Look at where the x pattern of planets falls in your chart.

Cardinal crosses like this are intense and INTENSE is what 2014 is all about. Something’s gotta give.

Jupiter as the highest elevated planet in Cancer where it’s exalted. Speaks of feeding and nurturing the children, women, home, safety, security. But that old paradigm of mom in the kitchen is what’s being nailed to the cross. There are good and bad parts of all of that. We are sorting it out.

Mars in Libra is the masculine in the karmic balance on the Ascendant.  Karmic balance simply means – what you put out you get back. Men must learn to balance their masculine side with their feminine. Diplomacy is all important. Fairness, justice, liberty, grace, thinking of others, beauty, these are all Mars in Libra elements. Men you need to honour your women. Women need to learn this too. Mars is imply action, force. Can be the war of the sexes.

all relationships are under deep examination and many will not last.

Lillith is also up in the 10th opposite Venus Retrograde and square CERES in the 1st house opposite ERIS the Goddess of Discord, or Trouble with a capital T. These symbols speak to my intuition saying WOMEN, will be storming up a storm, taking back the night, creating chaos in places of power, this includes LILITH aka MOTHER NATURE, the Black Goddess, KALI.

If we don’t stop hurting the Great Mother, the earth, we will have to pay. But we will have simply destroyed ourselves. totally

So ladies, get your engines started. Don’t take any BS anymore. 2014 is the year of women rising up.

Please share widely

All writing is copyright TAra Greene

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BANG BANG Nancy Sinatra

RISE UP Beyonce 2013