Weekly Astrology January 18-24

Jan. 18 ARIES MOON starts a whole new lunar cycle


Aquarius and MARS are the big action sign and planet this week plus JUPITER and SUN SATURN at weeks end.

The week is dominated by AIR and EARTH elements. You must have your mind and nody working together. No talking heads split off stuff.


Its your time 11th sign. More Aquarian energies. There is optimism of change and radical ideas in the air. Bold new moves ahead. Breakout of old patterns.


this is the most exciting disruptive day of the year. You think there is no such thing as coincidence? Expect unusual things and it can also be very dangerous. Mass shootings bombings and protests, volcanic explosions and fire dangers too.

JAN. 22/23 MARS SQUARE JUPITER in AQUARIUS **11:49 pm PST/ 23 @ 2:49 am

Old traditional values clash with higher ideals for groups.


A lovely romantic spiritual creative ideal energy.ENJOY it.


Restrictions on new ideas, cryptocurrency pull back, building a new paradigm, groups, breathing fresh air and a more inclusive societal idealism.

HOROSCOPES based on SUN SIGN placements

If you know your Moon and Rising please use them too


Prepare for wild shocks, impatience, anger and frustration in your solar 2nd house of values and resources as MARS and URANUS sock it to you. Upbeat energies on the 22/23 along with some much needed humour use the expansive energy in a positive way.


You are in the thick of it. Mars ramming into Uranus in TAURUS will energize you, turning you into a Raging Bull, stamping your feet and getting ready to charge or defending your property for deal life. Pick your battles carefully. Focus on career on the 22/23rd when there are more benevolent energies.


An explosion is going in your unconscious. Radical new ideas blowup so be sure to catch then and write them down. Pay attention to your dreams and gut feelings this week for new clues as to how to reinvent yourself. Education plays a big role, enroll in online courses.


Connecting with others through social media, organizing and reaching out expands your circle in beautiful and practical ways. Finances may go topsy turvy, check on investments. It will be an emotional roller coaster just remember to breath and detach from it all.


Relationship issues, the shit may hit the fan. Beware of enraged ex’s. Career and social status may need emergency PR repair. You have to learn to share the power in love and in your ambition, career and on the stage of life. It could expand your happiness and heart.


Your health, as always is a worry for you. Try to change your diet and lifestyle. Your digestion may be very unstable this week. Eat minimally and simply to combat discomfort. Reach out to those in your community who may need assistance. Teaching or studying new courses gets you out of a rut.


The chaos is in your 5th house of love affairs and children where you fear that the most. Expect unexpected ideas and creative urges. Also Unexpected pregnancy alert. Take precautions. Not everyone is alone. Financial resources may be in chaos get a handle on those. Unexpected anger from past and present love changes needs a mode of expression.


Deep chaos at home which can be literal be something structural the foundation, or in the air ducts, air conditioning. Get them cleaned. Serious relationship may be ending. There is unexpected anger, rage, revenge. You can drop the nice mask and be more authentic Use this as a time to work through your old shadow material to come out clearer.


Thinking about things in radical new ways can be very exciting as you always seek adventure. Your perspectives are changing radically stay with that and you will feel better than you have in a long time. Your health and diet routine needs to be more disciplined and stable. Speak your truth without making enemies by being too blunt.


Resources, finances and self identity is being questioned. You are not happy with things being so chaotic and out of control. It drives your Capricorn need to be in control crazy. Old patterns are not going to be profitable anymore. Your love life is getting a make over. This can be positive you need to shake up the old patterns.


You are the eye of it must be feeling elated. Mars ramming into URANUS can give you strength and wake you up as to what needs to be taken care of practicaly. Pay attention to your personal space, your home. Retrace your childhood roots and ancestors. Renovation or redecoration would be a good way to feel more balanced.


Communicating old anger issues will help empower you in a huge way. Deep unconscious radical changes are happening which may take time to flesh out. Old anger or rage from abuses should be voiced, written down or turned into a creative expressive project a song, a play a poem. Don’t be afraid of nightmares call in yoru guardian angels to protect you.


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<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><strong>Birthdays Jan. 18 A.A. Milne writer of Winnie the Pooh Sci-Fi Robert Anton Wilson; actors Jason Segal, Kevin Costner, Cary Grant, Danny Kaye; film John Boorman, sound Ray Dolby; singers Bobby Goldsboro, David Ruffin; Philip Stark designer, Gilles Villeneuve, Canadian car racer</strong>Birthdays Jan. 18 A.A. Milne writer of Winnie the Pooh Sci-Fi Robert Anton Wilson; actors Jason Segal, Kevin Costner, Cary Grant, Danny Kaye; film John Boorman, sound Ray Dolby; singers Bobby Goldsboro, David Ruffin; Philip Stark designer, Gilles Villeneuve, Canadian car racer

Scorpio transformation time

Greetings. I was at the 1,000 Goddesses Gathering today in Washington D.C. and it felt awesomely powerful.

Goddess gathering Washington DC Tara Greene

1,000 Goddess Gathering note the rainbow

The 1,000 Goddess Gathering originates from a story or myth that states: When 1,000 Tara’s, the Hindu/Tibetan Mother Goddess of compassion, gather together then the Divine Feminine will be anchored.This Gathering was to bring the thousand Tara’s or Compassionate one’s together to anchor the Divine Feminine to help heal the earth for all the children. We gathered in Washington and there were other satellite gatherings in San Cristobal de las Casas and other cities in the U.S. and in Canada so that all the Goddess energy was combined and amplified.

Mare Cromwell, author of The Great Mother Bible, received the vision to create this event before the election in the U.S. from Gaia, Mother Earth herself in July.  Mare had received a vision that terrible cataclysms were coming to devastate the earth because the earth herself, Gaia’s four elements are way out of balance from pollution of the oceans, the air and the earth from fracking to remove oil. Native Americans who worship Mother Earth see oil as her blood. Another horrific vision of humanity’s future which mirrored Mare’s dire warning was from, Yeye Osun an African healer and visionary who was told to see the Tibetan Oracle for verification. She did and was told she needs to start balancing the four elemental mothers. Her vision was blessed by The Dalai Lama himself.

The Divine Feminine is the energy of compassion, Love, nurturing, and it lives within each one of us, women and men. We are all born from the wombs of our mothers. We must honor the mother principle.The Divine Feminine has been dishonored for thousands of years. We are on the verge of ecological doom from the greed of the patriarchal 1% corporations who have created this culture of oil dependency, consumerism, and the domination of women and who seek world domination precisely because they have split themselves off from the feminine. 

The day consisted of much ceremony at the 4 elemental mothers. There was much singing by Pamela Gerrand and Ama Chandra, drumming, a wailing wall, healing, intention setting, chocolate, and a spiral dance to the Great Mother sculpture at the center and raising the energy to heal the earth and all the children.

It was amazing to be there. Mare is so grounded and YeYe invoked very powerful prayers for all the elements. There were men there as well acting as Sacred Guardians. The men were called into the circle to ask forgiveness of the Great Mother by YeYe’s husband who led the men to take vows to protect and defend the goddesses and to integrate the sacred feminine into their own beings. 

The whole point is we need to transform the way we have been living is necessary. There are ancient prophecies about the Earth Mother needing to stop the destruction that some of her children are wreaking upon her. If we start to honor the Mother, honor Nature Honor the Divine Feminine we can hopefully but the four elements back into balance. 

We are now under Scorpio energy. A time of letting go and dying to the old to create the new.  Will write more about Scorpio soon. Am on the road back home again on Sunday.

It felt so peaceful and powerful in Washington. D.C. I hope you felt that energy. We sent it out to heal and renew the world.

There is live stream footage on Mare Cromwell’s page on FB



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Comfort foods, wet,hard Astro aspects.

Oct 21. Under a soupy warm and sentimental CANCER lunar energies until Saturday afternoon makes us sentimental and want to stay home. Which would be a good idea under this tense aspects with MARS and PLUTO still in effect.  Get on the bus and protect women, the children and your own inner child. There is a square from Jupiter in EDT in the wee hours which should bring pleasant dreams of travel, winning lotteries, meeting great teachers and humor. 

COMFORT FOOD is called for.

Confort Food astrology Tara greene

A Cancer Astro pie

What’s your favorite Comfort food? I like Chicken soup.

There is a square from Jupiter in EDT in the wee hours which should bring pleasant dreams of travel, winning lotteries, meeting great teachers and humor. 

Then there’s a syrupy Moon-Neptune trine

You may be wildly out there in some other dimension.

Be careful of drinking, driving, distracted by texting etc. Inebriation levels are lower with luna Neptune contacts.

Cancer LUNA inconjuncts SATURN in Sagittarius approaching the Great Attractor again

Don’t try to lie the BS detector is in high alert.

Moon opposes PLUTO in morning in PDT and 3 hours later MARS 

This is the mothering principle versus the corporations and the military. Many people are feeling scared about the world’s situation.  The children in Syria against the war machine. This is a high-risk energy, of people losing their tempers, so do be very watchful wherever you go. Tummy upsets are on high alert also. You can expect strange energy going on in your house. Our basement drain got clogged, plumbing and basements have to do with PLUTO’s Underworld energy.

You can also expect strange energy going on in your house. Our basement drain got clogged, plumbing and basements have to do with PLUTO’s Underworld energy. Or in your car, Cancer in the Tarot is the Chariot.

Cancer Moon trines CHIRON in PISCES in PDT in evening, on 22nd in EDT/ GMT

An opportunity to open up and share vulnerable feelings. This is good for establishing intimacy. Asking for emotional support with an addictions issues is also favored.

Moon squares URANUS later even in PDT/ on 22nd in EDT/GMT

Expect sudden interruptions of chaos. This can also be a lightning bolt from the blue a great EUREKA idea. 

SATURDAY October 22.

Cardinal cross energy continues with CANCER moon squaring MERCURY and SUN in LIBRA.

This aspect always produces tension and friction.

Moon goes Void of Course on the 22nd at 12:14 pm PDT/ 3:14 pm EDT

Moon enters fixed fire LEO @ 12:34 pm PDT/ 3:34 pm EDT/ 7:34 pm GMT.

SUN ENTERS Fixed WATERS of SCORPIO @ 4:46 pm PDT/ 7:46 pm EDT/ 11:46 pm GMT 

Scorpio is the most intense time of the year. Obsession, death, sex, money, power is in the air. More about Scorpio soon.


A hot party positive upbeat fun dance the night away kind of energy.

I’ll be on the road tomorrow. And in Washington D.C. tomorrow evening.

Card of the day 

King of wands Tarot Astrology Tara greene


The King of Wands is the Mature part of fire. He represent the Fire of Fire.  As the last fire sign he is the Sage. His fire and his passion are tempered by experience. He doesn’t just spontaneously erupt like an Aries would do. He isn’t egotistical like Leo. He holds his fiery power and uses it judiciously.  You should learn to do the same. Take the high road with yoru power.

I’ll be on the road tomorrow. And in Washington D.C. tomorrow evening. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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A video I made for the song which I will be presenting at the 1,000 Goddess Gathering 10/22.


Presidential debate under 8 aspects of Gemini moon

So what do the Moon and stars portend for the last Presidential debate October 19?

Trump Clinton Astrology Tara Greene

The Trump and Hillary show by Napoleon Brousseau

Of course, the last debate takes place under a GEMINI Moon, a sign of double-talkers. LOL. The GEMINI Moon is very active today of course, and makes 8 aspects today. The number eight is very auspicious in Chinese numerology.

I love it, synchronicity stuff like this- you can’t make it up.

 Yes, do expect to see those infamous GEMINI qualities in double measure. 

Tune in to watch: Loads of immaturity, the inability to stick to one subject, blaming the other, avoiding taking responsibility, laughing off accusations, transforming oneself into something else, talking tricksters with loads of tricks up their sleeves.

Mercury is the planetary ruler of communications and thieves. The tricksters will be full frontal in both parties. The thing is Donald Trump is actually revealing many truths although he is a bloated, misogynist, narcissist. Hillary and Bill are also in a very sorry state.  I am so sorry that these are the only two options for you. 

The GEMINI Moon is very active today of course and makes 8 aspects today. 

II Moon trines Jupiter in the a.m.

Too much optimism is a good thing? or is it a bad thing?

II Moon squares Neptune in PISCES to give us divergent dreams.

to give us divergent dreams.

Moon conjunct PLUTO early in the a.m. PDT and EST

watch out for high alert anger this morning. 


Trick or truth? That is the question. Tricky Dick to Tricky Trump or Tricky Hillarity.

II Moon inconjuncts PLUTO 

Double the amount of power struggles.

II Moon inconjuncts MARS all talk, all defenses, all anger, War mongering.

all talk, all defenses, all anger, War mongering.


There will be double the amount of hurting words. Trust me.

II Moon squaring CHIRON in PISCES

yes this will be the nastiest battles of  insults, fantasy and illusions, and major projections.

II Moon Trines MERCURY in LIBRA at 6:59 pm PDT

The one who can embroider the prettiest words will balance the budget.

II Moon sextiles URANUS in ARIES 

Expect loads of unexpected twists and turns, chaos, shocking reveals, major threats, explosive expletives needing to be bleeped, initations of revolution, and Donald Trump’s face to be redder than ever, he may blow his toupee. It’ll be one super soap opera. 

It’ll be one wild night. 

Let’s ask the TAROT cards 

The Chariot Tarot Tara Greene

THE CHARIOT Tarot Arcana #7 by Emily Balivet, 2013.

Of course, THE CHARIOT perfectly illustrates the situation. The Chariot is the number 7 which  relates to the laws of cycles, there are 7 days in a week, 7 archetypal ages, 7 chakras, planets etc.  

The Chariots’ symbols are the Chariot and driver,  holding the reigns of the two horses, one black, one white indicating the polar opposites. Male/female, good/bad, them and us. 

The Chariot symbolizes the vehicle, the means that the soul or Higher Self uses to experience lessons. The Vehicle is the emotional body, the sign of Cancer. 

The Chariot is equated with the Sign of CANCER which is America’s Zodiac sign born July 4, 1776. Cancer is the symbol of the MOTHER, the Feminine, women. In this particular Chariot image there is a Female angel, driving the chariot. This symbolizes our guardian angels or Higher selves controlling our emotions. We need to drive by the dictates of our higher selves in order to have perfect balance.

Instead of being divided and having its energy go in two different directions we must have a driver or a unified mission to bring the two wild horses, or instincts under control.

We need to sit and reflect and be receptive, and balanced. Cancer the Chariot is a passive energy although it also symbolizes the Victory lap of the winner. How in synch is that?

Water, Cancer’s element is the universal solvent which dissolves all hardness. Pray for water, pray for fluidity, pray for receptivity to know we are centered and in the driver’s seat in our actions and not reacting or wildly emotionally out of control.

What do you think?

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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I am temporarily blocked on FaceBook for publishing images of centaurs with breasts I think. So stupid. 

Yes I’m driving to Washington D.C. this Friday to be at the 1,000 Goddess Gathering on Saturday October 22nd from 11:00 am- 5:30 pm at the Constitution Gardens by the Washington Monument, I will be holding the energy at the Earth Altar and drumming and chanting there. I will also be presenting a song written by Nancy Ward called Women. I hope you will come and anchor the energy of the Divine Feminine.




“Crazy ‘Bout a Mercury” by Ry Cooder and David Lindley







Scorpio, sex, death and regeneration October 19


Woke up this morning October 15th remembering some ancient angry wound from when I should have stood up for myself and regained what was stolen from me. The ball was in my court and I didn’t realize it. The ball, our consciousness or awareness is always in our court so to speak. I felt very clearly pissed off about what I could have done and didn’t and felt very angry at the person who I trusted who I had been married to and who all of this time, I had believed had not totally betrayed me, but he did.

This is exactly the type of energy that a MARS-PLUTO conjunction will be bringing up now, for individuals and in the collective unconscious. It’s already been in effect for the last few days and will be building up until October 19th when the “atom smashers” get together. 

Mars and Pluto in conjunction bring up ancient unresolved, soul wound  anger and deep resentment from rape, all sexual, and emotional abuses. These are very deeply buried unconscious soul wounds being unearthed now. We can see it in every headline. This is a good thing. In earthy, 10th house of worldly fame, Capricorn, this stems from worldly power,and its abuses by corporations. It’s the Patriarchy raping women, children, and the earth and all of her life forms with its expressed purpose. “To dominate the earth” as it states in Genesis.

We are seeing the abuses of the patriarchy right left and center because they are embedded in every aspect of our culture right down to its roots. We see Donald Trump as one specific sexual abuser and Bill Clinton too. We are also seeing corporate abuses from Hillary Clinton, Wall Street, political cabals, the Federal reserve, the Billdenbergers, Koch brothers, and from many other media owning corporations. Bayer who bought Monsanto, the frakking, profit driven uncaring about the earth, DAP oil pipeline companies, TEPCO in Japan over Fukushima, the water rights abusers etc. etc. The lost goes on and on. 

On the full moon in ARIES with VENUS conjoined to JUNO, the Feminine form of genius in SCORPIO, these two become the final dispositers, the bottom line,for this lunation. 

VENUS and JUNO are inconjunct to the Moon, ERIS, URANUS and CERES the Great Mother. There is a disconnect from the heart and the forces of wisdom and change which is trying to alter our world, to bring in the revolution of the Divine Feminine to save the earth and all her children. 

goddess, Mati Klarwein, Tara Greene


Use the elements of fire, anger, energy, passion, drive, initiation, courage, risk-taking and spiritual faith in the Light to safely release ancient anger buried in your DNA. Allow the anger to surface, it is healing to let it come up.  Allow all the ancient frustration and feeling of helplessness, victimization and revenge to come up. Think about Joan of Arc and all the other women who have been tortured and killed by the patriarchy for thousands of years.  You are connected to all the abuses from Lilith being overthrown and written out of history.  Write them all down, fully feeling it and then burn the paper. This is a very cathartic conversion of the energy.

After you feel, write, beat some cushions, run it off or scream in the woods where no one can hear you and then burn your feelings of righteous anger, hatred, revenge. You need to take a healing bath, use lavender or rose oil, put rose petals in and rose quartz if you have them into the bath. Cleanse yourself from it all.  Use the elements of  fire and water to bring you to balance.

Call upon VENUS, Juno, and VESTA, as powerful Goddesses of wisdom and love. They form a GRAND WATER TRINE {120 degrees} to VESTA Goddess of the hearth at 29 degrees CANCER in a wide trine with CHIRON in PISCES at 21 degrees.

Let the power of LOVE be the stronger, healing balm that is the soul, Scorpio’s deeper meaning conquer all. Love is All.

I will be traveling to Washington D.C. on Friday to take part in the 1,000 Goddess Gathering on October 22nd by the Washington Monument. I will be holding the energy for the Earth altar and offering sound and energy healing. I will also be presenting a song which I hope everyone will participate in singing.  I am so excited to be going with some wonderful Goddesses, my dear friend Linda, a great mother, and amazing abundance pixie, and writer and facilitator Teri Degler. 

My beautiful friend Pamela Gerrand will be singing her song Love Is All at the closing ceremonies on Saturday. This is a one day only event. If you can get to WASHINGTON D.C. on October 22 do come. I feel this will be stupendous to embody one of the thousand Goddesses to anchor the Divine Feminine. According to Tibetan myth “When a thousand Tara’s gather, the Divine Feminine will be anchored. ”  The event was created by Award winning writer Mare Cromwell, she was guided by the great Mother, Gaia to create this event before election day.  There are satellite ceremonies being held in San Cristobal de las Casa in Mexico, and other places. If you can’t come to Washington please organize your own gathering of women and men who honor the Feminine and get in contact with Mare.  For more info:

The event was created by Award winning writer Mare Cromwell, she was guided by the great Mother, Gaia to create this event before election day.  There are satellite ceremonies being held in San Cristobal de las Casa in Mexico, and other places. If you can’t come to Washington please organize your own gathering of women and men who honor the Feminine and get in contact with Mare.  For more info:


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Love Is All by Pamela Jane Gerrand

Famous sexy Scorpio celebrities and more


soul ecology study 1998 Charcoal on Arches paper Napoleon Brousseau

Most people shudder and step back from those blazingly intense X-Ray vision eyes if someone says that is the sign they were born under.  The charismatically dark, obsessive, secretive, dressed all in black, wearing sunglasses at night,  8th house types most likely won’t even tell you that is their sign anyways.  

Oct. 23 Welcome to Scorpio time.  Intensely soulful and obsessively, relentlessly, transformative. 

Halloween Sabats, witches casting spells that is all Scorpio energy. Graveyards, bewitching, mesmerizing. Writing this blog is my obsession, I cant quit..No matter how tired I am I must write daily. 

What’s your obsession?

Have a seat, it’s Scorpio Time.

-sexy, Goth, fascinated with death, secretive, power-hungry, spys, shared resources, taxes, wills, ZOMBIES, shit, garbage, pornography, transformation, death-eaters, cannibals, necrophiliac’s, undertakers, horror movies,vampires, blood, semen, orgasms, metaphysics, serial killers, torture, water-boarding, the sacred “other.” and that infamous Scorpion sting. 

Scorpio’s boiling hot revengeful emotions may leave you with PTSD

will scald you to the bone, Scorpio timez ain’t light, they’re a heavier tome,

they  play detective, use handcuffs,s & m, pornography, GOTH and EMO culture,

hi financial rollers, stocks, bonds, OPM – other  people’s money, inheritance, 

I like the OPM pun- yes dangerous drugs, OD-ing, suicides, depression, and drugs taken to hide the symptoms.

Rules body parts

colon, sex organs, clitoris, penis, anus, prostate and their afflictions. STD, gonorrhea, AIDS,

COLORS, Black, dark brown, carmine red,

Halloween occurs in Scorpio time, as does the DAY OF THE DEAD, Zombies! welcome to my Nightmare.

We are under the dictatorship rule of planets MARS traditional ruler and PLUTO modern-day ruler.

MORE Cool, or is that cruel? SCORPIO STUFF

Careers – Insurance, pharmaceuticals, debts, actuaries, scientific research, locksmiths, butchers, doctor’s, tax collectors, pawn shops, undertakers, psychologists,

SCORPIO countries-You living in a SCORPIO place?

Algeria, Bavaria, Catalonia, Spain, SYRIA, South Africa, Korea, Morocco, Norway, Paraguay,

SCORPIO cities: 

Washington, D.C. ,Baltimore, MD, New Orleans, Milwaukee, WI. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada,

Frankfurt, Germany, Fez, Morocco, Messina, Sicily, Newcastle, Dover, Hull and  Liverpool.

Where the planetary rulers are has a strong influence on this years’ Scorpio season. Scorpio time is a regeneration time. TAURUS is in the opposing corner, Leo and Aquarius – in square mode, these Fixed signs are always pushing on each other. 


Oct. 23 Johnny Carson, TV Star, Pele, soccer player. Weird Al Yankovic,

Oct 24 PewDie Pie YOU TUBER, Drake, Rapper, 

Oct 25 Katy Perry, Pablo Picasso, Ryan Reynolds,  

Oct. 26 Hilary Clinton, Keith Urban, singer, 

Oct 27 Sylvia Plath, writer, 

Oct. 28 Caitlyn Jenner formerly Bruce, Bill Gates,  Julia Roberts, Joaquin Phoenix, 

Oct. 31 Vermeer, Dutch Painter, 

Nov. 2 Marie Antoinette, K. D. Laing, singer, 

Nov. 4 Matthew McConaughey

Nov. 5 Vivien Leigh,- Gone With The Wind. Bryan Adams, singer, 

Nov. 6 Emma Stone, Maria Shriver, Sally Field

Nov. 7 Albert Camus, Marie Curie who discovered radioactivity, a Scorpio related trait.  Joni Mitchell 

Nov. 8 Gordon Ramsey, chef, Bonnie Raitt, singer, 

Nov. 10 Richard Burton, actor. 

Nov. 11 Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, Dostoyevsky, 

Nov. 12 Grace Kelly, Ryan Gosling, Charles Manson, Anne Hathaway, Neil Young, 

Nov. 13 Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Kimmel, 

Nov. 14 Prince Charles , Josh Duhamel, Veronica Lake, actress,

Nov. 17 Rachel McAdams, RuPaul, Martin Scorsese, 

Nov. 18 Alan Moore, writer, Owen Wilson, 

Nov. 19 Jodie Foster, Joe Biden, 

Nov. 21 Bjork, Voltaire, Goldie Hawn, Rene Magritte, artist,

Nov. 22 Scarlett Johansson, Oscar Pistorius, murderer. Jamie Lee Curtis, 

I found it interesting that out of 56 Scorpios, 5 are very famous Canadian singers. And a  couple of famous Canadian actors too. Do you know which ones are CANUCK SCORPIOS? Lots of comedians too, the barbed wit. Who are your faves? 


All writing is copyright TARA GREENE

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