Vesta, Grand Earth Trine, Pluto Retrograde

April 18 It’s the last day of ARIES SUN as SOL enters Taurus April 19 @ 8:29 am PDT/ 11:29 an EDT

Mars, ARIES and SCORPIO’s ruler just went Retrograde April 17- June 29th.

Aries and Scorpio peeps will feel the energy slump. Check out which houses the Mars RETROGRADE is occurring.

PLUTO goes RETROGRADE APRIL 18 @ 17+ degrees CAPRICORN 12:25 a.m. PDT/ 3:25 am EDT/ 7:25 am GMT

 A GRAND EARTH TRINE forms within 2.5 hours  in the early morning

The VIRGIN Moon, Mercury conjuncts GODDESS VESTA and TRINES PLUTO @ 17+ degrees. 

Vesta/Hestia, Goddesses, tara Greene

Grand Earth Trine horoscopes Tara Greene

The VIRGIN Moon, Mercury conjunct VESTA all Trine to PLUTO Rx.@ 17+ degrees. 

GRAND TRINES are super powerful and positive especially if you have planets within 12-22 degrees of 17 of Earth signs. 

VESTA/HESTIA in TAURUS is the knowledge that your body is the temple. It is the soul’s investment in your dharma being evolved in this lifetime. INVEST IN YOURSELF, IN THE GODDESS,in listening to Her. Pluto’s Retrograde trine takes you back into your cellular, body memories of your past lifetimes as a priestess serving the Goddess. I remember many  past lives of being of service in this way. Let me help you reawaken  your memories, I use your  astrology chart and intuition to help wake up  your innate knowledge. 

Vesta and Mercury are  inconjunct to Saturn Retrograde  @ 15+ degrees Sagittarius.

Saturn is the karmic past. It may be challenging to get past some programming from religions about the discrediting and denial of the GODDESS  but it is also perfect timing to let go and cut through. 

PLUTO is very powerful stationary Direct.  It’s a good day to cultivate a connection with your inner Focus, in your temple your body. Do sit and meditate tonight. Make a little simple alter for VESTA light a candle as she symbolizes the sacred flame of spirit and sexual kundalini energy and know it will be easy to speak with her in your  gut knowing, with Mercury there call on PLUTO, Lord of Death to help you to let go of everything that is holding you back. 


A nice hot fire trine from the Goddess of Love in her fearless Amazon warrioress outfit benefits the elder Sage teacher, exotic, more mature male or boss energy.  

For women it is time to ramp up your goals, initiative passion purpose and aim higher. Travel, higher education, new independent ventures are all favoured, although Keep in mind Mars is gone Retro. It may take some time which Saturn is good at for those plans to reach maturity. SATURN teaches patience. 

To me the Saturn in Sagittarius public figure these days is unequivocably Bernie Sanders, although the papers and polls say he is behind Hillary Clinton by 12 points or so. This is a good sign for Bernie. 

Those are the major aspects.

New York Primary April 19

SUN enters TAURUS, things get practical grounded, bullish, stubborn, stable. It’s is one of WALL STREET’S symbols, who supports you know who. the BULL of TAURUS is the stars under which the Stock exchange was formed. see my article about this

Moon enters LIBRA the sign of the balance, 

VENUS in ARIES squares PLUTO @ 17 degrees fire and earth. 1st and 10th houses naturally. 

Venus is women, Pluto in Capricorn is corporate power, the unconscious, the shadow, soul energy. Pluto is even more obsessively controlling now and very powerful as he is virtually Stationed Retrograde.

This aspect can be challenging or empowering to Hillary’s power attempts to rule the world. 

The PLUTOCRACY controls the media. Hillary symbolizes every inch the Venus in Aries women archetype now appearing to be breaking the glass ceiling by attempting to become the first woman president. Pluto symbolizes worldly power. .stay tuned….

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No tip Zuckerberg,Facebook IPO,what NOT to do when Venus is RETROGRADE by Tara Greene Astrology Psychic

The Facebook IPO fiasco on May 18  is history now, so I wont go into the details. 

Fact:Venus turned Retrograde on May 15th, the day after Mark Zuckerberg‘s 28th birthday.

I’m glad that Zuckerberg and a bunch of nasty banking Wall Street insiders will get sued and nailed for this.

So Zuckerberg made $20 billion dollars to add to his coffers and millions of little people once again lost their shirts gambling on a “safe bet.”

FB isn’t worth as much as it was hyped up to be. Mark doesn’t have to worry if FB is now worth billions less.

No one told Mark or all those little people what NOT to do when Venus is Retrograde. 

Ju ask COCA-COLA who changed the sweetness of COKE in April 1985 during a VENUS RETROGRADE while trying to surpass its chief competitor PEPSI-COLA. Within hours people were hording the old coke, the traditional Coke formula,everyone hated the new COKE, a quick retraction with tail between their legs ensued.

In other words people’s tastes and values change during a Venus retrograde.

Partners change and old flames re-unite. Hugh Hefner and his pal Crystal Harris are reunited. There has been a slew of these recently even if just for appearances sake. J-Lo and Mark etc. etc and i t can happen to to you too.

When Venus is Retrograde DON’T buy luxury items, or gamble on get rich quick schemes, fancy negligees, Prada bags you just don’t need,that certain figurine. etc…

I am rambling a bit here as I am personally under a strong Neptune transit, that is Neptune is close to my North Node now which is at 4 degrees of Pisces. It’s very creative and spiritual, but I tend to meld blend stream of consciousness a lot.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was born May 14 1984  a Taurus with Venus{money} at the 15th degree of Taurus, OH  so powerful in her domain with a quadruple 4 planet opposition in  Scorpio.  4 planets bunched together is called a STELLIUM. Zuckerberg’s stars the MOON conjunct Saturn, with MARS the ruling planet of Scorpio as well in his power and PLUTO the modern ruler of Scorpio’s  there as well. He s ruthless guy, after power, needs to be totally in control, can make money like crazy. That is one hell of a power packed chart there. Zuckerberg’s chart is pretty tightly focussed.

What also struck me was that he has an extraordinary amount  of RETROGRADE PLANETS  in his birth chart. He has personal planets MARS JUPITER SATURN and outer planets too URANUS NEPTUNE and PLUTO. That’s a record-setting 6 Retrograde planets.

Retrograde personal planets are very very karmic. All those Retrograde planets occur between zero degrees of Scorpio and 12 degrees Capricorn. that’s quite a small slice of sky. My sense is that people feel intuitively or unconsciously and are motivated by their past life karma. A good intuitive astrologer can read and sense the meaning of the retrograde planets.  I looked at Mark’s chart and went holy cow, he is someone who has Reincarnated now and who has definitely came back fuelled up to show them.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO Astrology analysis by Tara Greene

click on the link to see larger version

 Mr. Zuckerberg  has his South Node in Sagittarius and that is where Astrology looks for past life indicators. Who was Mark Zucherberg before this lifetime? My intuitive sense of him is that he may have  been an inventor, an astronomer, or an ancient philosopher an engineer ahead of his time, a person like Giordano Bruno, a brilliant mathematician,and memory systems creator { sort of a FB proto-type}.

Bruno’s Sun centered view of the Solar systems was  radical and considered a heretical viewpoint. Bruno taught of the Immanence of an Infinite God within us and all around us for which the Church had him burned at the stake. There is no birth date for Giordano Bruno but the date of his death is on record.

Mark Zuckerberg in a past life, Astrology from Tara Greene

Giordano Bruno

 as above so belowMark Zuckerberg Astrology by Tara Greene

                            Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with out the moustache     

what do you think?     

So I put together Mark Zuckerberg and Giordano’s date of death charts and they were strikingly powerful.

 Bruno’s VENUS in Capricorn is exactly conjunct to Zuckerberg’s Retrograde Jupiter. He expands on what he already values.

The North Node is at Zero degrees of Aquarius at Bruno’s death. Aquarius is the sign of new technology, brilliant ideas, thinking out of the box, independent thinkers whose ideas benefit groups inventors, radicals.  The North node is exactly square to Zuckerberg’s Pluto { soul}  at zero degrees of Scorpio and his Mercury { communications} at 29 degrees of Aries.

The date Bruno was killed also shows 5 planets Retrograde Mercury,Mars Jupiter Saturn and Neptune. Bruno lived during the Uranus Pluto conjunction in Aries which created the Renaissance in art culture and thought in the late 1500’s. The two revolutionary cultural planets are conjunct to his Mercury { his thinking} and also opposite to Zuckerberg’s natal Retrograde Pluto. Aries rules the head and face thus FACE BOOK ?….

Zuckerberg’s North Node is a t 6 degrees of Gemini close to the famous Fixed star Aldeberan the Eye of the  BULL at 15 degrees of TAUrus in Western Astrology. HIs NOrth NOde or highest spiritual goal is square to the Sun in late Aquarius when Bruno was killed. Mark  came in with knowledge of highly technical advanced mathematical models.


 As for his being such a billionaire cheap skate and stiffing all the waiters in ROME leaving no tip on his honeymoon which made headlines. Was Zuckerberg pinching pennies after FB lost billions in the initial IPO or what?

Well if my intuitive theory is correct we are drawn back to the places we lived and died and we will also choose to be something other than what we were.. Of all the places in the world Zuckerberg and his new wife could have gone for their Honeymoon why did they choose Rome?

And why the No tipping? As awful as that was for him to do that. My theory is that  Mark’s unconscious Giordano Bruno memories are screaming at him “Screw you Romans.” from his past life memories. This doesnt mean that being unconscious excuses his behaviours at all.

Also being burned at the stake by the Catholic Church would definitely make you choose to be Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or anything but Catholic in another life.

here’s the news story of the tipless Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg’s name BTW means sweet hill. He is certainly living a sweet life from a very rarefied hill.

Let me know what you think of my past life for Zuckerberg theory.

I’ll write more on VENUS Retrograde what it all means for you.

Curios about your own life past present and future?

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Earth Day,3 day New Moon,Taurus month,No bull Astrology by Tara Greene

 It’s Earth Day April 22 and how appropriate for Sun Moon Jupiter to be in the first earth sign Taurus. Some nice numerology 4/22 power and enlightenment. 22= the fool. speaking of Bulls, wasn’t Ferdianand considered foolish? but very wise was he, he loved roses.

Taurus ancient constellation

our ancient ancestors worshipped the Bull constellation Taurus shown here with primary stars the Pleiades and Orion

From April 19-May 20 It’s the time of the sacred Bull

Modern bull worship Wall street

From Pre-history our ancient ancestors worshipped the BUll and painting hundreds of drawings in the caves of Lascaux France.

Now in America HOw do we we worship the bull? We eat ’em by the millions in the form of hamburgers, steaks, etc and we use the image of the Bulls strength and power in the modern worship of Taurus, Wall Street. The Bull looms Large.

Nandi, Shiva's Sacred Cow

Shiva's sacred cow Nandi Cow's are Holy and never eaten by Hindu's

For thousands of years in India, Hindu’s never eat cows as they are considered Holy. Shiva‘s sacred vehicle, all the god’s reside in the cow.

 In the Age of Taurus, 6,000 years ago, Bull’s were worshipped. Agriculture  begun, and the Bull was the animal that enabled humanity to settle down from being nomadic. In Ancient Egypt they celebrated the festival of the Apis Bull for seven days. The scared bulls were paraded through the streets in a holy procession. Any child who smelled the breath of  the Apis bulls were considered to receieve the ability to predict the future.  The bulls themselves were considered oracles. Food was offered to the Apis bull while a question was asked, if the bull ate the food it was a good omen and if he rejected it that was considered  bad. Yes Apis bulls and bees are related.  Taurus wa the sign, the constellation which heralded the Spring equinox in ancient Egypt, not Aries as we are accustomed to.

The Moon is associated with Taurus, and the glyph looks like the waxing and waning moon or a bull’s horns  the vull with the sun between horns

The Moon is considered to be exalted in Taurus, Venus is Taurus Ruling planet.

The ancient Minoan civilization of CRETE is probably best known for its acrobatic games of BUll Jumping. This was a Cirque du Soleil ancestor.

Crete Minoan Civilization

Bulls were considered sacred to the Goddess.

the Lacota Sioux Native American’s worship the Bull  as White Buffallo Woman who brought the most sacred Medicine pipe to this tribe

White Buiffallo Woman sacred bringer of the pipe

Since Bulls were once considered {and still are in India}, so HOLY and their meat not eaten. Modern western culture has turned the Bull worship upside down and we now shit on the Bull,whereas  in India cow dung was considered prescious and used for fuel. We have become big Bull shitters ourselves, we have no more sacred Cows, except the bottom dollar B.S. of Wall street and the almighty buck, but that’s another animal.

So in hacing turned the sacred cow into a profane burger we  become BULLIES in all aspects of ours culture. I loved finding that story about the Apis Bull’s breath and how children breathing it become prophetic. We are just now realising that bullying is dangerous, after having all been bullied by this top down, bullying, male dominated hierarchical structure. That is the negative bull. The archetype of Ferdinand, the soft feminine bull the server, is the real holy cow. 

So lets savour our Taurus month here which begins with a Taurus New moon April 21 with  Jupiter at 17 degrees of  Taurus plus Asteroids Ceres the Earth Mother herself at 4 degrees of Taurus, plus Lillith at 14 degrees. There is a Grand Trine in earth on the New moon  which also lasts till the 23rd. Virgo’s  and Capricorn get the big benefits. Lets not forget that Scorpio, Taurus opposite sign is always involved.

 – 10 ways to worship the BULL

1. Have delightful rose scented baths 2. eat lots of decadent chocolate 3. get &  give massages 4. don’t B.S.  anyone 5. eat very well, 6. garden 7. walk in Nature 8. don’t eat beef, 9. sit, dont do 10. enjoy being in the Garden of Eden and share it. Taurus rules the throat and they like to talk, although slowly. Yes get in the dirt and get down and dirty, plant your seeds that’s what Taurus time is all about.

Taurus is about the body, you Are your body,your soul needs the body, it is your temple, treat it well.

Taurus energy is Spirit grounding, It’s GUT INSTINCT

Psychic energy needn’t be all airy, or fiery, or watery. It is simply what your body tells  you, and the body never lies! so simply your life, your spirituality, just let your body talk.Guess what Taurus themed song it is?

 the New Moon lasts for 3 days, the number 3 is sacred to the Empress in the Tarot, 3 stages of womanhood, maiden, mother, crone.

so during the 3 dark days of the New Moon don’t go rushing out to plant seeds just yet -just stay in the VOID, from the 21-23

Listen, listen to your body, turn off your mind chatter,let go, be stubborn about this, this is the most fertile time Spring, this is Before seed planting time.


The New Moon is always the most feminine time of the month. Traditionally, women lived in small tribes, groups, communities. Ladies you know how it is when you live with other women, you all synchronize your monthly periods, don’t you? Well before the invention of electric light, thanks a lot Mr. Edison, who ripped off Nikola Tesla, BEfore that time, all women were bleeding on the New Moon. So the dark of the moon, was considered sacred, as menstrual blood was a very potent magical substance. Women would retreat just as the Dark Moon into caves, yurts, tipi’s, moon lodges, red tents to rest, renew,dream, pray,and receive renewal as they shed the uterine living.  They would bleed into the earth giving back to the earth mother. Menstrual blood was originally considered holy, potent, the liquor of immortality, because women bled and did not die. It was used as the first fertilizer.

So at this time whether you are “on your moon” or not. Act as if you are. go slow, rest, dream, be lazy. retreat. Be still and simply KNOW,that is Taurus’ essence.  Practice being TAurus like, chewing your cud, grazing on the grass,being gloriously bovine as much as possible.

Other favourite Taurus pastimes, art, music, dancing,  money,  love, practicality. Taurus is the first Fixed sign, and they hates change.

You don’t  have to be a Taurus

Everyone has  Taurus the sensuous bull in their astrology chart somewhere.Everyone does…

If you need bullish advice for integrating more Taurus into your life!

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 Listen to Lisa Thiel’s song WHITE BUFFALLO WOMAN

 Don’t avoid the void -TM Copyright Tara Greene.


Yom Kippur Holy day of AtONEment and Repentance

Yom Kippor for the Jewish People is the Highest and Holiest and most solemn day of the Year. After 10 days of repentance since Rosh Hashona the New year, Yom Kippor is spent mainly in intense prayer in the synagogue and fasting for 25 hours. The solemn song Kol Nidre is sung on the night of Yom Kippor.

Here is one of my childhood favourite singer’s Al Jolson singing Kol Nidre.

Each Jewish person confesses their sins to G-d directly  any wrongs doings against G-d or other persons, prostrates themselves and taps their heart chakra. On this day G-d’s  inscription for each person’s fate in the Book of Life  for the coming year was inscribed at Yom Kippor and  that verdict is  now “sealed.”

  There are five prayer services throughout the day. Jews wear white as a symbol of purity. Orthodox men take ritual baths in preparation.  At the end of the days prayers the ancient Ram’s horn or shofar is blown which concludes the fast. Thi ssprings from the Era of Aries the ram, astrologically and astronomically 4,000-6,000 years ago.

At the end of the days prayers the song Avinu Malkeinu is sung, here is Barabara Streisand singing it in Hebrew.

This is a good ritual. My take on all organized religions these days is to be totally open to all of them as each carries truth. All is ONE at heart, so join in with the Hindus, the Jews, the Christians, the Muslinm, the Chines, the Indigenous peoples. So one this day one can join in on the Jewish people asking for your own personal repentence. Complete fasting, no drinking either. No work, sex is abstained from, no wearing of leather shoes as well, no driving or handling of money until after sundown.

All former promises are revoked the slate is wiped clean. New intentions are made, G-d forgives your sins. Clean slate for a whole new year.

Also there will be services on wall street at the occupation. Jewish leaders are  stressing the integrity of helping others not only the Jewish tradition. This is a good thing.

If only people’s personal debts and the National debt could be wiped out annually too. Tranditionally any debt carried for 7 years was forgiven. Can’t we just decide that it is so?