Female Empowerment. #MeToo Medusa stare

Medusa Arnold Böcklin Public domain

Venus joins Star Algol/Medusa at 25/26 Taurus. They Trine Jupiter, Athena, Pluto , Pholus in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius bringing gives more oomph to the #MeToo movement. 

This is Female visionary earth power Athena’s owl sees in all directions and has deadly night vision. Medusa was feared because she was so powerful that her gaze alone could stop “the enemy” dead. Medusa, an Amazon Libyan warrioress had dreadlocks which were seen as snakes. Snakes are also symbols of woman’s Omni-orgasmic shakti sexual power. 

tune into this energy at 25/26 Taurus in your own chart.

Let me know how this works for you.

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Sex-power-control-Mercury in Scorpio

October 16-November 5 2017

Sex power and control are hot issues with women speaking out about being raped and sexually abused and assaulted. It is women’s life under a shadowy power hungry Patriarchal world where men have dominated women sexually for thousands of years. This is not a secret anymore.

Also North Korea and the U.S. Russia and the other superpowers are all vying for power and control. The rhetoric may get stronger.

Sun will enter Scorpio on the 22/23 followed by Venus on November 7 JUPITER will be in Scorpio until Nov 8, 2018.

Halloween should be especially sexy and deathly hallows and magically oriented.

Our brains, our thinking and what we communicate about are into sex, power, wealth and control issue. The big essentials. The trickster planet in Scorpio means that our media and messaging will be deep obsessively intense with the major issues being about SEX power secrets and our deep dark shadows.


Tantric sexuality is a very Mercury in Scorpio issue. This is not a current fad. An ancient spiritual tradition requiring much yogic and meditation practice. Tantric sex is healing and unites lovers as one physically sexually emotionally and spiritually.

Dark Minds- Black Ops- Obsessions- Death- Rebirth

We can more easily connect with our own soul’s desires, our psyches and get laser-like insights into our own and other people’s natures. 

Mercury is the MAGICIAN – in the Tarot – thoughts are magic. Mercury is also known as the TRICKSTER indicate how our minds can play tricks on us. It is also the ruler of thieves and merchants. 

SCORPIO is DEATH – rebirth, transformation-  put those two images together in your mind.

Mercury in Scorpio Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene

The Bride and her bachelor- digital work by Napoleon Brousseau

This energy can be used to transform many old emotional blocks be they sexual, about money and abundance, power or lack of it and control issues.

Mercury in Scorpio governs depth psychology, detective work and deep analysis. Surgeons and people who need very exacting skills need Mercury in Scorpio.This would be an excellent time to get surgery done. Scorpio governs the reproductive organs, any issues you may have in these areas require your attention.

Under Mercury’s tour of Scorpio it is a more inward, secretive time. 

This is an underlying soul mate energy as the 8th sign also symbolizes transforming into “the other.” 

Yes there will be big power struggles over finances banking and underhanded dealings. Politically and economically this can be a fast little roller coaster of changes of CEO’s and heads of state and policies at this time.

Obsession is a major issue which can be positive but potentially hazardous. It can be a beneficial time to look within and uncover your own hidden motivations.  Transformation is Scorpio energy’s highest goal.

People born with Mercury in Scorpio have very insightful, deep analysis of the world. They can be mesmerizing speakers. Mercury in Scorpio is like a film noir characteristic.

 Scorpio is a fixed sign of phenomenal willpower. If know that you are walking your souls’ path you should be able to create what you want. “Do what thou wilt and harm none.” Is the whole of the Law.

Scorpio energy at its darkest uses, abuses, rapes, torture, puts fear into others, manipulates, and plays with S & M. These topics are already hot and getting hotter.

Be careful not to fall under the spell of any ruthless manipulators at this time. Be carefull not to unconsciously sting others or yourself. 

Use this time for deep inner transformation in yourself and any relationships with power imbalances. Rise like the Phoenix.

S & M is a Scorpio thing. I do not believe it is a healthy choice. Pain is not love. Better go get some deep psychoanalysis and transpersonal healing of your own pain and not inflict it on others or yourself. 


Scorpio magnifies all your feelings and thoughts so be careful of thinking from the dark side, as suicidal thoughts and rates may higher. If you feel suicidal please speak up and dont keep your pain a secret. Call a suicide help line. Better to resolve your pain and transmute it and become stronger. Life is a roller coaster. 

Famous peeps with Mercury in Scorpio

KIM KARDASHIAN of course. Sex money power. She is just learning to be more secretive.


Hilary Clinton, Prince Charles, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Ghandi, Condoleeza Rice, David Cameron, Theodore Roosevelt, 


John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, Katy Perry, Rapper Eminem,- very, sexual lyrics. Miley Cyrus, Drake, Snoop Dog, Puff Daddy, Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Usher, Lorde, Keith Urban, Julie Andrews, 

ACTORS and Directors

Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Tyra Banks- model. Viggo Mortenson, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Jodi Foster,  Ryan Gosling, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Grace Kelly, Bruce Lee, Charles Bronson, Kim Bassinger, Julianne Moore, RuPaul, John Malkovitch, Owen Wilson, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Scorsese- film director,Josh Hutcherson,  Mark Ruffalo, Raven-Symone, 


Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Oscar Pistorius, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, 

ARTISTS and writers

 Pablo Picasso,  Arthur Rimbaud, Walt Disney, Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath,  Eugène Ionesco, Mark Twain, Seth MacFarlane, 

OCCULTISTS and spiritualists

Aleister Crowley, Deepak Chopra, 

PLease share widely

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Artwork of Napoleon Brousseau –http://www.napob.com







Friday, Goddess Frigg, origin of the F word

Friday, they used to say TGIF which means thank Goddess it’s Friday. Vendredi in French. This day honors and is sacred to the goddess and the planet VENUS, Goddess of LOVE, beauty, relaionships and all things Feminine. 
Venus is known by many names but in English she is associated with the Nordic/Germanic Freya or Frigg in Nordic mythology/spirituality. Frigg’s day = Friday.  Her name, Proto-Germanic “Frija” which means FREE.
Old English “Friga”. Old Norse “Frigg”. Proto-Indo-European (PIE) “Priy-a” or Frida as in Frida Kahlo, name destiny there. 
Freya, Frigg, Venus, Friday, The F word, Tara Greene
“Freyja and the Necklace” by James Doyle Penrose (1890)
Eating fish on Friday’s, which Catholics borrowed from ancient, ancient customs is to venerate Venus, born from the sea, and women’s vagina’s smell like the sea. Venus is exalted in PISCES. Catholics are eating the Goddess by eating fish, a very sexual metaphor. Christ is associated with the AGE OF PISCES which is a feminine water sign. 
Her name, Proto-Germanic “Frija” which means FREE.
— Old English Friga”
— Old Norse “Frigg”
— Proto-Indo-European (PIE) “Priy-a” or Frida, Frida etc. 
Freya or Frigg Freya is famous for many things. Firstly is her fondness of love, sexuality, fertility, beauty, and fine material possessions. “Frigg,” meanwhile, comes from an ancient root that means “beloved.” Frigg’s name links her to love and desire, same as Venus, precisely the areas of life over which Freya presides over or more precisely “within which Freya manifests herself”.  
The origin of the word FUCK
I love etymology. The Goddess Frigg, is a very sexual Goddess, like Venus. In one of the poems from The Edda’s for example, Loki accuses Freya (probably accurately) of having slept with all of the gods and elves, including her brother and even a slave in one report. 
The word Friggin’ is an old English word for sexual intercourse, obviously comes from the Goddess. This word friggin developed into Fuck.  “As euphemism for “to fuck” it dates from 1680s, earlier as “to masturbate”(1670s).” from a Thesaurus. 
Freya is the archetype of the völva, a shamaness or shamanka, a professional practitioner of seidr, the most organized form of Norse magic. It was she who first brought these magical arts to the gods and to humans too. She uses falcon feathers to transform herself into this fierce sharp-eyed bird of prey.  She also possesses a special necklace and used a sacred hallucinogenic wine or liquor which she used to prophesy with.  Frigg knows the destiny of all beings, implying that she also has the power to alter them if she so chooses. Frigg’s weaving activities are likely an allusion to this role as well as Goddesses were considered to be the weavers of fate.
The word volva also echoes vulva, another echo of the sexuality of the Goddess she probably was a tantric priestess. 
She was married to Odin. And the tales tell that when he is away she can be found weeping tears of red gold over his absence. Freya presides over the afterlife she chooses half of the warriors slain in battle to dwell there.
She could control and manipulate desire, wealth, and health. Frigg is a being whose knowledge, beauty and power are unequaled. 
In one of many hypnosis sessions I had, years ago in Sedona in 1988. I had a very clear past life memory of being a Norse man who was in a battle on one of those beautiful Viking ships with the striped sails. I was killed in battle by a sword. I had always been drawn to those Viking ships and had drawn a pictire of one when I was in  Grade 3, I remember that so clearly.
One of the ways to connect with past lives is to think about the cultures, symbols or places on the earth that you are attracted to. These are usually past life memories. I have had many past life memories being male and female in man cultures in the world. Egypt, Druid, English, French, Atlantic, Crete, Arabic, Chinese, Jewish, Native American, Tibetan, African, and probably more.  Do you remember your past lives? 
More about Nordic Mythology
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. I have borrowed from the link above about nordic mythology to write this article. 
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Venus, Lilith conjunction in Uber sexual SCORPIO

October 6th Venus the Goddess of love conjuncts the Black Moon Lilith in UBER SEXUAL Scorpio at that 15th and most intense degree of the ZODIAC.

The LOVE GODDESS and LILITH who absolutely refuses to be tamed, dominated, or compromised are your Goddesses to go to. It is your sacred duty to allow them to live through you.

LILITH connects, Tara Greene.

Women, this is one of the hottest days and energies for you to demand that your sexual desires be met. Bring out your inner LILITH, your Whore of Babylon.  Honor your needs, refuse to compromise, and own your own sexuality. She is NOT a dominatrix. She doesn’t need to dominate. She wanted equality with ADAM.  Since women’s sexuality has been repressed for over 5,000 years part of the rebalance is to own your own needs first. Men  you always knew that women have all the power. If you really want to be empowered then get down on your knees and worship a woman as the sacred Mirror of your own soul.  We need this balancing now or we will be destroyed by Patriarchal greed.

She is NOT a dominatrix. She doesn’t need to dominate. She wanted equality with ADAM.  Since women’s sexuality has been repressed for over 5,000 years, part of the rebalance is to own your own needs first. Men, you always knew that women have all the power. If you really want to be empowered then get down on your knees and worship a woman as the sacred Goddess and Mirror of your own soul.  We need this balancing now or we will be destroyed by Patriarchal greed.

Yoni Power, Pussy Power, Cunt Power,TM  one of the titles of a small book I am in the process of writing and publishing. It is a book of drawing of my yoni from 1972, and other erotic images. I started out as an artist and dancer.

VENUS and LILITH are in an exact sextile with Pluto to make it even sexier.

that 15th degree is really “On flic” today. 

Bring out your love and the sacred whore energy and know they are one and the same. Don’t fear your own sexuality. It is all divine, and sacred.  Call on the Venus and Lilith as you make love. Build an alter, make offerings. This is Tantra, this is how you worship.  ” Take me to church..” you know that song? 

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Weekend Astrology, sacred sexy dreaming and more

Do you have sex in your dreams?  Take this little poll.

It is very common to have sexual dreams. I was having sex with someone I didn’t know and there was no physical movement, it was Tantric sexuality, a symbolic alchemical sacred sexual connection, a rebalancing and an input of Masculine energy. The Masculine is an infusion of fire elementally. Fire is spiritual knowledge, passion, action.


Waterhouse Sex and dreams Tara greene

Hylas and the Nymphs 1896 J.W. Waterhouse 

It’s common for both men and women to orgasm in dreams. Yes it may be a wish fulfilling fantasy, to discharge unmet sexual energy.  On a deeper ARCHETYPAL level it is symbolic of rebalancing your own inner masculine and Feminine energies. In Ancient times women were SACRED SEXUAL priestesses who served in the Goddess’ temples and all women in Greece had to serve here before she could get married.

These sacred Priestesses were the ones who dealt with men’s PTSD who returned from war, having killed others. These women cleansed and purified these men by embodying the Goddess and through the sacred sexual union, they were made whole once again and could then safely re-integrate back into society. I think we could seriously use a form of this once again instead of putting them on drugs and leaving soldiers vulnerable, terrified, sick, addicted and  imbalanced.


You can also experience terrifying dreams of not being able to move and being prodded, raped, etc. That is an entirely different matter where you can be invaded by negative entities. There are the famous Incubus and succubus demons in paintings. Dream vampires.

In a woman’s dream of having sex with a man the masculine acts on behalf of  the Women’s soul, anima or Inner Feminine. She projects that Inner masculine-its positive and masculine sides onto every man she meets.In a man’s dream, having sex with a woman indicates the need to embrace his Inner Feminine- yes every man does have one- its his soul the ANIMA,  his intuition, his gut feelings and instincts. He projects that Inner image onto every woman he meets.

I was reading Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Flower of Life Book one again before I went to bed.

What have your dreams been like lately? 

I am leading a 5 day workshop on DREAMING at the GRAIL SPRINGS SPA AUG 3-7= a 5 night workshop. See link below.

It’s been a weird week for me energetically. Have you felt that too?

Mercury is Retrograde and that slows down and messes up all the communications. Also SATURN sitting on my ASCENDANT- I am sooo tired, like that Beatles song. I respect Saturn and so we all should.

I have been getting some major messages from women who really need to work with the GODDESS in their bodies now and will write about that soon. I am also needing to finish my book at long last.

I woke up this morning also thinking about THE SACRED.

How much time do you put into the Sacred rather than the profane? I have always felt that the work that I do, especially when I go to corporate events, is an opportunity for me to bring awareness and enlightenment to people who work in a business profaned situation. On another level it is all sacred of course, but hey it sure can be,look, feel profaned.

People write songs about feeling like sinners, Do they directly write songs about feeling sacred that are popular?

Chiron went Retrograde this morning in PISCES so intend to do a lot of healing in your dreams over the next 5 months.

SUMMER starts JUNE 21

Moon’s still in Aries on FRIDAY and Saturday yes its the weekly Grand Cardinal Cross stuff.

I have seen so many clients lately whose lives are being seriously devastated  by it on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally, some have serious health crises.. 

Especially those born with URANUS in LIBRA in January 71-72 who are now getting one heck of a mid life crisis.

You would have Uranus at 13-17 degrees Libra. 

So I send you many blessings to get through your “DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL” and I am here for you if you need some sacred advice.

Moon enters Mellow TAURUS on Saturday June 21 @ 11:03 pm EDT- stop to smell the roses!

and its a relatively easy smooth sweet Sextile aspect ride all weekend.

CHILL relax, BBQ, couch potato it, comfort food, SUN is in CANCER now,

be by water, listen to your Tauruean guts, walk in nature, listen to your body,

MOON Sextiles the Sun and NEPTUNE in the day and


PLUTO rules the UNDERWORLD so do intend to have some sexy sacred dreaming tonight.

Things continue relatively easy till Monday morning.

when Moon opposes SATURN in the week hours. 

VENUS enters GEMINI June 23 at 5:33 am PDT- JULY 18

You will be waking up to an entirely different romantic scenario. Which one to choose?

VENUS IN GEMINI- wants her cake and to eat it too and she gets it.

I just had a client with Venus in Gemini and she was so charming and was trying to choose between many lovers. Well she also had Jupiter in Leo  as well. 

 You will be extremely flirty and non commital. I’ll write about Venus in GEMINI shortly.

Please share widely-

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I DREAMED A DREAM LES MISERABLE from- Glee Idina Menzel and Lea Michele 











Friday the 13th doubled, spiritual insights from Tara Greene

Are you superstitious? Do you get all nervous because it’s Friday the 13th?

Do you freak out when black cats cross your path? 

Friday the 13 in a 13 year. Twice as UNLUCKY?

The Number 13 which we normally thought of as bad luck was a relatively new idea instigated when the Catholic Church  tried to demolish and demote anything remotely connected to paganism, wicca, the Ancient Goddess nature worshipping spirituality.

The # 13 is simply the number of LUNAR MONTHS in a year. In China and Japan, Muslim, Jewish and in Mayan spiritual and Native American counts, the ancient lunar calendar’s are still observed and followed.  

13 is a natural rhythm, if we also lived by the lunar calendar the entire Western culture would be much more harmonious. Especially for women. I vote to reinstate a Lunar Calendar and get rid of this artificial Gregorian calendar. 

Women were once considered to be the Moon incarnate, magical, mystical  and totally connected to nature. Women’s bodies are in synch with the Moon’s lunar influences as are the ocean’s tides. Therefore the fear of women’s bodies, sexuality and bleeding  was created by the Christian church who also created what we think of as the Devil and  “witches.” The Church persecuted and tortured over 9 million,yes you nine million, mainly herbalists, mid-wives and other simple people who lived simply close to nature for over 300 years is a total brainwashing campaign and made the # 13 seem negative or scary.

So no fear of the # 13. In fact celebrate it, It carries magically potent Goddess energy.

Double 13 is a sign of double blessings.

It’s time for all witches to “COME OUT.” Yes its become “trendy” because of Harry Potter. I know that J.K. Rowling  channelled Harry Potter. I believe that was  past life memory which she, as a writer, altered her innate knowledge for a modern teen audience. That’s why it started this huge resurgence. There are 9 million of you who are alive now who remember honoring the Goddess, the Divine Feminine and being tortured in the most cruel way because of your devotion. Yes you do know it deep down. Reclaim your ancient love of the Goddess, The Earth, Nature and the Moon.

send me an email- taragreene@sacredartscentre.com

I am a witch and proud of it. I do no harm, I advocate against Black magic and manipulating innocent people with fortune telling. I remember being burned at the stake by my Catholic inquisitors. I was also initiated as  green witch by Susun Weed, at her beautiful farm in Woodstock New York in 1987. I have been serving the Goddess as one of her High Priestesses for thousands of years.

The Moon is in earthy Taurus ruled by Venus. It’s Perfect. Do what makes you feel good in body, heart, mind and soul. Don’t throw salt over your shoulder, or worry if you break a mirror or open an umbrella in the house, walk under a ladder etc. Trust your gut instincts not your false fear. You know that acronym of  F.E.A. R.  False evidence appearing real? Don’tcha worry ’bout a thing.


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Sagittarius New Moon,Juno, birthing Sacred Relationships ritual

How did you feel on the 12:12:12? Did you make your 12 wishes?

12:12:12 was also the Lady of Guadeloupe Festival Day Mexico’s greatest religious ICON.

12 12 is Her feast day 12= 3 which is the Empress in the Tarot, the Great Mother, Venus= remember it is VENUS‘s year it’s about LOVE

2012 = 5 the Pentagram symbol of the Higher Self, the Goddess and yet another symbol of the Great Mother returning.

It is also a New moon at 21 degree Sagittarius conjunct JUNO the Asteroid Goddess of FEMININE GENIUS who is EXACTLY on the Galactic Center –

Juno’s symbol looks like a MAGIC WAND!

JUno Goddess of relationships

More recently catalogued as # 3. There’s that 3 again.  JUNO AKA  Hera, Zeus’s wife in Greek mythology,was the third Asteroid to be discovered in 1804.  Juno symbolizes the lunar Feminine energies grounded through the vehicle or institution of marriage or committed unions. Juno is consort, wife, twin flame to the Masculine polarity as ONE. In relationships Juno Lights the way,she creates the Sacred marriage the Alchemical Conjunctio. She is known world wide, in China she is  called the ‘marriage-god(dess) star’ (婚神星 hūnshénxīng and also Latin equivalent name (朱諾 zhūnuò).

Her symbol is an asterism with 5 points- Venus- surmounting a cross of matter. IT is a visual depiction of Stars above the earth.

JUNO RULES ! She is helping,with Asteroid Ceres- see CHART below-  the new UNION of Twin Flames whose relationships is based on love and spiritual growth as opposed to property, and woman being subsumed as slaves, evil, dark, fearsome sexuality of the Patriarchy.

Feminine Wisdom will LIGHT the way exactly from the GREAT RIFT COSMIC VAGINA which also symbolizes the Lady of Guadeloupe as well.

Juno is opposite to Asteroid # 1 Ceres at 28 degrees GEMINI conjunct the NORTH STAR! Ceres is the Great Mother Herself. Both these goddess symbols are giving birth to new forms of themselves after 12,960 years.

NEW MOON occurs at 12:42 am PST 3:42 am EST 8:42 am GMT

Dec 13 2012 New Moon in Sagittarius

Dec 13 2012
New Moon in Sagittarius

Look at your own chart to see where JUNO  & Ceres are transiting. These houses show new relationships and births of all kinds in your chart.


is conjunct the NORTH NODE at 25 and 26 degrees Scorpio, we are excavating old long buried archetypes now. PALA ATHENA another Asteroid Goddess of wisdom squares the 2 at 24 degrees Pisces. Minerva/Athena was a Matriarchal warrior Goddess, the Parthenon and the city of Athens Greece was named in Her honor. She symbolizes Victory.

In Native American terms they refer to the Marriage basket as a symbol of unity wholeness between a man and a woman. Athena squaring Venus and North Node in Scorpio indicate a healing of this Sacred Marriage basket, with intimacy,trust and the depth of emotions and soul needed to build, maintain and sustain as great lasting whole relationship.


MERCURY  at 3 degrees Sagittarius squares NEPTUNE at Zero and CHIRON at 5 of Pisces bringing JUPITER RETRO into alignment in a Mutable T-Square. SATURN at 7 degrees Scorpio is Trine Neptune and CHIRON  to force old the old wounds to heal them.

MARS  is at 20 degrees Capricorn is Square to ERIS the Goddess of STRIFE at 21 degrees aries. ERIS  discovered in 2005 is recently designated a dwarf planet and is one of the most distant objects we know of in our solar system.  Things aren’t totally lift off to the Golden Age just yet. This aggravated Martial aspect- witness North Korea launching a rocket the last day or so bears this energy out.

New MOON trines Eris’ energy to bring Truth, Vision, Sacred Law to this low- level them and us dichotomy.

LILLITH and JUPITER are conjunct they have done this for a while now again RE-thinking duality in Gemini and the repression of wild, sweet women’s sexuality  for thousands of years about to burst forth.


Uranus,been Retro since July 13 @ 8 degrees 32 minutes Aries {on my Natal Jupiter for awhile I am sooo wound up} -goes DIRECT a few hours after the New Moon AT 4 DEGREES of Aries.

Uranus, held back like a rock in a sling shot all these months, surges forward like a rocket for higher intelligence, freedom, liberation, and unity.

This is also a SUPER MOON as moon is perigree and syzygy in direct line with Sun and Earth this increases the electromagnetic and gravitational pulls on earth oceans, tectonic plates and our own psyches.

Every NEW MOON is a new opportunity


Alex Grey art

with musical accompaniment by Leonard Cohen- Dance Me to the End of Love http://youtu.be/bzR-tdsoCS0

I’ll keep this very short and sweet- PLEASE SHARE- men can do it too!

Visualise your self and your Soul mate together. Think about ,feel, smell, taste your BELOVED in your arms in your soul already. Create all the aspects you wish for in a mate. Think this over carefully as the Universe always sends you EXACTLY what you want. On this day 12.13.12 write down the list as if you already are living  in Bliss love and respect and joy with your beloved, as if it’s real. State it aloud in a sacred circle, give thanks to the UNIVERSE for having co-created this. Have candles for the 4 directions-see previous rituals in any of my articles for how to set this up. Call on Angels and hold the list close to your heart, hum a song, sway a little, move, dance as your body feels it, and stay as long as you like in the slow dance of the Beloved, and then put your list away in a special place and forget about it.

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,
they’re in each other all along”.- RUMI

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