Mars in Pisces, enhanced psychic, lucid dreams now

I didn’t write about Mars in Pisces Dec. 19- Jan. 27, 17 and will do so now. MERCURY RETROGRADE right?

MARS in PISCES is the spiritual Warrior and the water protectors at the #NoDAPL who brings light and love into the battle.

Our intuition, telepathy, and sensitivity to others’ feelings will be really heightened as well as our LUCID DREAMING abilities because Mars activates Pisces’ watery soulful depths.

Mars- the action planet, is the God of WAR, in Pisces is a powerful NEPTUNE and Jupiter ruled buccaneer/pirate sailing Pisces oceanic world.

Mars in PIsces, astrology tara Greene

Illustration of pirates and buccaneers by Howard Pyle

PISCES is Bliss and confusion, enlightenment or illusion, addictions and denial.

You will feel all fogged up and sloshed. Especially Aries’ and SCORPIO’s who are ruled by planet Mars and usually get right down to it.

PISCES can be whiny, poor me, self- fuck ups, martyrs.  The Democrats may be going through a lot of this right now. See it for what it is- and let it go.

Mars’  libido will be soggy. But if you can find a water-bed it’d be great or at least romantic Oceanside it could float.

MERMAID and Merman time. Remember ATLANTIS in your cellular memories, it’s all there in your Pisces 12th house of the unconscious.

Marsin PIsces, Neptune, tara Greene, Astrology

Everybody’s got Pisces in their natal chart and a 12th house too. Check out where the self-indulgence poor me whining will be coming from.

ESCAPISM will run rampant during this time, denial, delusion, false prophets, we can surely see this happening now.

MARS in PISCES is a creative time

Use the time to be creative, go to art galleries, learn to appreciate art, write poetry, make music, movies, photography are all in Pisces’ realm.

DO be very careful with drinking and drugs as Mars’ influence is to act like a tough soldier in Pisces it is all too easy to overdoing it especially during holiday season. DO BE CAREFUL ON New Year’s Eve as MARS will be conjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES! 


Mars in Pisces IS about being a  big psychic sponge. The need for boundaries is very important. 

BE careful in LOVE as MARS in PISCES shoots those love arrows of total projection and unreality during this time. You are in love with love and searching for a soul mate but you will most likely pick an illusion. 


It is Christmas time and ultimately it is about what you give rather than what you receive. Do charity work.  You will feel ultra sensitive to the 30,000 children dying every day from various causes. The pain and suffering of humanity may feel overwhelming and your heart may feel too pained.

This time of the year is always very dark and heavy as the family cheer expectations are high. Getting together because of ritual with dysfunctional family members is difficult.

The PISCES lesson is that we are ALL ONE. We came from the same source. We need to meditate and work with our dreams which will be much more lucid during this time period.

10 POSITIVE things to do with MARS IN PISCES 


Being aware that you are reacting from ego makes you conscious. You can choose to act from soul instead of ego.


Mars is in Pisces gives courage to trust you intuition. Practice making decisions based on sensations, feelings, synchronicity.  Work with your dreams consciously and actively. Incubate your dreams, keep dream journals, take time out to daydream.


Make sure you have strong boundaries in place so as not to feel overwhelmed. Create these by intention. Call in the archangels to protect you.


Draw the active aggressive energies inwards to seek answers. Meditate every day for 20 minutes. You will feel clearer. Visualize a world of peace daily. A world where we can all know and feel we are all ONE. 

5. MARTYRDOM/Victims 


Mars in Pisces rules martyrs. Like the Hanged Man in the Tarot #12.  Sit and think about where you have allowed yourself to be a victim/ martyr in your life. Write down the situations and with whom. Trace back why you have surrendered to giving up your self to others who abuse you. Forgiveness comes later.


It’s like that river in Egypt. denial. Mars in Pisces is escapism. Do you pretend the problem isn’t there?  Look at your excuses. What are you hiding from? What are you afraid of? The cure is in the denied emotions.

7. ADDICTIONS/False Prophets

What false prophets do you worship? Movie stars? Porn? The almighty dollar? Status? Love?  Look at why you think you need these things and why you feel inadequate without them.  What pain, or inner black hole are you attempting to escape from? This is a great time to go to rehab and deal with your own demons.


Mars in Pisces is Tantric sexuality. Be God. Be the Goddess. Create, make love. This is sacred sexuality. Women teach men how to worship the Goddess.


Give of yourself to someone more needy. Help out at a food bank. Donate money. Be kind and generous. Give away what you don’t need. Be good to yourself without ego. 


Pisces rules the Oceans which are polluted. Be conscious that your body is 70% water. Dr. Emoto wrote about the power of positive emotions to change water. Get involved to protect water rights.  Stop using bottled plastic water. Help save ocean species. Do prayers for the water.  Please pray for the Water protectors now. 

FAMOUS MARS IN PISCES peeps Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe,Mars in PIsces, Tara Greene astrology







Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tina  Turner, Billie Holiday, Ava Gardner, Sarah Michelle Gellar,



Jared Leto,  Heath Ledger,  Tom Hanks, Tom Hiddleston,  Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington,  Steve McQueen, Joseph Gordon- Levitt,Emily Blunt, 


Bob Dylan, Bono Vox of U2, Adam Levine, Elton John, Enrico Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Johnny Cash,

Artists and others

David Beckham, Che Guevara, Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo, Simon De Beauvoir, Gertrude Stein, Aristotle Onassis, made a fortune with ocean shipping, Keith Haring, 

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Victory is here. Monday is quirky

So happy to hear that the Dakota Access Pipeline has been halted at Standing Rock. The U>S. Army Core Engineers did not allow easement for the pipeline to be built under a Lake on their sacred lands. The order came from President Obama at the 11th hour. The months and months of thousands of water protectors from hundreds of indigenous tribes encamped in North Dakota sung What is Life in their native Lakota language upon hearing the great decision.

The natives voices were heard. This is a first and a wonderful sign that peaceful activists can move mountains. This is HUGE. Activists from Hollywood made prominent displays of support for the indigenous people. But what happens Jan 20th when Trump becomes president? Trump is invested in the company that is building the pipeline. He doesn’t believe in preserving the environment and wants to keep big dirty oil going as it makes jobs supposedly.  

Everyone must remain vigilant. 

Moon in Aquarius trine JUPITER in LIBRA certainly adds to the feeling of VIVA LA PEACEFUL REVOLUTION.

Revolutionary Astrology Tara Greene

This is a very revolutionary flavored Monday. ANARCHY is the tone of the day. Strong individual wills will speak up. Chaos is also part of this energy. As these aspects take place whilst you are sleeping in anything east of GMT. 

Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius and conjuncts MARS in AQUARIUS

You may be having RAD DREAMS and restless sleeps.

Sagittarius governs indgenous peoples. They have a real victory to celebrate and


Yes this definitely is the aspects that goes with this Victory. It feels like the dawning of the proverbial Age of Aquarius. While no one actually knows when the Age of Aquarius begins, different astrologers propose different time lines. Every 2,160 years the Sun passes through each constellation moving backwards in the natural order. The Age of PISCES began when Christ was born, that is why he has the symbol of the fishes. It’s always all about Astrology/Astronomy folks and it always has been that way.  

Feel free to raise your fist in the air and get out you sage and do a little victory dance against the powers that be. Let your freak flag fly. Put John Lennon’s Revolution on repeat. Listen to HAIR. 

Moon sexties URANUS the planet which governs the sign of REVOLUTION And FREEDOM and we are all on the same planet together and are all born of women- AQUARIUS. 

Wow this is truly a URANIAN day. 

Moon goes Void of course at 3:23 am PST/6:23 am EST/ 11:23 am GMT


so just kinda chill and reflect and celebrate. 

Moon enters mellow emotional psychic sensitive dreamy creative PISCES @ 11:31 pm PST etc.

We have until Thursday Morning to be bathing in PISCEAN waters of the unconscious. A lovely empathic, intuitive time. REALLY DO LISTEN TO YOUR DREAMS. 

gotta go, 

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