Day 4 of Scorpio Super Moon 5 5 5, the Elements, ritual and Astrology byTara Greene

I do apologize for this 4th step being Late. Things suddenly got very hectic here. Since Mars has moved direct -only 3 weeks ago- we seem to be flying at top speed again.

So, we are now working on the 4th element. First was Fire, May 1st,the EAST: 2nd day Water in the SOUTH, 3rd Day Earth in the WEST, today the 4th day Aire

To begin the ceremony cast a circle always moving clockwise. You can walk it three times or invoke it or trace it,

You will need 4 candles, First cleanse your self with incense or smudge, cedar, sweet grass, sage. You will need extra incense,

Light a candle for the EAst, call in the Fires spirits, then moving to the South, call in the water spirits, then in the West,call in the earth spirits,

Now in the North direction, place some incense there so you can watch the smoke  from it send its cleansing energy up to heaven,revealing the air currents, the drafts.

Light a white candle for the North, invoke the spirits of the winds,of air, of an open mind

AIR- the winds, the mind, swords are the traditional symbol of the mind, cutting through, discernment.

Clouds block a clarity of mind. Disperse all the clouds that block your inner clarity.

thought clouds

Invoke SOPHIA, Goddess of Wisdom,to come and teach you how to be wise,

Goddess Sophia

 invoke the Higher master teachers who dwell in the north,to teach you,

 ask  to open your Mind to receive,

invoke clarity, breathe in the incense, breath out as if you are the wind, breathe in with deep focus and clarity,

be with the air, breathe, the gift of life is the Breath, each breath is precious,

Sit and still your mind, watch your breath, count slowly backwards from 100 with each out breath,

slow everything down, when your mind is clear, and blank and as open as a big bright blue sky,

Call upon the ENlightened teachers and Sophia to bestow their wisdom upon you, 

Hagia Sophia Wisdom, God's Mother

say out loud my Mind is an empty open book, I am ready to receive knowledge

allow the wisdom,as drops of nectar to flow into your mind, sweetening up your crown chakra,

the opening in the top of your head,

be aware of how every sound you utter, ever word you say, which is an extension of your breath creates a new reality

just as the first sound uttered AAAUMMMMM created the Universe..

allow your self to make sounds, to sound, no words are formed, just let your lungs and your breath flow out un- rehearsed and un-self-consciously making sounds,

this is very healing, sound for as long as loud and be as open and unself-conscious as possible,

stay as  receptive as you can be.

Breathe out all negativity, breathe out all stuck energy,

notice how your breath enters the space around you just as the incense does,

 all breath and air are interconnected, the same as the atmosphere, the stratosphere, the cosmos, the galaxy

all is one breath,,,,

When you feel emptied when your lungs and throat are rested, feel how clear your mind is, how empty.

You will keep your mind empty, you will discern what enters your mind scape or not,

YOu will remain aware of each breath you take, and how precious the gift of Life is.

When you feel ready close the circle, thank all the spirits in turn, from east to North,

state the circle is open but unbroken.

 a lovely song called THE WIND: sung by Laura Nyro