Called it, Trudeau Prime Minister on

I was called into the Daily Vice Toronto’s Office October 19 at 7:30 pm to give my psychic and astrology take before the final voting election results came out at their Election Circus show. I come on at 56:57 and talk for about 5 minutes. It continues on in Québécois French for part of it.


Yes I did predict Trudeau’s win in 2014. I a very glad that P.M. Harper’s reign of terror is over. The Liberal Government made a sweeping majority coming from third place. I liked Trudeau’s very spiritual uplifting acceptance speech. Now he has to come through.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau October 19 2015

       Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 43 

Trudeau was born at Rideau Hall Canada’as version of the White House – Its very small and not so swish, have you ever been to Ottawa? BORING… Justin is going home again. 

And The Toronto Blue Jays beat the Kansas City Royals in the third game of the American League Championships. 

Many people are very happy in this burg tonight. 

I loved doing the Vice piece. The atmosphere there was amazing. Someone was walking around with a white gorilla suit.  Famous peeps like American journalist and activist Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer prize winning reporter appear and Canadian rapper Kardinal Offishall and Doug Ford, yes the infamous former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s brother, were there too.  Lotsa fun. I love doing TV and radio, Very exciting. 

Moon is in Capricorn Oct 20 and the Cardinal Crosses repeat.

Moon enters Aquarius in the evening

and a gentle sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius helps us integrate this new reality. 

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Is Mercury Retrograde To Blame for everything ? Astrology stuff from Tara Greene

I was interviewed over the phone  by VICE Canada about


a light-hearted look, I did talk  more but it was  edited down

I did say that all Mercury Retrograde’s  in 2012 started going  Retrograde in FIRE Signs

and All Mercury Retrograde’s in 2013 will start to go Retrograde in WATER signs 

and speaking of 2013 I am searching my mind’s eye for the 2013 predictions…

Lots of water coming up, many planets will be in water signs

it will be very emotional with lots, huge changes..

I am seeing huge earthquakes in China, tsunami’s crazy weather patterns…

and huge shifts in consciousness beginning because of the believed consciousness shift at Dec 21 2012

but I feel it wont actually kick in till Feb 2013.

The two worlds are occurring, your thoughts and EMOTIONS! must stay very clear and very positive.

Instant Karma time, I know that is manifesting more and more

The trouble is, time and consciousness is shifting, I have noticed this for many months now

It is very difficult to see one certain probable future,

I know this sounds like it is contrary to what I do as a psychic but the “novelty” as Terrence McKenna puts it,

TIME WAVE ZERO  is his way of calling it Dec 21 2012 tie in.

Time Wave Zero

Terrence McKenna’s Time Wave Zero model

the Novelty factor,  is increasing exponentially, there is so much movement, motion, information,and higher consciousness dimensions merging nowadays

that it all is changing moment to moment as it always has BUT we couldn’t see with that high a consciousness- till now.

So yes SHIFT is happening,

and this is all under Mercury/Hermes winged messenger of the God’s rulership


one must spend at least 20 minutes a day emptying the mind of the endless chattering and attempt to get still

not just yoga for fitness sake but real serious meditation, traditional although you can use those CD’s like Silva method and Theta state inducting ones,they work.

The calm in the eye of the storm, is the metaphor that was coming to me all this year, and look at SANDY and I keep sending energy to all the people who lost their homes.

with Saturn in Scorpio relationships will go through whip snapping changes, lightning flash turn arounds,

your head and emotional body will be spinning fast. so the need to stay grounded is all important.

The other day i slathered my tootsies in cream and put this beautiful rose soap my son Elijah brought back from Columbia. I need my toeses to smell like roses. Wow did it ever feel good.


Pay attention to your feet, they have many  acupuncture points to all the organs on them,

walk on the beach and barefoot if you can, massage the soles of your feet,

kiss your toes, they arewhat grounds you and hold you up, allow you to traverse distances,

 get Reflexology, soak your tootsies, sing to your tootsies,

Gotta get ready to walk on water…

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By the way if you are in Toronto or viscinity Sat Nov 10

I will be at the opening of my husband Napoleon Brousseau’s new paintings show

RETURNING-Le Fantome de la Memoire @ Robert Kananaj Gallery 5:00 p.m – 9:00 p.m

Returning is another way of  saying Mercury Retrograde and by the way Napoleon, yes that’s his real name, was born under a Mercury Retrograde. His art works are astonishing.