Venus Total heart eclipse 3rd chakra activation

 9/17/17  Venus was inconjunct to Chiron earlier today.  We may feel a cosmic yearning to GO HOME.  That feeling of loneliness or of being separated from source could be welling up.  Chiron in PISCES is the wound we carry from the illusion of being separated from SOURCE. In fact, we are NOT.

Venus Total Eclipse Astrology Tara Greene

The Pleiades by Elihu Vedder

Don’t run away from those feelings. If you pray and send out heartfelt longing to reunite with Primal Oneness of the Divine Feminine you will find it.

The Leo Moon is conjunct to the North Node right now @ 3:33 pm EDT @ 24 degrees LEO.

Stop and breathe fully into your heart. Feel your courage and will to love yourself and the world fully. 


Venus rekindles the Total Solar Eclipse degree today. This is a very dramatic degree. Take heart and get in touch with your fiery LIONESS or LION in your SOLAR PLEXUS or 3rd chakra. Leo is ruled by the SUN and the SUN governs the 3rd chakra. Breathe into your HARA or “orrende as Native Americans call it your navel center. That is where your will connects you to the SUN and the Central SUN and the source of all LIGHT. Breathe through there. Take a warrior’s stance and breathe out three times fast and short saying Ha! Ha! Ha! Feel your power and connect it with your heart. 

As Venus brings in the firepower tonight in PDT/tomorrow Sept 18 in EDT and GMT

Venus is also waltzing with innovative pioneering rebellious Uranus today in Grand Trine @ 27 degrees ARIES exact with the Galactic Center @ 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS and  LILITH in SAGITTARIUS @ 23+ degrees.

Women and the Divine Feminine energy is on fire Ready to innovate to pioneer to break away from all old restricting forms of bondage. LILITH refuses to compromise. All women need to do this right now!

This is a breakthrough time. Passions will be high. DRAMA BIG TIME.  Expect unexpected turns of events the next two days until Venus grounds us into practical VIRGO on the 19th on a NEW VIRGO DARK MOON.

Your love life and money issues may be chaotic. Values are changing to reconcile with those of the heart. The downside of Venus in LEO is too much ego vanity and selfishness. 

This is also a terrorist bombing energy as well. Venus rules the markets- things will be chaotic.

Energies will change next week.

Enjoy the firepower of Venus in LEO. Wear your heart on your sleeve be big-hearted generous and bold. Dance the tango while you can.

The ECLIPSE Degree is in effect for 9 months. America is certainly being deluged now as the eclipse promised. Anytime any planet squares or opposes this degree will bring its impact back into our realities. 

If you have planets or angles at 27 degrees LEO or opposite at 27 degrees AQUARIUS – America’s Moon is there in its birth chart making the elcipse doubly hard and intense for the American people The Moon symbolizes the people and water, of course, you will feel the effects more powerfully. 

If you have planets in a square at 27 degrees SCORPIO or TAURUS you will feel the impact as well. 27 degrees TAURUS is the home of the Pleiades. A very spiritual wisdom source to spiritual seekers.

“The Pleiades” role then is to help seekers become consciously aware of Divine Knowledge and Wisdom which is why their etherical astral and mental bodies must be purified before being able to integrate with that spiritual system. The Pleiades represent a spiritual “station” where the Perfect Model within seekers is energized and comes alive on earth.”-

-Plotinus Greek Philosopher 204/5-270 CE

Tune into the higher wisdom available from Venus the Pleiades and Uranus.

Blessings to you.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Love and stranger things

Well I don’t know where this week went to. Do you feel like that too?

It’s a very Venus-y day which is governed by beautiful lady Venus. 

Venus squares Chiron in Pisces in the day.

hard hitting honesty fells the sensitive types. Venus in Sagittarius helps you to lay the truth at someone’s feet.

it’s mainly A CAPRICORN dominated weekend until Sunday morning.That means the mood is conservative, grounded, practical unemotional. 

The Moon sextiles Neptune in the afternoon

I am sure you will be daydreaming about your political candidate of choice sitting in the White House in 2017. Or your own career dreams of being at the top of the corporate ladder.  These are practical -how to -hands on dreams. 

Cappy Moon squares JUPITER in LIBRA  at night

which can make for some nice formal dinners with colleagues, bosses, higher- ups, and making the social rounds and looking good. 

Cap Moon sextiles the SUN in SCORPIO

More political gunslinging secrets and garbage in the rumor mill.  You may take a fancy to a Secretive seductive Scorpio.


this is where title comes in @ witching hour PDT/

NOVEMBER 5- GUY FAWKES DAY in the early a.m. EDT and GMT

We gotta Love and support those stranger weirdos, those anarchists, those fearless off the wall, non-traditionalists and rule breakers. Those fearless unconventional revolutionaries who want to educate and inspire the truth and help free the world like WikiLeaks leaders Julian Assange and most especially people like Edward Snowden. The V type of anarchists and hackers.

V for Vendetta Nov.5 Tara Greene

 I swear these people will change the world. Who predicted anarchy to reign?  This aspect supports and uplifts the freak flag wearing, marching to their own drummers, bra-burning, flag- burning, pioneering, rule breaking, sassy, bad-ass, spewing their truth whatever it may be. Donald Trump also comes in this group. He is an independent rule breaker. This is like  DEADPOOL or Kick Ass. People who are pioneering, shit disturbers, not necessarily mercenaries.

Do you think you have never fit in anywhere? Ever felt like an outcast? Like you didn’t belong? The square peg, black sheep, all alone. Wondering WTF am I doing here in this Universe? If so this is time to love your own uniqueness, your own quirks, and your own individuality. You are not the same as anyone else. Be true to your self, Love your own weirdness. 

Many psychics empaths and sensitives fall into this category too. The Indigos were the ones who remembered who they were and saw the world from a Higher Consciousness perspective, I have always been that way. 

Honor your own truth and use it to help others break the bonds of conservative devolution governed by fear and a need for safety. This aspect helps us bravely and boldly journey on, seeking the impossible{?}  dream or undiscovered high of any time. Be a brave new world explorer. Life is about living it now. 

Love your weird, or wyrd.  Tell me about your weird. I have always been outside the norm and loved it. I always take a very left view to trigger others. The more askew your view, the more you really see.  I have bravely forged my own path, created my own work, been self- employed my entire life.  I refused to conform to my parents religion and knew that  i had to find some way I could operate. Not by breaking any laws but challenging most people’s assumptions. Like my old teacher Stuart Wilde used to say. First, you have to leave the safety net of the tribe. the religion culture or group you were born into, in order to find your own path. 

Love change, love freedom, women’s liberation is definitely a signature of this. Let your wild horses run free or whatever your metaphor is. 

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V for Vendetta the Wachowski’s 2005 

It’s complicated, Sunday

A complex Sunday. Under a Scorpio Moon and lots of planets in water signs it’s been torrentially raining here in Toronto since earlier today. The Gay Pride Parade is Today and may be quite wet and wild a big celebration.

There’s a leak on our sun porch. Can’t tell if its coming from out semi-detached neighbour or what. 

SCORPIO Moon squares Venus in LEO and later Jupiter.

Power battles are going on all over the place. LEO is EGO spelled mixed up. 

The more open your heart is the greater depth of love and transformation may take place.

Moon makes an akward alliance, an inconjunct, with Uranus in Aries.

The revolutionary pro-gay marriage supreme Court decision will be getting flack back.
MERCURY is also inconjunct to Pluto

so no amount of arguing or logic will change those whose heads and minds are buried in the ground.

The day ends on a serious somber note as the Moon conjuncts Saturn at the last degree of Scorpio.

There is some karmic critical mass point we are dealing with here now. I am feeling Saturn’s heavy weight. Are you? Despite the Supreme Court decision for many being gay in other parts of the world is still a crime. Being Transgender is still dangerous.

Plus I am hearing all kinds of miss info about NIBURU  appearing, that it has just stopped being blocked on Google space. But I am concerned about the sun spots and the CME’s coming off of the Sun, affecting the electro-magnetic poles from CERN;s nefarious experiments which creates very powerful earthquakes. These are also dark times. 

I do believe that Greece people will choose to leave the EU.   I will look at Greece’s astrology chart except that there are a few different one. The EU may collapse and the banks world wide will be in deep shit. This is all good, the old structure needs to fall and crumble in order for a new world to rise again. 

VENUS Trines Uranus PDT late late in the day

and Yes GAY MARRIAGE a Uranus ruled Aquarian ideal has happened and the planets are mirroring it. we are Over the Rainbow. 

This means, Love outside the norms.. creativity and higher consciousness, breaking away from the traditional loves and values.

you will feel restless tonight for sure. We are approaching Full Moon  July 1st in Capricorn on Canada’s birthday.

We are all equal in the eyes of the Goddess. 

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Lovers in a Dangerous Time Bruce Cockburn 1984