Weekend Astrology Virgo Full Moon

I’ve been super busy prepping for yesterday’s JUNO asteroid goddess workshop for the CIA. So much work to prep and do a slide presentation. I love Juno

The video today covers friday Feb 26 and the 27th FULL MOON in Virgo energies


The Virgo Full Moon is another completion and releasing cycle. Virgo is the sign of the Virgin Mother, Health, Harvesting, being of service, humility, Hard work, health, accountability, self-criticism and perfectionism. We will touch on all of these Virgo aspects which have been very front and center.

The Sign of VIRGO is associated with the #9 the HERMIT and we have all been Hermits for the last year.

Please join to experience working with ceremony, ritual, meditation and very auspicious planetary energies of MARS and PLUTO and the Karmic fated timing of this specific moon.

We will use the appropriate herbs, crystals guided meditation and magic tools to tune into this earthy practical Full Moon cycle.

If you are a Virgo or have planets in Virgo this Full Moon will impact you more powerfully.

Bring your own Astrology chart wheel which you can create FREE on astro.com

If you can’t attend at the time, the recording will be sent to you afterwards to work with at your leisure.

“I loved the workshop! I was glued to the monitor taking in all that you were sharing.” – K.

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Build your dreams; Lilith and Virgin Full Moon

March is another BLUE MOON MONTH! Having two Blue Moon months in one year is a very rare celestial occasion and won’t happen again until 2037. So get with the Blue now.

The first Full Moon on the1st/2nd is in the earth sign VIRGO @ 4:51 pm PST/ 7:51 pm EST/ March 2 @ 12:51 am GMT.

Virgo Astrology Tara Greene

restorationist, Adam Cuerden

Known as the WORM Moon by Algonquin indigenous tribes or the CROW or Sap Moon. Indigenous peoples lived by Lunar cycles and named moons for the seasonal changes and their observations of mother nature. Other names are MAGPIE MOON- STORM MOON- CRUST MOON- SUGARING MOON and MOON of the WINDS  

The Worm is a very important animal as it makes the earth rich for growing crops. As the earth softens prepping for Spring worms come out of the ground in spring rains and the Robins the harbingers of Spring love to get those worms. 

The CROW or MAGPIE caws loudly heralding Springs return. Crow’s are one the most intelligent birds. They can make tools that are more sophisticated than a monkey can. Crow’s feature large as Magical birds and bringers of Karma/Dharma in the medicine wheel teachings I learned.

The early bird gets the worm- remember that- a very Virgo motto.

That fits this VIRGO heavily weights PISCES Moon’s nature perfectly to me.

The Moon is opposed by JUNO in early PISCES the SUN NEPTUNE and MERCURY VENUS and CHIRON conjunct further  in PISCES.

BLACK MOON LILITH @ 12 degrees CAPRICORN trining the VIRGO Moon and conjunct to SATURN opposite The U.S. SUN and SIRIUS

LILITH also sextiles the SUN and NEPTUNE’s mid-point exactly.

VIRGO is the VIRGIN WHOLE UNTO HERSELF GODDESS and who was the first Virgin GODDESS it was LILITH of course!

As WOMEN are speaking out with TimesUP and MeToo this empowered embodied Virgo hard working Full Moon amps up the LILITH FIRST WOMAN GODDESS refusal to compromise over work pay issue imbalances; health; and boundaries. 

PISCES is the oceanic realm of our emotions the realm of  Karma of past lives; the unconscious; faith; religion; projection; psychic energy; endings; intuition; soul-mates; artists; images; addictions; genius; angels; madness; dreams; self-destruction; spirituality; martyrs; Hollywood; glamour; illusion; and debt. 

VIRGO is the sign balancing out PISCES and vice-versa. VIRGO is earth practical grounded; humble and real-signifying work and what we serve. It is the sign of the HARVEST and the VIRGIN “whole unto- Herself” Goddess of the earth-Ceres. VIRGO is our food our work; humility; our dedication; intelligence; order; accountability; budgets; perfectionism; worrying; nature and natural herbs foods and products and health issues. VIRGO symbolizes what we harvest after all the hard work.

The HERMIT Tarot Trump #9 is the sign associated with VIRGO

It would be good to spend time alone tuning into your body and Mother Earth’s  wisdom.

MERCURY is the ruling planet of VIRGO and not strong in the sign opposite the one it rules. Mercury also rules GEMINI. Mercury is lost in a dream or an illusion or projection.  Communicating from the psychic pineal gland chemistry from the hidden realms of imagination- from the most ephemeral of all signs PISCES- from pure spirit. 

This Moon brings to Fullness what we have been so polarized about since the SOLSTICE. This is the last Full Moon of the Winter season in the Northern Hemisphere. We have to be grateful. 



This is a beautiful water trine which includes MERCURY and CHIRON  close by.  VENUS in PISCES is exalted and JUPITER expands. MAKE VERY BIG DEEP WISHES on this FULL MOON and imagine dream believe and make real through VIRGO HARD WORK what your soul and spirit needs to bring through into the world. 

This also describes the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES movement led by students who were killed on Valentine’s Day in Florida Parkland High School. 


MARS @ 20+SAGITTARIUS is conjunct to VESTA the Asteroid Goddess 

VENUS is pulling away from square to MARS and VESTA. NEPTUNE MERCURY and CHIRON are in this tough love but inspiring square. Put some humor on it. VESTA helps us to focus on dedication. It is a very Virgo-like energy. Its what we invest in.

Q. to ask: What am I investing my time energy consciousness and unconsciousness into?



That describes intense fights to the death over power and control issues. NRA anyone? 

SATURN is sextiling the SUN 



This is again echoing new ideas about new guns laws-new- ARIES- the warrior sign- and JUPITER- LAWS- and those entrenched in power money secrets and control. Describing the heating up debate between those who want sensible gun control laws and the rabid NRA and those corporations and government officials who have been bribed. 

The VIRGO MOON sextiles SIRIUS the brightest star in the sky at 14+ degrees CANCER plunk on the U.S. SUN which inconjuncts the SOUTH NODE in AQUARIUS.  

We are harvesting the karmic seeds that were sown regarding old ideas of revolution and freedom. Times have changed. Aquarius the SOUTH NODE is about freedom and change invention and blowing up the old Capricorn Patriarchal structures of history. Time- SATURN marches on. Nothing is ever permanent.

As the FULL MOON pulls on our emotions and our bodies and the oceans listen to your guts- Virgo rules the Upper intestines- and ask: 

What do I need to do to clean up my act? What am I feeding my body?  Am I happy with my work? Does it feed my soul? Where do I need to simplify my life? How can I consume less and live more spiritually? How can I stop my perfectionism and workaholism? What do I serve? How can I learn to listen to my intuition? How can I see the world as one whole with no split between body and spirit? 

An old friend of mine passed away recently and I’m feeling his soul presence as have many others who were close to him. A death always makes us more aware of the preciousness of this human incarnation. Joseph Mark Cohen of Nelson B.C. was an incredible mystic writer teacher tour leader and creator working with Kabbalah Astrology Gematria Crop Circles and all kinds of wonderful things. May you R.I. P. 


water and earth. It would be good to be out in nature or simply get some clay and water and mold something with your eyes closed by the light of the full moon’s pull. 

VIRGO helps us build healthy boundaries.

Meditate deeply program your dreams. The intense PISCES energy is extremely strong. Create a vision or dream board.  Open to receive your work instructions from your Higher Self and the Angels.

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See an interview with Joseph Mark Cohen https://youtu.be/NEbpLdNSPIQ

Bad signs and how to use your magical will

March 11.

This is a day of bad cosmic omens and sign from the stars. But it’s OK. There’s help. 

Virgo moon is inconjunct to VENUS RETROGRADE in ARIES

This is a bad sign. The Moon governs our moods and feelings. This is Not a good day to go on dates, shopping, or starting anything new. It would be better to stay home and do some early spring cleaning. 


This is a VERY bad sign. The Sun in PISCES is benevolent flowy, dreamy, inspirational, sees the beautiful spiritual source of everything. JUPITER rules PISCES and is inspirational and optimistic and symbolize faith and trust. To have these two powerful cosmic bodies out of alignment with each other indicates a very rough day for relationships. Disappointment alert. This energy extends into the FULL VIRGO SAP Moon on the 12th. I’m still getting to that.  These omens bode ill. 

Virgo Moon opposes NEPTUNE in PISCES

This is the last major aspect of the day. The very realistic down to earth practical moon stands against everything that is PISCES. This is one of the hallmarks of tomorrow’s Full Moon. Reality versus the dream. 

NEPTUNE also rules the Sign of PISCES 

Neptune has the better aspect here. An opposition is something we can see and work with. Those inconjuncts are things we can’t quite grasp.

 A divination card to help guide you.


5 of discls Tarot Tara Greene


This is one of the nicer images of the 5 of coins disks or pentacles. Usually this is a card of poverty, strife, loneliness, loss, disappointment, challenges and regret. All of the number fives in the tarot show blockage and struggle. They are in the middle of the circuit of numbers from 1-10, they are choked and pivotal.

The earth element is featured and this is totally in synch with the VIRGO MOON.This card represents MERCURY in the 1st decan of TAURUS. 

Our thoughts create our reality.

If you have thoughts of fear, loss and, poverty, then we are going to attract exactly what we fear.  The Virgo Moon influence shining on this card points out the problems with perfectionism, which always will feel less than perfect, and will compensate by trying to work harder and harder and never attain that goal. The card is most certainly pointing out the difficult energies in the stars and planets today.


Mercury in TAURUS positively expressed is all about using your magical will, your solar plexus, symbol of the SUN, and your heart together. Clear your mind to gain clarity and gain a single pointed steadfast focus in connection with your body and gut instincts to create what your higher self desires.  Just like the #5 in the TAROT MAJORS, the POPE or HIGH PRIEST symbolizes this very image.  

When times get tough and your down and out, you need to connect to your Holy Guardian Angel. 

Don’t get flummoxed. I love that word.  Plus it has TAURUS in it. 

Here’s your mantra.

” I use my magical will and heart in alignment with the Source of all Light to manifest the most positive earthly wealth as a mirror of spirit.”  Repeat 3 x’s.

Remember that all things pass. 

Please share widely, Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think and how this works for you. I need to know other wise I am just shooting my arrows out into the universe and never really knowing. 

All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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10 million times Good luck,Buddha Full Moon VIRGO Earth Angel Astrology Meditation

February 25 your Karma is multiplied for good or negative 10 million times.

Tibetan Buddhists celebrate the First Full Moon of the New Year of the Black Water Snake

it is the GREAT PRAYER FESTIVAL and Day of Miracles honoring the final display by the Buddha.

Buddha Lightshttp://www.dharmaeye.com/ Olivier Adam photo

so be very aware of every thought you think and every word you say, SUN IN PISCES 

every wish you send out is magnified 10,000,000 times.Turn your karma into dharma.

Ask not for yourself as wealth, spiritual wealth is all that counts.

The spiritual wealth will manifest as material wealth.

Pi ratio is divine harmony and seas/sces a pun for waters,oceans, unconscious.

Send out benevolence  and compassion,see yourself as an EARTH ANGEL this is a VIRGO FULL MOON at 7+ degrees

BE THE LIGHT, The Light loves all the darkness and by that transforms it

Virgo is naturally the 6th house of service to others, work, pets, health, community.

Good day to access your health, diet and make whatever adjustments.

This Full Moon squares the November 28 LUNAR ECLIPSE at 7 degrees GEMINI/SAGITTARIUS 

intuition inspiration and insights will be apparent right now especially for those born around Nov 28-29, May 28/29

and those PISCES And VIRGOS born Feb 25/26 and Aug 28/29

with Sun Neptune Chiron Mars and Retro Mercury all in Pisces in the natural 12th house. 

VENUS is at 29 degrees of Aquarius and entering  PISCES at 6:03 pm PST/9:03 pm EST tonight

making 6 planets in PISCES SPIRITUAL WATER SIGN, 12th house womb.

Submerge yourself in the HOLY WATERS of purification, self-love, self-acceptance, compassion

BE THE BUDDHA. Meditate on this day

RITUAL of purification to remove all negative Karma

Astrologically at 7:51 pm PST/10:51 pm EST

The VIRGO Moon at 11 degrees sextiles SATURN Lord of Karma @ 11 degrees SCORPIO which also sextiles PLUTO at 11 degrees CAPRCICORN

that’s 11 11 11

LIGHT CANDLES have bowls of water and beautiful flowers and incense,

use rose-water, lavender oil or  Florida water from PERU if you have it to anoint yourself

aromatherapy uplifts your senses, Lavender is a protective

Call in the 4 directions and 4 elements starting in the east and always moving clock wise. 

East = fire, South= water, West= earth North – air

some traditions do it differently, follow what works for you. On the West coast the ocean is in the West, 

Breathe deeply follow the breath 

put on meditative music I will put a  playlist of spiritual music 

Apply rose-water,lavender, or other pure oil to your 3rd eye and then on your heart and touch all your chakras starting from your feet

and going up. PISCES rules the feet.ending with the Crown chakra on top of your head.

Buddha Dharma

Call in the Buddha you dont have to be Buddhist to do this.

The Buddha is non-denominational,  visualize Shakyamuni in front of you

see him staring at you feel his total compassion for you,

ask you stare at him and feel the enlightenment emanating form his being

 tell yourself you are now ready to release all your karma all suffering and ignorance

releasing all harm to self and others,  

so that you may awaken quickly for the sake of all sentient beings. That is the Bodhisattva prayer,.

loving kindness is the root of what the Buddha Teaches 

feel the toxins negative thoughts, 7 deadly sins leaving your mind and body

until you feel like an open vessel take as much time as you need

keep your consciousness in your heart chakra- this is the brain,the mind in Buddhism.

then state to yourself out loud that you are ready to receive enlightenment

 non-duality, essence, cleansing and purification,

that you know you are already Enlightened and nothing exists outside of self. 

You and the entire Universe are ONE>

send blessings for all beings who are suffering, animals, children, trees, the oceans,

it is all oceanic consciousness

really feel yourself expand to become the heart of the Universe.

Vow to do,one act every day to send love to someone, one-act of charity, compassion, help, assistance.

“Our hands imbibe like roots, so I place them on what is beautiful in this world…. And I fold them in prayer, and they draw from the heavens Light.”
– St Francis of Assisi

Be in the samadhi state, for as long as you wish. 
every wish you send out is magnified 10,000,000 times.
and all comes back to you. 
gatay – means beyond. 
When you feel ready come out of your meditation.
give thanks
P.S. it is also the memorial birthday of George Harrison who would have been 70 years old today. George was a huge bridge from East to West
bringing Ravi Shankar’s Indian sitar music into western consciousnses. Sitar music means music of the stars, names after Goddess Tara, which is both my spiritual name and a transliteration of my middle birth name.
also ANANDA GIRI The Oneness Meditation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9uVYkpHJdw