Weekly Horoscopes March 9-15

Astrology clock

Astrology clock

Horoscopes are based on Solar houses with your Sun sign as first House. If you know your Moon Sign and Rising use those too for helping energy for this week.


March 9 VIRGO FULL MOON  AT 19 DEGREES a harvest of dreams.

MERCURY TURNS STATIONARY DIRECT AT 28 AQUARIUS at 8:48 pm PDT/ 11: 48 PM EDT/ March 10 @ 3:48 am GMT

March 11 Sun sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn- a lovely positive solidifying dreams energy

FRIDAY March 13 SCORPIO Moon water trine

March 14 MARS in CAPRICORN sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES- build those dreams

SUN SEXTILES PLUTO in CAPRICORN-nice soft supportive dreamy and practical


CHIRON and LILITH are lovers in early ARIES and can bring healing desire for new relationships and those that flamed out. MARS is boosting your career potential. Grow roots while Mars grounds you. VIRGO Full Moon in 6th House of HEALTH, practice good hygiene. You feel imperishable. Be practical and safe.


URANUS and VENUS are canoodling in your sign shooting out of this world electric Ladyland vibes into your life. A very freeing, creative energy on every level can bring money from unusual sources. Get a big makeover. The Virgo Full Moon in your 5th house of will power, giving love and creative self-expression. 


MERCURY turns Direct on the 9th/10th freeing you up to move ahead with ideals. The VIRGO Full Moon in your 4th house says clean up your act. What have you completed in the last nine months? Take stock. Asteroid Hygeia is in GEMINI right now. Work from home if you can. Do watch your Health. 


VIRGO Full Moon in 11th House of communications, talk about what’s worrying you. Career and family opposing needs has you feeling quite frazzled from the intense Capricorn energy. Do remember to take care of yourself.  On the 13th, take a big long healing bath of the soul. Mercury Direct moves money to you.


The VIRGO FULL MOON in your 2nd solar House of money and self-esteem says be aware of a balanced budget. You never have a self-esteem shortage. Make sure a new dream, lover or money is real. Mercury moves Direct in your relationship and communication House. DM’s, social media are fast forward.


The VIRGO Super Moon in your 1st house of self is completing and taking stock of all spiritual, romantic, dreams, creativity, deal with addictions, losses, mental health and consolidate debts. Mercury turns Direct in your Health House. Be extra mindful of your health now but dont go into fear panic and hoarding mode.


VIRGO Super Moon in your 12th house highlights imbalances in relationships, mental health, addictions, dreams, illusions, and debts. You’re under extra pressure from Capricorn stellium of planets. Mercury Direct in your 5th house opens new ways of communicating to lovers, creatively and with children.


VIRGO Super Moon in 11th house brings small gifts from organizations, networking and social media. A healing Lilith woman may show up. Dreams,  delusions, debt or addictions may linger from Sun Neptune conjunction. On the 13th do water cleanse to purify sticky spiritual negativity You’ll feel rejuvenated. 


Super Moon in VIRGO in the 10th house of career and worldly fame. Stay humble, pay attention to details. You are here to serve as a teacher and inspirer. Neptune Sun energy brings new inspirational dreams. Mercury turns Direct in 3rd house. Get back to writing and channelling new ideas and finishing up projects now.


VIRGO Super Moon in your 9th house says study, learn, teach or brush up on info. Pay attention to details under these heavy pressures. New inspiration and dreams just dawned, you need to act on and build them. Mercury turns Direct in your 2nd house, money and feeling more compassion will begin to flow in soon.


The 8th house of transformation highlighted by VIRGO Super moon brings money, love, and a healthy routine into a practical new reality. Money may begin to flow but start small, stick to a strict budget. Avoid feeling paranoid. Mercury turns direct in late AQUARIUS in your 1st house, get onto those new projects.


VIRGO Super Moon in your 7th house of love and commitments is harvest time. Sun Neptune conjunction has really lit you with dreams, visions and angels at your back, bring it all down to earth. Pay attention to health as Mercury turns direct in the 6th house, new alternatives can boost a sensitive immune system.


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Weekly Horoscope March 11-17

Weekly horoscopes for all SUN signs, if you know your Moon and Rising/Ascendant Sign read up on that one too.


Mars in Taurus may have you slowing down to smell the roses rather uncharacteristically these days. The 11th feels romantic, sensuous, indulgent and empowering. The 14th is a great day for career advancement, impressing your boss, Dad or anyone in authority. The 16th is good for being with family, beautifying your home and discovering you enjoy domestic things.


The 11th with Moon in your sign feels very satisfying. Others will be attracted to you. The 14th is good for money-making, career advancement, or signing up to buy a big-ticket item. You are feeling strong and mature. Early Taurus’s are feeling rather different these days. The weekend is good for being couch potatoes, homey things, and to just relax.


Your ruling planet Mercury is Retrograde in your solar 10th house of career. Do recheck all communications and do NOT start new deals or sign contracts this week. The Moon is in Gemini the 12-14th. The 13th is lucky for money and love and new connections. The 14/15th are excellent as Mercury conjuncts Sun. The15th brings bigger visions and expansiveness. This weekends, get in touch with your creative side and empathize with others. 


Wherever the Moon is you are there. The 14-16 is the time of the Month. You may be feeling vulnerable on the 14th and overloaded with responsibilities. Heavy aspects make you feeling tired and serious on the 15th-16th. There are creative vibes on the 15th. Watch your dreams for clues. There may be power struggles in the family on the 16th. You can’t fix every problem. Things do brighten up.


You feel tickled on the 11th. You will garner much applause and really stand out on the 13th. Your feeling optimistic and in good humor on the 13th/14th. There may be a new flirtation with a colleague or someone on the net. Rethink old ideas, its back to the drawing board right now is what the doctor ordered. Watch your dreams on the 14th to sense your deeper soulful feelings.


Mercury Retrograde affects you stronger than any other sign except for Gemini. When the Sun conjuncts Mercury again 14/15th – called Cazimi, it’s especially positive for you. The 15th feels very optimistic. You can be looking forward to a well-deserved trip or new studies. The 16th is a day for talking about what you really want. Stay in this weekend and start your pre-spring cleaning. 


Venus in Aquarius is chilling you out in the love department. You are choosing different values, lovers, friends. The 11th is positive, sensuous and serious. The 13th is good for organizing your team. The 14th can be a bit of a roller coaster with the 15th being quite challenging. Good thing you are in chill mode. Mercury is Retrograde meaning no buying, window shopping only, until it’s over. 


Mars in Taurus is dragging your feet through the mud. This is a nice balance for you. This is a slowing down appreciating the small things. Things may get very sexy on the 11th. The 13th can prove to be a day to get a gold star. The 14th could be hazardous in the communications department. The 14th is a good day for finances, impressing higher-ups and signing up for some serious business too.  Stay near home turf this weekend. 


You may feel irritable on the 11th. The 12-14th may make you feel indecisive. The 13th and 14th are positive expansive days as the SUN blesses you. Impress people with your humor. Sun conjuncts Retrograde Mercury on the 14th is very positive. The 15th is a good time to go back and review meditations, yoga or travel plans. The 15th is good for empathic listening. Do party on the 16th.


The 14-16 the Moon draws you out to feel more. The 11th is a great day for business and getting noticed by those who matter. The 13th is very empowering. Be careful when traveling during Mercury Retrograde. Conversations may be misinterpreted on the 14th. But you can be feeling very energized too. The 15/16th is time for being with family, and do whatever has to be taken care of.


Things may be getting rather solid for a lot of you. This is a good thing. The 14th is a great day to think about redecorating your pad, being creative with cooking and to support women’s independence. The 16th is a day to be proud of being different. When you go out on the weekend feel strong and proud. By Embracing your own uniqueness you inspire others.


The 11th is dreamy and romantic. 13th can be good for social media. Talk about your dreams on the 14th. The 15th feels happy with family or close friends. Recurring dreams or nightmares will be strong, write them down, work through them to find the hidden jewels. Be with those you love this weekend. You may have to help out a senior family member too. The 17th is a day to relax especially if you are Irish celebrate to your heart’s content. 

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Weekly Astrology February 25-March 3

This week’s highlights

Napoleon Brousseau Artist 1983

Painting by Napoleon Brousseau “Martyr” 1983


Anytime a planet aligns with the nodes these are fated times. Our thoughts, psyches and intuitive energy is very tuned into nurturing, feeding, caring for and unconditional love for our families, the Divine Mother and ourselves. Speak with compassion and forgive yourself for any past karmic deeds. 

@ 24 Capricorn, waning aspect 

Let the lovers and things we considered to be concrete and are not now, needs to go. Our values need to change. Whatever we had built, a career or foundation or limitation that is not based on love which we know physically to be real in our bones is dissolving. 

Feb 27 Sun sextiles Mars  @ 9+ PISCES/TAURUS

This is a nice soft sensual grounding energy.  This aspect also blesses the 9 degrees/ 9th day of the beginning of all water and earth signs- Cancer and Virgo and Scorpio and Capricorn.

March 1 Venus in Capricorn square Uranus @ last critical 29th degree

Love is unexpectedly chaotic. What you thought was real isn’t. freedoms are beckoning. Even if you think you didn’t ask for it trust that this releasing has a higher purpose. 

March 1 Venus enters Aquarius-March 26

Love is whole new ball game. Freedom, independence revolution but being with like-minded and vibing individuals is important. Love can be less emotionally dense and we can get a chance to detach from our emotions. This provides clarity. Our hearts are above the clouds and lighter than air. Venus in Aquarius is a lightning-fast electric circuit running through our hearts and emotions. Lovers change, tastes change quickly. 

March 1/2 Venus sextile Chiron at 0 degrees Aquarius/Aries

This is a bolt out of the blue rapid spiritual healing.  Venus is feeling free, unshackled and wants to spontaneous and do her own thing, follow her own heart and belong to no one. She will blow everything up if you try to tie her down. She refuses to be tamed, or labeled or put into any kind of box or she will burn down the house. Don’t expect the same old same old. You will be shocked and awed. Tempers will fly. If you love her set her free.

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This week’s Horoscopes massive changes.

A HUGE week of changes November 5-11th

Astrology clock

Major Planetary Action

5th. Moon’s in Airy Libra

5th/6 Sun trines Neptune- a very beautiful spiritual energy. Meditate, dream, create.

6th Moon enters SCORPIO  North and south Nodes of Fate change: North Node enters Cancer South Node enters Capricorn. Mid-term Elections in the U.S.

6th/7 URANUS re-enters Aries for the first time since May 15th and remains there until March 5, 2019. Uranus will re-spark a lot of anger and revolutionary change fever. Uranus opposes Venus retrograde in Libra. Things are swinging wildly.

7th A soulful New Moon @15 degrees Scorpio

A very potent degree. Moon squares Neptune -more dreamy psychic spiritual energy. Set new intentions of transforming your soul’s core and releasing old karmic patterns.

8th Jupiter enters SAGITTARIUS for the next 13 months. Moon enters Sagittarius.- I’ll write more about each sign shortly.

Dressed in royal purple happy to in his happy home for the first time in 12 years. This is great for honest, International connections, learning, philosophy, travel, teaching and publishing.

9th Venus Retrograde trines Mars in Aquarius – nice re-romantic date energy.

10th/11 Moon enters Capricorn

Nov. 11 It’s 11:11 Remembrance day

11:11 is all about remembering who you really are.

HOROSCOPES use SUN signs as Ascendant/1st house. If you know your Moon and Rising Sign you can look up those too.


The Scorpio New Moon is in your 8th house of sex, money, power, control, secrets, shadow work and inheritance. A powerful new intention setting time to work with all of these. Be careful of gambling. Jupiter in Sagittarius flames your 9th house desire to travel, go to school, have a long-distance relationship. Be careful of being too trigger happy and over-confident. Uranus re-entering Aries and Venus Retrograde in late Libra affects those of you born in the last 5 days What do you need to go back and revisit and free up from 6 months ago? 


The Scorpio New Moon is in your natural 7th house of committed relationships. You are still under Venus Retrograde, your ruling planet, forcing you to release romantic interests and that’s hard for you to do. Jupiter in your 8th house brings optimism and opens doors to meet soul mates, for travel, or to gain new tools and resources, it’s expansive and optimistic. Focus on consolidating your financial resources. You may be rewarded, or get a promotion. A family member may assist you. You can gain the attention of an important person. Get a make-over.


The New Moon falls in your 6th house of work, health, pets and community, renewing your commitments to any and all of these things. Time to clean house and reset some major goals. Psychotherapy is a good thing now. Start a new diet and lifestyle plan. Re-motivate yourself. Jupiter in your 7th is expansive for romance and committed relationships. You will start to feel optimistic and trusting as good humor returns. As you feel better you make progress. Hit the gym, do sports and get more active. Make travel and educations plans now.


The Scorpio New Moon deepens in your 5th house expands your moodiness. There may be renovations in your home or in family relationships. Set your desire to increase your family, benefit your children or start a new creative project. Jupiter in your 6th house of work, service and health will get you out of the house and into the workforce. Job satisfaction and availability increases. Take pleasure by nurturing others through politics, in religious or education and by taking courses, classes and learning about nutrition, food and health all suit you.


The Scorpio New Moon in your solar 4th house takes you deeply inwards to reconsider future desires, financial goals and power plays. Create a new scenario seeing yourself as the Queen or King. Make sure you don’t abuse your power. You want to help those you love. Jupiter in your 5th house is extremely creative and great for those who work in creative fields. This is a very fertile aspect if you want to have a family. It brings benefits to children. You will play royally. Travel, expansion, having even more fun is on the agenda. 


Scorpio New moon in your 3rd house of communications indicates some skeletons in the closet may be revealed. Get shrewder about how to get information out of others. New desires appear which you need to manage and make part of your daily life. Pay attention to the subtexts and nuances. Jupiter in your Solar 4th house indicates a desire to learn or work from home, to get healthier, be more optimistic and trusting and worry less. If you aren’t happy where you are living now, plan to move. Open up to family members. Do have dinner parties, learn to cook.


Scorpio New Moon in your 2nd house of values and resources can bring you in touch with deep desires that you weren’t aware of. Penetrating insights into others psychological states may surprise you. Jupiter in your 3rd house expands choices in how to communicate, how to ask more clearly for what you want. Your self-confidence should improve. This is a good time to look for work and to get a new job. Do plan travels, and sign on to take courses to improve your social status. Venus still Retrograde asks you to stay deep, stay below the surface for another week.


The New Moon is in your sign brings it all back home. Stay deep within your soul and continue to work with all the changes going on, release, release, release. Work and health regime changes and re-evaluations are beckoning with Uranus back in Aries. Jupiter in your 2nd house brings lots of feel-good expansion. Focus on wealth, status, and rewards. Buy blue-chip solid investments. Something you’ve been working hard for a long time comes to fruition. Plan to travel. Possibly a new long-distance romance. Get yourself into your best shape. 


The New Moon is in your 12th house of endings, self-sabotage, psychology, dreams and your own shadows. What have you been sitting on that is ready to be reborn? If your transformation has been thoroughly in-depth, then Jupiter in your 1st house promises that all your dreams will begin to come true. Find the mentors, plan your publishing, writing, lecturing and teaching now. Make those travel plans to exotic places. Have fun again. You already have all the answers.


The New Moon in your 11th house brings the opportunity to set new wishes, hopes, and dreams. You are under a lot of pressure from Saturn and Pluto. Jupiter’s entry into your 12th house pulls your energy into exploring and exploiting your own unconscious for hidden jewels, realizing how valuable they are. Explore your inner landscape of dreams and imagination. Use Jupiter’s knowledge to expand your knowledge base. Seclusion suits you especially if it for enrichment.


The New Moon in Scorpio in your 10th house advises you to re-examine your financial and career goals. Draw up a new plan to create the world enhancing vision your see. You want to rock our world. Pick your dream team. Redecorate your office. Jupiter’s entry into your 11th house is a natural Aquarian dream come true fit. Travel, network, get help from International organizations, meet new people, dream bigger. Learn languages, new programmes, and expand your network. You start feeling like a global citizen.


The Scorpio New Moon in your 9th house greatly enhances your deeper desires to serve and inspire others. Parts of yourself that you may have not been aware of may shock you with their needs. Rethink going back to school or taking courses to challenge yourself. Book a trip to some oceanic place. Jupiter’s entry into your 10th house of career and worldly standing asks you to take your idealism into politics, education, and justice. You will be noticed. Start by taking acting or public speaking classes to help you overcome your shyness.

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May 14-20 Weekly Horoscope

Huge changes this week. URANUS enters TAURUS MAY 15

Mars enters AQUARIUS on the 16/17

Venus enters CANCER  on the 19th

SUN enters GEMINI on the 10th @ 10:15 pm EDT

Moon is in Taurus May 14-15th

Moon is in GEMINI May 15 @ 4:43 pm EDT

Moon is in CAncer May 17 @ 5:47 pm EDT

Moon is in Leo May 19 @ 7:11 pm EDT


Radically ask for what you really want as Mars enters Aquarius on 15/16th in your 11th Solar house of wishes hopes and dreams. Everything is set to change. You are in harmony with the Uranian revolution. Organization management and networking feature. Connect to your tribe. Uranus enters your solar 2nd house to radically change your finances resources and self-worth. Things can be chaotic so be ready to roll with the punches. Venus in your 4th house brings love home. Curb your enthusiasm by nurturing others. 


Ready or not here it comes. Radical change to everything you knew about yourself. Resistance is futile. URANUS the planet of chaos freedom and invention will affect every singleTaurus from May 15-2018-2026. A sweet sentimental homey family oriented energy arrives on the 19th as VENUS your ruling planet moves into Cancer. Love needs safety.This energy is fertile and useful for gardening cooking and home improvements Do Celebrate major new intentions on the  NEW MOON in your sign on 15th as you are up for major shifts in every way. 


URANUS delivers unexpected electro-shock therapy to your 12th house May 15-th. The 12th is home of your unconsciousness self-sabotage addictions dreams delusions spiritually and psychic energy. A good time to do alternative therapies. Be willing to look at your own shadows in the light of truth and make the physical adjustments necessary. Love planet Venus slides into your 2nd house of money and self-worth. Show your affection openly. Mars sparks up 9th house of adventure education travel and optimism. GEMINI time to shine on the 20th.


Love comes home to roost in our sign on the 19th with Venus in your sign. Focus on the family will be more loving nurturing and joyous. You need to learn to receive love as well as give and nurture others. Uranus planet of change activates your 11th house urging you to find freedom make big changes to your career and reinvent yourself. The action planet Mars is in your 8th house of deep emotional changes letting go and transformation. Good for getting material support from other people and sources.


Ding Ding. Change of career ahead as URANUS enters your 10th house of worldly fame. Be ready for change yourself and to change the world. Be flexible as this energy could blindside you too. Reinvent yourself or invent something and start your own business. The love planet Venus in your 12th house activates your dreams and psychic energy. You may feel a telepathic connection to a special someone or a lost love. Mars activates your 7th house of relationships. You are a lover a mover and shaker right now. Enjoy.


URANUS activates your 9th solar house of traveling publishing teaching higher education and adventure. Get out there on the edge and expand your horizons. A good time to go back to school or take a huge risk in your career. Mars enters your 6th house of work and health. You may feel anxious and restless so get active and get moving. Venus enters your 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams. Love may come through a work or networking connection. 


Your sex and love life is going to change radically as the revolutionary forces of freedom enter your Solar 8th house bringing a Scorpio like emphasis. This could feel like major chaos. You will want to be more independent. Open relationships can enter your life. VENUS your ruling planet in Cancer makes you sentimental and craving emotional security. It’s time for comfort food and affection. Your sex life improves with Mars in your 5th house. Things may get dramatic. Be careful where you put your passion.


Uranus in Taurus awakens you to pursue freedom and unchartered waters in everything. Long-standing relationship breakups are very likely with this planet in your solar 7th house. Your image may go through a drastic change. Your sensuality will surface. Mars your ruling planet in your solar 4th house makes you energized about your home. Watch your temper. Use the excess energy to improve your abode. Venus in Cancer makes you sentimental moody and changeable. You may find yourself snapping at everyone.


Career and work need a complete overhaul. Get tech savvy help to radically changed what you serve with Uranus in your solar 6th house. If you are in a rut this can be marvelous. Get down to redesigning a website social media and other necessities. Your Health regime changes too. Veganism raw and superfoods all become your thing. Mars in Aquarius in your solar 3rd expands and enriches your communications skills. Visualize a new plan. Venus in Cancer in your 8th house brings benefits from women nurturing and improving your home. 


Uranus in your 5th house of leadership drama self- expression children and creativity open brand new shiny doors. You will have to think outside the box. If you are on the cutting edge of a new product service or virtual anything you’ll be fine. Your taste in lovers changes. Children may act out. Mars in your 2nd house brings more competitiveness. You can close that deal. Venus in Cancer in your 7th house of committed relations brings the need for emotional safety and nurturing. 


Your home life is about to be ripped up and altered with Uranus in your 4th house. Better to do this with your intention than have it done to you. Do renovate your home move go further and change city or country. Family ties can radically alter. Mars in your 1st house gives you confidence and an added edge to push ahead. Venus in Cancer in your 6th house of health indicates a change in your diet and health routine. Listen to your tummy. Make your office homier. Women need your attention.


Uranus the awakener in your 3rd house of communications and siblings may bring some shocking conversations and revelations. Changing the way you think and communicate is radically important. Mars in your solar 12th house activates your already powerful dreams and enhances your 6th sense. Always trust your intuition. Be careful with addictions and paranoia. Venus in Cancer in your 5th house makes you moodier. Love can be more fulfilling. Best to stay close to home. Express your creative nature. Nurture those you love. 

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Scorpio throwdown this week, love and danger

Mercury enters Scorpio Oct 24  -November 12.

The messenger trickster joins the sun, it’s obsessive thinking, messaging, sexting, sending “the looks that could kill” at your enemy. 

Alchemy Mercury astrology Tara Greene

Our brains, our thinking our minds are hardwired into FIXED mode. We are into sex, power, money, death, wealth. The big essentials. Please pay attention to the criminal behavior of the North Dakota Police to indigenous peoples peacefully protesting the DAP. They are pepper spraying, beating and arresting hundreds. The DAP is illegal and against EPA laws. The company and the N. Dakota government are colluding.

We are heading into the U.S. presidential election final leg there is only 15 days to go. This is a very very intense, SCORPIO’s- middle name week to add to it all.

Oct 24

The Moon is in LEO on MONDAY morning entering VIRGO in the evening to bring us some groundedness. 


Venus trine neptune

this is a BEAUTIFUL but also hard SPIRITUAL LA LA LAND aspect. The dreamy over the rainbow, feet off the ground, stars in your eyes energy.

This energy is extremely good for artists, doing all kinds of creative work, and visualizations, especially near water and combining the fire element. Do be very careful not to be too spaced out as is the nature of this aspect. The challenge is to tell the truth, be honest and create intimacy, not fantasy projections

And do be especially careful about doing any kind of medication, drugs, alcohol and no mixing that stuff either. WOMEN be on high alert for date rape under this aspect. The Moon will be in Virgo opposite Neptune which helps you to stay grounded and foccussed.

Oct 27

Moon enters LIBRA where you are supposed to be all nice. 

SUN and MERCURY CONJUNCT on the 27th @ 4+ degrees SCORPIO

If you haven’t heard a shitload of insults from Donald Trump boy he will pile them higher than the Tower of Babel. 

Donald Trump/Babel, tara Greene

VENUS in SAG squares the NORTH NODE of the MOON @ 11+ degrees VIRGO

this is a very karmic aspect and deals with choices. I will write more later.

OCT. 28 

Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES to make for some difficult dreams

conjuncts JUPITER sextiles VENUS and SATURN  and squares

which is a very nice wonderful romantic dates and dinner night for serious elegance

and Moon squares PLUTO igniting cardinal crosses

MARS in CAPRICORN SQUARES URANUS in ARIES @ 21+ degrees night PDT/ Oct 29 EDT/GMT *****

9:05 pm PDT/ Oct 29@ 12:05 am  EDT/4:05 am GMT *****

Mars square Uranus Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene

Water color by Napoleon Brousseau

another cosmically shaky day. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Volcanoes, earthquakes, explosions, terrorist attacks, crazy drivers, wars starting, explosions.  Maybe an even bigger CRAZY INTERNET HACK or sunspot CME, Cardinal cross energy. This is heavy.

Oct 29 

VENUS conjuncts SATURN @ 14+ degrees on GREAT ATTRACTOR

WOW! Love and karmic truth coming from the greatest attraction center we know of in the universe. SPEAK Your truth, use the laws of attraction. focus on your highest greatest expansive energy. I will write in more depth about this one.

Moon enters SC ORPIO at night




this is some wickedly wonderful magical deeply emotional energy for keeping that great attractor energy going. You know the caveat “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.” – these are very powerful aspects. ALWAYS INTEND WHITE MAGIC. 

NEW MOON is @ 10:38 am PDT/ 1:38 pm EDT/ 5:38 pm GMT


Halloween /SAMHAIN witches NEW YEAR is on OCT 31 at the dark moon time which is perfect and continues on into the Day of The Dead Nov. 1. 

It’s all perfect. 

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Lovers in a Dangerous time