“Forbidden Planet discovered

The ‘Forbidden’ planet has been found in the ‘Neptunian Desert’


Exoplanet NGTS-4b — also known as ‘The Forbidden Planet’ 

An exoplanet smaller than Neptune with its own atmosphere has been discovered in the Neptunian Desert, by an international collaboration of astronomers, with the University of Warwick taking a leading role.

Interesting timing. Forbidden exoplanet  in the oxymoron of the Neptunian Desert,

Neptune rules Pisces a water sign in astrology

My mind reals with the synchronicity.

There is also a famous American film called


“Forbidden Planet is a 1956 American science fiction film, produced by Nicholas Nayfack, directed by Fred M. Wilcox, that stars Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, and Leslie Nielsen. Shot in Eastmancolor and CinemaScope, it is considered one of the great science fiction films of the 1950s, a precursor of contemporary science fiction cinema. The characters and isolated setting have been compared to those in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and the plot contains certain analogues to the play.

Forbidden Planet pioneered several aspects of science fiction cinema. It was the first science fiction film to depict humans traveling in a faster-than-light starship of their own creation. It was also the first to be set entirely on another planet in interstellar space, far away from Earth.The Robby the Robot character is one of the first film robots that was more than just a mechanical “tin can” on legs; Robby displays a distinct personality and is an integral supporting character in the film. Outside science fiction, the film was groundbreaking as the first of any genre to use an entirely electronic musical score, courtesy of Bebe and Louis Barron.”-



Next Venus Star pentagram cycle from CIA

New post about Venus cycles from Cosmic Intelligence Agency CEO Julia Simas 

Venus still visible as early morning star yet falling lower in the morning sky, moving faster, dimming each week!
Catch a sneak peak especially as the waning Moon meets her each month, ushering her into the Under(other)world.
Waning Moon meets Venus in her descent :
@ 14° Aries – May 3rd
@ 21° Taurus – June 2nd
@ 27° Gemini- July 2nd

The next Venus Star Loop – Scorpio, Leo, Gemini
 – October 2018 – June 2020

A new cure for pain Chiron in Aries

April 23 Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries today

Love hurts, doesn’t it? The Wounded Healer in fire sign Aries symbolizes a new beginning in healing and love which most people under 50 years old have never experienced before.

Chiron and Venus in Aries may inadvertently blurt out how much their wounded hearts actually hurts and how much healing it needs. Venus wants connection and relationship.

VENUS the Goddess of Love and beauty @ 3 Aries is Quintile to Mars @ 15 degrees Gemini. 15th degree is most powerful 

A quintile is a geometrical aspect where the circle of 360 degrees is divided by 5 this is VENUS’s sign and symbol. The planets are 72 degrees apart. 72 is a sacred number and double it is the infamous 144. It’s a lesser used aspect is considered more “esoteric.”

The BIG Q of a quintile is very special. As the 5th harmonic it shows Talents,Gifts and Genius. For more on QUINTILES read excellent astrologer Donna Cunningham – link below. 

the Quintile brings an extra special aspect to both Venus and Chiron with Mars balancing out the polarity. The greatest strength is vulnerability, lay down your shields and your walls and your defenses. Open your heart to a new love and a new way of healing.

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Seriously attract anything with Astrology

Jan. 13

Under an energetic ARIES MOON making Cardinal Squares to Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn today and later Pluto and the Sun there are 4 major planet activations today.

Rather rare.

MERCURY conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn @ 12+ degrees

Words have weight today. Take Them Seriously. In the Beginning was the Word.

There may be serious communications with your father, or boss or any authority figure around this time. It’s goods time to make long-term goals and plans.Words are magic and karmic. Be careful what you say. It may be a good day to remain silent. 

THE BIG ASPECT is the 1st JUPITER/Neptune SQUARE @ 14+ degrees Sagittarius/Pisces conjunct THE GREAT ATTRACTOR

This is one of the main signature aspects during 2019. Jupiter rules both sign Sagittarius and Pisces so its double auspicious. I love that word. Jupiter expands whatever it touches.

What is the Great ATTRACTOR?

consider it the Cosmic “Law of Attraction” 

 The Great Mystery, this is the word I was told the Indigenous people’s address the great unknowns as. We do not know. What we do know about it is this: It is a supermassive Galactic gravity anomaly in intergalactic space within the vicinity of the Hydra-Centaurus superclusters at the center of the Laniakea Supercluster that reveals the existence of a localized concentration of mass tens of thousands of times more massive than the Milky Way.

The GA is gobbling up our tiny Milky Way Galaxy along with the large Virgo Cluster, the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster, other groups and clusters and the Local Group – us and our 30 plus galactic companions all headed towards the Great unknown, aka Abell 3627 at the center. 

It’s located at 14 Sagittarius 02 22  Tropical.

Longitude and in Latitude: 38 S 54
Sidereal Astrology 19 Scorpio 18 11
Right Ascension: 243 53 12   Declination: 64 S 55

The GA is so huge it bends light around it, yet it lacks an event Horizon for it to be a Black Hole. It is like a Quasar.

Read more https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2015/12/07/the-great-attractorhow-to-hook-up-and-be-one/ and here https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2018/12/06/law-of-attraction-new-moon-in-sagittarius/

Jupiter Neptune square has many effects.

 You may be feeling foggy, lost, unable to focus. You may need strong coffee to keep grounded while you create your dreams from spirit, with total honesty your truth, to help the world.

This is a Bodhisattva aspect it brings out charity, compassion, and empathy for others. We know in our hearts that we are all interconnected. Practice random acts of kindness. But be careful of martyrdom. We are also in a #12 HANGED MAN year which is all about the martyrdom Pisces/ downside.

Jupiter in Sagittarius rules animals, this year may see more animal rights and laws which make Nature entitled to rights enacted as has been put into place in India and other countries.

Jupiter in Sag shoots straight from the hip. Neptune in Pisces is gauzy, soft, dreamy, ineffable, ephemeral.  This aspect expands psychic energy and dreams. This is an excellent day to visualize meditate and create, create, create. Pay attention to your dreams closely. The ability to tune in is very high now.

This is a “soul mate” energy. If you are single and want to meet someone visualize your beloved as already with you. Give thanks to the Universe for them already being with you. Be Careful of being “in love with love.” 

A great time to stay optimistic positive have faith and trust.  We’re all one in essence.

Plan travels, higher educations yoga retreats, shamanic vision quests, and adventures now.

Down Side

Jupiter in Sagittarius can easily be Too much of good thing energy.

Be careful of being too naive, too trusting, and projecting like mad what you want to see ideally.  It’s optimistic stars in your eyes, wearing huge rose-colored glasses energy.

Astrology IN the News

A huge gas explosion at a bakery in Paris in the 9th arrondissement January 12 injured 46 people and killed 3. Jupiter square Neptune symbolizes the connection to dangerous, gaseous chemicals.

If you have planets at 9-19 degree of all MUTABLE signs. Including Gemini and Virgo you will be affected the most by this aspect.

Flooding, torrential rains, hurricanes, and huge ice melt and changes in the oceans will be part of this too.

Danger of viruses spreading like wildfire or germ warfare. 

Good for filmmakers, actors, actresses, photographers, all creative types.

Jupiter in Sag. rules religion and truth and Pisces rules spirituality, endings, secrets, hidden cabals. Much secret religious information and UFO info will come out this year. The aliens may display themselves and years of cover-ups will be made public. Catholic Priests will be excommunicated like crazy. In fact the Pope could resign in shame. This was prophesized. 

Pisces rules addictions and drugs. Drug companies making opioids will be sued and have to pay huge damages for the thousands who have died by Prescription drugs. It can also be a year of many new miraculous spiritual healings, sound healings and shamanic healing becoming mainstream.

Jupiter’s color is Purple and Pisces is green-blue. Peacock colors with royal purple.

Enjoy this energy.Let me know how you are doing.

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Grand Water Trine Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd

Moon is in Cancer April 21

It’s HRH Queen Elizabeth’s 92 birthday today. The staunch Taurus is the longest-serving Queen or monarch ever-serving 65 years on the Throne. A true Taurus they are strong and resist change.

The Queen is a Taurus born at Zero degrees with a 12 degree Leo Moon in a wide conjunction to Neptune and Lilith and a Capricorn hard working responsible Ascendant. 

No wonder the Queen favored Meghan Markle shes a woman after the Queen’s own heart. Meghan’s Sun is exactly conjunct the Queen’s Moon. They understand each other almost telepathically. Actually, their charts connect so well. It is awesome. Who would’ve thunk it?

The Queen has SATURN in SCORPIO at 24 degrees conjunct her Midheaven.

Her reign is due to her father unexpectedly taking over the throne from his brother Edward who abdicated. She has Uranus the planet of unexpected change in Pisces trining her Saturn and Midheaven her highest career peak.  She is having a wealthy expansive year with Jupiter crossing her Saturn.

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius in her 1st house

she is not really as conventional as she seems. She is able to maintain that cool detachedness no matter what is going on emotionally for her.

The Queen has Venus in Pisces at 13 degrees she is very spiritual creative and compassionate. 

she has Uranus in Late Pisces conjunct Mercury in Aries in her 3rd house

The Queen has Pluto in Cancer on the brightest star in the Sky SIRIUS and her North Node nearby at 20 degrees Cancer. 

PLUTO is sitting in her South Node this year and this usually signifies an ending. Perhaps the Old ways are leaving and a new start is occurring. The Queen just told the Commonwealth to keep her Son Prince Charles running it after she dies or steps down. That may be soon especially with Uranus about to cross her Sun May 15th. This can also simply indicate the radical feminist openness that Meghan Markle is bringing to the Royals a rebellious freedom and higher consciousness which is what the thousands of years old tradition needs. 

A lovely moon in Cancer will help make her Subjects sentimental and really feel that she is the mother of Britain and the Commonwealth. I feel fortunate to have been born in Canada in a commonwealth country with a Queen ruling. It hasn’t happened very often in Britain. It does make a difference having a Female ruler. 

There is a lovely Grand water Trine today as well on Her Majesty’s birthday and for all of us mere mortals. Cancer Moon trines Neptune in PISCES and JUPITER in Scorpio later in the day.This is a very spiritual dreamy creative and soulfully deep aspect.

A great day to meditate envision get together with family cook homey comfort meals and dream.

But there is also tension as the Moon opposes all the biggies SATURN MARS and then PLUTO.

Its a veritable push me pull you show. 

Card of the day guidance

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Mardis Gras Vesta and Parentalia Feb. 13

Happy Mardis Gras

It is also an Ancient Roman Festival called the Parentalia which means “ancestral days.” It was a nine-day festival held in honor of family ancestors, beginning on 13 February. It involved VESTA.

Vesta Roman Priestess Astrology Tara Greene

VESTA statue Roman.

From Wikipedia

The Parentalia was a Roman religious calendar Holiday its observances were mainly domestic and for families. The importance of the family to the Roman state, however, was expressed by public ceremonies on the opening day, the Ides of February, when a Vestal Priestess conducted a rite for the collective di parentes of Rome at the tomb of Tarpeia.

Ovid describes sacred offerings of flower-garlands, wheat, salt, wine-soaked bread and violets to the “shades of the dead” (Manes or Di manes) at family tombs, which were located outside Rome’s sacred boundary. These observances were meant to strengthen the mutual obligations and protective ties between the living and the dead, and were a lawful duty of the paterfamilias (head of the family). Parentalia concluded on 21 February in the midnight rites of Feralia, when the paterfamilias addressed the malevolent, destructive aspects of his Manes.

Feralia was a placation and exorcism: Ovid thought it a more rustic, primitive and ancient affair than the Parentalia itself. It appears to have functioned as a cleansing ritual for Caristia on the following day, when the family held an informal banquet to celebrate the amity between themselves and their benevolent ancestral dead. The emphasis on collective cult for the Manes and early di parentes implies their afterlife as vague and lacking individuation. In later cult they are vested with personal qualities, and in Imperial cult, they acquire divine numen and become divi, divine entities.”-see link below

I am thinking about VESTA meaning the Virgin  in LATIN the fourth Asteroid to be discovered She is #4 known for the Priestess who kept the eternal flame burning in Ancient Rome. Vesta in your natal or in an event chart symbolizes Fire focus dedication Kundalini Tantric energy activations. The root word VESTA is the source of our money making in our inVESTment Portfolios. She is a super important powerful goddess and all investments are governed by her.

Where is she now?

Today she is at 13 degrees SAGITTARIUS squaring NEPTUNE in PISCES

and closely conjunct to MARS in SAGITTARIUS

This aspect is the perfect WTF is going on with Cryptocurrencies or the world of Finance these days or the entire messy world we are witnessing these days. Neptune in PISCES is the world of delusion illusion projection scam artists and debt. So do be very very careful these days.  A lot of people have been scammed by the Bitcoin wagon of dreams. “All that glitters is not real.” 

Stay focused on your own internal wisdom. Vesta protects the home fires. Make sure your first priority is that.

Vesta is conjunct the GREAT ATTRACTOR at 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS 02

Focus on what you really want to attract now.

VESTA will conjunct the Great Attractor on the Feb 15 Solar Eclipse with Mars 2 degrees behind her at 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS.

Mars and Vesta meet up on Feb. 25 @ 18+ degrees SAGITTARIUS.

Do you know where your Natal VESTA is?

If you have planets or angles there mark that date done as an auspicious day to do ceremony.

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Feb 13 http://www.romeacrosseurope.com/?p=6523#sthash.r86R3Qey.dpbs

Marshmallow Mars in Cancer trine Neptune

June 25  Mars in Cancer is so mellow I am naming him a Marshmallow. 

The Cancerian Moon energies linger on repeating the Moon-Venus sextile and the MARS-Jupiter square from June 24 in PDT.  Mars is pretty active these days as is always the case. Wherever Mars is that’s where the action is. Also the rage, defensiveness, aggression, independent energy and wars, explosions, guns, and fires. 

Cancer Moon is inconjunct to SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

Keep the home fires burning or trot off to exotic distant vistas? But Mars in Cancer wants to stay home. Feeling that pull into different directions and can’t quite figure it out yet.

Moon squares URANUS and ERIS 

Rebellion at home is urgently felt. The pot is being stirred.

Moon trines CHIRON in PISCES

This ultrasensitive Cancer New Moon will cause many a tear to flow. This happened at the New Moon Ceremony I was leading on the 24th. A few women couldn’t hold their emotions down any longer and had to cry. It is very healing to let those tears flow and feel those deep wounds and to honor them, to give them their due. The healing comes from going into those wounds that Mars in Cancer may also be defending. 

MOON ENTERS LEO @ 3:06 pm PDT/6:06 pm EDT/ 9:06  pm GMT

We’re in for a hot time until the 27th.

Leo Moon times are fiery, strong-willed, DRAMA filled times. Leo Moons are very big hearted about their families and those they love. There can be the big battles of the egos and jockeying for power. Leo Moon asks you to take your place on center stage. Leo Moon is the sign of the child and creative self-expression. Passion, pride, and courage are the banners to follow over these next few days.

MARS TRINES NEPTUNE @ 14+ degrees Cancer/Pisces

As Mars is conjunct to Fixed Star Sirius and the U.S. SUN this aspect puts everything under a big dreamy fog. Everything feels like a big smoke and mirrors show, a shell game, an illusion. Fantasy, delusion, projections feature. It’s hard to know what’s real and what is an illusion. Mars is the protector of the home, of women and children and this trine brings an urgent call to be more protective of women and the innocent and to investigate where their needs are being violated. This ties in with the sex trafficking, abuse of children reality which the media is trying to cover up. 

Mars in Cancer trine Neptune is literally a warrior woman – Mars in Cancer- and a successful film, guess which one?

Mars in Cancer is defensive about feelings and can easily go into denial and reach for the alcohol, drugs, shopping, whatever the drug of choice is. 

The Upside of this energy is a very nurturing compassionate drive to act on the behalf of the underdog; the black men who are being shot or tasered by white police in the U.S. or the suicides of teenagers, or the poor living in unsafe housing. 

Idealism is strong, follow your desire to bring more beauty into the world. Be the change you want to see in the world.

It’s also very easy to connect emotionally and spiritually in relationships. The desire for the soulmate is strong.

You can sense and know psychically the others’ inner soul.Wanting to fall in love and create family and emotional security is a huge drive.

Loved ones who have passed on may appear in our dreams.Do Pay attention to your dreams, recall could be strengthened.

Visualize the home, family, and unconditional love you desire. Send it to yourself. This is a lovely aspect. Use it well.

Stay Pufft!

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Mars enters Cancer, pussy boys, warrior women

Mars entering Cancer, the sign of hearth, the Mother, home, family, food, ancestors and the Sign ruled by the ultimately feminine Moon on June 4 to @ 12:16 pm EDT/ 4:16 pm PDT  until July 20th. Mars the warrior, goes home after the battle of  “should I or shouldn’t I” on the mindfields of Gemini.

Mars in Cancer, fire and water Astrology Tara Greene

Image from Mars Water https://marswater.bandcamp.com/track/where-the-sun-sets


Mars is Traditionally considered to be in its’ fall in CANCER, as Warriors need to be on the Battlefield, as in Game of Thrones, not in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Cancer is the Most Feminine nurturing sign, that of the Mother. Cancer is all about sustenance, nourishment, the womb, home, emotional security.

Warrior MOM’s

Warriors battles will take the form of  cook-offs, BBQ battles, eating contests, family feuds, defending home turf. Mars is weak in Cancer, he is a pussycat not a Lion. This is a good thing. The embattled, war-weary warrior must return home sooner or later. Men may be seen as suffering from PTSD whether they have actually been in war or not. The workforce is a very competitive battlefield. Soldiers of the battlefields become soldiers of Love.

Cancer is the sign of emotions and needs and the modern Masculine men are taught to conform to the Patriarchal culture with anorexia of felt emotions.  Defending their own vulnerability, defending their tenderness, their need to love and be loved, men  are always defending their hearts from being open and that’s why so many die of heart attacks.

The warriors need to lay down their arms and to surrender, like the Hanged Man in the Tarot, into the arms of  the GREAT MOTHER, the DIVINE FEMININE, to be taken care of and also his rightful place is to defend the Feminine as in the time of CHIVALRY in the legends of Camelot.

the hanged man Tarot Tara Greene

Men need to become Knights in shining arm, defending and integrating Feminine values and this is what Mars in Cancer is teaching them to do. Men need to defend the FEMININE rights, freedom to express themselves, abortion will be a hotter topic. “I fight for beauty”- Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones.

game of thrones Tara Greene astrology

 Mars in Cancer governs the Stomach, the battle of the bulge will be on.  Tummies will be ultra sensitive to any emotional and food upsets.

Mars in CANCER –Warrior women  

Cancer governs the 4th house traditionally and that house/sign holds the key to your actual physical birth and pre-birth, to your relationship with your Mom, your early childhood, your roots, foundation, the Unconscious, your womb experiences. Any Unconscious, shadow material will be activated by Mars in Cancer. Mars is angry and lashes out spontaneously. So this would be a great time to do some therapy work and mine that treasure trove of knots in your gut caused by unintegrated emotional scars that you can’t recall consciously.

This will be a tumultuous time as Mars aggravates family feuds. Mars in Cancer is literally water on Fire or fire in water, battles over water rights, and the oceans. Street fighting man cools his heals by being soaked. Also more water in the weather, we just had the worst flash floods ever in Toronto last night over 1oo millimeters of rain in a few hours.


Surrender your ego posturing, your defenses, your need to fight and be right. Let go and allow. Honor your Feminine side, your intuition, and feelings which are always clear. Women become Wonder Woman our Amazonian heroine. The women’s March is the new way to move the world. Fight for feminism, fight to defend your home and children, family and keep it safe. Remember you need nurturing too.

Where is the Sign of CANCER in your natal chart? That is where the action is.

I will write an Astrology feature for each sign shortly

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Follow your Bliss, Leo Lunar eclipse

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of the heart   February 10/11, 2017   

“Follow your Bliss”

Leo Lunar eclipse, Tara Greene

Spirit of FIRE

The first eclipse of 2017, is in LEO, the sign of courage, passion, leadership, willpower and the HEART. This is not, like that dramatic song, a total eclipse of the heart, but it still packs a powerful activation of our passions. Joseph Campbell’s famous words FOLLOW YOUR BLISS, are our cosmic marching orders. 

This eclipse is ruled by the SUN, our source of light and life. The Sun is associated with GOLD. Leo governs the HEART chakra, the essence of love. The story of King MIDAS is relevant. A greedy king who loves gold more than anything is given a wish to teach him a lesson. He wishes that everything he touches turns to gold. He is happy with this wish at first, but when he touches his daughter and she turns into a golden statue, the king realizes that love not gold is the most more precious of things. After much prayer, the curse/wish is resolved, and all the gold is returned to life by being bathed in a river.  We must decide what is really precious to us, appreciate it, love it and cherish it.  We must have courage to fight and to dare to trust our hearts.

This Eclipsed moon will appear subtly darker as if veiled. It will be difficult to see even in areas where it is most visible.

The eclipse begins on Feb 10 @ 11:22 UT, reaches maximum on the 11th at 12:43 and ends at 2:53 am.

The areas most affected most powerfully are where the eclipse shadow falls. The path of total visibility extends from North of Hudson’s Bay in Canada through Quebec, the east coast of Canada plus all the eastern seaboard states north of Washington D.C. The total visibility path cuts through Cuba, Venezuela, most of Brazil, all of AFRICA, Europe and the MIDDLE EAST. The path cuts right through IRAN and crosses through most of Russia bisecting it. The eclipse will not be visible at all in Eastern Indonesia. Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The effects of an eclipse last up to a 6 months before and after the eclipse, as the next eclipse season approaches. Eclipse cycles repeat every 18 years, as part of the Saros families they belong to.


This eclipse belongs to Saros series 114, which occurred Jan 31st at 11° Leo/ Aquarius. It is a penumbral eclipse and the 59th in the series that began at the North Pole in 0971 and finish in 2233. Penumbral eclipses occur as the series is nearing its end or is at the beginning of its cycle around the globe, which begin at the poles, peak as total eclipses and move north or south, to peter out again, like dragon circling the globe.  There are many eclipse cycles and families circling the globe for vast periods of time, Eclipse families can last for 1000’s of years.

This first Eclipse in this cycle occurred on May 13, 971. This issues that occurred during that year repeat over and over again. The first eclipse coincided with a famous battle in Syria in 971.It marked the first clash between eastern the Christians and the Muslims ending in a Byzantine victory. Syria is still a battleground for these same factions at this 59th eclipse in the cycle which lasts over 1,200 years in total.

For more advanced and research minded folk following our C*I*A Updates, you can follow all eclipses and their cycles or families at this website. Find the eclipses happening in the years of your birth, and track them every 18 years! Most astrologers use the Pre eclipse that concurred before you were born, fine your Pre  eclipse Solar and Lunar eclipse, know it’s Saros family and stay connected. If your were born near eclipses season, chose the eclipse closest to your birth.

Of course for more help with all of this and learning more  throughout the year, join our C*I*A membership!

This eclipse is the 59th in the series of 71 eclipses in this family Saros 114.
The last six eclipses of this series were in 1999, 1981, 1963, 1944, 1926, 1908. Every 54 years eclipses will return to the place on the globe where the eclipse was 54 years prior. Think about what you were doing then. These years were important turning points in the world.

The MOON is eclipses 22+ degrees of LEO

Look to where this degree is in your natal chart to see how and where it will activate a new emotional cycle in your life.

The LEO Moon is involved in a mystical rectangle; sextile to JUPITER in LIBRA Retrograde, opposite AQUARIUS SUN which sextiles URANUS conjunct ERIS in ARIES. The mystic aspect harmonizes all these beneficial, radical, inventive and pioneering energies helps us to radically awaken our courage, wills and hearts to what we love.  


THE MOON is the symbol of the unconscious, our moods, and the collective mood. A powerful GRAND FIRE TRINE occurs with SATURN in SAGITTARIUS conjunct to the GALACTIC CENTER and URANUS and ERIS in ARIES. This aspect ignites a golden opportunity to speak our truths, be the unique individuals that we are, and to collectively blend our hearts for a greater good for all.

The MOON is T- square the SUN and LILITH at the last critical 29th degree of SCORPIO. This is a super potent symbol of the black and white divisiveness that we are feeling so strongly these days. The power of the Divine Feminine is being impulsed to be fearless and non-compromising. There is a felt sense of deep, soul stirring, courage and pride being brewed and simmered in our consciousness. Your dreams may be greatly activated around the eclipse.

MERCURY in AQUARIUS sextiles Venus exactly and MARS in ARIES

There is a new way of thinking and a higher consciousness leading towards revolution and freedom about sexuality, relationships, being open-minded and inventive. 

SATURN is conjunct to the GALACTIC CENTER

This is a very powerful energy. Saturn is karma and physical reality. This is a karmic turning point. Saturn only crosses the GALACTIC center once every 29 years. It happened last in January and October 1988. If you were born at that time this is your first Saturn return. Do meditate on the reality of the Cosmic Vagina a great wormhole/black hole of cosmic proportions and mystic information.



URANUS, the planet of higher consciousness, freedom, rebellion, chaos and liberation’s double lightning bolt symbolizes both higher consciousness and our kundalini energy.

JUPITER, the King of the planets governs SAGITTARIUS and PISCES rules justice, truth, travel, foreigners, politics, honesty, spirituality, psychic energy, charity, compassion, optimism and faith.

Jupiter and Uranus, both thunder and lightning gods both serve as awakeners. This is like the Tarot card of The TOWER #16. Things have to fall apart and before new growth can happen. This is how nature operates.

Uranus brings in ERIS’ energy of the outsider, the lone wolf, the shit disturber, the chaos inducer bringing chaos and unexpected turns of events. These aspects can bring much inspiration, creativity and activate kundalini awakenings which are often mistaken for schizophrenia and mental breakdowns. Be cautious, go slow, Jupiter in Libra reminds us to stay balanced.

VESTA, is the ancient Roman Goddess, Hestia in Greek, who was focused on tending the eternal sacred flame of the Temple. Every Roman woman had to serve at these Goddess temples for one year embodying the Goddess before they could marry. They were taught to be tantric priestesses who could heal others through their spiritual knowledge by focusing their kundalini energy. Vesta awakens us to focus on our hearts, and allow our spiritual and sexual energy to fuse as one. VESTA is involved in another YOD to Saturn and the SUN in Aquarius. Use the energies of the SUN and SATURN to build a light, be the fire. 


This is another powerful combination. Athena brings her own fiery power and warrioress strategy into manifesting our spiritual ideals, soul’s dreams and soul’s longing for union into the hierarchies of the world’s governments and business, and the PLUTOCRACY.

Keep the faith, dream, but dream realistically, use strategy and logic when you battle the powers that be. They are very entrenched and the highest spiritual strategy is to see Trump and this alt-right as a gift of the shadow to get us active, resisting and united in our spiritual goals of oneness.

The MOON and JUPITER form a FINGER OF GOD or YOD to CHIRON in PISCES at 22+ degrees.

This is a healing crisis of the heart. JUPITER Retrograde is a karmic aspect which makes us retrace our words and communications and redress  imbalances. Chiron in Pisces helps us to embrace our vulnerability and our wounds and to find healing and balance.


TAROT cards

LEO is the sign for the Major Arcana of STRENGTH # 11 or 8 in the Tarot. Strength, traditionally shows a woman holding open the jaws of a lion or riding a lion with an infinity symbol over her head. This indicates that she has learned to control her unconscious animal instincts. The Sign of Leo symbolizes the Inner child who naturally expresses itself in art, song, dance and play. The Court card for Leo is the Prince of Wands. If you have a Tarot deck pull out these cards to act as Guides and Mascots for this meditation

INTENTION is everything.

Bring 4 red candles into your ceremony or ritual. Smudge yourself first to clear a sacred space before doing any ceremony.


Colors: gold, yellow, orange, deep purple
Sound; E Major
Celtic TREE Mythology: Holly and Hazel 

MINERALS:  Ruby, peridot, rose quartz,

FLOWERS: Sunflowers, yellow daisies, yellow roses, calendula, bright yellow 

FRUITS: Golden delicious apples,

INCENSE:  Sandalwood, Frankincense, myrrh, orange peel.

 LEO ESSENTIAL OILS: for regal presence, Rose, neroli, jasmine, frankincense, myrrh, vetiver, carnation, sandalwood.

HEART TONICS: garlic, hyssop, marjoram, cumin, rose, anise and angelica.

TO HELP SELF EXPRESSION: cypress, lavender, geranium, chamomile, cinnamon, benzoin,  

HERBS and TEAS: lemon balm, chamomile, tarragon, eyebright

Images of Lions, big cats, kittens, children and Sun  


Greek – Cybele, Apollo/Helios, Babylonian- Ishtar

Vedic – Surya, Tara, Durga, Hindu- Garuda

Egyptian- Sekhmet, the Sphynx, Amun Ra, Wadjet, Sekhmet, Hathor, Nut, Bast,

CHINA – Xihe. Roman Britain – Sulis

Irish- Grian,  Celtic- Brigid,

Christian- Sol Invictus. Japan-Ameratsu

Nordic- Freya, Inca- Inti  

Begin by smudging yourself first. Light your candles. One for each direction. I always work EAST to SOUTH to WEST TO NORTH. Always move clockwise. Call in the four elements and the four direction into your sacred circle. Call in the four Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, RAPHAEL in the same order.

You can create your own mantra or affirmation.

“We summon up courage, we ask that we open and heal whatever pain or blocks there are in our hearts now. We open to the fullest our fearless passions, courage and daring to creatively express all that we are. “

Center yourself by breathing, sit or lie down, close your eyes.

Begin to breathe, naturally and deeply, sending your breath down your spine into your root chakra. With your intention send your breath down your spine into Mother earth to ground yourself. The earth has a flame at her center. Go down and merge with her fire and then breathe it back up through your tail bone, bringing the hot fiery breath up through each chakra one at a time from the root to your HEART CHAKRA. Its associated with dark green, sometimes tinged with pink. Feel your heart expand and feel hotter.

Feel your heart beat and imagine going into your heart entering its walls. It will most likely be dark, and you can state “Let there be light” and watch it light up. See the walls of your hearts inner landscape. Let go of any preconceptions. Allow yourself to be present in your heart scape. Ask yourself which heart chamber you need to visit. Follow your subtle feelings. Touch the walls of your heart, the more fully you sense this the better. Will yourself into one of the chambers in your heart or just stay centered. Feel yourself being one with the drumming of your heart.

Ask to connect with courage, will, creativity and self-expression. Be open. A large cat, black panther, lion or lioness, or other animal may appear. Whatever shows up is fine. An alligator, hippo, a shark, whale, eagle, dolphin, or turtle may become your animal guide. Welcome your power animal. Thank them for appearing. Ask questions or just say I am open to receiving your wisdom, love and protection.  If no animal appears, just stay in your heart and breathe love and feel the love that emanates from your heart. If there are blocks or pain be with them. Call upon Archangel Raphael and CHIRON to help heal your heartache.  If you need to cry, do so, use the pull of the moon to let your feelings out.

Even of you can’t sense anything trust and imagine that you are melding with your animal spirit. Feel every muscle. Revel in your instinctual body strength, wisdom and energy.  You may be given directions.  Vow to follow them, to open your heart, to source your strength.  When you feel fully saturated, thank your power animal and slowly come back to full consciousness and awareness.

At the end of every ceremony thank the spirits and elements for being in your circle. Release each one back to their direction, starting in the East or whichever direction you began with, saying thanks out loud. At the end of the ceremony say, “May the circle be open but unbroken. Thank you. It is finished in beauty. Aho.”

Write down or record your experience.

Play, dance, sing, and let your inner child out to celebrate. Open you heart and love.

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