Beautiful sexy dirty rich Venus trine Pluto

Yes a Lady Gaga song comes to life. True artists are always prophetic.

VENUS in Taurus trines PLUTO in Capricorn at 24+ degree

A very wealthy, earthy, practical, sensual, creative, romantic desire energy. Venus in Taurus rules women, adornment, luxury and the Bull market. Taurus Venus is sensual, creative, romantic, and this positive Aspect to Lord of the Underworld Pluto brings love and deeply soulful energy together. This can be intensely sexual. You may reach depths of pleasure unimagined. Even if you are alone your imagination is your greatest vehicle

Venus in Taurus Venus is conjunct Fixed star CAPULUS at 24 degrees

This degree is close to ALGOL at 26 Taurus the most feared Star in the Heavens, the Ghoul herself, Medusa’s head. Star Capulus nearby is Perseus’s sword hand which he beheaded Medusa with. Bernadette Brady said Capulus represents primitive, male, sexual energy. I see it like a rapist, fear of women’s sexual energy.

Hacker A. Vale farewell /Public domain

Hacker A. Vale farewell /Public domain

The trine to PLUTO in CAPRICORN accentuates the rape motif. Remember in the myths that PLUTO raped Persephone/Demeter into the Underworld. Venus is the Goddess in all her forms and names. Persephone is one aspect. VENUS in TAURUS is stubborn, earthy and strong.


This beneficial trine helps Women to connect to their inherent ensouled wealth now and regenerate all sexual abuse issues stored in their wombs and bodies now. This is a HUGE aspect and continues to get stronger JUPITER conjunct PLUTO on APRIL 4 which is 4/4 2020 = 4 4 4.

There will be two more JUPITER PLUTO conjunctions in 2020.

APRIL 4/5th  Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 24°+  Capricorn. 

June 29th, 2nd conjunction at  22° Capricorn Retrograde

November 12th, 3rd conjunction at 22°+ Capricorn.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be in close proximity for most of 2020. The last time Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were this close was in 1894 BC.  2755 CE. This is a pretty rare event.

I will do an online video about this. Many people are talking about the numerology of April 4 and there will be a worldwide mediation on that day.

The SABIAN symbol is “A store filled with precious oriental rugs.The use of cultural and artistic processes as a means to enhance personal comfort and appreciation.”

FROM the Incredible John Sandbach’s CHANDRA  and Omega oracle

Taurus 25. A holographic computer.( Omega Symbol)Interacting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: Mebahiah (me-BA-hee-YAH) Thought Into Action, Intellectual Lucidity)

You have a way of making things clearer to other people. Your vividness of perception can assist others in understanding their dilemmas more fully. As they get a clearer idea of what they are dealing with they are much more likely to move forward in their lives. Yours is the gift of being able to make the experience more real to others.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Bees returning to their hive.” This degree senses the whole of humanity, and feels a oneness with all life, just as the holographic computer brings together in a wholeness every angle of the picture being perceived. Its vibration fosters connectedness, inclusiveness and acceptance of all people in a mutual effort of working together and sharing. This sense of completeness is difficult to bring to others, for as is usual with the 25th degree of every sign there is a cosmic awareness that is so high and pure its difficult to translate into practical reality. The attempt to do so, though, is a life’s work, and worth every effort.

Pleiadian Symbol: A vast lawn with fountains and waterfall in the distance.

Azoth Symbol: People hearing the songs of a chorus of invisible women.

Seed degree: Capricorn 20. A host of angels in conference. (Omega Symbol). The interrelationships of all the vast array of spiritual energies create a startlingly sublime picture of reality, utterly vibrant and alive.

Many different perfumes carried by a breeze. (Chandra Symbol). Those experiences which we may all share bring us together in a spirit of mutual support.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 5. A flagpole with no flag. (Omega Symbol). Seeing life from a multitude of different perspectives allows us to give up our partisanship and just be what we innately are.

A man raising a crop of marijuana. (Chandra Symbol). Needing occasional relief from our striving, we relax together in an atmosphere of free sharing and pleasurable sensuality.


The light is forming what you were in the past. The camera was a sphere all around you which trapped you in a bubble of reality. And now you hear yourself speaking, see yourself inside a round mirror in which you might hit replay to see any number of infinite surfaces, but can only guess at what lies within.”

AT 24+ degrees Capricorn this degree is conjunct with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January and square ERIS in ARIES. Pluto is also death and rebirth, there can be a sense of physical mourning en masse but also a sense of appreciation for what we have for being in the body.

Taurus moon reigns  March 28

sextiles Neptune making intense lucid dreaming.

Moon conjuncts Venus on the 28th Moon trines Mars amping up the sexy energy.

MOON enters GEMINI @ 6:38 pm PDT 9:38 pm EDT and March 29 @ 1:38 am GMT

The mood will lighten to lots of talking, online flirting and texting like mad.

MOON trines SATURN in AQUARIUS get those Aquarian vibes on


Moon makes 2 sextiles to Chiron in ARIES and SUN

we can talk about our wounds and share with others, we can question we can debate we can see both sides of the issues.

Moon squares Mercury in PISCES

this is GEMINI’s ruler. The connection to PISCES makes out imaginations run wild.

Hope you are doing well.



Athena, Juno, Lilith, Venus, Vesta Sacred Astrology

Grand Trine Goddess Astrology

A rare six-pointed sacred geometry star forms in the heavens

There is very definitely a Grand WATER TRINE formed by; Goddess ATHENA the warrior Goddess and strategist, originally she was an AMAZON. She is at Zero degrees PISCES.

Goddess ATHENA the warrior Goddess and strategist, originally she was an AMAZON. She is at Zero degrees PISCES.

                       ATHENA in PISCES                      

symbolizes many things. She is mobilizing our psychic, intuitive and unconscious realms; stirring up our dreams and past life memories while she in PISCES. Pay attention to your dreams.She can also indicate our need to go to war about WATER rights, protect the oceans, whales, fish and coral reefs. As a Warrior Goddess, she says “You need strong boundaries.”  Pallas Athena is NEVER a martyr.

        VESTA in CANCER         

VESTA is what we invest ourselves in. Traditionally she focuses on keeping the hearth flame or heart-flame alive. She symbolizes passion, dedication, and intelligence. VESTA in CANCER asks us to focus on our feelings, and our emotional bodies; our needs for emotional security. We need to focus on our homes, literally. We need to dedicate ourselves to nurturing ourselves before we nurture others as a balance. We need to invest in the quality of what we eat. Investing in organic foods, good quality supplements and eating right is very important. 


JUNO the 8 armed Goddess,  who was known as HERA,in the Roman/ Patriarchal  version of her myth, Zeus’s long-suffering wife. Her symbol would be imagined as a toilet brush. I believe that JUNO is the FEMININE FORM of genius, whose symbol looks like a magic wand to me. In SCORPIO uses her emotional intelligence in all directions at once. In SCORPIO she can outmaneuver anyone emotionally. JUNO and LILITH make a very, very formidable duo. No one could get past these two. 


LILITH is so SCORPIONIC to begin with, she is the Death Goddess, associated with Menstruation, the Dark Moon. I realize now that her mythology is so very literal.  Lilith in Scorpio is extremely sexual, uncompromising, demanding, stubborn, refusing to cater to any man’s needs. She brings strength, and will power. Lilith in SCORPIO infuses our sexuality with wildness, abandon, and freedom. She is the QUEEN OF TANTRIC SEXUALITY. Make love when you are menstruating with someone who loves and adores you. Revel in the power of a menstruating, fully embracing her moon time and her highest psychic energy phase. She is indeed a taboo, originally tabu, meaning sacred woman. 



The Great Mother, call her GAIA or Pachamama is absolutely in her element in earthy Taurus. Bulls and cows were always her scared animals. Ceres in TAURUS is so sensuous, she loves everything that is naturally beautiful. She revels in the bounty that she provides everywhere-the flowers, the fruits, the trees. Ceres in Taurus helps us listen to our gut instincts. To enjoy this Heavenly Paradise as a place of beauty. Ceres in Taurus is the power of fertility, creativity, crafting, art, money, abundance, resources, and self-worth. Ceres will help you to birth all of these qualities and to nurture you to make them part of yourself . 


VENUS in VIRGO is very earthy, the Virgin Goddess, whole unto herself. She is the sex and love Goddess who is extremely hygienic, smart, organized, well read. She  knows how to order everything effortlessly. She loves to serve others, and she is dedicated to getting results. She loves to be walking the earth, tending her garden. She is one with nature, and her needs are simply met. She asks us to tune into our earthy instincts, to walk the sacred ground barefoot, to clean up the earth and the environment. She teaches us to love our bodies as sacred Temples, doing this through listening to our guts. She teaches us to live as simply, authentically and organically.


There is a missing point in this 6 pointed star. At zero- 5 degrees of CAPRICORN we need to wait for the MOON to fill in this empty point to create the six pointed star and that happens AUGUST 13 @ 9:12 pm PDT/ Aug. 14 @ 12:12 AM EDT and AUG 14 @ 4:12 am GMT.


The Capricorn Moon is grounded, hard-working, sure-footed and focussed on her long term goals. Capricorn was in ancient times the symbol of the GREAT MOTHER HERSELF, Capricorn is a Feminine earth sign. The time of the WINTER SOLSTICE signifies the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the most feminine time. Capricorn moon is receptive, cool, unemotional and practical. Her energy is stable, mature, and responsible. Capricorn moon is always focussed on results. She will reach the peak of her goals. 

I would prepare now for Sat. AUG 13th to create a 6 pointed star ceremony and an altar for all of the Goddesses. You can use 6 different candles. little pots of earth and cups of water for each Goddess. Use crystals, votive candles, symbols, attributes, for each Goddess. Use your imagination. Ask the 6 goddesses to work with you. Vow to embody each one of their strengths and powers. I will be doing this ceremony too. 

The Grand Sextile lasts until August 14.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Inspirational Card of the day

I’m here at the Grail Spring Spa. It is very, very quiet and the snow is pristine white and everything is frozen still. It is beautiful, smells pure and clean and austere. It’s like being in the Movie Frozen.

It is -27 degrees Celsius so I am not going outside. 

I am feeling that Saturn square Neptune energy, like what are you doing with your dreams?

Inspirational card of the day

queen of disks Tarot Tara Greene

THE QUEEN OF DISKS reminds you to be in the body, be the Queen in your temple. She is associated with Capricorn and the Sun is still in the sign.  The Queen of disks rules over the earthly sensual domain of riches, fertility, wealth, health and all good things.The Astrology symbols of Taurus Capricorn and Virgo are in the image. She is deciding where she will give of put her energy. She is generous, there is no end to the riches that you have inside of yourself.


I think I forgot for  few days, that’s not like me. 

Moon is in Sagittarius.

The Moon is the symbol of the HIGH PRIESTESS in the Tarot Trump #2 she is in the sign of ALCHEMY or Temperance or ART. Listen to your intuition, take care of your temple, stay balanced.

All wise words I need for myself as well.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Grand Theft Astrology, Underworld, Pluto Direct

Pluto goes direct Sept 20

Pluto, the Dark Lord, has been Retrograde since April 12 where he changed direction @ 11 degrees 35 minutes of Capricorn.

Did you feel that lurch? Mythologically it’s like Persephone being dragged into the underworld.

It’s a common theme in the gaming, Hollywood world because it is so very powerful and important.

Underworld Astrology Tara Greene

Pluto’s a big thief, he’s the one for Grand Theft auto- of your soul.

Pluto  spends about 5 months in his own territory the UNDERWORLD, Hades, Hell every year. It ‘s a necessary initiation into integrating your own shadow or dark side, in order to be psychologically whole and yes you gotta do it every year. It’s soul maintenance. Just like getting an oil change for your car. We just changed ours today.

Pluto is very powerful as are all planets as they change direction. Pluto goes direct @ 8 degrees 59 minutes Caprciron. Pluto won’t pass his Retrograde station until January 2014.

Pluto’s territory, the Land of rebirth and is a place of immense wealth, Pluto rules wealth Plutocracy= power, rule.

Pluto going direct affects different Pluto generations differently.

Which Pluto generation are you?

Those born with Pluto In Libra from 1972-especially those born in 76  are having their first Pluto square now + Uranus also opposing them. A very difficult mid life crisis right now. I’m here to help.

                                                              STARTS                     ENDS

Pluto in CANCER     home, mom, apple pie, American image, traditional, does what one is told, wholesome, believes in “progress.” 

                                                      May 26, 1914                  June 14, 1939

Pluto in LEO   

Baby Boomers     It’s all about ME, never get old, play, creativity, self expression “WE RULE” atomic bomb fears,  60’s generation heyday. Freedom,

                                                         June 14 1939                      Aug. 19 1957

  Gen X ers

Pluto in VIRGO  

Hard working, serving the “tick tock”  world, intellectual, analytical,conservative

                                                       August 19, 1957                October 5, 1971

                                                       April 17, 1972                    July 30 1972

Pluto in LIBRA  

 the beginning of Feminism, divorces being common, women stepping into the work force

                                                         October 5, 1972                       April 17, 1972

                                                          July 30, 1972                          November 5, 1984

                                                          May 18, 1984                           August 27, 1984

Generation Y     

Pluto in SCORPIO          

discovery of AIDS- change in sexuality, shared resources, secrets, open s & m, pornography,intense desire to feel or deny, lust for power, money, entitled, gender freedom

                                                          Novermber 5, 1983                  May 18, 1984

                                                            August 27, 1984                    January 17, 1995


Generation Z


curious about space, technology, higher truth, justice, International living, yoga, cross cultural influences, not old time religion, inner spirituality, thirst to learn and understand the meaning of life.

                                      January 17, 1995               April 20, 1995

                                   November 10, 1995            January 27, 2008

                                   June 13m 2008                     November 26, 2008



Break down of old traditions, in all matters, business, religion, women’s roles, reinventing new ways to work, practical, life will be challenging, not handed to them on a plate.

                                                   January 25, 2008                     June 13, 2008


  Pluto will be in Capricorn      November 26, 2008               January 20, 2024.


How do you feel you fit this list? What are your observations about your generation? This is a general list.

What jewels have you dug up in the past 5 months?

It was the anniversary yesterday that my mother passed away 4 years ago. I happened to be doing a reading for a women born the same year as my mother, 1925 yesterday. She was so vibrant and full of life, clear as a bell. It was like another version of my mother, her shadow, her denied self, someone who she could have been. Do you know what I mean?

What you deny you project onto others, a disintegrated part of your self. Want to be whole and happier?

then do this work. Pluto is PSYCHO POMP.

Pay attention to the synchronicites happening now. PLUTO’S realm is very strong and powerful.

Don’t let Pluto steal your greatest treasures and keep it hidden. Steal back what’s yours and bring it  to consciousness now.

be the hero/heroine of your own journey.


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all writing copyright Tara Greene 2013- infinity

Jewels and Gold  -Angus & Julia Stone 2007

Inspirational Card of the Day,Taurus, get your sh*t together,Surreally.

Sorry I didn’t get a card out for May 6 there was a death in my family.

Wasn’t it a wild and crazy Monday? The Moon is in ARIES and was conjunct Uranus the wild, freedom loving, revolutionary  planet and then she squared Pluto. The preview to the MAY 20, 3rd exact square off. R U ready?

Inspirational Card For May 7

king of pentacles DAli TArot

King of Pentacles/disks  THE DALI TAROT

The King of Discs is TAURUS energy and we’re experiencing a lot of that lately.

Taurus Solar eclipse May 9/10  features Sun, Moon, Mars, the South Node, Mercury, Dwarf planet  Sedna all in Taurus. The Universe is trying to pound the earthy message into us. We must take care of the earth and her resources and our own bodies. Taurus themes. Banking, the state of the economy and the financial system.

This card brings you wisdom, as a King. A king of finances and manifestation. Survey your kingdom, palace and lands, your home and possessions. Your body.  What do you appreciate about your own wealth? Be more discerning about what you put in your body.Where are you lacking? Whatcha gonna do ’bout it?


Opening up to appreciate the wealth and beauty in the material world all around you. It’s Spring here in Toronto where I live. Magnolia’s are blooming. Life is  buzzing alive. It’s very sexual, earthy, pumped, grounded. BE HERE NOW!

Focus on finances, career, gardening, your body, getting into shape, being creative. And speaking your truth.,Taurus rules the throat.

Speaking of Salvador Dali, whose art I always greatly admired since High School. He was born  May 11, 1904, a Taurus.

FIND OUT MORE about what made DALI’S so unique in his ASTROLOGY CHART

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY So more can benefit.

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and the song that came into my head

Virgo Let’s get physical Astrology Daily Ritual Card from Tara Greene

Moon entered Virgo  Mars entered Taurus April 20, good weekend to get things in physical order.  Do your taxes. Moon in Virgo is very focused, analytical naturally the place of accounting. 

We’ve got Sun + Venus in earthy sensual GET REAL practical  Wooly Bully sign. South Node is in Taurus, this is where we are coming from. + Pluto in Capricorn, do the math. A huge relief after the fiery burn of excess Aries energy.

Except I am feeling very exhausted. I had one of the busiest weeks workwise since Christmas which is great and very unusual for April. Things are changin all over.

Are you doing the Blessings of the 5 day ritual?  This is day 2.

1st day’s card was the Lovers,


Two and nice trines on Saturday

Physical expression and Metaphysical 

You will have very PSYCHIC  dreams Night of 4/20 with Moon opposite Neptune in PISCES. 

Write them down.

 U may have rude awakening Mercury in ARIES Square Pluto in CAPRICORN, just face the music

Sunday is  busy body Virgo nitpicky moon day. MANY APECTS NOT A LAZY SUNDAY

2 nice EARTH TRINES MOON and VENUS in TAURUS before noon

good to state somewordsof love to your BELOVED and make them a great breakfast in bed

and then help with practical chores, gardening, reno’s. 

VIRGO moon Trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN later in day

EAsy to get long-range goals scoped out. What will you spend your tax return on? Think about  and plan ahead.

Moon quincunx MERCURY in ARIES interesting Mercury Rules VIRGO

don’t rush ahead you may make mistakes and have to redo

Virgo Moon Opposite CHIRON in PISCES in evening

THIS IS VERY HEALING- think about where your body hurts, where it hurts at work

where are you most vulnerable in your job? 

HOw is your perfectionism hurting you and others? 


The urge to run off and chat about something else and get distracted are high.

Mythic Tarot Greene

KING of Disks/Pentacles/Earth

THis card goes so well with the VIRGO MOON and all the new Earthy TAURUS planets 

KING’s are mature responsible shamans of the earth, wealth, body knowing.

and this specific card rules Late Leo – VIRGO territory

It all fits. Get embodied, the body is very wise and always knows.

Your feedback is most welcomed. Please SHARE GENEROUSLY, 

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1/2/13 Virgo Moon Trine Pluto + Sun,Astrology wealth, health,career Blessings ritual Tara Greene

Jan 2 – just wanted to see if you were paying attention.I had said in a previous post that Wednesday was a quiet day ,sounding like nothing was happening it is mainly a fairly light day. Virgo Moon squares Jupiter in Gemini in night. 

2 nice beneficial TRINES occur from Virgo Moon to Pluto and to Capricorn Sun. Earth trines give blessings on the material plane. Two, TWo, two TRINES from the Virgo Moon to Pluto, God of Riches and wealth and to the Sun- the symbol of gold itself the Source of all Light. Atomic symbol is AUM or OHM.  It’s a Great day to do a blessing ritual for health career and wealth’gold OM

Wealth ritual

So set up an earth circle/alter for attracting wealth, health of course for Virgo and career success. These are  Capricorn Trines.  Use earthy incense, musk, bring a pot of earth into your circle. Call in the 4 directions- starting in East and always move clockwise.-see previous good luck rituals- HOW TO’s

Meditate on what you’d like to achieve, what your body needs to thrive. Is it better diet, exercise, sleep? Is your present job/workplace supporting your highest energy?

Visualize how much money you’d like to earn this year. See yourself as a tree growing branches, how you’d like to expand your business. See the roots growing from your spine deep into the soil. You are bringing up nutrients from the rich soil you are firmly rooted in. Feel the crystals, gold, diamonds in the earth that nourish your entire body, which is the Tree of Life. Stay with this meditation and let it take you where it wants to go. Feel how grounded and centered and rooted and supported you are. At the end take 3 pennies and     

plant  them in the earth as you state your wishes for 2013 career, health, wealth, strength, expansion.

at the end of the meditation ritual, place your earth pot and the 3 pennies in a sunny window and visualize watering it and tending to it every day. If you dont have a sunny window place it in the North- West which is always abundance in Feng- Shui, compass North west.

Write down specific steps, budgets, dates- this is Virgo Moon we’re dealing with, details discipline and organization is necessary.



do the ritual every day will help grow it and make it real.

Mitt Romney,Republican, Mormon, Moron or More Off, Astrology will tell

Mitt Romney Astrology MITT ROMNEY ASTROLOGY CHART click  to view larger

 As a Canadian and as someone who generally stopped watching TV years ago I have to admit I knew nothing about Mitt Romney and his life except for briefly reading Wikipedia details.  I usually prefer to look at a person’s chart without knowing many personal details. I have to confess I abhor church and state mash ups,I am a huge FEMINIST, am anti-corporate, greed pirateering, and totally back Stuart Wilde and DAvid ICKE’ view of the world, whether you see it as alien controlled or just greedy Patriarchal Plutocrat humans..

Mitt Romney was born March 12 1947, 9:51 am in Detroit to a wealthy Mormon family, his father ran for the 1968 presidential election against Nixon. Romney is a 5th Generation Mormon. Perfect for a PISCES, as religion & spirituality is what they are all about.

Pisces is a moody, shifting, chameleon like, absorbing sign; the sign of artists, gurus, genius or madmen, drunks and teetotallers, gurus, secretive, unconscious karmic, addictive personalities. As a Mormon they do not drink or smoke and live by very strict religious beliefs.

Mormons believe in conversion and Romney spent about 2 and half years in France as a missionary baptizing and converting people. Traditionally Mormon’s believe that women have NO SOULS! They are virtually vampires I think to Mormons.  Hence TWILIGHT, written by a Mormon woman in search of her own soul. Church and state should never mix.

Lotsa water, PISCES illusion, delusion, chameleon. GEMINI ASCENDANT –speaks with forked tongue No earth, stealthful, hellishly charming, secretive, good communicator, determined, religious, fundamentalist, power hungry, controlling, unstable, secretive. A wolf or alien in sheep’s clothing, this is the subtle chart of a psychopath.

Mitt Romney

 A very successful and wealthy businessman with Bain capital his company put up the money for Staples. He tithes to the CLDS and earns millions every year form his investments and pays 13% a year tax and has many holdings in specific tax break accounts and off shore holdings. The rich don’t pay taxes!

Romney’s chart shows Mars– his drive and Mercury Retrograde in Pisces in the 11th house with Ceres conjunct the SUN. He can become whatever anyone projects onto him. Is an excellent organized manager and conceptualizes in an outside the box sort of way with Mercury Retrograde.

 His Moon, his instincts, feelings, unconscious is in SCORPIO exactly conjunct JUPITER planet of do it big, higher education, proselytizers, hypocrites, connecting with foreigners, teachers. That means Romney is a person who can be extremely SCORPIONIC – ruthless, controlling, power hungry, devious, secretive, kinky BIG TIME.

He is after BIG POWER and the Moon and Jupiter Trine his Pisces Sun; my gut feeling is that the BIGGER the HOLIER THAN THOU PERSONA, the DEEPER AND DARKER IS THE BIG BLACK HOLE of corruption and shame he carries.

Romney’s Ascendant is 1 degree GEMINI so this is a youthful looking, and unless he has had plastic surgery he appears much more youthful than his 65 years. Gemini is the dual sign of the mind, communicators, but they always have that angel devil side to them. I see him as a ghoul in priest’s clothing. Very dangerous. Can’t you see it?

Interestingly his North Node is at 5 degrees Gemini in his first house of “Self” so he is meant to develop into that learning about duality thing that Gemini does.

Uranus at 17 Gemini in the first house indicating he can be rebellious, definitely his own unique individual. HE wants to do things, like the Frank Sinatra sing “MY WAY.”

Romney has no planets in EARTH in his chart. Which is interesting for someone who is working with real material assets, wealth, property etc. Often when one is lacking an element they over compensate. It literally means he is not very grounded especially with all that WATER PISCES SCORPIO stuff.

The ONLY earth something he has in his entire chart is LILLITH. That makes me laugh, I was wondering before I started to look at his chart where his HATRED OF WOMEN comes from and BANG there it is! LILLITH the ORIGINAL WOMAN preceding EVE. She is his main modus operendi.

Lillith Astrology

see my LINK about LILLITH- from my forthcoming BOOK –

SO ROMNEY HATES WOMEN’s POWER, THEIR SEXUALITY- let’s  face the facts!  ITs his own psychological dilemma and he defends it by backing  his “religious beliefs”. And the women unconsciously agree to be slaves to the master males. DO YOU?
This is so totally backwards, in the 21st century.

His hatred of women, his illusory, beliefs about abortion about negating women having rights to choice in their life is utterly delusional, PISCES delusional. It’s all about GUN control. the penis is a weapon, a gun, a death dealing,anti-life, G*d fear of women.

He has Saturn RETROGRADE conjunct PLUTO RETROGRADE both in LEO at the bottom, roots, and foundation of his chart. He comes from wealth, tradition, prestige; he does not know what it is like to be an ordinary person. ROMNEY is one big rich windbag of EGO, power hungry, self satisfied, smirky, arrogant, entitled, PLUTOCRAT.

VENUS is in AQUARIUS at 8 degrees sandwiched in an opposition between the 2 karmic death bringing malefic planets. He appears detached emotionally in his career Venus ins in his 10th house of worldly fame. He may be clever and a good organizer but he is to the manner born. He looks down on anyone who is not of his lofty ideals in religion in his bedrock conservative, very harsh upbringing. There are some major karmic DAD issues there in his psyche. Venus is the highest elevated planet so wealth, charm, idealism, individualistic. He is ultra conservative for someone with Venus in Aquarius.

 Chiron the wounded healer at 8 degrees Scorpio is square to his PLUTO, his Venus and his Part of Fortune, an Arabic invention, literally the POT OF GOLD at 8 degrees Aquarius. He is vulnerable through his misuse of power to self-undoing, fail for spite that is a SCORPIO thing. He will sting himself. In his arrogance he thinks he can get away with it. But he can’t and his time is up.

Neptune Retrograde at 9 degrees Libra in the 5th house of creativity, self- expression rules his PISCES Mars Mercury and Sun. his drive thinking and ego. So it’s very important.

Neptune forms a GRAND TRINE with unpredictable URANUS and VENUS in the 10th.Watch out for that old tyme religion!

It is easy for MITT to get lost in his detached illusions and sense of personal entitlement.

His Part of Fortune right on the MC in the 10 th house indicates his worldly success rides on young people accepting his ultra-conservative power hungry Plutocratic stance.

They won’t. 

So I urge all the young WOMEN especially to vote for your own rights.Yes OBAMA AD campaign is correct in saying VOTE as if your female parts depend on it. THEY DO!

I will get to how the stars are on election day in the next article.

March 26 Moon Venus Jupiter, Big Love Wish Astrology ritual 2 do


Astrologer Tara Greene and Moon Venus Jupiter MArch 26

Moon Venus Jupiter conjunction

When you wish upon a star,

Makes no difference who you are     watch Linda Ronstadt
Anything your heart desires

Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream

No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue, Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star Your dreams come true

Fate is kind She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true”

sang Jiminy Cricket in Walt Disney’s version of Pinocchio in 1940. This song is totally THE ONE for this special alignment of the Moon, our emotions, longing, feelings Venus, Love, and Jupiter big gifts! in Taurus this evening. {Tropical astrology}

Venus IS that beautiful Evening “Star” Planet of women, love, art, beauty, luxury, values, considered to BE the Goddess herself by the Ancient Greeks, Venus is in her home domain of earthy, practical, sensual, real, “the tools” TAURUS. She is at her strongest now.

Jupiter, King of the Gods, the Big Kahuna, distributes Good, Optimism, High Hopes, adventure, he’s kind of like Santa Claus, Jovial, upbeat, he’s the good humour man. When Jupiter crosses your sign once every twelve years is your Big Lucky Time! You wanna do it big? You invoke King Jupiter. Jupiter loves foreigners, travel.

The Moon, the planet of women, the ocean’s tides, everyone’s moods, feelings, instincts; unconscious motivations, bringer of dreams, sex, {usually at night} fantasies, reveries, rules cycles of time, and fertility. Werewolves too.

Put ’em all together and you’ve got one sweet fat chance at a Make a wish Love- In

At twilight go outside in the west you’ll see the brighter one closest to the moon is Venus, Jupiter is below and they will all be hanging under Underneath the umbrella of the very famous 7 stars known as the Pleiades.

The Pleiades are among the first stars mentioned in literature, appearing in Chinese annals of around 2350 BC, Called MAO. Spoken of in the Bible, as Khimah, and known to Arabic Astronomers, and in Iran. In Pakistan Urdu language their name “Parvinmeans Beauty. The Ancient Greek Hesiod noted them in 1000 BC as did Homer in the Iliad, they called them the flock of doves.

The Lakota Native American peoples and Aborigines in Australia claim their ancestors were star people who came from the Pleiades.The Japanese carmaker Subaru is named after the 7 stars in their honor.  In Theosophy the 7 sisters focus the 7 spiritual rays. The Billy Meir case claims he was contacted by Pleiadians.

Many famous channellers claim to receive messages from these stars, Barabara Hand Clow and Barbara Marciniak and many many others.


Venus is the Dove symbol of Peace and Love

You will need some corn meal if you have some, you can substitute popping corn, if you don’t have these you can use rice,

Go outside and face west, see the moon venus Jupiter and the Pleiades.

Draw a circle of white light around you on the ground or make a real cirle in the earth,

call in the 4 elements and the 4 directions starting in the East.

Give thanks for the beauty you see before you,

Close your eyes and begin to breathe slower, and watch your breath,

Be aware of your in breath and out breath,

Open your eyes again and give thanks for the beauty of the Moon Venus and Jupiter and the 7 stars, you see before you,

focus your attention on yuor heart chakra, atthe ventre of your chest, feel the warmth,feel your heart-beat,

Holding the grains of corn or rice in your left hand, place it upon your heart,

Breathe into your heart, feel your heart expand,

Bring your right hand up and cross it over your left so that your hand makes wings over your heart chakra

Take as much time as you like to do this,

When you feel ready, and with real depth and emotion, from your heart true, say

I give thanks for the unconditional love and beauty of my Beloved,

He/she is within my heart, within my spirit,

Within my body within my soul,

Within my mind,

From all time, for all time,

We are eternally One, in love, joyous,

Giving and receiving the abundance

Of all the blessings of the universe

For ourselves and for the benefit of all others.

In the prayers we always say thanks for what already IS

Even if it seems you are all alone, destitute, unloved, a failure,

That is only the apparent dream/reality

It is not the entire truth of who you are,

So it is best to be open and non-specific, allow the Universe to take care of it,

You can say prayers for anyone yoou feel needs healing or extra love and light,

Thak the elemental spirits and directions for being with you as witness in your circle

send them back to their directions with love,

when you feel ready your candle should  be extinguished, but never blown upon,

When you are finished, you give sincere thanks of gratitude and offer the corn or rice

To the Mother Earth as a thanks giving return offering. For there is always a give and take.

State SO MOTE IT BE! Say the circle is opne but unbroken and step out of or collapse your energy circle.

 Go enjoy some sinfully rich deserts, Venus Jupiter in Taurus love that.

Be sure that under this powerful Moon Venus Jupiter Pleiades conjunction

Your Practical,  earthy, sensual wishes will be answered.

VENUS is the Real hi lite of 2012.

All the psudo-hype over the end of the Mayan calendar is an actual falsehood, that Galactic Centre alignment stuff happens every year,

One of the events that the ancient Mayan foretold is the crossing of Venus in front of the Sun on June 5-6 2012.

So better start working with the Goddess now.

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 here’s the FUNKY You’re a shinin Star

by Earth Wind and Fire to wrap up with


The real secret now,Grand Trine Bono Benefits all week Astrology Meditation spiritual advice Tara Greene

as good as it gets

 click on astrology chart of Grand Earth Trine to see larger

Well the moon isn’t in the 7th house but some of this song is right  “  Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of ” …  

 Actually its  Not the Age of Aquarius starting but it is a SUPER GRAND TRINE with VENUS, JUPITER, MARS AND PLUTO . Created with planets 120 degrees apart,VENUS and JUPITER conjunct in Taurus, MARS Retrograde in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn form a GRAND TRINE in EARTH SIGNS at 9 degrees and Grand it is as it harmoniously combines all the planetary energies working together. Venus=Love, Beauty and Wealth. Jupiter is expansion,Benefits,positive energy. Mars { even retrograde is drive and Pluto is soul power in one earthy trifecta.

This may be one of the best wealth blessing arrangements ever, about as good as it gets! It basically lasts all week to my reckoning. This is the REAL SECRET. Brings Bono, that means GOOD in Latin blessings

NUMBER 9 NUMBER 9 NUMBER 9    is the #

no not that wacky revolutionary Beatles song. The Grand Trines have all the main players/planets on the 9th degree. Not the 10th degree. The number 9 is the number of completion. In the Tarot #9 is The Hermit and the Earth sign of Virgo.

3 x 3 = 9  Triple 9, Triplets always symbolize the triple Goddess.

This wonderfully rich yummy combo begins with JUPITER in TAURUS TRINE to PLUTO in Capricorn  Monday March 12 @ 9:43 pm PDT/ Which is a 3/12/12 numerology. see my YOUTUBE video

1. Jupiter Trines Pluto on Tues. March 13 @ 12:43 am EDT

All Trines are Great but this is EXTRA  good, Jupiter is Zeus, Jove, like Santa Claus, Mr. Big and Pluto is sex, power, riches, depth, change. But this is BIG GOOD over the top and REAL in Capricorn and Taurus.sensuous..

March 13 @ 2:54 am EDT until the 15th @ 6:24 am MOON, the mood enters SAGITTARIUS, Ruled by Jupiter  

The Moon which represents the peoples’ moods the unconscious feelings will be out of element and in quincunx to all this beautiful earthy sensual triney energy.  Sagittarius is known for idealism, truth, higher knowledge. Our Galactic Center is in the sign of Sagittarius. This describes a need to understand that the Body, Venus’ temple in Taurus is the vehicle for the Soul { Pluto, the Moon.} 

Tuesday March 13 @ 6:27 pm  PDT/ 9:27 pm EDT Venus, Goddess of wealth and beauty in her home sign of Taurus, TRINES, an easy 120 degree aspect, PLUTO at 9 degrees 22 minutes of CAPRICORN. 

Lord of the underworld wealth and power. See the Goddess of love dripping with diamonds gold jewels and powerfully inescapably desirable, The Queen of Love Sex Power control death and rebirth. In short the Great Goddess in her complete and total  manifestation. We are moths irresistibly drawn to her incandescent beauty.

This aspect begins a massive series of powerful, positive , manifesting energies on the 14th  Between Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto with a bit of time to integrate them and which continues Friday’s wee hours of the morning. 

3. Wed. March 14 { March 13 @ 10:54 pm PDT} @ 1:54 am the planet VENUS, Goddess of love, luxury, relationships, conjuncts you know what that means!  aligns EXACTLY with Jupiter God of BIG abundance, kinda like Santa Claus at 9 degrees 34 minutes of the first earth sign.

March 14

4. Shortly thereafter Venus canoodling with Mr. Big makes it a ménage a trios with another lovely TRINE to Warrior Mars at 9 degrees 39 mins. RETROGRADE of VIRGO, sign of the harvest, land of the Virgin Goddess @ 12:27 am PDT/ 3:27 am EDT.


 Wed. March 14 @ 5:51 am    TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT as Mars Retro in Virgo trines Jupiter

An excellent day to QUIT that job you hate!  Jupiter gives you the courage and confidence to exit that job you truly hate and can’t take it anymore. {thanks S. & S. for asking me this pertinent questions before hand}  Conversely it’s easy to hold back the indulging with Mars Retrograde and can be used to plan a great budget or adopt a new health regime. 

Later that day…. Mars TRINES Pluto @ 8:24 pm. EDT

This one is interesting as these two planets both rule Scorpio. Mars is the traditional ruler Pluto the modern one. Mars retrograde is considered more powerful by Vedic astrologers it is brighter and closer to us,and this makes observational sense to me. Mars Retrograde is the sergeant rethinking their battle plans. A good thing. retrograde are only considered bad from a patriarchal, goal oriented, the results are all that counts viewpoint, very masculine. The easy blending of the two planets energies with Venus and Jupiter certainly balances things out in a beautiful way. How does it pan out?

Earthquakes are one manifestation. Budgets being cut, and extreme measures to balance economies. Women having their day in court over the recent abortion issues as Jupiter rules sacred law. New laws being put into place to recycle and gaining wealth from recycling, as Pluto rules garbage refuse. Mars and Pluto rule the military,and attempt at diplomacy and peace will be tried with Syria, Iran, Israel, etc. Issues about what to do with nuclear waste, Fukushima at the one year anniversary. Increased military spending and or cut backs. Tougher laws for pornography, easing laws for prostitution.

MARCH 15  Thursday THE IDES of MARCH

Thursday Vendredi in French is the day dedicated always to VENUS. So this harmony also helps to increase the benefits.  

Moon enters Capricorn @ 6:24 am EDT this day,

This is the aspect that grounds the inspiration of the VENUS PLUTO JUPITER MARS TRINE energy and activates it. Because the Moon is the emotions, the unconscious, the complete balance and integration.  

Capricorn Moon first Trines Mars @ 7:18 pm PDT/10:18 pm EDT Moon conjuncts Pluto @ 8:00 pm  PDT/11:00 pm EDT 

MOON trines Jupiter @ 9:00 pm PDT  

 Fri March 16 

Capricorn Moon trines Jupiter @ 12:00 am EDT Capricorn Moon trines Venus @ 12:11 am PDT/ 3:11 am EDT

 For me the moon in earth signs completes all the trines again makes this  a Full Royal Flush!  


The Trine benefits you the most personally if you are born:  April 28- April 30 is Exact – May 1st TAURUS 

If you are born  Aug 30- Sept 1st Exact –Sept 3 VIRGO 

If you are born Dec. 29 – Dec 31 is Exact –Jan 1 CAPRICORN 

everybody benefits but especially All EARTH signs and WATER SIGNS TOO 

IN sextile  If you are a CANCER born at around June 29 -July 1 -EXACT- July -2

  All PISCES born around Feb.  28-29 degrees,

All SCORPIO’s born from Oct 30,  NOV 1 is EXACT-Nov.3rd  at around 10 degrees into the sign.  




 You will need to ally yourself with these planets. You use the materials that work with the planets. Copper, is Venus’s metal. Jupiter’s metal is Tin, Mars is Iron, so I would bring in anything made up of these elements into your ritual ceremony.

Wear something with copper, and in the colours of the planets. Venus’s colors are greens and blues, Jupiter is Royal purple,Mars is red of course.  We will use 9 pennies in this ceremony for ease and convenience.  

You could buy flowers in these colours as an offering to the gods, Iris, roses, and the like.  It would be best to do this ceremony outside at night when you can see Jupiter and Venus and Mars in the sky and it is ideal to have some land, in a park, backyard or on the land somewhere. If that’snot possible just get a pot and fill it with earth, NOT vermiculite it has asbestos in it. 

1. Get some lovely incense, smudge a native American cedar sweet grass and sage mix which is burned in a shell or cleanse yourself with incense. Take some deep breaths. Relax and let go of your usual mundane thoughts. You are stepping into an alternative consciousness, a sacred space. 

2. Create a circle. You can place symbols to anchor the 4 elements,, a candle,, a potted plant, 3. air, incense burning, 4. water ,a glass a cup or chalice of water. 

In this circle today we will also draw, or cast a pyramid. We are working with Trine, threes. 

2. Call upon the planets Venus Jupiter Mars and Pluto. Thanks them for their magnificence and benevolence. With your 9 pennies in your think and feel what is the most blessings you can have in your life. Money, a home, material success, wealth, health. Visualize what you wish. Breath on the coins and place them or plant them in the ground or in your pot of earth.  Feel fervently your wishes being blessed and answered. Say so mote it be, at the end.

Do this ritual at least three times n total: Tues. March 13  -Wed and Thursday or Wed. Thursday and Friday.

This is such a beautiful energy. Actually it’s early on the 14th. i am sorry i am late, actually my stomach had bothered me the last few days so I didnt get this out as early as I had wanted to . My family and I went out Tuesday night and did the first part of the ritual, it was great and it will continue to deepen.

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I’d love to know how this ritual feels to you.