Weekend astrology July 8-10

SCORPIO MOON rules most of the weekend, it’s the most emotionally intense obsessive death and resurrection show. The moon enters its darkest most intensive obsessive emo time of the month July 8 in the 8th Sign of #Scorpio. Prepare to do the dirty but absolutely necessary shadow work for the next 2.5 days Very sexual, mysterious, with strong jealous, possessive and paranoid moods.

7/8 ASTRO MOOD you will be feeling torn in 2 directions, armouring up against feeling pain, old shadow family arguments, upset stomachs, WTF is going on? and want to get free but am insecure energies because

The Scorpio Moon opposes Mars,Sun square Chiron, Moon trine Mercury inconjunct Jupiter, Mercury sq. Jupiter.

July 9

Mercury square Jupiter applies in EDT and GMT

Moon inconjuncts Chiron in Aries and later VENUS in GEMINI

MoON trines SUN we’re closer to a Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th

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