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 X-ray specs and Rose Colored Glasses by Tara Greene

The JUPITER- NEPTUNE Trine is one of the most beautiful expansive upbeat positive spiritual combinations of energy there is.  So make big wishes for prosperity spiritual oneness joy creativity truth justice soul connections and beauty everywhere.
JUPITER – the WHEEL OF FORTUNE Card # 10 in the Tarot expands everything that it touches.
In Scorpio, it gives us X-RAY SPECS to see into the raw dark side depths and shadows of our own and another’s soul. This may be a terrifying territory. 
Jupiter rules both SAGITTARIUS the sign of Truth and hopes and PISCES in traditional rulerships it’s the sign of compassion romance and addictions. 
This wonderful beautiful aspect will also bring out many projections and illusions which pop and burst like a bubble. This is a good thing.
This JUPITER NEPTUNE TRINE IS like putting on your x-ray vision glasses and your rose colored ones at the same time.
The ability to see into another human’s soul through the eyes of razor-sharp truth while remaining optimistic honest compassionate and loving is a great gift.
This is an excellent aspect for Lucid dreaming meditation spiritual healing tantric sexuality and magic carpet flying.
I would spend some time December 2nd its exact at 6:19 pm PST/ 9:19 pm EDT/ December 3 @ 2:19 pm GMT meditating and sending love hope and compassion out into the world covering it like a gigantic blanket.
The MOON is in grounded TAURUS today which is a good thing. JUPITER NEPTUNE can make us feel like we are walking on clouds.
This is an aspect of love for everyone you see. Spread kindness and give to a charity. It is the Christmas spirit time of year after all.
The Taurus Moon wants to indulge all its senses so do be conscious that your sense of limitations is NILL. Get a buddy you can trust to keep you from drinking drugging testing the limits of anything too much.
FALLING in love with the perfect stranger is very high under this sensuous romantic moon.
There are many squeaky wheel aspects during the day between the Moon and MARS in LIBRA SATURN AND VENUS in SAGITTARIUS. These happen during the day.
MOON enters GEMINI @ 1:21 pm PST/ 4:21 pm EST/ 9:21 pm GMT
The atmosphere lifts to lite and breezy. MERCURY is at the very last degree of SAGITTARIUS where it is scattered freewheeling and curious about everything.
The GEMINI moon brings up the splits in our personalities and the splinters in our minds.
Moon opposes VENUS in SAGITTARIUS just before the trine.
The urge to run off with the exotic-waitress foreigner teacher guru spiritual soul mate projection will be enormous.
December 3 @ 2:34 am EST/ 7:34 am GMT
As with all Mercury RETRO’s do all the RE-prefix things. Relax; review; reflect; renew; rest; renew; realize; resist, and with a JUPITER NEPTUNE TRINE-  REPENT.
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May 14 Virgo dreams weekend update

How did that Venus Pluto trine feel to you folks? 

It was very powerful #13 Venus’s day and all. 

The MOON is now back down to earth element and in Virgo all weekend, W can expect to be feeling humble, ready to put in some elbow grease, worried, fidgety, doing the math, needing to get out into nature, workaholics, hypochondriac, disciplined, organized and needing to serve others.

VIRGO is the Virgin Goddess of the Harvest and Health

so really do think about your diet, your intestines and what you want to produce at the end of the fruits of your labours. 

Moon squares Retro Mars- 

Has someone made a cocktail with this name yet I wonder? 

Cocktail Recipe, Tara Greene

Actually Here it IS: A special for you. I will deconstruct it and make it the world’s first RETROGRADE MARS COCKTAIL 

From a website called Mybestcocktails.com  they call it a Meister on Mars 

a Retro Mars concktail would be named an anti-Meister of Mars

If done correctly there will be four individual layers of red, orange, blue, and black that should mimic Mars and it phasing into space.

INGREDIENTS in Ounces – you can do the order backwards as a Retro cocktail

2oz. Blue Curacao

3 oz. of Jagermeister

2 oz. orange juice 

1 oz. of Grenadine 

a Cocktail Glass 


  1. In a chilled martini glass pour the grenadine
  2. Then gently pour the orange juice onto the concave side of a spoon and into the glass
  3. Repeat the pouring process for the blue curacao and then the jagermeister

Volume: 8.0 oz
Alcohol units: 4.5 standard drinks
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 19%

and there you have it! A special Mars Retrograde cocktail to help chase the “Tsuris” a Yiddish word for aggravation  away. 

This is a good aspect to do physical stuff, hit the gym, sign up for yoga training, help out at the ASPCA, donate to a food bank, do some community work.


It’s easy to use your strengths to help others, there are millions of ways to help, 

This aspect also brings out our bodies intuition and where we hurt and ache is also where there is buried pain. 

Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in PISCES 

create a Garden of Dreams 

Garden of Dreams Tara Greene

The Garden of Dreams Kathmandu Nepal 

ok this aspect happens once a month its true.

Virgo’s as this is YOUR year with Jupiter in your sign, what are your bug dreams and what are you doing to manifest them, make them real bring ’em down to earth?

The Moon will continue to  conjunct Jupiter in VIRGO and square Saturn in Sagittarius on SUNDAY

highlighting a MAJOR Aspect of 2016. The gap between the real and the illusory.

Who the hell is Donald Trump anyway?  And this is what you pretend but really you are addicted and in denial. I know that is why I put in the cocktail recipe.

Saturn, the cosmic Taxman,  will  be blowing the whistle very soon. 

MORE PERSONALLY , what are your dreams and how far is the gap between imagining dreaming yearning imagining and holding that book in your hands or getting that promotion or whatever that is for you.

Build it now, like in Field of Dreams- a perfect metaphor by a Virgo Moon opposite Neptune in Pisces and squared by Saturn in Sagittarius?

Did you see that movie or read the book by W.P. Kinsella?  It’s very spiritual and very American and a great magic realism movie.I always loved those Spanish magic realism writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Borges and Italo Calvino and Kurt Vonnegut,Thomas Pynchon etc. It’s been many years since I’ve read those books. 

Magical Realism that is where we are at now in the world. It is very much like the prophecy I heard years ago that the world would split into two, some people believing that we are living in a magical world of love, ideals, spirituality and self-created magic and others are stuck in the drudgery and powerlessness, 

The energies are good on Sunday so enjoy this weekend. 

Blessings, TARA 

is there anything you’d like me to write about? Questions? 

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FIELD OF DREAMS 1989 Burt Lancaster and Kevin Costner  https://youtu.be/Y9yrupye7B0


Solar Ascension, Sagittarius weekend,

Moon enters the 9th sign, Firey Mutable inspiring SAGITTARIUS OCT 16.  

Passion, wisdom, honesty and humor rule this weekend.

Moon conjuncts Saturn in the A.M.  for a sobering but inspirational reality check with chuckles.

Moon sextiles Mercury in Libra for some stimulating conversations and social connectivity.

Sag moon squares Venus and Neptune today to get us ready for the

Venus Neptune Opposition late this evening.

Definitely a great romantic date night and wonderful for powerful ceremony for manifesting dreams into reality most especially romantic ones. 


Do you know about the huge gigantic coronal hole that opened on the surface of the Sun October 10th? It much surprised scientists too. This ginormous hole is the width of 50 earths. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that there is a 65% chance of geomagnetic storms as Earth moves deeper into the solar wind stream for the next two days or so. 

solar flare and earth Tara Greene

This massive hole, although invisible to us strongly affects the electromagnetic fields of the earth causing beautiful auroras, blocking radio and satellites but most importantly it affects our entire being on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

As the Sun is the Source the Light and the life-giver on our planet. We are in cosmic resonance with the Sun’s activity. I see it as a new higher consciousness Ascension portal being created. It’s like the Rumi Poem.  

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” on which Leonard Cohen based his song, Anthem. “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

In this case the light is now opening wide to allow more light, beyond the Sun’s own light, to the Central Galactic Sun. It is the great Hunab Ku of the Mayans. This is Ascension time.

HunabKu Mayan Sun Tara Greene

“The great Central Sun is One with every individual’s I AM presence.”channelled by St. Germain 1939. “The Sun behind the Sun is the Spiritual Cause behind the physical effect we see as our own Physical Sun and all other stars and star systems, seen or unseen, Including The Great Central Sun.  The Sun behind the Sun of Cosmos is perceived as the Cosmic Christ – the Word by Whom the Formless was endowed with form, and Spiritual Worlds were draped with physicality.” – from http://www.ascension-research.org/gcs.html#1

Check out to see how your own feelings mirror the Sun’s active cycleshttp://www.swpc.noaa.gov/today.html#xray


Sleep patterns are interrupted. Some people feel more awakened spiritually. Pay attention to your dreams.
– You may feel dizzy. This is my strongest effect. Some people have tinnitus type of effects. 

My nose has been buzzing all day which is an odd side effect.

Try to rest and stay grounded and drink lots of water. You need to stay alkaline. 
meditation is really important. Breathing and grounding oneself to the iron ore core of the earth. 

Check out to see how your own feelings mirror the Sun’s active cycles. http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/today.html#xray

Documentation of this can be found in a book,  “Children of the Cosmic Light” by Theodor Landscheidt, although its  only available in German at the moment. 

Michael Erlewine, who is a genius Astrologer, Dharma teacher, photographer, Astrology software developer and more has free e-books and videos on solar flares and solar activity at his  main site.


Solar Flares: Their Inner and Outer Effects
Sun Storms: The Astrology of Solar Activity


Solar Flares and the Mystic Sun
Solar Eruptions and Creativity
Solar Storms and the Psyche

For those who want to read more, there are free e-books and videos that I have written on solar flares and solar activity at my main site here:



King of swords Tarot Tara Greene

KING OF SWORDS Tarot of Metamorphosis 

Symbolizing a mature mind which can cut like a razor-sharp sword, through the clutter, distractions and claptrap analyzing situations with sharp wit and accuracy. 

The Tarot Of Metamorphosis shows many figures and characters that the Harlequin like masked Jester or Carnivale figure is wearing indicating that this figure can play many roles and act through many disguises. 

Use the card as a mirror of your own mind. Stay focussed amidst this huge onrush of enlightening energy. Let me know how you are feeling. 


Share widely please.

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Anthem – Leonard Cohen 

SCORPIO deep sex therapy Astrology

Are you ready for an intense, passionate, deeply sexual Weekend? One filled with power and control issues, moody, covertly sexual transforming tantric energies?  How many of you are going OH GOODY?

Moon enters SCORPIO’s obsessive, dark, goth waters Sept. 26

Moon TRINES NEPTUNE at night

this is great for Meditating and going totally into peaceful vibes. Do put out spiritual intention and call 0n ISIS the positive Ancient Goddess of Egypt or any other feminine Goddess to be your dream guide. Write poems, paint, sing dance.

Sept 27 


A good day to cut your hair if you want it to grow fast. 

Moon trines Chiron

Hidden awareness of vulnerability rises. It’s Good but doesn’t feel that way.

Moon squares Jupiter in Leo

so expect power trips galore. People can be pisssed off.

MERCURY enters SCORPIO  @ 3:39 pm PST/ 6:39 pm EDT 


This is always very serious and can be frustrating. Some feel it as depressing. Some may want to make big commitments.  It’s good  for discipline. Some may decide – that’s it , THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU,Like the movie title. Games over and unanounced they leave with their stinger out. You may be feeling bewildered and clueless. It’s a big mirror.

Oct 4 2014  Mercury goes Retrograde

for its third and final time this year. Mercury rules memory and consciousness itself. A retrograde is time to Remember- a Retrograde word itself, the land of the dead, the psyche, buried unconscious memories deep in SCORPIO’s 8th house territory. Re-member means put yourself back together.

SCORPIO is FIXED WATER. Literally that means emotions that do not want to move, they are damned up. Scorpio is all about acknowledging that everything in life is always changing birthing and dying and nothing is stable. Therein is the crux of the problem.

Mercury in Scorpio consciousness is intense obsession, you cannot stop thinking about what he did or she did to you.  Anger and revenge are the lower forms of Scorpio energy. The highest form of SCORPIO energy is to feel it all, but not to get triggered emotionally to REACT. This is a very Buddhist teaching. We see that we are the source of all of our pain, that we have created whatever it is that is coming at us.  Our souls are running the show. We actually know very little and have very little control and no control of others at all, We can only control and change ourselves and our REactions. More Retrograde words.

Scorpio is the sign of DECONSTRUCTION, like the art movement.

Marcel Duchamp FOUNTAIN 1917  

BTW Duchamp’s chart Ascendant at 17 degrees Scorpio conjunct his Moon. Close to where Saturn is now at 20  degrees.

Mercury will be Retrograde till October 25.

The Retrograde symbol is Rx just like medicine. Be Receptive. My intention, and yours should be to use this time for therapy of the soul using these astrology transits.

Scorpio is sex. Use Astro-sex therapy. I am trained as a Transformational psychotherapist and as a Past Life Regressionist.

A SCORPIO Mercury Retrograde  feels like your legs are being spread open so that everyone can see. It can feel shameful and dirty. We have all been whores one way or another, selling our souls for money, to be liked,status, to gain power. 

Mercury REcycles and scrapes back the SCORPIO dark soul stuff, the guck, the emotional grudges, the stickiness, the discarded wad of old emotional gunge you put under the desk or blame on your partner. Think about all the sex and power games you’ve played or had played. Be honest with yourself about this.

Have you been raped? Scorpio is Pluto’s home, he raped Persephone into the Underworld to awaken her sexually. Use this time to help heal the pain, if you’ve never told anyone, this is the time to let the secret  and the shame out.  Tell the police. Release your victimized stance, your fear, get  therapeutic help.

Have your sexually or emotionally hurt another? This is the best time to make amends. You need to be scrupulously honest and to forgive yourself. Make a list, write down what you did, meditate and send prayers and light to those you have hurt .This is intense work, Scorpio’s middle name.


Women carry sexual imprints from men they have had sex with who didn’t love and honor them. It would be good to cleanse and release all stuck emotional ties from those people who have put their sexual hooks into you. . Most women are unaware of the traces left inside them. That energy really hold your LIGHT back. The work begins with a conscious re-acknowledging. Tears must flow and anger.

Ritual cleansing and bathing is best done on the Zero degree of SCORPIO SOLAR ECLIPSE New Moon of October 23. indicating a brand new life phase.

I will do an online video about this important issue.

Women if you want to clear up your old relationships issues, this is the prerequisite to do so.  I can’t restate this enough. I did it myself before I started my relationship with my 2nd husband. I knew instinctively that to change this relationship we had to both do this together. That’s a whole other workshop.


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TAKE ME TO THE RIVER- Talking Heads 1980