Virgo New Moon Earthy and Spiritual

The Hermit Visconti-Sforza Tarot

IRGO NEW MOON IS earthy and practical and EXACT at 25 DEGREES 00 VIRGO at 4:00 am PDT/ 7:00 am EDT and 11:00 am GMT.

All-new Moon’s are time to set new intentions times. Under a VIRGO DARK MOON, it is ruled by The HERMIT in the TAROT #9 related to Virgo, the sign of health, order, the harvest, budgets, work, servitude, humility, perfection, intellect, community, and upper digestion. 

This is a FATED TIME- see my article from yesterday as the SUN squared the NODES of FATE

GEMINI  NORTH NODE is ruled by MERCURY which also rules VIRGO to clarify.

NEPTUNE is opposite the SUN and MOON making this a new moon to dream new dreams with a strict budget and very well organized work details. Pay attention to your dreams tonight and note them for three nights.

Its a very earthy New MOON with trines to SATURN and PLUTO and Sun trine SATURN later in the day. We need to take things seriously and look at reality square in the face.

Mercury is square JUPITER in Capricorn and the emphasis is on BALANCE with Mercury ruling the Sign of VIRGO and the NORTH NODE in GEMINI.

Jupiter has just begun to move forwards since September 12th/13 we are just beginning to pick up some speed.

If you have planets at 20-30 degrees VIRGO and SAGITTARIUS and GEMINI you will feel the effects of this New Moon the strongest as well as15-26 PISCES is in that cross.

Take the 3 days of the dark moon to listen to your gut instincts. It is a time of completion as we head for the equinox on September 22.

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