Mercury in Sexy Scorpio Retrograde alert!

Mercury in Scorpio September 27-December 1st 2020

Mercury Retrograde October 13-November 3.

Mercury turns Retrograde at 11 degrees 40 minutes of Scorpio and ends the Retrograde at 25 degrees 57 minutes of LIBRA.

Mercury the Messenger tweaks our deepest instincts and X-ray vision, Our psyches and souls just want to scry on obsidian mirrors and black waters. This energy puts our minds into sexual, obsessive, dirty and dark thoughts. 

Do you have Mercury in Scorpio? This period is an investigation into the dark side of the psyche where our emotions and our mind-meld into intense laser-like focus. the power to control the mind is strengthened. It’s an optimum time for research, investigations and to deeply focus and obsess about ex’s, and revenge because of Mars Retrograde in Aries and anything that brings power control and wealth. 

Mercury in Scorpio governs finances, and deeply entrenched bank wealth. When Mercury turns Retrogrades markets will likely fall. The stock market has a long history of major collapses in the original depression October in 1929, Black Monday in 1987, and the cheap mortgage fiasco of 2008.

Mars, the ruling planet of Scorpio and Aries is RETROGRADE in Aries. The intensity of this powerful aspect has a reverb or delayed reaction while Mars is Retrograde in September 9th/10th to November 13th. There is almost a month when Mars begins to go Direct again while Mercury is still in Scorpio when its full impact will be felt. 


MERCURY is travelling through the VIA COMBUSTA from September 15/16 to November 22nd.  What is that? The VC is a 30-degree swath of the Zodiac which the ancients called the “burning way” or “fiery way” in Latin, which spans from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio. Way back then if you had planets in this 30-degree segment it meant that you were cursed, evil, a witch or sorcerer, it was considered a very bad thing. You could be burned at the stake from your astrology chart! But of course, this designation was coming from the jealous, insecure, controlling- talk about Scorpio, dark, obsessive torturing, secretive Catholic Church which meant that you actually had fearsome and awesome powers. Do you have planets, Rising, Nodes, Asteroids, Lolith or Chiron in those degrees? My Rising sign is there, Venus and Neptune too.

MARS SQUARES SATURN as SATURN turns direct September 29/30.


PLUS MERCURY ALSO Turns RETROGRADE October 13 at 11 degrees 40 minutes Scorpio and back into LIBRA on OCTOBER 28/29 turning Stationary Direct November 3rd at 25 degrees 57 minutes of LIBRA in a tense square to Pluto Saturn and Jupiter.


Those dates October 13-November 3rd are particularly powerful. As BOTH MARS AND MERCURY will be Retrograde at the same time. 

 Sex, power and control issues are hotter than hot topics as the dark wicked torturous child sex trafficking and money laundering secrets come out.

MARS in the Tarot is #16 THE TOWER 

More #MeToo women speaking out about being raped sexually abused and assaulted and also the Roe versus Wade freedom of abortion law will be debated hotly now that Ruth Bader Ginsberg has passed and a new Republic anti-abortion pro-fundamentalist Supreme Court Justice is likely to be installed.  Women’s life under a shadowy, power-hungry Patriarchal world where men have dominated women sexually for thousands of years is not a secret anymore.

 Sun enters Scorpio on the 22rd to amp up the Scorpio vibes.

OCTOBER 27-28 as MERCURY is at the very last 29th degree of LIBRA is the most intensified energy and can trigger some major world shake-ups. Venus also enters LIBRA at 0 degrees which is a major Cardinal degree. 


Tantric sexuality is a very Mercury in Scorpio issue. Mercury is the mind control wedding with sexuality to create spiritual death and rebirth. This is not a current fad. Its an ancient spiritual tradition requiring much yogic and meditation practice. Tantric sex is healing and unites lovers as one physically sexually emotionally and spiritually. Practitioners traditionally did this alone as an inner alchemical sacred marriage practice using breathwork alone.

We can more easily connect with our own soul’s desires,and psyches and get laser-like insights into our own and other people’s natures.  

 Mercury is the MAGICIAN in the Tarot – thoughts are magic. Mercury is also known as the TRICKSTER which is how our minds can play tricks on us. Mercury is also the ruler of thieves and merchants. 

This energy can be used to transform many old emotional blocks be they sexual, poverty, abundance mentality and abundance, power or lack of it and control issues.

 Mercury in Scorpio governs depth psychology, detective work and deep analysis. Good time to do deep excavation in your shadows. Surgeons and anyone who need very exacting skills need Mercury in Scorpio. This would be an excellent time to get surgery done. Scorpio governs the reproductive organs, any issues you may have in these areas require your attention and old STD’s issues can flare up during the Retrograde.

 Under Mercury’s tour of Scorpio, it is a more inward, secretive time compounded by Mars’s internal desire and actions, During Covid-19 second wave we will be forced to be in quarantine and alone again and it’s in complete alignment with these times so don’t fight it. Spending down and alone time is a gift. Use this time for deep inner transformation in yourself and any relationships with power imbalances then. Rise like the Phoenix. 

This is an underlying soul mate energy as the 8th sign also symbolizes  “the other.”  Yes, old soul mates may return or more likely the inability to stop obsessing about the one who got away or whos choice it was to leave the relationship will trigger old anger. Channel that anger in positive directions. Mars Retrograde tends to keep anger held back, That is not healthy.

 People born with Mercury in Scorpio have very insightful, deep analysis of the world. They can be mesmerizing speakers. Mercury in Scorpio is like a film noir characteristic.

 Scorpio is a fixed sign of phenomenal willpower. If you know that you are walking your souls’ path you should be able to create what you want. “Do what thou wilt and harm none.” Is the whole of the Law. Scorpio energy at its darkest uses, abuses, rapes, torture, puts fear into others, manipulates, and plays with S & M. 

Be careful not to fall under the spell of any ruthless manipulators marketers and charming thieves. Be careful not to unconsciously sting others or yourself. 

BDSM is a Scorpio thing. I do not believe it is a healthy choice. Pain is not love. Look at your own shame and pain and deeply held belief systems and programming of feeling powerless, victimized or deserving of punishment and get indepth spiritual psychological and transpersonal healing of your pain. 


Scorpio magnifies all your feelings and thoughts so be careful of getting gobbled up by demons, your own and the very real demonic forces that exist everywhere around us.  Suicidal thoughts and rates may get higher. Especially because COVID_19 and the state of 2020 erratic energy, if you feel suicidal please call a suicide hotline and get help ASAP. Do not call a Psychic go get real medical help. Do not keep your pain and shame a secret any longer. Work with and resolve your pain and transmute it to become stronger.

 Famous Mercury in Scorpio people

KIM KARDASHIAN of course. Sex money power. 


Hilary Clinton, Prince Charles, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Condoleezza Rice, David Cameron, Theodore Roosevelt, 


John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, Katy Perry, Rapper Eminem,- Miley Cyrus, Drake, Snoop Dog, Puff Daddy, Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Usher, Lorde, Keith Urban, Julie Andrews, 

 ACTORS and Directors

Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Tyra Banks- model. Viggo Mortenson, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Jodi Foster,  Ryan Gosling, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Grace Kelly, Bruce Lee, Charles Bronson, Kim Bassinger, Julianne Moore, RuPaul, John Malkovich, Owen Wilson, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Scorsese- film director, Josh Hutcherson,  Mark Ruffalo, Raven-Symone, 


Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Oscar Pistorius, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, 

 ARTISTS and writers

 Pablo Picasso,  Arthur Rimbaud, Walt Disney, Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath,  Eugène Ionesco, Mark Twain, Seth MacFarlane, 

OCCULTISTS and spiritualists

Aleister Crowley, Deepak Chopra,  

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Painting “Testimony” by Napoleon Brousseau, Collection of Jamie Angell, Angell gallery Toronto. More artwork, prints and T-shirts available.

Women, Kavanaugh and the Burning Path

October’s highlight is Venus Retrograde, of course, October 5-November 16 throwing old relationships, values, women’s issues and the economy into a tailspin. 

Venus Sun transit Tara Greene Toronto

                Venus transit of the Sun June 2012 Photo by Napoleon Brousseau 

October 5: Venus stations retrograde: 10 degrees 50 minutes Scorpio

Venus turns Retrograde squaring Mars and Lilith and the South Node in Aquarius 

This means: The revenge of angry women who have been denied their natural power for too long. If you’ve been watching the U.S. Supreme Court nominations you know what this is all about. The November elections are on November 6 when Venus is Retrograde back in Libra at that point.  This Retrograde will have much longer ramifications than just the 40 days. 

Lilith and Mars were exactly conjunct October 1st and will continue to be BFF’s in effect as one until Halloween when Venus moves back into Libra.

VENUS Retrogrades on the Burning Way or Via Combusta October 7-November 7

Via Combusta is Latin for “burning way” or “fiery way”  and is considered malefic or very bad according to ancient astrology by Al Biruni. Why? Because the Libra Sun is weak and in its fall in that sign {Sun is strongest in Aries}. Scorpio is the fall sign of the Moon which is strongest in opposite sign of Taurus. These two signs contain two malefic planets. Saturn which is exalted in Libra and Scorpio, ruled by Mars. 

The Via Combusta is an old Medieval Astrology tool describing the Zodiac between 15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio between October 7 and November 7 Yet this is the darkest and alchemically powerful time of the year. Halloween is Witches new year so the bad influence notation is from the church of course. Further Pluto the modern ruler of Scorpio is also the Lord of death and rebirth. 

Venus Retrograde journey is told in astromyth as the tale of Queen Inanna going into the Underworld. It is the most ancient known poem in the world written between 3,500 -1,900 B.C. Inanna is an Ancient Sumerian Goddess of sex, fertility and war goes to be with her sister Ereshkigal whose husband has died. Inanna must be stripped of all her royal belongings down to being turned into a corpse and hung on a nail to rot by her revengeful sister. Read the whole story in the link below. The story is the basis for the myth of Persephone being raped into the Underworld by Pluto and this rings totally in synch with the current U.S. political situation. 

This further symbolizes women on fire and women burning down the house. 

Take your own astrology chart and map out where Venus retrograde path is.Go to its free to input your own birth chart.

Angry backlashes from both men and women are highly volatile during this time. Be careful of gaslighting.

Many relationships will be put to the test during this time, as Venus will be Retrograde until November 16 and in the Underworld.

This is a time to do some really fierce shadow work. To scourge our deepest wounds. These are the sexual abuse issues which have been perpetrated against women for the last 5,000 to 10,000 years. This is billions of women. This is every woman living today in a Patriarchal culture which sees women as chattel, second-class citizens as without the right to their own authority over their own bodies. This includes the millions destroyed in the witch trials. The millions of female infants murdered today simply for being valueless as females.

The Patriarchy pumping and posturing its flaccid muscle is over.

The PHALLOCENTRIC WAY IS A FALLACY. The Emperor has no power. 

I was an early feminist. I realized my life and freedom was over at 12 when I first got my period. I’ve been an active feminist since 1970. The Goddess is alive and she is returning. We do not want to create more hate. She is the Goddess of Love and Beauty and we need more beauty and Love in the world now. Women need to first right the wrongs. But we shouldn’t perpetuate fear and hatred. We need to create new balances and that’s why Venus is turning direct again in Libra.

Venus turns direct at 25 degrees Libra conjunct big beneficial Fixed stars 

SPICA at 23 degrees 50 minutes LIBRA tropical

Is a blue Giant Star in Constellation of Virgo. It is one of the most famous 15 Behenian Stars of ancient lore. This was the Goddess Ishtar or Ceres/Demeter. The Ear of Grain is a very good star. It brings spiritual qualities. and It gives riches, overcomes contentions. removes scarcity and mischief. Spica rules the stone emerald, sage, trefoil, mugwort, periwinkle and mandrake root.

When Venus conjuncts Spica in traditional star lore it means; “benefits from friends, social success, false friend of one’s own sex.{1} 

And ARCTURUS at 24 degrees 14 Libra Tropical 

in Alpha Bootes  {shake your Bootes} it is a famous spiritual star. It gives riches, honour, high renown, and self-determination. Its image is a horse, wolf or man dancing. This star deals with darker aspects. Arcturus has a reputation of achieving justice through power. Arcturus was seen as the protector of Spica or Ishtar be the ancient Arabs. It is associated with the stone jasper, and plantain.

When Venus is conjunct Arcturus it indicates popularity and gifts and favours from friends and some false friends of the same sex. {1} 

Arcturus rules two inches below the navel in the human body which is the Hara or will centre or 3rd chakra. It would be wise to hold your hand’s open in a yoni symbol around this area and meditate and breathe into and through your hara. 

Do you have planets in the Via Combusta?

As with all retrogrades do not buy things especially things related to Venus- all women’s or feminine things, makeup clothes, shoes, art, and avoid socializing.

This will be a very interesting Halloween as Venus will transition from Scorpio to Libra on that day. October 8 is a Libra NEW Moon @ 15 DEGREES right on the beginning of that Via Combusta.

Venus Rules the Taurus Full Moon and is conjunct the Sun on it too

The Scorpio New Moon is November 7 with Venus in Libra and Jupiter on the 29th degree of Scorpio – more on that later.

These lunations will be extremely powerful 3 in a row.  will write more about that later.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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[5] The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology (p 317). [Al Birurii, circa 1029 a.d.] The Wessex Astrologer []

{1} Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p. 66, 211, 235 


Bye Saturn in Scorpio, C U in 28 years

Saturn leaves SCORPIO on the 17th @ 7:49 pm PDT/ 10:49 am EDT after more than two years. I know it feels like Aeons right? Who will weep for you?
We should take stock of the karmic purgings we have endured during the last 3 months of Saturn’s final Retrograde and hanging about at the last critical degree of Scorpio.
We see the refugee crises as a tranformational Scorpionic experience for thousands of people in the world.
What are the results from your  Soul cleansings and learnings?  What have your  learned from the depths of your Unconscious, from Hades and Pluto and the shadow master.
We need to get the lessons now before we can cleanly trot off all fired up into Saggy land. You will begin to feel like you are freed from the terrible burden, that leaden undertow and get out of what feels like being in the stocks. You know those things that they used to lock prisoners up in?
Saturn leaves Scorpio Tara Greene
Saturn leaves on a very auspicious Jupiter Neptune opposition.  
This is a very good auspicious omen. Jupiter and Neptune are rolling out the Purple and green-blue carpet. 
NOTE the last time Jupiter and Neptune were opposed in Virgo/Pisces was during the California Gold Rush from August until October 1849. We’ve completed that first gold rush which sent thousands of people to the wild west in search of treasure. How many people struck it rich?
Have you ever seen the famous Treasure of the Sierra Madre with Humphrey Bogart and Walter Huston? Its one of my all time fave old movies. Watch it if you can. It’s the perfect Saturn leaving Scorpio and the Neptune Jupiter opposition theme with the entering of Sagittarius.
The 21st Century “gold rush” has  thousands of refugees, not all from Syria or official refugees searching for the promised land. Pisces symbolizes that promised land which could be illusion, all mirrors, smoke and ashes and not gold. All that glitters is not gold.  
What is the gold that you are seeking? Do you know where to find it? 
As a Triple Sagittarius I will be doing a happy centaur dance on the 17th.
Mercury is going Retrograde in Libra also that day on the VIA COMBUSTA.
A traditional negative path “the burning way”spans  from 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio. We have some relationship stuff and imbalances in the world, justice and karma to take care of first. 
Might this be like a learning to walk barefoot on hot coals experience? 
Saturn in Sagittarius will be majorly uplifting on many levels. And have major consequences for religious restrictions, old-fashioned evangelic, “foreign religions”  International laws, higher education, humor, freedom, animal rights and philosophy. Ideally it should be the end of all Patriarchal religions. Saturn is the Big Papa. 
I will write longer on Saturn in Sagittarius. I am happy and also know the big responsibilities coming. 
For all SAGITTARIUS get ready to get heavy and serious and mature and with humor. 
The refugee crisis in Europe is a preview of all Saturn in Sagittarius issues. Big laws, Saturn is the Tax Man, Father Time, will come down heavy. I predicted there would be enforced and restricted travel across nations. Many refugees maybe sent off to some other foreign isolated place…. 
in Sedona today I recorded a short sweet little video for Sept 16. The message for the day was a beautiful swallowtail butterfly which is transformation, much like Scorpio….
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Butterfly totem transformation, Tara Greene astrology
Photo by Tara Greene
Moon enters Scorpio Sept. 16 how appropriate that Saturn leaves Scorpio on a Scorpio Moon. 
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