A psychic, dreamy and sexy day

Moon in Pisces always enhances psychic energies. It’s a dreamy romantic, creative day. Practice using this  Moon in Pisces to really tap into and trust your intuition and 6th sense.  Pay attention to synchronicity and deja vu’s. Pisces Moon helps us to be in synch with Divine Timing.

PISCES Moon conjuncts Neptune its ruler in the wee hours so watch those dreams they can be lucid. 

Only one hard aspect from the Moon to Saturn in Sagittarius in the early a.m.

may cause you to wake early.  Dreaming of riding horses, big adventures, and exotic foreigners? 

VENUS in Scorpio sextiles PLUTO in Capricorn

 always a sexy combo with Venus in SCORPIO, she is the VIXEN.  This is both sexy and soulful.

sexy vintage vixen Tara Greene venus in scorpio

Women own your own power.  Make your big power play in the bed and boardroom now.

Two other sextiles from Pisces Moon to Mercury and Pluto  helps us to express our sensitive sides in a more practical and grounded  way. 

PISCES Moon trines VENUS-

super soul mate attraction time . Use your telepathic powers to attract your soul mate.It’s about loving your own other side.   A great creative inspiring energy for all artists, actors, musicians and visionaries.

Pisces Moon conjuncts CHIRON- vulnerability is the new black. 

Pisces Moon inconjuncts MARS in LIBRA

Be careful not to interject into other people’s  affairs overly much. Boundaries are needed or you may overstep even the most well-intentioned offers of help. Don’t be a martyr.

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