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Hope you had a Great International Women’s day.

The Moon went Void of Course yesterday on that day at 2:08 pm PST/5:08 pm EST
which is interesting as the Moon rules and is synonymous with WOMEN.
Women and the MOON are all about connecting and relationships.

The Moon carries ALL emotional feelings. Every bodies, including yours.

During V-O-C periods, the acronym, Moon is between connections, she is liminal, in the Twilight zone, resting and renewing.
The Moon hasn’t entered another sign, she isn’t ready to engage just yet,
V of C times can last only minutes, sometimes a day or longer.

When the Moon is Void of Course, every  couple of days, she can be considered to be “naked”
 like the Goddess DIANA, the ancient Greek Goddess synonymous with the Moon, she is doing her ritual bathing and cleansing in order to renew Herself.
Shabba Syria Mosaic Diana

Shabba Syria Mosiac Goddess Diana and Acteon


be like the MOON- get naked emotionally NOW! ESPECIALLY with 6-7 PLANETS in WATER SIGNS – a very RARE event

it’s an EMOTIONAL RESCUE!  very karmic with 12th house PISCES SIGN>


the VOC  Moon happens every couple of days. There are APPS and  lunar calendars you can check.

MEDITATION, dreaming waking and sleeping, using your intuition, visualization, allowing your Higher Self to talk to you

NOTE on NEW MOON March 11 with 7 planets in PISCES

the MOON goes Void @ 12:51 pm PST/3:51 pm EST  – March 12 when Moon enters ARIES @ 4:17 am PST/7:17 am EST

Be like Diana- bathe, cleanse, renew, REFLECT. Especially under a MERCURY & SATURN RETROGRADE

It is a perfect  time to wash away old emotional patterns

You know that old song from the 50’s musical SOUTH PACIFIC?

“I’m gonna wash that man/woman right outta my hair”

You want to go back to the Unconscious, the womb, the ocean, memories, in  meditation.  Zone out. Walk between the worlds’.

This is great for any V O C MOON TIME

dreaming, intuition, visualization, creativity, sound, art, photography, communing with the cosmos are all super strong.


Ever done a bath with ritual cleansing intentions? Run a very hot bath, add epsom salts or Himalayan PURE salts,no fakery,

put a few drops of lavender oil because it wards off negative energies, add rose oil if you wish.

Turn off the electric lights and use candles, sprinkle rose petals if you have them,

have fresh clean towels ready. Allow yourself lots of time. Sink into the bath.

Close your eyes and relax, breathe in slowly through your nose and out your mouth,

tell your  unconscious  that you will remember what is holding you back from

living your highest spiritual self-loving potential,

tell yourself that all your past misdeeds, sins, self- abuse,  emotional pain,

and denial are being cleansed away and you will step put of this bath, renewed, purified.

Allow the HIgher Self to work through you.

PISCES IS FAITH, so have faith that it is being done.

Allow, surrender.  All that water dissolves all hardness, all calcified karmic old feelings.

Stay in the bath as long as you can, you may fall asleep, the deeper you can relax the more powerful the healing.

Step out , dry yourself off and go lie down,sleep and dream.
I will write about HOW and WHERE all the PISCES energy affects each sign next  & PISCES 7 planet NEW MOON for March 11

MOON enters PISCES MArch 9 @ 10:19 pm PST -March 10 @1:19 am EST.
DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME begins MArch 10 @ 2:00 am
7 planets in PISCES

need a lighthouse through the PISCES FOG? Get a reading

August 12 Trine On you crazy diamond, astrology Tara Greene

August 12 – Luverly lunar aspects today!

Are you still adhering to the 10 day cleanse-a-thon? It is day 6. I have been meditating at different times of the day.

There is a lovely SUN in Leo MOON IN GEMINI SEXTILE today.

Moon will do a double TRINE to both MARS & SATURN, from 11:55 am – 2:49 pm PDT.TODAY ONLY and that’s the MAIN ATTRACTION,

USe this time as an imaginative delightful flight into seeing the Masculine lay down its arms, devote itself to the Feminine Moon.

Moon in Gemini is a Hermaphrodite, UNISEX,

Dali Hermpahrodite Lady gaga

 Sacred twin, Hermes + Aphrodite

The Moon in GEMini is BOTH Birth giver and  Death bringer, Mother and Crone in one.

Kind of a DEMETER/  KALI figure.

Mother Goddess

Model Heidi Klum as Dark Goddess KAli

Model Heidi Klum as Dark Goddess KALI

The Trine aspect to Saturn makes us see the lighter or alternative sides of what is heavy, burdensome, feels like duty,to an old maybe outworn allegiance.

moon in Gemini helps us to reach a sense of balance wholeness, union.

The Moon goes Void- of- course after 2:49 pm PDT till 1:27 am

ALways use the Void-of-course moon when the moon is in between signs, in a kind of TWILIGHT ZONE , a time out of time, timeless time. It;s best for relaxing, creativity,meditating, enjoying with no expectations of getting anything done. Like the song I’ve got plenty of nothin”.. yah do it..

see video link at end- GEorge Gershwin from Porgy and Bess.

Wow now that’s a fresh thought these days!

kick back and enjoy the big party at the end of the Olympics!

I had picked the U.S. to beat China.. can they hold their lead?

The Klezmer Orchestra and Porgy & Bess- I got plenty  O ‘nothin’