Great Conjunction Meditation Guide

SATURN enters Aquarius December 16 at 9:04 pm PST and December 17 at 12:04 am EST and 5:04 am GMT to stay until March 7, 2023.

December 17 is also the beginning of the Ancient Roman festival of the Saturnalia.

You can read about what i have written about the Saturnalia here

and here

THE Capricorn solstice is at 2:02 am PST/ 5:02 am EST and 10:02 am GMT this is always a major gateway.As the longest night of the year the ancient pagan festival when the sun is at standstill and we rejoice the return of the Sun Star of our solar system to its strength for the next 6 months. Sol INVICTIS.

Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in the skies on winter Solstice at 10:20 am PST/ 1:20 pm EST/ and 6:20 pm GMT

AQUARIUS is symbolized by The Water Bearer, the 11th sign, a FIXED Air sign. Aquarius’s symbol is a human showing higher consciousness as the stars as the consciousness and waters of life.

The Star in the Tarot, the 17th Trump card shows this energy of the Goddess as the Stars, as cosmic vessels of divine light flowing down to the earth to quench our human cosmic desire to be connected with the source.  

 We are bringing to light and completing lessons about our Light, ego, and sharing our riches, self-expression, our childlike ability to play, our passions and dramas, our leadership, our roles, our hearts,  our abilities to share power and our higher consciousness where we are all in fact ONE.

Doris Lessing, the late great British writer wrote a sci-fi series years ago. The first book was called  Shikasta, in the Canopus in Argos series. In it, the higher consciousness beings brought S.O.W.F. to the earthlings who were genetically created by Extra-Terrestrials. The acronym means Substance Of We Feeling. How Aquarian is that? We are bringing in that S.O.W.F. as the Age of Aquarius is purported to begin.

Do you know about the MAGIC BOX ceremony at ULURU Australia on Solstice December 21? It is Ancient Aboriginal peoples prophesy which is occurring on December 21 on Winter Solstice as Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 0 Aquarius for the first time in 800 years. The indigenous elders will be leading a ceremony a the sacred rock. For me this is the real deal.

Please go to their website to read about this. This ceremony will be occuring on December 21 at 9:02 pm in ULURU australia which is 6:32 am EST and 3:32 am PST.

“When the Moon is in the 7th House and Jupiter aligns with Mars

then Peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars.”

is the opening lines of the Song the Age of Aquarius from the musical Hair sung by The 5th Dimension and people are seeing this event as tuning us into the higher dimensions of consciousness too.

I am not talking about Jupiter here but on the attributes of Aquarius where Saturn will be travelling much longer than Jupiter.

I will put up the actual astrology chart shortly too. The PLEIADES have something very powerful to do with this Ceremony as they are the orchestrators. The central star in the Pleiades ALCYONE which is considered to be the Central Sun of our galaxy at 0 GEMINI will be TRINE to the 0 Aquarius point

Aquarius energy is like being struck by lightning. The Eureka moment when the big cosmic light bulb goes off in your mind. The double lines of lightning which is Aquarius’s glyph, symbolizing the waters of consciousness also signifies that you are the lightning bolt, the masculine inseminating Zeus/ Thunder God’s flash of insight, cosmic sperm and also the one being struck, like a bolt out of the blue, to awaken, to be awakened.

Aquarius, the electric sign, is the sign of uniqueness, genius, higher consciousness, perspectives and revolutionary thinking.  Aquarius energy is groupthink, tribal mind and breaking fee from the old structures and limitations of Saturn {even though the cosmic cop rules both these signs traditionally}. Aquarius energy is initiating and inventive.

What comes to mind is a meditation on a blue jewel, a star sapphire, and the stone that denotes Saturn the ruler of AQUARIUS along with URANUS. The color blue is associated with the throat chakra, the 5th one. It is the chakra of speech, the word, the origin of everything in the Universe. 

Interesting that URANUS the planet which governs Aquarius is now in TAURUS and has been since 2018 until 2023/2024.

The Tarot card that symbolizes Aquarius is the #17 the STAR

“Every man and every woman is a Star.”

  from the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr

 The Goddess Tarot image shows the Goddess Inanna whose mythic story explains planet Venus’s journey into the Underworld when the blue Planet turns Retrograde which Venus is doing right now.

The number 17/ Aquarius the Star.

According to the Kabbalah the number 17 is ruled by Venus. Every 17th degree is considered to be under Venus’ rulership in any sign.  Seventeen is a number of looking for the spiritual Light in every sign.

AQUARIUS symbols

Ruler:  URANUS, modern astrology.

ANGEL; Umabel Angel of friendship

Colors: sky blue

Incense: Violet

Metal: Uranium

Gems: Turquoise, sugilite, moss agate, lapis lazuli, jasper,

Day of week: Wednesday

Flowers: orchids

Herbs; Rosemary, great for the mind. Use rosemary everywhere. Juniper is the red berry of the bush used to make gin. Juniper helps clear the mind of clutter.

Musical note: A sharp/B flat

Body: circulation, ankles and shins

MEDITATION for the JUPITER SATURN conjunction December 21,

If you’ve been doing previous meditations gather the four candles, colour-related items and incense.

We are connecting with JUPITER AND SATURN Aand the ELEMENT of AIR and the stars. The conjunction occurs December 21 on Solstice at 10:20 am PST/ 1:20 EST pm it will be light outside and 6:20 pm GMT it will be dark out. Imagine if you need to that you are under the Stars at night.

Smudge yourself first, cleanse the area you are in. Center yourself and BREATHE. Aquarius is AIR.

Light your four candles one by one starting in the East for fire, this is the cosmological system I use but if you are pagan you begin in the South with Fire. Always move clockwise, wherever you start. Call in the four elements and directions. Call in the Holy Guardian Angels and your own and the Angel of this Moon, Umabel {oomabell}.

Close your eyes. Go into your heart. Visualize a root chakra opening meditation; see previous instructions

With your eyes open or closed look up into the vault of Heaven and see the sky filled with thousands of stars. Each star represents an ancestor watching over you. Every person is connected with a star. Seek out a star that attracts your attention. In your mind’s eye travel out from your crown chakra at the top of your head to this star. When you reach this Star you will have a higher perspective. Look back at the earth, a tiny blue planet on which seven billion individuals co-habit. See how tiny your issues are when faced with the vast expanse of Space.

From this higher perspective it is easy to detach from any emotions, people and situations that have been keeping you feeling stuck, stagnant or blind. Sense the freedom! The E.F.T. emotional freedom technique or Tapping, can be brought in and used if you know it. Know that you are a precious individual and always a Star in your own right.

Now connect with the spiritual consciousness of the specific star of JUPITER and SATURN at 0 Aquarius. You don’t have to know which star it is. Open your mind to a new adventure, a new learning curve.  See, feel or sense the Soul of the Star, the Guardian of it, its essence. Ask its permission to speak with you. Open up to dialogue with it. You will have an extraordinary experience if you seek, ask and open your mind. You are always safe and protected.

Ask the Soul Star what your higher mission is if you don’t already know it or are seeking clarity. Be patient, wait. The Star, just like the Tarot trump’s mission is to pour down cosmic wisdom.

All you have to do is ask, be open and receive. Always give thanks and be grateful for the information, new ideas and breakthrough consciousness you will experience.  Many inventions are triggered from these stellar interactions.  From your Starry perspective make a Fixed vow that you will follow through and earth that new experience, energy, invention and freedom which you have received.  Bring your consciousness back down to earth and know that you can connect yourself anytime you wish to the Star and make wishes on it too.

Slowly come out of your meditation. Look up at the Stars. Write down or record your experience on your tablet, phone or other device. Make an 8 point action plan to manifest your new consciousness. You can keep doing this meditation daily.

Many Blessings, Tara

I will be live on the Cosmic Intelligence Agency doing a live talk on the Age of Aquarius and the Solstice on December 21 at 4:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm EST/ 11:00 pm GMT. I will also be doing Tarot Card readings for each sign on what the Jupiter Saturn conjunction means for you.

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All content is copyright of Tara Greene

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December Horoscopes Astrology by Tara Greene

December 2017

It’s hard to believe the year is over already. The last month goes out with a big bang.

December opens with a beautifully intense dreamy soul transforming JUPITER NEPTUNE trine from SCORPIO to PISCES @ 11 degrees.

Sexual soulful and highly addictive! Deeper feelings emerge. Power-hungry secrets of the sexual religious and financial ones will emerge from this transit. This can also be a super scam like Bitcoin bursting its bubble. Use your spiritual x-ray vision to see through anything. It’s Hopeful and delusional. Beware of projecting onto others-power sex-glamour. Addictive energies are super high.

DREAM BIG dream VAST. Know in your psyche and your spirit that we are all one ESSENCE.


Love gets adventurous and needs wide open spaces. Fall in love with a comedian. See the world from a much more optimistic upbeat hopeful and naïve way. Plan on long distance travels; education; teaching and publishing.  Exercising and being in nature and with animals are good.  Learn a new skill. Long distance love affairs are easy to do at this time.  Speak truth and only truth with some laughs on top.

Dec 2nd/3rd MERCURY turns RETROGRADE @ 29 degrees SAGITTARIUS

The last degree of the sign is the most critical. Mercury is already in detriment in Sagittarius and this Retro may prove to be more difficult than most. Mercury Retrogrades back to 13 degrees moving very fast in a short time. It’s over on December 22. But that shadow phase will last until January 11 2018. Retrogrades are not all bad they are RESET times. Just follow the Rx rules. Everything that starts with an Re prefix is the perfect remedy. This will affect those born at the last days of GEMINI VIRGO and PISCES.


SATURN and MERCURY are conjunct at the Galactic Center until December 9th. Reviewing some karmic lessons, are we?  The Mars Uranus opposition is in effect. CERES is exactly conjunct the North Node in LEO at 17 degrees.  Love the mother Gaia we need to protect and stand up for her.

NEPTUNE exactly squares the SUN and MOON

This will be a very dreamy spaced out Gemini Super Moon. A good time to see our shadows and begin to talk about the split within ourselves and in the world. Neptune in PISCES helps us to see that we are all one and whole. The illusion is the split. This can be very psychic and creative. Many people may feel very overly psychic sensitive may feel overloaded. Many people may feel split. Don’t self-medicate or run to your addictions. Reach out for help at this time. A great time for meditation yoga dreaming and learning more spirituality.

MARS in LIBRA sextiles SATURN and MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS inconjunct ALGOL at 26 degrees TAURUS

The medical term Algology means the study of pain. “You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror or brush it aside.” – Diana Rosenberg.  ALGOL is the ARABIC name for ALCOHOL which is forbidden for Muslims.  Alcohol is an addiction a demonic urge to escape truth pain and creativity. One of the most powerful aspects of this Full Moon is this sense of with Neptune squaring the SUN and MOON and this “Finger of God.”

MARS is male sexual energy which is imbalanced. SATURN and MERCURY are truth karma and communicating a higher message of freedom to the world. Sexual and power abuses and addictions have been very newsworthy, and they will continue to flow like a dam bursting with feeling s so long held in check they seem to be flooding the world with their pain.

This is a very potent aspect to bring to LIGHT now. MEDUSA is considered the great demon star and the patriarchal telling of her story is that she is MEDUSA a monster who turns men into stone. Perseus the hero of the story cuts off her head. The original story was that MEDUSA was a beautiful Goddess and from real AMAZON tribes from Libya which the patriarchs are killing to destroy the Goddesses’ powerful gaze. You know that look? Now Medusa can be honored again, and her AMAZONIAN powers returned. The Wonder Woman film 2 is being made right now.

Dec. 5 CHIRON turns DIRECT @ 24 degrees PISCES

CHIRON has been Retrograde since July 1st at 28+ degrees PISCES. There has been a tsunami of old karmic emotional debris which have swept up and out of the unconscious depths since then.  Move ahead from a more healed whole wiser and more compassionate state for yourself. Self-love.


ACT 2 at the GALACTIC CENTER. This is a chance to re-do another Galactic Center meditation. Or to release words spoken in haste or ideas that you haven’t integrated since November 22-24th.  You don’t always get a Galactic re-appointment. Make good use of it.


MARS in his own sign is extra strong powerful sexy secretive passionate and needs to be in control. Sexual secrets of the rich and powerful is the focus of the day. This aspect brings great desires and strong will power. Be careful what you want and how you go about getting it. This is a great time to explore Tanric sexuality. Your sex life gets very intense and deeper as the soul craves soul to soul connection. Men must face their own sexual demons. It’s all about power pain and controlling others. Finances may go through a huge peak and crash in Scorpio’s volatile waves. Wear black. Be secretive seductive and mysterious as hell.


This is a big energy day. Electrifying chills running up and down your spine. BIG THINK day. A lightning bolt awakens you to what you have ignored or were blind to before. You can comprehend an emotional wound in a new way and find an inventive way to heal what ails you and the world.


This is an UBER ROMANTIC day. Neptune is the “higher octave” of Venus.  Be free honest and speak from the truth of your soul. Every soul wants to merge back to source with another. Trust your intuition. This is a brilliant day for creative meditative and spiritual work. The need for psychic boundaries will be strong too. Plan a dream vacation. Tune into your dreams Lucid dreaming energies are strong.


This is another day to light up the world with a positive message of hope faith truth and inspiration. Rethink your approach. A good day to edit or review study for exams and replan travels. Review old goals.


Old long-distance lovers may return. Complete any conversations which feel unfinished. Reword things. Say what you always wanted to say to someone you love. Old conversations come up again to be re-truthed.


Bringing positive energy to our collective wounds. Be the truth catalyst. Messages from outer space prove we are not alone? Sharing your pain brings strength in numbers. All individual healings also heal the collective. Good insights into your dreams. 


Another high energy electrifying day. A big tech discovery which benefits foreign relations. Embrace change. Get on the bus for the revolution. Think outside the box very outside.  A GALACTIC CENTER big bang insight. Prepare to be shook and awakened to the truth.


The last New Moon of 2017 is a SAGITTARIUS OVERLOAD energy. SUN + MOON + Retro. Mercury +VENUS and SATURN a quintuple fiery truth serum.  BE bold be honest be happy be easy going. Connect with foreigners. Discuss philosophy comedy and politics. Beware of being too preachy and klutzy. Great for launching a publishing teaching or travel business or product.  To infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear says. Intentions need to be aimed at the highest ethics.


Capricorn Full Moon Constellation Tara Greene

This is SATURN ON THE ZERO point- the world point. In his own sign SATURN is seriously happy! This degree is the one PLUTO crossed into on October 2008 which created the devastating economy collapse. Remember Lehmann brothers?  This is the beginning of a serious orderly conservative all business next 2.5 years. SATURN restricts and tests. It also respects the elderly and history. Expect things to get tighter on the job front and more repressive. Go corporate or go back to nature. Capricorn is an earth sign. If you have planets at the beginning of Aries Cancer Libra or Capricorn, you will feel Saturn’s leaden task master energy to be good for getting down to business and grow up. Plan long-term goals. Plan what you want to achieve in this next cycle.


Another big power gate crossing as the SUN enters CAPRICORN. A very serious solstice. Traditional pagan ceremonies of the return of the light would be highly appropriate. Honor your ancestors.



It’s getting to be a CAPRICORN love-in. On Christmas EVE honor your ancestors. Have a traditional Xmas holiday meal. A great day to make serious romantic creative solid plans. Ya gotta love being mature being in the body in 3D and being able to build a new world structure. Venus conjuncts SATURN in the 25th.  For many this can be a depressing time being with loved ones. Also, a good time to commit to a relationship or other important project requiring patience and persistence. Respect will be earned for love given. Tough love needs to be applied and strong boundaries where necessary.


Expect a spiritual revelation. This can happen in yoru dreams or meditations.  A deeply intuitive peek into the dark side of the soul. Wearing big red rose-colored glasses, you see the world in a truly spiritual way.  Sex addictions and deep wounds can be transformed and healed. Psychic visionary and healing powers are greatly expanded and enhanced. Be in the water if you can or near it. A great time for a healing cleanse. Meeting a soul mate is the one desire and focus of the soul. Be careful about falling in love with love. Fantasy sex is one component. Be careful of anything which seems too good to be true. This energy is also dangerous for accumulating debt. This is great for artists musicians fantasy role-playing and filmmakers.


Under a GEMINI MOON a pretty light bubbly New Years eve flitting from party to party and event to event we bid adieu to 2017.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.


TUNE IN FRIDAY DECEMBER 1st @ 5:00 pm PST/ 8:00 pm EST/

December 2- 1:00 am GMT for my monthly LIVE TAROT- ASTROLOGY  Broadcast on FACEBOOK for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency

Fire Trines and inconjuncts

Dec 17 I hope that you haven’t drunk too much or gotten too high under a party heart Leo Moon as it inconjuncts Neptune in PISCES

That could lead to nasty results. Be careful of your ego getting in the way of listening to your intuition. 

Leo Moon opposes Venus in AQUARIUS

This aspect brings out the space sluts, don’t you love them? 

space sluts Venus in Aquarius Tara Greene


I like people with Venus in Aquarius, yes they have strange tastes its true.

LEO MOON inconjuncts Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn

power trips, egos colliding. Don’t try to change a narcissist.Some hearts may open as they see the power grabbing going on everywhere. 

Moon sextiles JUPITER in LIBRA

this is nice for fun get together with friends, a great party energy, good for shopping for women, children and buying dramatically beautiful art and other lovely things. The Mood is show-offy but NICE. 


Grand Fire Trine, astrology, Tara Greene

We don’t seem to have too many of these GFT’s. 


This aspect is tickling my Sagittarius love of humor. The laughs can be off beat, and kinda weird but let’s have fun, shall we?

this is excellent upbeat positive prideful energy. A great celebratory time. We are 4 days from YULE December 21 SOLSTICE.  ENJOY the darkest days in the Northern Hemisphere.

and last but not least Moon inconjuncts CHIRON in PISCES

Do be careful of drinking too much and getting too soppy, sappy and crying about some old issues which would be better discussed with your therapist.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Winter Solstice and 2015 preview

Solstice. The word means Sol=Sun, stands still. The Sun appears to rise and set at the same location on the horizon for three days. It really should be spelled SOULSTICE. It is an ancient wiccan/ pagan/Germanic tradition called YULE. Al indigenous peoples celebrated in the participation of the turning of the wheel of time. It is the REBIRTH of the LIGHT, in the northern hemisphere. The Christian religion couldn’t eradicate the ancient practice, so they made this into the day of Jesus’s birth -Christmas. This time also marks the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia.

The two major solstices of the year are extremely powerful times to download new DNA encodings and contemplate new beginnings for the next 6 months. This is the real New Year to celebrate. 

The second 2014 solstice IS LIKE- YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET


Its just a few days after the 6th exact Uranus Pluto square. We are already walking on broken glass and shattered dreams. 

There is a NEW MOON to further hammer home the new beginnings motif. 

The preview, the day before Solstice is a new nuance in the ongoing GRAND CARDINAL CROSSROADS saga.


VENUS, the beautiful planet of women, love, wealth, beauty, relationships and balance is in Capricorn at 14+ degrees and SQUARING URANUS which may be just as painful as it sounds. She is also conjunct to PLUTO at 12+ degrees of the practical sign of reality, wealth, power and corporate structures.

WOMEN will lead the revolution! They are ready to take back their power in the world and confront old PATRIARCHAL- Plutocratic platforms which rule every single aspect of our world- religion, culture, beauty and take them down to build a new world in the upcoming revolution.


Venus rules $$$$ Bling and PLuto is the SUPER BIG BUCKS, The Koch brothers, Federal reserve, etc. The two planets are opposite the U.S. Natal SUN and also square to its natal Saturn at 15 degrees of LIBRA- you know what that means-KARMA, laws, justice, balance. Venus rules Libra BTW.  I would expect another  major financial crisis to hit the fan or to start an avalanche.

Mars is also sextiling Uranus from Aquarius,they are in mutual reception.  Mars is in Uranus’s home sign and Uranus is in Mars’s home sign. This further puts the speed to: LIQUEFY.


URANUS U-TURN @ 2:45 pm PST/5:45 pm EST

URANUS turns DIRECT in motion after being RETROGRADE since July 21. Planets are always at their most powerful as they station to change direction. Can you hear the screeching?

URANUS rules protests, liberation, revolution, freedom, chaos, Hi- tech inventions and there have been protests the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 60’s over Ferguson and the Staten Island killing of a black man negligently by police who weren’t indited for murder. The revolution is just going to get bigger with Uranus moving direct. I am so happy about this.

WINTER SOLSTICE is at 3:03 pm PST/ 6:03 pm EST/ 11:03 pm GMT

The Winter Solstice occurs during a Void of course Moon, since 4:35 am EST.

As with all Void Moons, it is a very spiritual time, a good time to do mundane things.

phases of the Moon tara greene

The Moon enters earthy, patient, practical, mature Capricorn at 5:25 pm PST/8:25 pm EST.

The NEW MOON occurs ten minutes later at 5:35 pm PST/8:35 pm EST/ December 22 at 1:35 am GMT at Zero degrees 6 minutes..


Of course all Aries, and Capricorns with planets at the middles degrees are getting personally affected by these energies. Also those born on the first few days of all of the Cardinal Signs- ARIES and LIBRA.

SCORPIO born at the very last days are also feeling much pressure as are all LATE FIXED SIGNS- TAURUS, LEO, AQUARIUS too.

GEMINI is getting quincunxed from early to mid degrees by the Capricorn energies.

LEO’s born August 13-17 are also feeling hard hit with Jupiter’s Retrograde as are AQUARIANS born Feb 13-17. Leo is also Qunicunx to Venus and Opposite Mars. You Lions may be feeling it financially, in the heart and of course the chaos.

SAGITTARIUS your time is coming up soon. Neptune is on your case anyway plus Chiron.

VIRGO – take a break for now. Can you? EARLY VIRGO get Saturn rapping your hard working knuckles soon.

THE NODES of the Moon are squaring Venus and Pluto and the South Node is conjunct Uranus.

Uranus/South Node to Venus, women and power, PLuto is a a huge green light signal to jettison the past. All the old scripts, the religious make belief stories about Eve, which define women as lesser than man, as his subordinate, chattel, just sexual orifices for male satisfaction, objects, feared and scorned will be shredded. 

Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn is at the very last “critical degree” of Scorpio, also indicating an end to a sex and money cycle about misuse of power, secrets,control, manipulation, the psyche, the shadow. Saturn in Scorpio is dealing with all the sexual fear, and unconscious emotions which govern us until we become conscious which is Uranus’ role.  The Uranus Pluto squares are to make us humans with real higher consciousness of ourselves each other and our world.  We have been acting mainly unconsciously.

THE ASTRO-CARTOGRAPHY MAP of the world shows where the Solstice HOT SPOTS triggers are most powerful.

astro map Tara Greene

 The “planets” and what they symbolize will show their powers on the spots they touch.

THE SUN and the Moon are North/South straight through South Africa on the West side going through Namibia,Central Africa, Niger and Western Libya near Tripoli. Continuing North through Venice Italy, near Zurich, Prague,and North through OSLO Norway. Nobel Peace prize ruckus anyone?

The Sun Descends through Fairbanks Alaska, right through the ALBERTA TAR SANDS and Fort McMurray. I predict there will be major protests here against the Tar Sands and with the Canadian government. This Continues near Edmonton Alberta,the Sun cuts a swathe south through America exiting at NEW ORLEANS. I feel there is a serious earth shake up coming to this entire Mississippi area. The Sun setting on the Tar sands indicates it is calling it quits time and moving to SOLAR power.

Sun descends through CANCUN Mexico, through ECUADOR, BOLIVIA and  PARAGUAY the new conscious and politically aware,fastest growing economies in South America relatively and the Sun’s path travels near Montevideo and finally exits at Mar Del Plata in Argentina.

The Sun Ascends through Indonesia, Singapore and Macau and up norther eastern China.

PLUTO VENUS with Uranus nearby meet in the Guyana Highlands. Pluto and Venus cross in Raleigh North Carolina and north near Detroit,Buffalo, Thunder Bay in Canada and up through FLIN FLON, yes that a real place in Manitoba. Travels North to Fort Good Hope up in the Far Northern Territories of Canada, Land which will be challenged as to ownership as the arctic ice melts. They travel through Finland, Belarus, Romania and Bulgaria.

PLUTO VENUS and the North Node cross at Bontang Malaysia.

Jupiter and Pluto cross near Yellowknife.Venus Mercury Mars the Moon and Pluto are all applying pressure to the oil and mineral rich territory of the northern parts of British Columbia. Saturn is sitting on VALDEZ ALASKA, OIL SPILL ANYONE?

URANUS AND VENUS cross exactly through ISTAMBUL TURKEY indicating economic unrest here. Venus continues west of Alexandria Egypt.

THE NORTH NODE travels through Ankarra Turkey and right through Cairo Egypt.

MARS travels through Uzbekistan and Mashhad Iran. 

Saturn and the Sun cross in Saudi Arabia, Saturn going right through Iraq and up through Georgia.

Saturn Ascends through the Maldives through central India and Nepal  and crosses with Chiron in the Xinjiang area of China.

Uranus goes right through the UKRAINE indicating more turmoil in this entire region. 

URANUS And the Moon cross in Zengxhou China.The Moon is the people so expect protests, and revolution in this area.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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CROSSROADS- Eric Clapton/Cream 1936 Robert Johnson 






December Astrology overviewby Tara Greene

It’s December already and I’ve complied a quick cheat sheet over view. More Cardinal Crises on the way. Print it out and stick it to your wall or carry it with you for quick reference of where the planets are.

RED is for HOT DATES, Purple is for planets entering new signs, Full Moons are in light blue. 


Things get major hits on the next Uranus Pluto cardinal crisis the 6th one which opens your 3rd eye From Dec 14/15.  I’ll write in more details soon.

planets astrology Tara Greene

Dec 1 under an Aries Moon, ruler Mars sextiles Saturn

good for transforming old unconscious tyrannies

Dec 3 Saturn sesqui-quad URANUS @ 27 degrees Scorpio- 12 degrees Aries

this can prove to be a day of fingers on the chalkboard, a difficult day for the U.S. and anyone with mid degree Aries planets.

Dec 4 Under a Taurus MOON, ruler VENUS trines JUPITER in LEO at 22+ degrees Fire sign

Good for starring in your own production, attracting many lovers and being very dramatic dahlings. Aries too.

Sun Trine Uranus @ 12 + degrees of Aries

Good for radically new shining in the sun

Mars enters Aquarius @ 3:56 pm PST/6:56 pm EST -Jan 12/13 2015

Passion, drive and sex favors all things AQUARIAN, egalitarian,hi-tech, higher consciousness adventures.

Dec 5 Sun squares Chiron at 13 degrees Sagittarius/ Pisces

Feeling intellectually or spiritually vulnerable or naked today? Have a great idea to uplift and heal the world?

Mercury Trines Uranus @ 12 degrees Sagittarius/ Aries

great for out of this world brilliant ideas, launch a new teaching plan or travels.

Dec 6 Mercury in Sagittarius Square Chiron in Pisces 

a more analytical repeat of yesterdays inquiry. Get those ideas down on paper.

Dec 6 Gemini FULL MOON at 4:26 am PST/ 7:26 am EST/ 12:26 pm GMT

Dec 8 Sun conjuncts Mercury @ 16 degrees Sagittarius @ 1:51 am PST/4:51 am EST

Blinding flashes of insights abound.

Dec 8 JUPITER TURNS RETROGRADE @ 22 degrees+ of LEO -April 8 2015 @ 12 degrees Leo

Get ready to pull back on your plans for starring on the stage, launching your travel, expansion, publishing or educational initiatives for awhile. 

Dec 10 VENUS enters Capricorn till January 3  2015

Love is all business, practical, hard working.

Dec 12 Mercury Trines Jupiter @ 22 degrees Sagittarius to LEO  @ 3:24 am PST/6:24 am EST

Planets are always the most powerful when they are changing direction. Great new ideas abound.

Dec 14 SUN TRINES JUPITER @ 22 degrees

this is a mist magical degree, illuminate what you failed to comprehend when you were too arrogant.

VENUS sextiles Neptune in Pisces @ 5 degrees earth Capcicorn to Pisces

super practical and romantic.

The 6th URANUS/PLUTO SQUARE occurs at 12+ degrees Aries/Capricorn @ 9:13 pm PST

Dec 15 @ 12:13 am EST/5:13 am GMT

I have written a long article about this which will be published shortly.

Dec 16

Venus in Capricorn sesqui-quadrate Jupiter 11 degrees Capricorn / 22 Degrees Leo Rx

The sweet business deal may require you to sell your soul to the devil. You may be rethinking this.

Dec 16 Mercury enters Capricorn @ 7:53 pm PST/ 10:52 pm EST

Communicating in all business terms, practical thoughts. Higher goals and long-term plans are a major focus.

Dec 19/20

Mercury Sextiles Neptune – very sweet energy, little sweet nothings, and spiritual dreams.

Dec 20 *****VENUS Squares Uranus 9:08 am PST and conjunct PLUTO  12 degrees @ 1:09 pm PST/4:09 pm EST 

WOMEN get into the CARDINAL CROSS ENERGY  here and shape the way the Revolution is happening.

Mars also sextiles Uranus in ARIES

there will be street fighting and women on the barricades. Money markets can fall. This is a dangerous day. But a good one for reshaping your life, relationships, values.

Dec 21 

Venus sextiles Chiron @ 2:02 am PDT

sexual healing time.

URANUS TURNS DIRECT @ 12 degrees 34 minutes of ARIES – since July 21 at 16 degrees + Aries @ 2:44 pm PST

WINTER SOLSTICE @ 3:03 pm PST/ 6:03 pm EST/11:03 pm GMT *****

Dec 21/ 22 NEW MOON at zero degrees+ Capricorn @ 5:35 pm PST/8:35 pm EST/ Dec 22 @ 1:35 am GMT.

Venus squares the North and South Nodes @ 16 degrees Capricorn

A very karmic aspect. fateful love decisions, money markets, women, artists. Will write more about this,


Saturn will preview his longer stay in Sagittarius now until June 14 2015. Saturn will Retrograde back into the final degrees of  Scorpio then will sojourn through the 9th sign of Truth from September 17 2015- 2017.

Serious obstacles, maturity, and testing of matters dealing with foreigners,  religious fundamentalism, restrictions in education, law, publishing, freedom will all be front and center. 

Dec 24 Christmas EVE ****** CARDINAL CROSS ENERGY with MERCURY 

Mercury squares Uranus @ 5:31 pm PST/ 8:31 pm EST/Dec 25 @ 1:31 am GMT

Moon conjuncts MARS @ 8:36 pm PST/ 11:36 pm EST

Mercury conjunct PLUTO @ 10:53 pm PST/ Dec 25 @ 1:53 am EST/6:53 am GMT

Dec. 25 Christmas Day Mercury sextiles Chiron in Pisces @ 8:29 am 

Dec 26 SUN sextiles Neptune in Pisces @ 7:10 pm PST/10:10 pm EST

Dreamy, creative, spiritually compassionate.

Dec 27 

VENUS quincunx Jupiter 22 Capricorn to Leo @ 9:51 pm/ Dec 28 @ 12:51 am EST

This aspect can play havoc with the money markets, your love life and ego.

Dec 30 

Mercury Quincunx Jupiter  21 degrees Capricorn to Leo Retrograde.

Thinking would be flummoxed and conflicting ideas about leadership.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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IF NOT FOR YOU- Olivia Newton-John. Bob Dylan 
















Be Leo big hearted,Ed Sheeran supports Fxxx Cancer

Moon enters Leo @ 1:48 am EST – 3 minutes from now.

“You’re gonna hear me Roar. “

Don’t you hate it when those pop songs, no matter how good, end up stuck on replay and loop endlessly in your head?  Drives me crazy.I have a 15 year old daughter so I am quite aware of every pop hit these days. They must use subliminal seduction for the song hooks to do that. Katy Perry could never have a  flop.

What do you think?

I guess Katy updated Helen Reddy’s old school.“I am woman hear me roar” an early Feminist anthem pop hit song from the 70’s. Good Old Helen is flipping out I’m sure. There was no decolletage in sight in her video. How times have changed. 

BE BIG LIONHEARTED – its a mainly Leo weekend.


as the Moon Quincunx’s- that’s like bad indigestion aspect-

NEPTUNE in PISCES, Chiron in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.

that takes a lotta LION balls to do that.

Beware of self- aggrandizement and pride which leads to feeling spaced out, down and out and lonely at the top when you’re King of the Hill.

And the only BREAK in this last day of Autumn 2013 is 

a Moon to URANUS TRINE -good for whacky, weirdo, far out, 

crazy high, freedom, outta the box LOVE, courage, leadership

Walking the tightrope with no net.

It’s gonna take a miracle maybe….

Speaking of Miracles, manes and big heartedness

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All writing is copyright Tara Greene. 

Gonna Take A Lotta Love- Nicolette Larsen {Neil Young} 

AND WHEN I DIE Laura Nyro 1966  



Winter SOLSTICE, Abundance ritual Astrology from Tara Greene

WINTER SOLSTICE is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere. Summer Solstice begins down under.

We’re 1 year past the Mayan Calendar “End date” of December 21 2013.

Some people were disappointed and many were relieved that the world didn’t end. Others believe a shift did happen last Solstice. One needs to be very highly tuned, vibrating at very high spiritual levels, cleansed, centered, vegan, meditating regularly and managing your ELF’s efficiently to know that and are on your way to Ascension into the 5th Dimension. Everyone can feel how intense the energies are right now.

I do feel the DIVINE GODDESS ENERGIES were seeded in a very concrete way last year. It’s subtle, but it’s here.

WINTER SOLSTICE is one of the 4 Main power gates and 4 cross- quarters in the Year.

Zero degrees Capricorn marks the WORLD POINT. The SEEDING of all consciousness for the next year. It is a time of great HOPE, the SUN IS REBORN. An ancient pagan festival, Christianity overlaid its religious tenants over the ancient knowledge.

We are in the middle of the Ancient festival of SATURNALIA which the Romans celebrated. Red and Green colours were worn and candles were lit to SOL INVICTUS the SUN which is reborn on the Solstice. There was major partying and revelry, slaves were allowed to be equals, It was quite a wild time.


Great day for CANCER peeps and magic rituals of increase of abundance and love

Motherly Moon conjuncts JUPITER in the wee hours. Thursday is Jupiter’s day. VERY GOOD LUCK.

Moon Trines Saturn also great for feeling good in your tumultuous revolution. It feels good to die and be reborn.

Moon opposes VENUS in Capricorn at latter degrees. Motherly and romantic/earthly love.


The Moon makes a couple of awkward quincunx’s to Mercury and the SUN. So don’t attempt any magic between 10:37 am and 10:34 pm.

Magic must be done towards and after Moon opposite Venus at 11:37 pm EST

the MOON goes Void of course till the 20th at 1:48 am


Stay up late and meditate on having emotional security and safety with the Goddess and CANCER MOON.

Know you are always held in the Goddess’s arms and fed on her breast milk.  

Venus in Capricorn is Lady Luck in business, she manages her affairs very well.

YOU will need 2 bowls, goat’s milk for Capricorn and 5 copper pennies, 4 candles. Incense.

Smudge and purify your self with incense. Start in the East and call in the elements, fire, water, earth, air clockwise, lighting a candle for each element and direction.

Pour the milk into one bowl and put the 5 copper pennies into another.

Breathe and empty your mind. Imagine yourself in a beautiful home by a pure ocean, with dolphins playing and whales singing. A magical Heavenly place, a place you remember in your cellular memory.

Or create a beautiful earthly oceanic paradise in your mind.

Visualize Venus coming up out of the ocean as in the famous Boticelli painting. She comes up to you and becomes more of the Motherly archetype of Venus. See yourself becoming child like and being held so safe and secure in Her arms. Hear her say you are her most cherished child and that you will always be safe in her arms.  Ask her for whatever your Inner Child needs. She will offer it to you gladly. Venus also approaches from another side as a very practical woman, a strong woman, a Feminine working woman, a woman who brings relationships and caring into her success. See her coming and supporting you too. She says listen to me, I am your Intuition, I will advise you on how to be confident, strong in yourself, successful, with high self- esteem. You will never sell yourself out for money or for less than you deserve. I will teach you how to manage and grow your finances.

Be with these 2 aspects of the Feminine and let them teach you. They will be your advisers. Give thanks for all the abundance in your life. Thank the two Goddesses. See them Bless the goat’s milk. Drink the Goat’s milk, feeling its grace purity and abundance entering your body. Take the 5 pennies and place them in a pot of earth and keep them on an altar and hold the pot of earth every day or bring it into your meditation. I would go and take a goat’s milk bath as well after this.

IT is important to clear your intentions NOW for the SOLSTICE, you will be seeding youe intent as the LIGHT advances. You are seeding an entire year/quarter.



READ MY WINTER SOLSTICE Astrology forecast which governs the next 3 months


Winter Solstice 2013 by Cal Garrison

Gemini North STAR Full Moon Astrology from Tara Greene

December 17 Full Moon is conjunct the NORTH STAR at 25 degrees +  GEMINI @ 4:28 am EST/1:28 am PST/9:28 am GMT

North Star Astrology Tara Greene

STAR TRAILS by Lincoln Harrison

The NORTH STAR is the ancient sailor’s guiding Light in the night.  It’s a very spiritual symbol. Like the Star in the Tarot Trump # 17.

There’s a quick witted airy mentality to this GEMINI Moon and a seeing of duality as also being single pointed, like the North Star.

What is your NORTH STAR? What do you pivot around? Your family? Friends? Career?

What higher stellar pole shows you the way? gives you a guideline? It’s important to know what you revolve around or else you will be whirling round and around without any anchor in the proverbial spin cycle of life. So many of us feel this way these days as life is so damn busy and full of too much GEMINI governed infor-friggin-mation. 

All FULL MOON’s are completions and this is the LAST Full Moon of 2013. My where did the year go?

Take time to meditate on what you are grateful for and what you feel complete on from 2013. Give thanks for what you received.

The Sun is opposite and near to the Galactic Center at 25 Degrees Sagittarius.  Definitely you will feel the magnetic pull to the Massive Black Hole at the Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. TUNE IN  to the Galactic Center to glimpse your truth and your part in the cosmic plan. Try to meditate on it. I dare yah. Bit of a joke, as its near impossible for Gemini and Sagittarius to slow down their racing minds enough to find some stillness and quiet.

Mercury the truth seeker and ruler of Gemini is at 18 degrees Sagittarius where it demands the truth but Mercury is weak- in its opposite sign. So there may be some misinformation, or static  or bad communications. No double talking now.

Yes the CARDINAL T- square is in effect already.

Mars at 4 degrees Libra is opposite Uranus-turning DIRECT hours after the Full Moon peak. All Planets are at their strongest when changing directions.So if you’re feeling a bit wonky, wired, restless, independent, have insomnia lately, this is why.

Let Uranus’s Higher consciousness in. Just like in the Aquarian announcement in the 60’s musical HAIR, yes this is the dawning of those cultural revolutions from what was seeded then. Created literally by the Uranus and Pluto conjunction in the middle degrees of VIRGO, everyone born then- who are in their mid- 40’s now- are having their 2nd mid-life crises  NOW and all that energy is ready to spring into action over the next 2 years.

We are only 5 days from Winter Solstice. One of the most powerful potent days of the year.

Prepare for it. I know it’s hectic right now.


As you know ARIES, LIBRA, CAPRICORN are all being majorly affected NOW and in 2014.

MARS exactly opposes URANUS on December 25 Christmas Day at 8 + degrees Aries.

Have your self a very

1. Liberated

2. revolutionary

3. chaotic

4. inventive


Be careful with the Christmas lights and other fire hazards. Watch for news of explosions, shootings, volcanic explosions, lightning, terrorist attacks, and solar flares at this time.

These planetary aspects affect everyone but most definitely ARIES and LIBRA  born within 5 days, either side of that.

If YOU are born from MARCH 25 – XACT is March 29  to April 3 in ANY YEAR you get the direct hit.

LIBRA’s born from September 28 – Xact is October 2 till October 6  in ANY YEAR  you get the Direct hit too.

MARS SQUARES PLUTO December 30  at 11 degrees + Libra/ Capricorn. MAJOR RUMBLE.


These are pretty gangsta planetary energies. And it isn’t fun rap like. Big  guns, angry, defensive, power hungry, secret service, NSA, illegal, surveillance, privacy issues. drugs, recless drievers, etc.  Trying to keep the balance will be a bit, a BIT of a challenge.

If you are Libra born from October 1, XACT October 5 till October 10 of any year you will be majorly affected..

ALL Capricorn’s born from December 29 , born Jan 2 it’s XACT  till Jan. Jan 6 of any year  you will feel it.

Try staying close to home on NEw Year’s.

You will need help and I am here to help


All writing copyright Tara Greene

STAY- Rihanna 2012

Moon at the Window- Joni Mitchell



Zen koan, Mars, December -2014 Horoscope from Tara Greene

Just wanted to mention,  MARS in late degrees of Virgo since Nov. 27 is SQUARING the GALACTIC CENTER at 27 degrees Sagittarius.

Irritating, like a ZEN Koan metaphor for “what’s the sound of 9 cats scatching on the chalkboard?”

Virg-oish Mars tries to do the impossible… like clean up a Black Hole. 

NIT PICKY perfectionist Mars in Virgo is also irritating the upper intestines, communications, getting angry and slighted over misinterpretations and other coversationals, NTM wreaking havoc in the Info department where info seems to be disappearing into that humungous Black Hole. Mars in Virgo is in detriment and has been causing accidents. Sending healing to those injured. 

MARS Squares the SAGITTARIUS GIGANTIC BLACK HOLE  Dec 3 and 4th. Magnifying the issues. Be mindfull.

supernova astrology Tara Greene

I have my Natal Mercury at 27 degrees Sagittarius, Mars has been squaring it and causing all kinds of hoof in mouth problems this past week. Lets just say some feelings were hurt involuntarily when words flew out of my mouth as if being sucked out by the G.C. 

Fellow peeps with Planets somehow sitting on the event horizon. Do you have MERCURY on the G.C. or other planets? Feeling Zonky?

How’s it been going for you?

Mars in Virgo loves to analyze so here’s a real ZEN KOAN for MEDITATIONS

imagine the cosmic image above

“Those who speak against killing and who desire to spare the lives of all conscious beings are right. It is good to protect even animals and insects. But what about those persons who kill time, what about those who are destroying wealth, and those who destroy political economy? We should not overlook them. Furthermore, what of the one who preaches without enlightenment? He is killing Buddhism.” 

DEC 4 Mercury enters SAGITTARIUS 
Further just horsing around energy to our finely crafted communications. This is MERCURY’s only visit to the centaur this year and a quick gallop too. It’ll be short fun, horsey, indelicate. 

Here’s the December run down 

Dec. 2  SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON  @ 10 degrees +

Dec. 4  MERCURY ENTERS SAGITTARIUS – plenty of horsing around lots of yuks.

Dec. 7 MARS enters Libra – – begins an extrememly long till JULY 25 2014 stay in LIBRA!!! I’ll write about that separately.

Focus will be on rebalancing relationships. 2014 will be very intense as Mars in Libra in a HUMUNGOUS CARDINAL CROSS with PLUTO URANUS AND JUPITER- especially in mid APRIL 2014.

DEC 17 GEMINI Full Moon- TWIN antenna’s are up  SUN on the GALACTIC CENTER.

DEC 17 Uranus goes Direct- full speed chaos ahead – very powerful date! I will do a video for this one. 

DEC 21 WINER SOLSTICE/ Summer Solstice One of the most important dates of the Year

DEC. 21 VENUS Goes RETROGRADE at 28 degrees Caprirciorn 58 minutes- Ground Hog Day 2014- Grok that! LOVE takes a U Turn 


DEC 25 Mars opposite URANUS 8 Libra – 8 Aries  MaJor T- square- whacky Xmas eve. 

DEC 28 SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY – 7 degrees Capricorn

Dec 29 MERCURY square URANUS – 8+ degrees Capricorn to 8 + degrees ARIES

DEC. 29 SUN Squares URANUS – 8 + degrees Capricorn- 8+ degrees ARIES

DEC 30 MARS SQUARE PLUTO – 11 degrees Libra to 11 degrees + Capricorn- DIFICILE intense.

Dec 31 MERCURY SQUARES Pluto – 11 degrees+ LIBRA –11 degrees+ Capricorn


DEC 10 Mercury TRINE URANUS 8 degrees+ Sag. To 8 degrees+ ARIES

DEC. 12 JUPITER TRINE SATURN 18 degree Retro to 18 degrees + of Scorpio


all writing copyright Tara Greene

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