Saturn turns Direct. 3D moves on Trump

Saturn Lord of the rings; father time; ruler of Reality; 3D; the planet of testing limitations and obstacles is turning DIRECT Aug. 25 @21 degrees SAGITTARIUS. 

Saturn is the COSMIC COP the father- everyone’s father. He represents leaders; authorities; taxes; presidents; elders; senators; seniors.  Saturn rules History- the Patriarchy.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”-George Santayana

LORD OF KARMA aka The Grim Reaper and Satan. In the Tarot Saturn is symbolized on the card of THE DEVIL #15.

Saturn makes you work hard. He is is the master of the MATERIAL WORLD. His motto- no pain no gain. Saturn is the Cosmic Cop; the taxman. Saturn will nail you trust me he got me big time over the last few months. I was sued and it’s been a long harrowing and very expensive legal battle which is finally over. 

Saturn in SAGITTARIUS soaks up the more optimistic truth seeking justice and legal issues. Saturn in Sagittarius governs religion foreigners airplanes travel immigrants restrictions and the military. As a fire sign the 9th sign governs being passionate and speaking about what you believe in- this can be right wing or left wing. Saturn in Sagittarius is brutally honest which can be a major fault and creator of more karma. 

Saturn in Sagittarius is animalistic. The Saturn in SAg. test is: the mature human overrides the baser animal instincts to ride wild and roughshod galloping wherever it pleases. Saturn in Sagittarius rules mystics teachers philosopher’s animal rights activists bible thumpers and free wheeling gypsy spirits too.  Saturn in Sagittarius can be gullible hypocritical idealistic and naive and promise more than it can deliver.

We can see a lot of these elements on display right now.  Since April 6 SATURN turned RETROGRADE @ 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS exactly conjunct the GALACTIC CENTER the big black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. These are BIG Karmic lessons.

From November 12- December 20 Saturn will once again be in contact with the Galactic Center. This is a very cosmically important Galactic download time.


Trump’s natal MOON at 21 degrees SAGITTARIUS and directly opposite to his 22 degrees GEMINI SUN. He was also born on a LUNAR ECLIPSE!  SATURN is turning around exactly on Donald’s Moon his emotions moods feelings and his relationships with women and his home life and also opposing his SUN.  SATURN has been giving Trump a rough ride since he took office. Right now may be a very hard test for him.

His Sagittarius MOON in his 4th house is very at home in its natural placement. He is deep down a Mama’s boy but hides it behind his LEO Ascendant and Mars which was just eclipses Aug 21.  Thie Moon in SAg. is what makes Trump such an outspoken “foot in mouth” hypocritical, guy. 

SATURN is heavy and leaden. He will make you feel tired exhausted and old. Trump is surely feeling the weight of Saturn right now. This is KARMIC PAY BACK time Mr. Trump. The white supremacists and KKK marchers and that whole Ole’ Boys old tyme religion club that Trump appears to support is being revealed. The belly of the beast.  

As Saturn moves forwards now whatever has been holding you back for the last 4 1/2 months will move ahead now.  Get galloping quickly with travel educational or any legal matters that have been stuck in litigation.  

Yes that heavy weight many of us have felt will slowly begin to lighten.

Mark where 21 degrees SAGITTARIUS is in your NATAL astrology chart to see where reality is heading for the next 3 months. 

Keywords for Saturn: your father or figures; mentors; senators; unemotional; restricting; hard work; patience; perseverance; maturity; facing reality; getting practical; doing the work; climbing the mountain of success; career;  binding contracts; seniority; death; old age; taxes; endings. 

Saturn in SAGITTARIUS is where you become the SAGE MASTER.

“The Ancient of Days”, 14th-century fresco from Ubisi, Georgia.

Look at what Saturn has taught you while the Grim Reaper lassoed and tied you down. What were the hard lessons you needed to learn? It’s good to integrate them and record them. Do a ritual. Thank Saturn. Remember he rules manifestation in 3D. You must honor and respect Saturn. You are here on the physical plane because of this planet. You have paid your dues. Now get along little horsey.

Jupiter in LIBRA will Sextile Saturn Aug 27

This is a nice energy to integrate your hard lessons with and start to feel more balanced.

That doesn’t  mean the hard stuff is all over. We always have karmic dues to pay and karmic debts to reap too. Think back on your entire Saturn in Sag. wild ride since September 18, 2015. 

Plan now for what you will carry out before Saturn enters Capricorn December 19/20th 2017 for the first time in 29 years. I’ll write more about this soon. 

  • Saturn will be in Capricorn until December 16, 2020.  

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Love or Power; White Supremacists

Venus opposes PLUTO Aug 15 @ 17 degrees Cancer/Capricorn @ 4:17 am PDT/ 7:17 am EDT/ 11:17 am GMT

The Moon will be Void-of-Course from Taurus.

Carl Jung the famous Swiss Psychologist said: “Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.”- “On the Psychology of the Unconciousness”, 1917  

I am quoting from a wonderful article I found by Duane Toops- 

He is comparing this quote above and Nietzsche’s Will to Power. I have read Jung but not Nietzche thoroughly in many years. I will quote his essay and edit down and comment as it is totally relevant to the Planets and the situation in America and the world.

“Jung seems to be suggesting that love which is VENUS and power which is PLUTO are absolutely antithetical forces, polar opposites. The acceptance of one is  necessarily the rejection, negation, and subversion of the other. To love is to forego power and to attain power is to vanquish love. Jung seems to equate ‘power’ with domination, specifically of another; a master and a slave. Jung implies that this is the “will to power”. Which is what these White Supremacists seek to do to dominate all “lower” less purity beings.

Nietzsche’s Will To Power

“Yet, is this what Nietzsche has in mind in his Will to Power? Is love nothing more than powerlessness? Is power only domination? This essay aims to show that Jung’s interpretation of the ‘will to power’ could not be more of a misinterpretation.

Nietzsche would specify that one whose status as a master -PLUTOCRACY-is defined only by one’s dominance over another is not actually a master but an indication of being a slave and of weakness. The master’s ‘power’ is absolutely externalized and completely contingent upon the presence of the slave. The master is truly a slave to the slave.

In Nietzsche’s mind, a master is not necessarily the master of a slave and a slave is not necessarily one who is enslaved or subservient to a master. Nietzsche’s classifications are of a psychological internality. A captive can be the epitome of master morality and a lord can all too easily exemplify slave morality. 

What exactly has the ‘master’ mastered and what is the slave enslaved to? This kind of power is disguised impotency lusting after power through the use of control, manipulation, and resentment. Nietzsche himself writes that “the state in which we hurt others…is a sign that we are still lacking power” (108). This is sado-masochistic behavior. I am totally against all forms of BDSM as deep emotional and psychological wounding. It doesn’t matter if both people are “consensual” as they are both unconscious. 

L. Nathan Oaklander explains that “The strong willed are those who have the strength to chart their own course, create their own values, and live in accordance with them” (85). A master is a creative force, a ‘powerful’ determination to direct their lives in a manner consistent with the values they have created (Nietzsche, 115). Master morality is the full acceptance of one’s responsibility for their existence as an individual. A true master is marked by their ability to ‘conquer’ to transcend and to determine themselves. (Hayman, 35).

In this regard, the slave is the antithesis of the master. The slave is one who lacks self-mastery and the strength of will to be creative and self-determinative. The slave is enslaved to normality, convention, society, tradition, conformity, and mediocrity which describes White Supremacists totally. The slave or Bible Thumper lives in complete compliance to external dictates, resenting those who have striven for excellence and attained freedom. The slave exercises their will to power through implicit domination and forced coercion, vilifying those who have achieved power and individuality and branding them as ‘evil’ (Oaklander, 86). 

“This is an “inversion” of the Will to Power, which “directs one’s view outward instead of back to oneself” (Nietzsche, 117). This is not an expression of true power but, only the desirous drive for the feeling of power which arises from an impotent lack of power. In this sense, it is true that “where [this kind of] power predominates, love is lacking”.

Those who seek to be “masters” like White Supremacists are actually living in total fear. Fear of change growth evolution and consciousness. They fear to have to look at themselves for who they really are. 

What does all of this say about the compatibility of love and the Will to Power?  Love is not for the faint of heart but for the strong-willed, those who have the strength to be self-transcendent. Perhaps, not only can love exist alongside the Will to Power; perhaps love is the Will to Power.


Love is, in fact, a ‘powerful’ force. This is undeniably seen throughout the pages of history. Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr., self-empowered, strong-willed self-determined people, marked by self-mastery who through great acts of love had the power to impact the world. They are individuals who have not only directed themselves but, who directed the course of history itself. These are people of supreme courage, able to transcend themselves, overcoming and withstanding the abusive violence of societal norms and conventions, carving out and creating whole new ways of understanding what it means to be human. These figures demonstrate that love is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. They reveal that it takes great power to bear the weighted risk of love and there is great power gained in taking the risk of loving.”

Now at this great crossroads of conflict with North Korea and in the U.S. and in Europe with immigrants. We need to demonstrate the power of love and see beyond our limited “tribal selves.” That is the very first step of individuation. 

The opposition of Pluto the HAwk in Capricorn to Venus the Dove and HEKATE the Goddess of the crossroads couldn’t be felt and seen more literally than the split in the world and those who choose Love and those who choose FEAR and feigned Patriarchal Power Over. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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