Prince Harry,Meghan Markle,its karmic love

Prince Harry is in Toronto, visiting his girlfriend Meghan Markle as of April 12th for Easter Weekend. For weeks now I have literally been able to smell the Prince and feel his presence. Meghan’s house is 9 kms. away from where I live in Leslieville in Toronto.

In my 2016 predictions about Prince Harry: “Harry will meet a commoner in another country and fall very fast. She could be the One.”  An engagement may be happening.” this is verifiable on the net, and in various media outlets. 

Why is Harry so besotted with Meghan? What do the stars say?

I have previously written about Prince Harry’s Astrology and his transits in 2013 and 2014.

Let’s dissect the stellar connections called synastry in Astrology between Harry and Meghan.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle karmic love

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s karmic love

Prince Harry’s SUN is an earthy practical, analytical, intelligent, organized, humble Virgo. His 8th house {Scorpio like} of wealth, inheritance, depth, secrets, power and deep transformation. He is here to be of service in the world using his wealth and prestige. He is a down to earth guy in spite of all the Royal trappings.

 His MOON is in earthy, sensuous, Taurus in his 4th house. The Moon always represents the mother, for Prince Harry who so tragically lost his Mother Princess Diana any aspects to his natal Moon will reveal the women he is likely to be attracted to. He is very private person emotionally deep down and very connected to his mother. He needs emotional security and nurturing. His Venus is in LIBRA also in the 8th house. He has good taste and likes to socialize.

His VENUS, planet of women, love, and relationships is in LIBRA where it is exalted as this is the sign Venus rules. It is also in the 8th house. Venus in Libra bestows natural good looks and charm. Prince Harry likes to socialize and he wants people to like him. He is a natural ambassador. He is attracted to beautiful, glamorous, women who also enjoy socializing. He wants a woman he can show off.  

Harry has NEPTUNE, the higher vibration of VENUS at 28 degrees SAGITTARIUS as does mostly everyone born in 1983-1984 in his 12th house. Neptune rules “soul mates” glamor, dreams, charity, international travel, foreigners, long-distance relationships, teachers, spirituality, and law. In the 12th house this is very spiritual romantic projections, can be secret clandestine relationships. 

MEGHAN MARKLE born August 4, 1981, in Los Angeles, at 4:46 am

Meghan is a popular actress on a TV series, Suits which has been running for six seasons. She has lived in Toronto since she’s been working on the series. Her parents divorced. She is a divorced Catholic who contributes to charitable events and is bi-racial which she has spoken about openly.

Meghan is a FIERY LEO, with Mercury, North Node, Psyche and Goddess Athena all in LEO in her 1st house. Leo is the natural sign of actors, royalty, public figures, those who feel they are entitled dramatic, willful and attention seeking. Leo is passionate, fiery, affectionate, and wear their hearts on their sleeve. It is also the sign of love affairs children and creative self-expression.  Meghan thinks with her heart and is meant to be Royal. Athena is the goddess of independence wisdom and strategy. Psyche is an archetype of one’s personal journey, struggles and hardships to be united with one’s soul mate. 

Her MOON is in LIBRA conjunct SATURN and JUPITER in her 3rd house, of communicating. Meghan has beauty, charm, and the excellent karma {Saturn} of luck, wealth, expansion, foreigners, and traveling through Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. 

Her VENUS is in VIRGO at 13 degrees in her 2nd house of assets resources and self-esteem indicates that she loves to work hard. She is intelligent, organized, disciplined, and in her body. She loves to do yoga and her mom is a yoga teacher.

Meghan’s ascendant is in CANCER at 24 degrees. She is traditional mothering nurturing type. She is very emotional, empathic, sensitive to others feelings and can be moody. Powerful Pluto squares her Ascendant. Others would see her as being deeply soulful with her dark eyes which can burn through anyone’s facade. 

Meghan’s MARS is in CANCER, in the 12th house, the most spiritual, charitable, creative, private and compassionate house.  She is unconsciously driven to find her soul mate and create a family and be a mother. Mars is conjunct to the biggest star SIRIUS which indicates she is destined for success. She is a natural nurturer, her home is everything and she needs to feel emotionally safe and security there. She loves to cook and eat. Mars the warrior is in its detriment in Cancer opposite Capricorn. This can indicate struggles to find a family and to have children. Meghan could easily give up her career for marriage and children to create a stable home life. There are deep wounds in her psyche which almost no one sees. 

Meghan has NEPTUNE in Sagittarius in her 5th house of love affairs, naturally a Leo house. NEPTUNE is sextile PLUTO, lord of the soul, and JUNO, or HERA the archetype of the perfect wife, who was married to Zeus King of the Gods. It also indicates a Feminine Genius.  This powerful transformative energy of PLUTO with JUNO indicates her royal wife status. They form a YOD or Finger of God to her natal CHIRON, the wounded healer at 22 Taurus.  This is a very important point in her natal chart. 

Meghan has LILITH at zero degrees SAGITTARIUS conjunct URANUS in SCORPIO.

This is Lilith’s natural placement. In Meaghan’s 4th house it is her unique feminine secret charm. It is opposite to her CHIRON in TAURUS where she is the most wounded but also where her greatest healing is. Lilith conjunct URANUS is a very powerful energy. Lilith is the rejected, dark feminine Goddess energy. Meghan has always felt different, an outsider.  Anyone she really turns her gaze on will feel that she can see right through them to their very souls.  Meghan has a very powerful embodied sexual energy, this is the mark of a sacred Tantric sexual priestess healer or shamaness. She can manipulate any man to do exactly what she wants if she chooses to. She is extremely alluring to men, who can also be terrified of her charisma and independent strength. Any man who has a powerful connection to Meghan’s raw sexual power will instantly connect with her.

Megan has NEPTUNE in Sagittarius in her 5th house indicating she is also searching for her soul mate. She is most attracted to a  foreigner, someone of a very different background than her and also would be fine with having a long distance relationship.  She needs space in her relationships. She loves to travel and connect with foreign people places and tings. She is an optimist a spiritual dreamer a charitable goodwill worker for the world. 

In their synastry chart. What is it that Meghan Markle has to attract the love of a Prince? 

Harry’s VENUS, planet of Love, exalted in LIBRA is conjunct to her PLUTO on the cusp of Harry’s 8th and 9th houses.

Meghan’s soul and Harry’s ideal of a woman and love are totally connected in the sign of marriage, beauty, balance and love. 

Meghan’s MOON, SATURN, JUPITER in early LIBRA square Harry’s JUPITER in CAPRICORN in his 12th house.  There is plenty of wealth, expansion, politics, karma and past life connections. 

Harry’s PLUTO at Zero Scorpio conjuncts Meghan’s JUNO in Libra

This is a soul mate conjunction. Harry thinks she’s the perfect woman. 

Harry’s MARS in SAGITTARIUS at 16 degrees is conjunct his EROS, which conjuncts Meghan’s NEPTUNE at 22 degrees. He idealizes her and she turns him on no end. She also sees him as the ideal man. 

MARS and EROS in Harry’s chart square Meghan’s VENUS at 13 degrees.  This tension creates attraction. Her VENUS conjuncts Harry’s VIRGO SUN at 22 degrees. His Mars conjuncts her NEPTUNE. It was soul mate love at first sight. They have a mutual powerful love and attraction. 

Harry’s MOON at 21 Taurus conjunct CERES, the Mothering Goddess in TAURUS exactly conjuncts  her Chiron. Meghan’s Moon in LIBRA conjunct Saturn and JUPITER trines his Chiron in GEMINI. They have mirrored Moon Chiron aspects. This relationship is all about emotional healing. They have an absolutely intuitive understanding of each other’s deepest emotional needs. She was made to heal him of the wounds around losing his Mother so tragically. 

They have a very strong yet unusual past-life conjunction. Harry’s SOUTH NODE at 29 degrees SCORPIO, indicates a past life of deep emotional trauma. There can be a deep interest in psychology. Harry had heavy lessons dealing with death, treachery and the abuse of power in that past. He may have been plagued with nightmares his whole life.

Meaghan’s URANUS/LILITH is conjunct his SOUTH NODE, his past life. They may have been partners in rebelling against a status quo and will be drawn to repeat this pattern again.They are rule breakers and rebels who overturn the status quo and are energized by change and transformation through sexual energy. He is unconsciously drawn to her Lilith energy like a moth to a flame. This combo opposes HARRY’S MOON CERES and NORTH NODE conjunct ALGOL. 

URANUS opposite the Moon in synastry is usually problematic indicating a chaotic, challenging relationship.  It is very exciting and is always having to reinvent emotional connections. There is a strong desire for freedom and individuality. This aspect creates a MOTHER-WHORE split in their dynamic which is part of a redemption of the archetype of reviving LILITH in the world. Harry is a Prince, his energy is also archetypal and transpersonal. Meghan will heal that denigrated dark feminine LILITH sexual rejected energy in the world through healing the Prince. It is a myth like the Holy Grail, which is a sexual metaphor as well. 

Meghan’s SUN Mercury trines Harry’s Mars/Uranus in SAGITTARIUS. 

They are partners in breaking the rules. They communicate on a higher consciousness level. I am sure it’s electrifying and inventive. 


Theirs is a very strong past life soul mate connection. It is truly a fairy tale romance in the flesh. I am grateful that these two have finally found each other. My Dad’s name was Harry so I am fond of that name. I am glad to feel their love. It is wonderful. 

I will follow up with what the transits are saying for these two.

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