Lust and marriage Mars conjunct Juno in Leo

August 3 aspects

VIRGO MOON opposes LILITH m that’s heavy

MARS and JUNO conjunct at 20 degrees Leo Square Vesta in Taurus

Mars in Leo is very lustful, proud, wears their hearts on their sleeves. Juno was Zeu’s faithful trophy wife who was the patriarchal version of this Goddess which they made into the Goddess of marriage and named the month of June after her.

This can be good for a passionate relationship with serious commitments too.

I’m on a mini-vacation so Ill leave you with this

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Virgo energy and Dream On

June 9

Moon is in VIRGO, the 6th sign of health work and perfectionist Virgo June 9. Moon trines Uranus in the wee hours- difficulty sleeping and an unexpected change in energy levels and value.

Moon quincunx Chiron in Aries-humility doesn’t see aggression. Moon sextiles Mercury in Cancer- tummies may be aching.

Sun square Neptune is a big Creative romantic and dreamy aspect
Gemini asks questions and changes its mind. A day to debate religion, film, meditation techniques and to be creative romantic and a social and spiritual butterfly. 
Neptun in Pisces dreams and flows and imagines.
Do program your dreams tonight.

BTW my dreams have been super active all week, Seth Rogen was in my dream two nights ago in Lucid HD. 

VIRGO Moon is busy at work in PDT-June 10 in EDT and GMT for all following aspects

Moon Sextile Mars in CANCER

A nice earthy and emotional aspect relax a little, enjoy a nice meal, visit family

Moon opposes Neptune in PISCES

this is a heavily Neptune slanted day, a mutable energy, dreamy, romantic, idealistic energy

Moon squares SUN

we’re one week away from next lunation

Moon trines Saturn in Capricorn

A good day to work in your garden or to plan some new work and career goals, to start a new health regime and diet, to talk to elders, your dad, or a mentor.

Moon squares Jupiter in SAGITTARIUS, 

Off to the races. Humour is important, Virgo’s need to lighten up. They take things too seriously.  Jupiter in Sagittarius says fall on your face and laugh at yourself. The world is never perfect, Give it up, its a losing game. Accept imperfection for its perfectness. 

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Get off the web with Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

hi I’m back from doing an incredibly busy uplifting weekend at the Women’s conference and Festival at the beautiful Grail Springs Wellness Retreat there was limited wifi access and the cottage we stayed at had absolutely no wifi at all. 

It was a total blessing and I had the best two nights sleeps I’ve had in years. I’ve been saying for years that the wifi is driving me crazy and I can see that it is. I worked very hard Thursday night at a very demanding super busy night dispensing lipstick blotter readings for a Revlon pop-up event for 3 hours. Then got up very early to drive to Bancroft and I was very bust reading all weekend. But my energy is totally up and I look 10 years younger. So beware in Toronto and other major cities 5G is going to come in to fry your brain completely.

My recommendation: Do an internet detox while Mars is in Aquarius Retrograde. See how different you will feel. 

Meanwhile, the Moon is in Virgo and its a humbling get to work take care of the details get organized and conscious of your eating habits and your expenses. 

July 16 Astrology aspects Tara Greene

Virgo moon Conjuncts Venus in the wee hours for a feeling of romance and grounded beauty. 

Venus in Virgo wants love to be like organize my filing cabinet and get my finances in order. 

But Venus and Mars do not make good bedfellows or bedladies today. What is the opposite of fellow?  A quincunx between the two sexes can make for hostility and an inability to see the other’s way of doing anything. Can be exasperating. Virgo Moon grounds us in our work. Expect communication snafus and having to go over old details with ex-lovers or just feels like the same old same old.

Moon opposes Neptune and trines Pluto later in the day. This is a dreamy cathartic energy to transform your dreams and soul. 

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Post eclipse Mercury in AQUARIUS

The Moon is in Leo today and we continue the Eclipse energies.
Feb 1 The planets Uranus in Aries squared by the Leo Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio in the wee hours will produce crazy erratic energy and lots of sexual desire. Very intense dreams past life scenarios sex treachery fears and shadows coming up. I saw something online that said the Blood Red Blue Bood Eclipse would trigger huge satanic parties with blood sacrifices and all kinds of gruesome sinister power orgies. That made me shudder. 
As I was meditating today I realized the very important eclipse message was the SUN Venus-South Node North Node Ceres Juno opposition the divine Feminine is center stage. 
We are needing to integrate that eclipse energy and get ready for the next eclipse on Feb. 15 a Solar one and a biggy as it is opposite the big “American eclipse of August 21 at 27 degrees AQUARIUS. 
THE MESSENGER MERCURY has entered AQUARIUS until February 17
Our minds are all hi-tech communications are future-oriented revolutionary free group minded and inventive.Lightning bolts are popping into your brain. Excellent energy for surgery.

 Set your intention to connect with all other minds and the cosmic collective mind.  Feel your consciousness expand out and sense you’re connecting with others. We are here to support one another to raise our consciousness higher.

Aquarius rules faith healers.  Have faith that you can heal yourself and that collectively we can heal the world. As each individual raises their vibration it affects everyone else for the better. 

Create new intentions on a broad perspective. Draw out an 8 spoked wheel and outline what you want to create and how you can expand your vision and your effect on the collective this year.

Moon in Leo  Trines Uranus and there will be some shock and awe
Moon enters VIRGO in the afternoon to bring it down a notch
Time to get grounded. Listen to your body. Try not to worry too much. Get your stuff all neat tidied up and enjoy running a tight ship. Virgo Moon energy is humble and organized and loves to work hard. Health is important. A bit of OCD comes through. 
Moon inconjuncts Mercury in AQUARIUS squares MARS in SAGITTARIUS and Trines SATURN in CAPRICORN
The uptight Virgo energy doesn’t jibe with Aquarius very cool sleek highly pumped efficiency. Truth-telling or “the one that got away” stories will loom large. Justice politics foreign interventions and intrigue all speak of this. 
The Trine to SATURN 
Is good for serious focussed long-range plans. Enjoy putting on the elbow grease.
Gotta go. I wrote this article then it disappeared now it has re-appeared.
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Weekend preview, out of this world sex

June 1st I had the immense pleasure of meeting world renowned Astrologer SUSAN MILLER of the Astrology Zone last night. She is incredibly passionate, fun, warm, charming and I liked her immensely. We had dinner with some mutual friends. 

June 2 The Moon is in humble, mutable earthy, hard working perfectionist Virgo all day Friday. 

VIRGO astrology Tara Greene






MARS in GEMINI Squares CHIRON in PISCES in the wee hours:

Chiron in PIsces painting Tara Greene

The opportunity for deep healing through a dream is strong. The challenge is to open up about your pain. The more you hide it the more powerful it is. The Wounded Healer Chiron is bringing the utmost in healing power and compassion to the collective unconscious now. Tell that specific other exactly how hurt you are. Admit you have addictions, open up to your emotions and stop living in your head.

Virgo Moon is busy hard at work all day; trining Mercury in TAURUS, squaring SATURN in Sagittarius, inconjunct to Venus and URANUS, and opposing CHIRON in PISCES  and lastly squaring MARS in GEMINI.  No matter how hard you try to keep those ducks in a row, there’s an obstacle, its very frustrating and chaos reigns. By the end of the day, you may be ready to weep.

The MOON goes VOID OF COURSE @ 2:48 pm PDT/5:48 pm EDT/ 9:48 pm GMT.

Moon enters LIBRA @ 5:04 pm PDT/ 8:04 pm EDT/ next day 12:04 am GMT

The LIBRA moon shines down on the entire weekend and this is a super party weekend for unusual, unexpected, brilliant and original ideas. Be careful of crowd swarming.

space sluts Venus in Aquarius Tara Greene


You will have out of this world sex. Do be careful if you are out partying or driving as the energy will urge you to take big risks and to drive fast and live recklessly. Accidents will happen. Spice up your sex life with something completely weird and kinky. Relationships may end or begin with a big chaotic bang. It will be a great night to stay up late and dance off all of this electrifying energy.

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Sunday under a Virgo moon

We are still in post eclipse wind down energies today. How has the eclipse affected you? Some people felt its effects leading up to it, and others during.  A number of people on Facebook reported that they had bad headaches. I hope you weren’t hit too hard.
The Moon is in Virgo all day Saturday until Monday afternoon.
virgo by Garland astrology Tara Greene
Virgo Image by the Garlands
The VIRGO moon is grounding and practical, humble and responsible. It simply gets to work and cleans up. The Virgo moon’s energy provides us with an opportunity to digest all of those emotional issues, around pride, leadership and listening to our inner child and our hearts longings that were unleashed by the effects of the Leo lunar eclipse.
There was a lovely Air Trine from the SUN in Aquarius to JUPITER Retrograde Saturday, bringing detachment and positive, optimistic energy.
Sundays outlook
The moon opposes NEPTUNE, a very dreamy sensitive psychic energy. Your dreams may become very vivid and alive tonight.
The moon will inconjunct two planets today. First MARS in ARIES in the wee hours bringing up problems with digestive issues, physical ailments, and tension, frustration and anger. Earth and Fire energies do not resolve their elemental natures very easily if at all. Moon inconjuncts URANUS in Aries later at night. We want to act, to do, to ignite, to be free. But we gotta clean up our messes and get our shit in order first.
Moon inconjuncts URANUS in Aries later at night.
We want to act, to do, to ignite, to be free. But we gotta clean up our messes and get our shit in order first.
Nice earth trine in later afternoon benefits us through remembering the daily responsibilities and long-term goals that always need attending to. The eclipse energy can feel very derailing.
Last but not least;
Moon opposes CHIRON in PISCES in PST/ Feb 13 in EST/ GMT
Meditate before you go to bed and send healing energy to the oceans and to mother earth. Also ask that your dreams reveal the vulnerable parts of yourself that need to be healed. Incubate this intention and that you will remember your dreams when you awaken.
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In the Void, Mercury Direct

New York and Washington prepare to dig themselves out after massive near record levels of snowfall over the weekend.

The Moon is Void of Course from Jan 25 @ 9:51 pm EST ALL DAY Monday Until 10:46 pm EST. 

That’s a long 25 hour VOID OF COURSE MOON.  A day to float on a cloud, to be in the VOID of all possibilities. . 

float on a cloud Tara Greene astrology

A void of course moon is when the moon is in between sign, it has left one sign and is in the liminal, twilight world, before it enters the next sign. It is like a birth when the baby is going down the birth canal. VOid of course moon times are best for reflecting, doing mundane things, Its best not to start anything.

Mercury is also putting its brakes on turning DIRECT @ 1:5- pm PDT/ 4:50 pm EST./9:50 pm GMT. 

Mercury stops to change direction at 14 degrees + of Capricorn. It’s OK to go ahead. But proceed with Caution. 

It’ll take until Valentine’s Day to get back to where it went Retro at 1+ degree of Aquarius. 

Moon enters VIRGO finally, at 7:46 pm PDT/ 10:46 pm EST and its more and more grounded.until Thursday,

With Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto in Earth signs and Mars in Scorpio sextiling them all. 


5 of wands, Astrology Tarot Tara Greene

                           5 of wands science tarot, Tara Greene

  5 of wands  by Azury Lipfe                                                         5 of Wands from Science Tarot 


Two very different variations on the 5 of Wands. As all of the #5’s are challenges, difficulties and obstacles of energy, passion, drive, action and anger. We may want to stop and look at why we are repressing our anger, or projecting it onto others. 

The 5 of wands means you may have to fight for what you want. On the other hand everything that exists is created by fusion. The 5’s also are the 5 elements. Use your intuition to figure out how to fuse disparate elements together. But at this point just meditate on the conflicting elements, emotions and ideas in your life. 

Looks very much like the Presidential Election Race in the U.S. which I believe Michael Bloomberg will enter as an Independent. Then there will be two billionaires. Bloomberg has 5 times more $ than Trump. Then there will be two Jewish candidates running for President. Something which has not happened before. Israel may be very interested in helping to lobby for Jewish presidents at this point in time. What a side show. 

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The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars  

Monday Monday, the Mamas & the Papas  









New Years Eve, split moods, horoscope

New Year’s 2016 will take place under two very different moods depending on where you are in the world.  The moon will transit from VIRGO to LIBRA creating two different moonscapes. Some time zones will experience New Years under a Void-of-Course Moon!!!

2016 new years blessings

If you live in PST or MST you will usher 2016 in under a LIBRA MOON. But the rest of the world will usher in 2016 under a VIRGO MOON. This is an interesting split in the realities and moods of Western North America  to the rest of the world. 

BTW there will be a huge magnetoshock to the earth starting Dec 30 and Dec 31 because of two huge solar mass ejections from the sun. There will be amazing aurora borealis visible as far south as San Francisco if the weather is clear. You may feel tired, dizzy and nausea. These CME’s create earthquakes and they happened already in California and Vancouver B.C. last night. There may be more to come.

DECEMBER 31 is my husband Napoleon’s birthday and a very major one for him. Happy Birthday.

We are under a nit-picky perfectionist VIRGO MOON for most of the day. A virgo Moon vibe is not over the top. It’s reserved, orderly, organized, on budget. We want a healthy, nutritious, smart, grounded, natural New Year’s experience. We may be running around making sure everything is JUST SO.

The Moon opposes Chiron in the wee hours making us nervous, worried and feeling vulnerable. The perfectionist Virgo Moon makes us want to have everything done before we can relax for our New Years ever celebrations. 

Moon conjuncts JUPITER early in the morning so it may be a very nerve-wracking day. Jupiter is optimistic but in Virgo it’s overdo all the nitpicky stuff.

Moon trines Mercury in eve. 9:33 pm PST /10:33 pm MST/ 11:33 pm CST/ JAN. 1st @ 12:33 am EST and further east.  

THE MOON IS VOID OF COURSE from those times above. 

THE MOON is VOID OF COURSE until 10:41 pm PST/ 11:41 pm MST/as Moon enters LIBRA.

JANUARY 1st NEW YEAR’s MOON IS VOID OF COURSE for CST and EST and further East

check out world clock time zones here

MOON enters LIBRA JAnuary 1st @ 12:41 am CST/  1:41 a EST etc. 

All of the West coast experiences a very social LIBRA NEW MOON. 

a void of course moon is like being in twilight, in liminal spaces, its very magical, quiet and it’s very spiritual. 

It’s like the Moon is holding her breath.  She is not engaged with any other planets which is rather lonely feeling for the Moon who always wants to nurture or take care of someone. It is a kind of mini-dark moon phase where the Moon retreats into herself to recharge before she enters a new sign and then needs to engage in a new way. As we are going into a Numerological Hermit year in 2016 it may be a good idea to go solo, or leave the celebrations early or go out in nature or somewhere quiet with friends so each can tune into their own center individually but in a group  respecting privacy and solitude. This would be a very unconventional entry into the New Year. No loud parties music or champagne popping. 

Take the time to be quiet and tune in with the Void Moon.It is perfect.

To fully go into  a growth phase, a seed must be planted in complete dark. This is what this lunar phase is bringing us. To be “in the dark” is a good space, It is a space of unknowing, of trusting, of turning inward, a great time to meditate and to connect with higher invisible forces.

Do a group meditation, go for a walk in nature. Connect to the earth and the sky. 

Give thanks and be grateful for all 2015 brought you. Be open to new experiences in the new year.


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Mercury Goes Direct, Dream work with Tara Greene

Virgo Moon conjuncts Venus Oct 8 and squares Saturn. Some serious romance details to go over. Mercury turns direct  Oct. 9Yes Mercury moves Direct Oct. 9 @ 7:57 am PDT/ 10: 57 am EDT 

I haven’t found this Mercury Retro to be soo  bad. It will take till October 24 till Mercury bypasses his Retrograde phase and thnings really move ahead. You can still keep working on old stuff. I am redoing my old website

Dream Work 


Remedios Varo Painting

Virgo moon opposes Neptune in the week hours on Friday.Moon also conjuncts Mars in Virgo later in the morning.

Virgo is The Hermit in the Tarot and Neptune is Pisces is the Moon

Moon, Astrology tarot tara Greene

The moon also conjuncts Jupiter in the latter afternoon. It is  a good day to organize, clean up your act. 

Moon trines Pluto later that day as well. A good body enrichment, soul enriching aspect.

A good day to focus on your big dreams and long-term career, high noon position.

This brings a nice body/spirit/mental/emotional balance. Can be used specifically for  some practical dreaming.

Before you go to bed at night. Incubate a dream.

Before you go to bed do a body scan. With your imagination visit the inside of your body which is your spiritual vehicle. You can envision this as having a flashlight lighting up the darkness inside your body. Sense if there is a heat, energy or knot anywhere in your system. This can be muscular, skeletal, in a major organ, emotional or spiritual.

Try this out and see what happens. It can be simply be a felt sense. 

And then ask to scan your body in your dream state. 

Incubate a LUCID DREAM, this is where you are awake and conscious that you are dreaming.

When you wake up don’t go into your head. Stay in your body sensing. Scan your body for signs of heat, cold, blocks, knots and put your hands on those places. You can send Universal healing energy to any block in your body. That is what Reiki is and I don’t believe you need to be certified necessarily to do this. It is a natural thing and simply requires your mind is able to tune into Higher consciousness energies. 

Let me know how you do. 

October 9 would have been John Lennon’s 75th birthday. He was one of my childhood heroes. I wish he would have been here to comment on the world.


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Virgo Monday

It’s a very Virgo uptight, nitpicky Monday.

It is really HOT and humid here in SoCal, Venice Beach. I am on the 2nd floor, wide awake its 3:15 a.m. and too hot to sleep. I can hear Carole King singing Up On the Roof in my mind, like I used to hear it on hot sweltering nights when I was young. 

I’m stumped. I can’t really think of what I want to say and that’s unusual for me. Monday ain’t too bad although you always have to watch your P’s and Q’s  with a Virgo Moon.Moon is  busy tidying up. I mentioned the sextile to Mars in Cancer opposing Chiron in Pisces and sextiling Mercury in Cancer. as a great healing and communicating aspect.

also a difficulty quincunx from Moon with Uranus. 

don’t try any new fangled tech today. 

My Virgo South Node is double checking that I informed you of this info already right? 

Virgo cartoon tara Greene

I do try dear readers to write something every day. I am also on Holiday and need to pick a new website template. My other older website is so old I may get the antique website award at this rate. 

I’m also thinking about Venus Retrograde with Saturn Retrograde, both highly personal planets from July 25-August 2nd. That 9 days will be very intense with many, many old relationships being tested.  

Uranus also turns Retrograde on the 26th {untill Christmas 2015} and then joins PLUTO, NEPTUNE, CHIRON, SATURN, VENUS and CERES apparently moving backwards. 

That’s a lot of backwards moving apparitions, more than usual at once. Some are personal some transpersonal, they have different nuances.

All I want for Christmas is a direct moving Uranus! 

The Uranian/Aquarian Retrograde makes it out with the old in with the new for sure. 

it’s exciting.

gotta go.

Please share widely 

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Come join me in SEDONA ARIZONA in September for some major energy shifts, healing, meditation, magic and vision questing. Designed especially for you and welcoming Venus Direct , a Solar Eclipse in Virgo,Saturn into Sagittarius, finally, Autumn Equinox, and a TotalLunar Eclipse in Aries.

UPTIGHT Stevie Wonder  

UP ON THE ROOF- Carole King