Invest in your highest heart goals

The AQUARIAN MOON makes easy sextiles to Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in ARIES. 

The living is easy. See the big picture speak your truth optimize and take bold new action to initiate changes. 

VESTA the Goddess of INVESTMENTS; keeper of the sacred flame sextiles the North Node in LEO

vesta and north node astrology

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VESTA in LIBRA @ 21+ degrees

This is a great day to invest your consciousness and ideas and communicate with others in a thinktank or your tribe of friends to sort out what your highest investment in yourself and in your highest heart goals are.

The North Node in LEO is our global GPS. We all have to follow the degree and sign the North Node points to. Right now it’s at 21 degrees LEO. 

VESTA perverted as a VESTAL VIRGIN was originally a sacred tantric sexual priestess who healed men from PTSD before they could re-integrate back into society. The Vestal Priestesses were very high in their culture. They were the healers. The Priestesses focussed their intentions on keeping the sacred alive. It was physically a flame at the center of the town or temple which had to always be lit. The spark representing the spirit. 

Wherever Vesta is in your natal chart is where you need to focus on your own inner fire. What is your burning desire? NORTH NODE IN LEO is very much that passion. What turns you on? What ignites your anger or drive? What gives you the heat? Passion heat fire desire are all sexual energies. Kundalini energy is that heat. It is very important to be respectful and careful of opening that energy up. It can be destructive if opened without sufficient practice and knowledge about the dangerous firepower you are dealing with. That is why it is important to have a real guru. Not a new age self-appointed weekend trained and certified one.

Focus on meditating and seeing this inner fire burning. You can ask it what it wants you to do.

It is easy to tell what your divine purpose is. You are passionate about it and it benefits others. 

Moon enters PISCES in the later part of the day.

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