Weekly Horoscopes Sept. 3-9


Your energy will begin to pick up again. The 5th brings awkward communications where you may feel your place of authority threatened by a boss. On the 6th the burden you’ve carried feels complete and the relief of an end to the treadmill you’ve been on. Heavy responsibilities may also land in your lap. If you feel down or angry just breathe through the frustration. The 8th brings a day of challenges in love as VENUS SQUARES MARS but it can also bring a new flame into your life. New Moon in Virgo in your solar 6th house is new beginning in work, diet and health regimes. 


Things get stable again on the 6th. The 7th is a highly romantic creative and spiritual day. The 8th is a wonderful day for romance, new love sparks and taking relationships to a more solid level of commitment. Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th and your ruling planet will be in your Solar 7th house of love and marriage traditionally for the rest of the month. A great time for romance, self-worth, and meeting new connections. New Moon on the 9th in Virgo helps you budget.


Moon is in your sign on the 3rd-4th. The 3rd is good for new relationship sparks and finding some balance. The 5th proves to be very challenging so be careful not to tick people off. Mercury your ruling planet enters VIRGO which brings big organizational discipline to your usually scattered mind. It’s back to school archetypally. The 6th may be a day when you provoke or are provoked by a hurtful comment or competition. The 7th is good for brainstorming long-term goals and plans. Virgo New Moon in your Solar 4th house indicates a need to clean your own house, take stock and communicate with family members especially your mom.


Moon is in Cancer from the 4th-6th so do bathe in the luxury of your monthly lunar return. This amplifies your feelings, tummy upset-ability and sentimental feelings. Moon trines Jupiter and Neptune on the 5th a very dreamy, creative, spiritual, compassionate and fertile day on all levels. The 6th can be feisty. The New Moon on the 9th can enrich you to a rebirth in your deepest feminine soul. Venus in Scorpio on the 9th enhances the emotional resources present for you to use.


Moon’s in your sign Sept 6-8th. The 5th is a lovely energy for you to trust your intuition. The 7th is extremely powerful to express your highest compassion, help others, and to meet a soul mate or twin flame. Be careful of doing any drugs or alcohol as Sun opposes Neptune in Pisces which clouds your judgement. You are drunk in love. Be careful of overconfidence or false guru worshipping.  Seek forgiveness and compassion for yourself first. The Virgo New Moon in your solar 2nd house asks you to be humble and assess your true value as a service provider.


Mercury is in your sign from the 5th enhancing your detailed hard working ethic. Communication confusion and feeling attacked is a strong reflex. Moon in your sign Sept 8.  Mercury trines URANUS and Saturn on the 7th which can bring rich rewards for hard work and out of the box brilliant analysis. Sun opposes NEPTUNE a spiritual reward, soul mate, creative spark, a blessing comes your way on the 7th. Virgo NEW MOON on the 9th is a new beginning on so many levels enriching and feeding your soul. Set out new plans and intentions.


Venus is in your sign until the 9th. The 7th sparks a very romantic weekend for you. Neptune, the Higher octave of your ruling planet Venus opposes the Sun in your solar 12th house. Your intuition is at 100% trust it, listen to it. It’s a great time to visualize exactly what you want. Very romantic energies continue on the 8th as Venus squares Mars and the two lovers spark flames of desire but can also be arguing. Venus enters Scorpio to take you down deeper. This can enrich your self-esteem and deepen your soul’s worth and values.


The 5th may be challenging to express what you want to say. The 6th can be emotionally overwhelming and sentimental. The 8th can brings relationship sparks as Venus squares Mars but also irritation and short-tempered spats. Choose which you want the outcome to be. Venus enters Scorpio on the 9th on a New Moon symbolic of a new beginning. Romantic, self-worth, values and creativity is ramping up for you. Enjoy these times.


Saturn turns  DIRECT on the 6th in your Solar 2nd house of money, values and self-worth. A heavy depressing burden has come to an end. Yay. The 7th really lifts your spirits as Moon squares, Jupiter – go out and have some fun. Venus enters Scorpio in your solar 12th house. Your dreamscape and deepest soul connections are enhanced. Meditate during this time for great results. Use this time to be more creative behind the scenes. 


Yes, Saturn turns Direct September 6th and the heavy burden stops, a karmic cycle is complete, you’ve passed the test. Mercury in Virgo on the 5th helps you feel even more focused. A wonderful earthy Grand Trine of Mercury, Saturn and Uranus bring a higher consciousness to the usual mundane thoughts and concepts freeing your energy and revolutionizing some old neuropathways. The New Moon in Virgo also brings a sense of a new beginning after a long battle. Behold all is new. Renew a diet or start a health routine. 


Saturn stations direct on the 6th which affects your organizational abilities. Complete projects. Understand that a major cycle has ended. You will come out of this more mature and wiser. The 7th is a wonderful day to plan or change jobs freeing your career and routine up. Expect unexpected miracles and know they will be delivered. Venus in Scorpio affects you by a squaring challenge for you to open your heart beginning on the 9th. 


Saturn turning Direct on the 6th in your solar 11th house brings new responsibilities at work. The 7th is a very grounding day for you. Sun opposing Neptune in Pisces brings down to earth your spiritual hopes, wishes and dreams. You could actually meet that elusive soul mate or a guardian angel on earth. Be careful of falling in love with a guru or overspending. Use the time wisely to be creative. New Moon in Virgo opposite your Sun sign is a new beginning in relationship, goals, and brings grounding, accountability, discipline and much-needed boundaries and simplicity into your life.

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Weekly Astrology

May 7  two major planetary activities today

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 Mercury square Pluto a fiery power conversation @ 21+ ARIES/ CAPRICORN

This is a hard aspect and Pluto always takes us down into the Underworld of our soul’s shadows. Reflect on what you are avoiding or don’t want to face. Mercury in Aries brings a new firebrand energy to initiate something new where you are unconscious and mentally obsessing about something. Change is good.

Second BIG ASPECT Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in PISCES 16+ degrees 

This is super romantic spiritual creative compassionate. You may think you have found your soul mate in two people. How to choose? A divided heart finds oneness and bliss. Use this energy to communicate your spiritual desires. Women become visionaries.

This also opens up our inner vision our 6th sense psychic energies and our dreams to see things from a dual perspective.

Under a cool AQUARIUS moon.

Moon trine Venus in Gemini

A good night to hang with your buds or tribe. Good for women in tech. Get an objective view of your choices.

Moon squares Sun we’re one week away from that eventful New Moon in Taurus

Moon squares JUPITER in PDT/ on the 8th in EDT/GMT

May 8

VESTA in Capricorn squares JUNO in ARIES @ 4+ degrees

Invest in your own inner feminine Genius. Brilliant new ideas to change how corporate structure works and can be amended to fit feminine ways of working in the world. 

SUN opposes JUPITER in SCORPIO in the evening of the 9th in GMT @ 18+ degrees

Beauty is unearthed from the soul and it is One of the best days of the year is coming up May 8 as SUN opposes JUPITER. Grounding and expanding. Born this day? it will be a year of much change and growth. Big positive aspects and good luck flow with most contacts to Jupiter. But Jupiter is RETRO in Scorpio and going over old psychological territory. This is expansive for Scorpio Leo Aquarius and Taurus at the middle of the sign. 

MAY 8th MOON enters PISCES on the 8th at 11:11 pm EDT


“Trouble trouble trouble.” like that Taylor Swift song.

May 9  Venus in GEMINI inconjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO @ 18+

Relationship troubles. If you have been two-faced or cheating you will get caught. Scrape the bottom of your own psyche with a dual-pronged pick. 

May 10 “What a day for a daydream”

A magical dreamy day. Moon trines Jupiter SQUARES Venus in Gemini

A lunar trine to Jupiter allows us to see vast and deep and feel our shadows. You may need to make sure your shields are up today.

Moon square VENUS -talk about your spiritual inner polarity and seek to find a unified vision. 

MOON sextiles SUN in Taurus and PLUTO in CAPRICORN

All sextiles are positive and enhancing the flow of energies between the planets involved. We can ground our visions and access the riches of our souls. 

May 11 Moon enters ARIES in the morning

Moon conjuncts Chiron in Aries

You may intuitively find a new healing method for an angry or overly aggressive part of yourself or find a way to settle an angry competitor. Fight for your right to heal yourself. Be your own healing authority. 


A very rich rewarding deeply sensual day.  Reward yourself. Enjoy the fruits of your labors


always sobering.  Get serious about your feelings don’t deny them and grow up emotionally. 

12th in EDT and GMT VENUS in GEMINI inconjuncts PLUTO in CAPRICORN @ 21+ degrees 

Relationship money and communications troubles. If you have been two-faced or cheating you will get caught. Earlier in the week, Venus was inconjunct to JUPITER. now the plot thickens. Not good for certain CEO’s in high places. 

May 12


Initiate debates. Good for new ideas for your career or starting a new business. Our minds are moving very fast with Mercury in Aries it’s hard to stay focused. Mars rules Aries and the earthiness of This energy can slow it all down which is good. 

Aries Moon inconuncts JUPITER

These two elements do not see each other. Its frustrating and an Aries moon can spontaneously erupt in anger. 

Moon squares PLUTO

Always intense an obsessive. Power struggles. People are feeling impatient and trigger happy. 

Moon sextiles Venus in GEMINI in evening in PDT/ May 13 in EDT ad GMT

a nice romantic double date or doing fun flirty dancing socializing evening. 


Get mom a sensuous hi-tech luxurious but unusual gift. As Mercury conjuncts URANUS at the very last degree of ARIES. 


To beat Uranus to the punch. Thinking speaking and communications slow sown. Our minds are in the physical realm. Thinking and speaking are realistic sensuous stable luxurious and creative. 

Moon enters TAURUS in the afternoon in EDT and GMT.

Aries Moon squares MARS

Maybe a debate about how to spend the day. Argumentative! Rash. People are on edge. 

Moon conjuncts URANUS

It may be hard to choose where to go and what to do. Chaotic energy. Expect the unexpected. 

Moon enters TAURUS in the afternoon

This is much better. Buy Mom something beautiful and luxurious. A day at the spa or a great message would be great. Luxury jewelry quality scarves lingerie perfume or other feminine attire or art would suit. 

Moon conjuncts Mercury 

Sing your mom a love song. Tell Mom you love her. Express your admiration for the women that brought you here on earth.

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A Big week, contact improv planets

March 14-20th.There’s a lot of PLANETARY CONTACT this week, and some very positive aspects too:

Most of the planets are in MUTABLE Signs thus the improv aspect,

I’ll list them off here with the abundant bumps in the road too.

MONDAY is the most challenging day of the week with the most PLANETARY SQUARES

March 14: Under a GEMINI MOON –

Moon squares Neptune-7:06 a.m. PDT/ 10:06 am EDT- GET SOME STRONG COFFEE!

You may feel very spacy in the morning. Be careful you don’t drift off the road. 

GEM of a Moon opposed by Saturn in Sagittarius.

You can’t just get by on your usual charm Gemini, DO NOT fib, white lie or make up  one that got away story. You have to prove your honesty at least. 

Gemini Moon squares Mercury in PISCES –

Double talking, Double dreaming. Double double, toil and trouble. 

Moon inconjuncts Pluto-

This is where the shit hits the fan. This will be a record shouting match and hurling insult day. Watch the media for all kinds of conflagrations. Cue Super Tuesday next day.

Gemini Moon squares Jupiter in VIRGO-

Too much of a good thing, requires very detailed explanations with spreadsheets to prove your validity.

Mercury in PISCES squares Saturn in SAGITTARIUS @ 16+ degrees

The winged Messenger is flying over the oceans of the unconscious in his winged sandals or his waterboard and Saturn is the Lifeguard blowing his whistle and telling him to stop. Dream all you want and talk about your dreams but don’t speak about it too much because that can throw the energy against the wall. You know that one? 

Venus in PISCES squares Mars in SAGITTARIUS  @ 3 degrees MUTABLE 

This can be good a kind of tense very sexy tango. Venus in Pisces is the mermaid, the oceanic Goddess, the siren. The down side of Venus in Pisces is the martyr, the love addict, the superstitious one who needs love spells and fantasy lovers. She may always be rescuing some dude like Mars in Sagittarius, the wandering cowboy, who must always roam. Catch me if you can says Mars. Too much mutability can melt down into a muddy messy love mess.

Mercury in PISCES Sextiles Pluto in CAPRICORN -/ March 15 EDT

This is very imaginative and creative. You can really Get down to your deepest unconscious desires. You may be amazed by the  tropical fish in there. Pay close attention to you dreams all this week. Work with them intentionally. 

main hits:

March 15 – Mercury in PISCES opposite Jupiter in VIRGO

Here’s where you channel those inspirational dreams and get a BUDGET. True story, my teacher, Oriah Mountain Dreamer was on a Vision Quest and Virgo that she is, received a detailed budget. Dreams don’t fly without fuel and films don’t get made without a crew. 


This is SIMPLY THE BEST -I’ll write about it in more depth.  It is a force for Good. Like winning the chess game against DEATH.  In Woody Allen’s 1975 FILM lOVE AND DEATH, he recreates the Bergman film where he plays chess with death, PLUTO. Jupiter rules comedy, so lots of laughs.

Woody Allen, astrology Tara Greene

Jupiter/Jove, the planet of optimism, the “Santa Claus” of the planets, Mr.Big makes a supremely positive earthy trine to PLUTO, now that’s Soul Power, Can be overly control freaking, planet of RICHES and death, transformation and recycling. This is super positive, the Billionaire’s way easy.

Could be too good or too bad for a certain Billionaire running for a big job?

Cancer MOON makes WATERY TRINES  to VENUS and NEPTUNE @ 10 degrees 

This is a wide MERKABA with missing points. 17 degrees TAURUS and 9-10 degrees SCORPIO make it complete. Do you have the missing pieces to creating this sacred geometry?

March 17 Lucky IRISH  -Mercury conjuncts Chiron in PISCES

This is where you confess your wounds, your vulnerabilities.  and let your art weep for your sins.  See link below: talk about the pain. 

More Nice water trines today as well with Cardinal T-squares. 

March 18  MOON ENTERS LEO @ 12:54 am PDT/ 3:54 am EDT/ 7:54 am GMT

 LEO MOON inconjuncts Venus and NEPTUNE. 

this is a fractured fairy tales day watch out for egomaniacs who want to sqwash your dreams. .



The Sun entering zero degrees ARIES makes the beginning of a new cycle. The new year officials should start here. It is PAGAN NEW YEAR.  SET Your sites on where you will be 3, 6, 9, 12 months from now. 

SPRING IS when the SUN enters ARIES MARCH 20 @ 12:30 am EDT/ 4:30 a.m. GMT 

The Moon enters VIRGO to ground us, We should be walking barefoot in the woods or in Nature celebrating the fact that LIFE has returned we have lived through another round of the SUN. We are grateful.

VENUS CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE @ 10+ degrees PISCES @ 10:44 am PDT/ 1:44 am EDT/ 5:44 am GMT

This is a hugely romantic energy to start a new cycle with. 


A good day to meditate, to pray to wish for your highest angels, soul mate, twin flame, inner marriage, alchemical union be done. SO MOTE IT BE, as pagans say. VERY CREATIVE, sing, dance, make art. Suck in the beauty, write/read poetry, smell the roses.

Anything that elevates the SOUL< practice kindness. This is extreme charity and compassion. A great day for forgiveness. Raise the standards for loving kindness. Make that your religion too. 

DREAM BIGGER, RETURN to the source

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For the SEVENTH SEAL:Ingmar Bergman FILM 1957  

ART THAT WEEPS FOR OUR SINS by NAPOLEON BROUSSEAU http://www.absolutearts.com/artsnews/2002/08/21/30215.html