Starting over, Astrology December 19-25

December 19 is one of the most awesome days of 2022.
Sun on Galactic Center, the GreAt Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy with Jupiter at 29th Karmic degree of Zodiac is a rare occasion.

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December 19 VENUS squares CHIRON- love wounds,
December 19 VENUS inconjunct MARS RETROGRADE
is like nails on the chalkboard of your heart
December 19 MARS sextiles CHIRON- old wounds, words, and hurts surface

December 20 JUPITER re-enters Aries for the 2nd time since May 10- full speed ahead.

6:32 am PST/ 9:32 am EST/ 2:32 pm GMT

For all you ARIES rISING, SUN, mOON, VENUS mERCURY, ETC, out there its step on the gas pedal and floor it.

The exhaustion you have been feeling will be over soon.

I will write Jupiter in ARIES horoscopes.

December 21. SOLSTICE December 21: Sun enters Capricorn: 1:48 pm PST/4:48 pm EST/ 9:48 pm GMT One of the most powerful Gateway events n the year



December 21 SUN Squares JUPITER- 4:50 pm PST/ 7:50 pm EST/
December 22 at 12:50 am GMT a high-octane energizing event have a party
December 22 VENUS trine URANUS celebrates uniqueness and love being A weird conservative. Good for cryptocurrency and tech stocks to break out of the rut

Dec. 23 CHIRON turns DIRECT at 1:31 am PST/ 4:31 am EST/ 9:31 am GMT

for the first time since July 19 CHIRON moves Direct. Any old festering defensive wounds can begin to heal and you can move forwards if you have been applying the healing balm of vulnerability.

Dec, 23: Super NEW MOON in CAPRICORN at 1°32.’

Moon squares Jupiter, this is on the solstice gateway

Dec. 24 MERCURY sextile NEPTUNE- a lovely compassionate energy, be careful not to drink too much.

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Healing the warrior, Chiron Retrograde and more

Chiron, the wise, wild and wounded Centaur/shaman is a comet/asteroid/ now designated a minor planet. 2060 Chiron, provisional designation 1977 UB, and also known as 95P/Chiron, is a small solar system body or minor planet in the outer Solar System, past Saturn, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron named after an Ancient Greek Myth is a centaur. He was half immortal and half human and raised to be a healer. He achieved great renown tending to famous Greek heroes bit was himself wounded by a poison arrow which he couldn’t heal. Being half immortal he didn’t want to be in pain forever, so he asked Zeus to let him die. In exchange, Zeus made him in the Constellation Sagittarius.  The minor planet has an average of a 50-year orbit. Wherever Chiron is he symbolizes our vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and humanness and also where the greatest healing is. 

Chiron turns Retrograde in ARIES July8/9th @ 5 plus degrees of Fire Sign Aries

Mercury is Stationary Retrograde in LEO conjunct MARS @ 4 degrees LEO

they are trine to each other.

Chiron turns Retrograde in Aries, ruled by Mars. This further exacerbates Mercury’s retro phase. A one-two punch to the Heart, our wills, egos, vanity, courage, entitlement, sovereignity, creativity and our inner child. with an added punch conjunct to MARS in LEO. The sign of the heart, courage, royalty, the child, willpower and love affairs.

There are Retro fires of the heart burning. The next 23 days could be a major rerun to an old heartache.  Mercury’s beginning retro period in LEO with a warrior Mars asks us to rewrite the conversation, fill in the blanks, recycle old heart matters, let go of the heartburn, release anger, frustration and pent up will power. 

Revisit the courage you had as a child, Leo represents that whole child. Leo is also the sign of creativity. Break out the finger paints, make a collage, break out the old tap shoes or breakdancing you did as a child.  Get recreative. 

Chiron turns Direct  5 months from now, December 12 @ 1 degree 26 minutes of ARIES on a Full Moon in Gemini.  

Chiron in ARIES will help us to heal our old wounds and addictions, so be willing to lay down your arms WARRIORS OF TOXIC MASCULINITY. This is an opportune time to open up. It’s killing you to be so tough too. Gangsta. Early Sagittarius you are highlighted here too. 

Chiron the Wounded Healer has a 50-51 year orbit. At 25/26 is your Chiron opposition, a vulnerable year long time in your life. Pay attention as Chiron turns Retro in Aries now. You would have Chiron in early Libra and relationship hurts and wounds are where the healing is.

If you have planets in early CARDINAL signs, Aries Cancer Libra and Capricorn you will be feeling the Chirotic return more abundantly. 

In addition, MOON is in LIBRA highlighting relationship issues and striving for a balanced view. 

VENUS in CANCER squares CHIRON -love hurts.

VENUS Sextiles URANUS unexpected chaos on top of everything else.


the truth may be obscured or you can’t get the positive message through the tears. 

Remember to breathe we will have many months to reflect and go into our wounds and heal especially when Mercury re-enters CANCER on July 19-31.

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Unexpected love and healing-

12/20 Welcome to the new mini-era of SATURN.

Astrology Tara Greene -Simon_Vouet_-_Saturn,_Conquered_by_Amor,_Venus_and_Hope_-Simon Vouet [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I thought about the last 28-29 years since Saturn last was at the Galactic Center and crossed the WORLD POINT at zero degrees CAPRICORN.

You could also look back to Saturn’s last 1/2 return 14 or 15 years ago.


The Capricorn Moon makes “living is easy”  sextiles with CHIRON in PISCES which allows for an unemotional view of our emotional pain body which promotes healing.

Capricorn moon squares URANUS in ARIES

Get a move on. We are entering a new mini-era.

the big aspecting planet today is VENUS in SAGITTARIUS

VENUS squares Chiron in PISCES

Venus in SAGITTARIUS will speak her truth whether anyone likes it or not. Her blunt honest words may hurt but if they are guided by compassion great healing and intimacy may occur. The focus is on releasing old emotional baggage. Venus in Sagittarius will trot on to the next adventure if you are not bold and honest enough to join her.

VENUS trines URANUS in ARIES later in the day.

Love could come from an unexpected admirer or place today. You could be randomly struck by cupid’s bow and rush headlong into a passionate adventure.

Adapting a new truth attitude or inspiration helps you lead the way. Do anything different today. Be spontaneous upbeat adventurous. 

MOON enters Aquarius in the evening

Prepare for winter solstice

gotta go now

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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