Saturn Crone power Weekend Astrology

April 6 Moon is in Sagittarius and makes a Fire Trine to URANUS in ARIES

the energy is upbeat and easy going from the early morning. Moon is VOID OF COURSE. Things get challenging in the afternoon as Moon squares Chiron in Pisces at the last karmic degree of the zodiac. We are all feeling this energy. Stay with Compassion-let go trust have faith it is a rebirth time.

Moon enters CAPRICORN early in the day and stays all weekend until just before midnight in PDT. So it’s a goaty weekend energy you know what that means. Dry reversed conservative stiff upper lip. Ruled by SATURN so you gotta play by the rules. 

This usually seems daunting but there is a lovely energy on the 7th.Moon trines Venus in Taurus.

VENUS in TAURUS her ruling sign trines SATURN in CAPRICORN his ruling sign

Old smoking Crone woman Napoleon Brousseau

Smoking Crone woman charcoal drawing by Napoleon Brousseau

This is super positive when both planets are holding court. This positive planetary alliance can be tapped into in and unfold many ways.

Venus in Taurus is women and their assets. Saturn in Capricorn is elders seniors. Put them together this is Crone power. I like to spell it Chrone which literally is time chronology. Chronos is the Greek name for Saturn. Saturn has been associated with the Patriarchy and fathers for so long and we take it back to its roots it has to be Mother Time- not father time. Think about it. We must change the language. Feminists always talked about changing language changes ideas culture and actions.Since everything originated from a Feminine Goddess creative force Time which rules birth and death has to be feminine. I love that. It makes perfect sense.

If you are a post-menopausal woman the onus is on you to make a vow for a long-term commitment to back up your self and other older women. To revel in the natural beauty of the Chrone not to imitate the young not to desire to be youthful but to embrace the wisdom that comes with age and years and years of experience. Discover the sensuality of being an older woman. 

Taurus is the 2nd sign of resources material assets and self-worth. Saturn in Capricorn is all about worldly power and corporate success through long-term patience hard work and earning respect.

It can indicate business mergers. Venus and Saturn indicate women taking to positions of political and business power. 

Older women demand to be a force in the world.This is Chrone power.

Women and older men may get romantically involved. There can be promotions to positions of higher responsibility. You want to get respect for being who you are your values assets and tangible skills. 

Use this earthy trine to indulge yourself- Venus, in Taurus’ fave thing in something classical and classy. Something expensive that will be of use long term. 

This is a good energy to influence those in high positions. 

Have a sumptuous dinner party for someone you want to impress romantically or a business colleague or boss. 

It’s also creative energy for traditional arts. Ceramics painting opera theatre and poetry.

Moon conjuncts Saturn then conjuncts MARS later on the 7th angry feelings may surface. Mars is Out of Bounds. It may be difficult to put the brakes on.

Moon sextiles Neptune at night for a romantic evening. Use the Cappy moon to stay grounded in meditations visualizations and having discipline in your dreams. 

8th. Moon squares SUN in ARIES we are half way to the next New Moon already

Moon conjoins with Pluto sextiles Jupiter and squares Uranus 

This is a powerful Cardinal square energy with the added over the top of a Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio to spice things up deeper. Can be good for unusual sexual energy freedom and regeneration.

Moon goes Void of Course in the evening

Moon squares Chiron in PISCES in PDT/ 9th in EDT/ GMT

Moon enters AQUARIUS at 11:50 pm PDT

You west coasters get the breakout energy before the witching hour. Everyone else gets it the next day. You may feel restless and have difficulty sleeping. Use Aquarius Moon energy for detachment and for seeing the big picture. 

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Venus Trine Saturn. Real love royal inspiration

This is a major aspect @ 21 degrees LEO/SAGITTARIUS tonight and it lasts until the 15th when Venus makes her next aspect – a sextile to Jupiter in LIBRA which further adds to the Sagittarius optimism expansion and balancing energies over the next few days.

Her Queenly trine is auspicious and brings elove beauty money strength and courage easily. As with all blessings from VENUS as the QUEEN of Hearts in LEO you want to use this one for big benefits.

VENUS in LEO is very high spirited. Are you feeling more open energized ready to be in the spotlight; showing off your leadership talents and strengths?

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is the Cosmic Cop of truth justice and optimism. SATURN is the real deal the bottom line. No fairy tale romances here this aspect brings long term commitment such as a marriage proposal. Saturn is a tester he throws obstacles up at you and makes you work really hard. Venus softens the hard edges on all financial romantic and foreign dealings- business relationships long distance once especially. 

If you are an ARIES you also benefit from this energy. 

Trines gotta be worked. They can be too easily taken for granted and then you may be disappointed as to why the magic didn’t happen.

Plan your dream adventure travel tour teachings publishing prince of your dreams now. 

Venus’s metal is copper. Leo’s is gold. Sagittarius is tin and Saturn is Lead.

You don’t want to handle much lead so a lead pencil will do. use copper pennies a golden piece of jewelry. There’s a lot of tin items that come from Mexico. They don’t make tin cans out of tin anymore. 

Create a ritual to honor VENUS. She loves fresh flowers beautiful jewelry and glam. Get yourself all decked out and Be VENUS in LEO. Aim those arrows of love towards a higher calling. Get happy be optimistic. Crack a few jokes. Act out your big performance.

“I’m ready for my close up now.”- Famous words. What does your close- up starring role in the world look like? You need to define it.

The energy will be optimistic over the next few days. Then love department gets chaotic as Venus trines URANUS on the 17/18th. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Love and respect, Venus trine Saturn

Mars at 27 degrees Gemini is conjunct to the North Pole Star. This symbolizes True North. Follow both your desires and your highest good. What is your true north star?

Venus trine Saturn

Pietro da Cortona 1631











VENUS trine SATURN @ 25+ degrees ARIES/ SAGITTARIUS @ 8:23 am PDT/ 11:23 am EDT/ 3:23 pm GMT  and the NORTH NODE in LEO

VENUS is LOVE. SATURN is karma and hard work, your career.

The Cosmic Cop lets you get away without a ticket. It’s beneficial for older women, for love and exotic travels, honeymoons, higher learning, and adventure. Speak the truth of what’s in your heart. 

This is a very positive energy for all women and AMAZON WARRIORESSES boding well for the Wonder Woman film coming out soon. It’s the most expensive film {$150 million} ever to be directed by a woman and great karmic reverberation revolves around the success of this film for all future women film directors. I predict it will be a huge hit worldwide.

Venus in Aries will go get what she wants, when she wants it and how she wants it. She will be pursuing love, travel, higher education, politics, mysticism, justice, teaching, publishing, and older men as she likes.

This is a maturing aspect for Aries which can be overly spontaneous.  SATURN rules elders, respect, history, conservative values, even in Sagittarius. The Cosmic Cop is letting you get off without writing you a ticket today.

All trines are positive so make good use of it because it is moving fast. VIRGO Moon squares the SUN indicating we are nearing a Full Moon, June 9th

VIRGO Moon squares the SUN early in the morn, indicating we’re near a Full Moon, June 9th when JUPITER turns DIRECT since Retrograding on Feb 5/6th.

Everything in relationships that’s been percolating behind the scenes will begin to move ahead soon. Legal issues, restrictions on immigrants, on International Policy will be moving ahead.

Moon opposes NEPTUNE in the afternoon EDT

Daydreaming of what your soul most longs for. This is a practical but romantic and creative energy. Use this energy to incubate dreams before you retire this evening.

Moon trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN tonight

This is another earth trine which occurs June 2 in EDT and GMT.

Pay attention to your soul as PLUTO disguised in a myriad of ways. Pluto can be the shadow, the boogieman, the feared invisible faced chaser, the demons, yet this all comes in service to help our soul become whole.

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Tribal Aquarius Moon, serious love

The Post Full Buck Moon holds sway for three days from July 19 until the 22nd. This is a time for instituting structure. The Capricorn Full Moon is governed by serious Saturn. we need to have a reality check! 

The Moon entered Aquarius  on the 19th until the 22nd. 

Aquarius, which is a FIXED AIR SIGN, was traditionally also ruled by serious Karmic Cosmic Cop Saturn. Ancient Astrology had each planet rule over a masculine and a feminine sign and modern astrologers are reintegrating these rulerships as they are more balanced and also use the modern Transpersonal planets as dual rulerships as well.

AQUARIUS Moon energy blows winds for change. Giving us the opportunity to blow up, break down, crash,hack, reinvent, use Bitcoin and revolutionize the traditionally Saturnine, Lord of Patriarchy, structures. The very very conservative V.P. choice of Donald Trump, Pence is  one such example as well as #Trumpelstiltskin – see link below there is a go fund me campaign. 

July 20 


Venus and saturn astrology Tara Greene

Venus in LEO is a grandstanding red hot drama queen. Sounds familiar? She makes whoopee with papa Saturn, the rich older man who is in politics. 

Do you know about the Twitter   campaign?

This is such a Venus in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius issue. Pence declared a law that forced women to pay for miscarriage foetus funerals. I guess the funeral industry bought him out obviously. This is a hideously stupid anti-abortion law that this incompetent made into a law in Indiana. see link below

This is a good day to open your heart and make a commitment to a long term goal of any kind. What is your ambition? How do you plan to get there? You will need to speak your truth loudly, sing it from the rooftops, publishing a book, sign a contract to star in your own life, perhaps exotic destination travels? definitely higher education plans, connecting with older persons, and yes getting down on one knee and asking for someone’s hand in marriage. 

Saturn  Capricorn/Aquarius is the father, so definitely honor your dad, your history, your forefathers.

AQUARIUS MOON sextiles SATURN making it easier to cajole the guard into letting you into the GOP so you can create some trouble.

 There is detachment in the air. Yeah the shit is going down, now strategize with the tribe about how to get outta the hole.


The moon Venus Mercury and Saturn are all bound up together today. These are all “personal” planets. Let’s get physical real, access higher consciousness which is Aquarius territory as the Higher octave of Mercury, and connect with Love, that is VENUS. 

This is a much more upbeat optimistic positive energy day, Get some satisfaction, Get some relief. Get some respect.  

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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