Aries New Moon, Lilith Trine Venus

March 27 The New Moon in ARIES is very VENUSIAN for a MARS ruled sign.

Aries New Moon Tara Greene astrology

Dream caused by the flight of a bee (1944) DALI

The first sign of the Zodiac marks a new cycle, a new beginning, starting now on thisDark Moon with VENUS RETROGRADE conjunct the SUN. Venus is NOT going totally underworld right now she is too high in declination. She is both morning and evening star now. We need to think on that.

LILITH the Dark Goddess in SAGITTARIUS trining Retro Venus in ARIES. 

Lilith governs all New or Dark moons and this brings an especially powerful element for all women to utilize Lilith’s KALI-like uncompromising energies. What isn’t loving towards a woman must go. No ifs and’s or buts about it. 

LILITH also squares the NORTH Node in VIRGO and the SOUTH NODE in PISCES

The fates are working their triple Goddess energies here in the realms of us mere mortals. Lilith to the North Node in VIRGO about getting practical, humble and taking back our food supllies, our need for our work to also serve us and others, and to take care of the environment, stay grounded, get real. What is your work serving? At NEW MOON in ARIES this is a new beginning a reset button. START from GO. Go back to the beginning of you need to.

The powerful JUPITER PLUTO Square is approaching

IT’s Exact on March 30th. This is a big power play. Good luck trying to find some peace harmony and balance. Pluto in CAPRICORN is the Plutocrats running governments and corporations.  Justice, legal issues, equal rights are all major issues in our minds these days as symbolized by these planets. Trump is showing us the dark side of Pluto. Try to stay balanced within yourself. Of course this aspect also brings in the URANUS-ERIS conjunction too. CHAOS is the new norm.  IF you have planets at these CARDINAL 15-25 degrees you are being personally affected. 


Saturn at the Galactic center is transmitting higher consciousness and the ability to go into the void and become nothing. This is the goal of Tibetan Buddhism. You are NOT your wounds. Your wounds are very real,and the sins of the fathers need to be addressed in the larger scale of a crazy society and Patriarchal culture run amok. 

SATURN trine URANUS-ERIS also helps us to see a much bigger picture and a higher consciousness. At the same time, Saturn makes sure we feel the 3rd Dimensional heavy, leaden, weight of our earthly plane karma. In PISCES we are at the last sign. It is time for us to clean up our personal messes.  Chiron will leave Pisces to start his journey in ARIES on April 17, 2018.

CHIRON In PISCES is the last and most spiritual sign. It is the sign of endings, forgiveness, compassion, meditation, yoga, institutions, mental health, dreams, drugs,self-undoing, and merging with source. Chiron will leave Pisces to start his journey in ARIES on April, 2018 but he will retro back and forth for awhile and will be finally in Aries from Feb 18, 2019- with a brief jog into Taurus in 2026, but finally leaves ARIES on April 14, 2027. We want to make sure we really use CHIRON’s placement in PISCES now to clear all of our old psychic, emotional, karmic and past life issues.  It’ll be another 50 years before Chiron is in Pisces again.

VENUS RETRO will help us to do this. Make a safe sacred space or alter to do this work in. It would be a good time to make a list of all the lovers you have had. Think about which ones actually and really loved you. The ones who did not, or who abused you, emotionally, sexually, mentally or spiritually, think of and write down their names. Maybe you don’t know their names its ok. Write down a memory trigger of the incident. Bring up the emotions while sitting in your safe container. Let all the feelings, whether its rage anger, jealousy, revenge, sorrow, hatred, and love come up but do contain these emotions. Have a bowl and matches and water nearby. When you feel ready, say out loud, or in your heart, whatever words you have to say to release these people into their own space and you into yours. Do this from as neutral emotional space as you can. I know this part may be hard. Take the name written on the paper and burn it in the fire. As you see their name and energy burn, know that this person’s connection to you is being transmuted. Wish them no harm. Wish them to find their light. You don’t have to force feelings of forgiveness. Do this for each person. This may lead to bringing up more emotions and deeper layers but now is the best time to clear through these old emotions. 


It’s easy to ground our dreams  our faith and our hopes under this aspect. Mars in Taurus rules the sign of ARIES, and he is keeping it real. Mars in Taurus wants stability, reliability, and is stabilizing the usually very spontaneous Arian energies. 

Venus and MARS are in mutual reception. The Feminine and the Masculine are exchanging their energies. The Feminine is more driven, more confident, more independent in Aries. The old system of rulerships said that Venus is in detriment when in Aries, which is Mars sign. There is a sexism to that. Mars is vice versa in VENUS’s sign. The Masculine is learning to be more feminine, more stable, trustworthy, sensuous, the counterpart of the Goddess. In Ancient Crete bare-breasted,wasp-waisted, corset-wearing women with long braids road the bulls which they worshipped.  That was inthe AGE of TAURUS. 

Taurus Bull leaping Knossos Crete Tara Greene

This New Moon is a moon of passion, new loves and new drives. We are still in extraordinary tense times. Think about where you want to be a year from now. There will be 13 moons to live through. Start a journal to mark each New Moon and to sit in ceremony at each one. Always give thanks for future blessings already on the way though maybe unseen.

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Rare erotic encounters with the stars

Venus is now Returning to her Source, Her Light, her Lover, the SUN in conjunction in the SACRED MARRIAGE MARCH 25/26. In the Tarot, Venus is symbolized by the EMPRESS #3. But the image of her conjunction with the Sun reminds me of the Sun card itself. It’s a very new beginning in Aries a fiery love affair. 

THE SUN # 19 Sun Tarot Card, Tara Greene tarot card reader

This conjunction is a symbol of SOL mates, divine reunion, the wedding of the masculine and the Feminine to the source they return in union once more beyond duality. These are very good symbols for these strained and polarized seeming times.
It’s a COSMIC WEDDING, A big celebration.
Venus Sun conjunction Astrology Tara greene
Vessel of the Great Work by Jean-Julien Champagne, 1910.
With champagne, buy roses, give them to yourself or your lover, wear rose oil, burn rose incense. Wear something luxurious antique sensuous and beautiful. Look at old, quality blue chip art. Be the diva, lounge, act like the Empress. Eat apples, Venus’s fruit. Eat gold leaf, they use it in Indian sweets. Indulge in VENUSIAN SOLAR things. Celebrate your beloved within, Treat yourself and your beloved as if you are the most beautiful being in the Universe. Know you are loved and showered them in kisses. If you are solo and have the wedding bell blues then know you are always loved and kissed by the sun in the sky.
Venus turns Retrogrades about every 18 months, these Retrograde times connect over an eight-year repetitive cycle.   
You will want to think back and reflect on the last time that Venus was Retrograde in Aries. This happened on March 6 to April 17, 2009, and March 8 to April 19, 2001. It’s very likely that we will Repeat some lessons in love and deal with similar issues during the 2017 Venus Retro cycle as we did during these cycles in 2001 and 2009.
Venus is in detriment while she is in ARIES but when she Retrogrades back into Pisces on APRIL 2/3rd, she is in her Exaltation again.  The Divine Feminine, the Queen Bee, is going back into her hive in PISCES to get fed, nurtured, sourced and then marches out again into a brave new world when she re-enters ARIES to be an Amazon Warrioress/ Soldier of Love on April 28.
Venus had a very spectacular rare Retrograde crossing in front of the Sun in June 2012 in Tropical Gemini which won’t happen again until 125 years from that date. 
While VENUS is RETROGRADE It’s best not to start new relationships, buy new clothes, makeup, art, or invest. I know this will be hard for many of you Venus rules Taurus and Libra peeps especially. Save some money for a  change. 
WHERE VENUS CONJOINS the SUN at 5 degrees ARIES in Conjunction is the Alchemical G-Spot.
Look to WHERE, and in which house, in your Natal chart you are  Re-evaluating your love life, earnings, creativity, female friends, your relationship with the Goddess and your beauty regime. Also check out aspects, conjunctions, squares, oppositions, etc. the Ven-Sol makes. Remember that this marriage point affects the next 8 years. These are major lessons in love.
HOROSCOPES  Based on Sun sign Solar houses.


The Venus-SUN conjunction is in your 1st house of Self Identity which needs an overhaul, a review, a make-over. Who am I? What do I love? Who loves me? are the questions to ask. ‘Love Yourself” is the song I would play for you. Your inner and outer warrior/warrioress is being initiated by fire. This sparks up a new cycle for love and self-worth. Venus softens your Martial side and the Sun empowers the Martial side. Get a total make-over. 


The Conjunction with your ruling planet Venus occurs in your solar 12th house. This stimulates an unconscious desire for old loves, security, things, memories, dreams, new loves, new ways of making money, resources, and the urge to possess new art and beauty, and land, perhaps in the Southern hemisphere. A passion is brewing which may not be apparent until Venus reaches Taurus. Old lovers may return in the flesh at that time.


This happens in your solar 11th house. This sparks a love of reconnecting with a tribe or group of old friends, buddies, workers, school chums. Put together a runion. An old idea or invention may be retooled, polished up and may soon see the light of day. Re-organize all of our stuff. Traditionally the 11th is the wishes, hopes and dreams territory. Breathe new life and a new spark into them, they’re not done yet.


This marriage happens in your 10th House of career and worldly accomplishment not the house that you feel the strongest about for many of you. It signifies a need to come out into the world and do what you love to do. You want to nurture and nourish something. Public acclaim for a project you helped with can come now. A return to a job you miss is also a strong possibility. If you are thinking about getting married or pregnant this is a good positive energy to conceive under. 


The marriage of the SUN, your ruling planet with VENUS happens in your solar 9th house. Traveling to a place in the sun you loved is necessary. Re-education is also a strong quality. Re-immerse yourself in things you love, whatever that is. Speak your truth, using your leadership qualities for bringing justice for women and anyone you feel is being overpowered, would be very satisfying to your soul. Do something dramatic that you haven’t done in a long time. Take a class in improv. 


The love affair is in your 8th house of Transformation, sex, money, and power. These are things that normally don’t concern you. How is your sex life? If you have none, get your beauty, passion, sex toys, and orgasm lessons going. Indulge yourself. Re-organize your money, and put aside an account to reward yourself with. Get passionate about where you can act more powerfully in your career, community, and workplace. Eat something daring. Do something just for fun. Dance, sing in the rain. Dare to get messy. 


Your ruling planet is getting married in your 7th house of marriage. Reflect on your own marriage or significant lovers.  Old lovers may reignite a great love in your life. Old lovers may be toasted in this fire. Re-set your heart on new goals. This is also where you interact with the world. The Sun is “all about me baby.” Libra’s need to integrate a sense of themselves to find that longed for balance. Old projects, business allies, and friends may reappear. Reignite an old creative partnership or passion.


The sexy deed happens in your Solar 6th house of work, service, your health, community, pets and being accountable. Review whatever you haven’t completed. Retool your health regime, especially if you are having any menstrual related issues or STD’s. Herbal remedies and traditional homeopathic medicines would work wonders. How stressed have you been over your love life or lack thereof? Do you love your job? Your community? Are you involved or aware of it at all? Reflect on all these things during the Retro then you need to come out into the light and act.Use your power to help others.


The nuptials happen in your solar 5th house of Love affairs, children, creative self-expression and will power. Re-examine your old loves, read old journals. You need to play, it would be good to go somewhere sunny where you can simply feel good. Make time to re-create the creative, passionate person you once were. All creative endeavors are favored, dancing, writing, singing. Be more playful with your children. Recreate an old family pastime.Travel to a favorite place. What were you once totally passionate about it? It’s still there. Feel it, and will it. 


The reunion happens in your Solar 4th house. This is your most private, intimate house of self, your childhood home, your parents, especially your mother, your roots, ancestors, and history. Take a stroll down memory lane. Go visit aging parents or your childhood environment. Remember all the details and record them. What hidden loves and secrets have you never told anyone? Reunions with childhood friends and old lovers is highly likely.  Do you want to move? Light a fire under your self, and bring back the passion you had as a child. 


The reunion happens in your solar 3rd house of Communications, siblings and analysis. Do you feel there are some things that you wanted to say that never were put into words, written down or communicated? Now is the time. Make a list, reminisce. It’s ok to be sentimental. Are their family fences or breaks that you could mend? Brainstorm new ideas and inspirations for work. Reunions with old colleagues, and friends should be organized.


The sacred marriage happens in your 2nd Solar house of resources and tools. The 2nd house is related to earthy practical things. The Sol-Venus conjunction will empower you with a passion and a knowledge of source that you can integrate as a perpetual love flame in your heart chakra. Strength your commitment to your spiritual love journey. Burn away the old emotional ties where you have given your power away and been a martyr. You are a warrior for love and light as you once were. 

Please share widely.

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Wonder Woman, Venus Retrograde speaks

We had a lovely Equinox Ceremony and the energy felt very fluid. We planted many seeds and as always we send blessings to the world and all the children.

Solar Ingress into ARIES has us all fired up. Yesterdays EQUINOX CHART with zero degrees ARIES Ascendant as a guide for the next three months to a year.  Has:

SAGITTARIUS Moon conjunct SATURN at the Galactic Center. This is a call to our unconscious intuitive bodies to rise up to the truth, for justice, for inspiration, optimism, and higher spiritual laws. 

MOON advances to Zero degrees CAPRICORN the other zero point in a zero degrees Aries ascendant. 

This represents emotional resistance from the Corporate sector but a new earthier more grounded outlook.


Our progress will be slow and steady, Taurus like, 


This is more CARDINAL CRUNCH Cereal, we’re used to digesting this, aren’t we?

Mercury is @13 ARIES where VENUS turned RETROGRADE! Activating that turning point from March 4th. 


The next three moths at least until summer are going to be revision, release, repeal, rescind, redo, relegate, review, retreat, recap, reveal.  

Don’t expect to move forwards much and you will feel less pain and angst.  

Yes and lots of re-evaluating situations, lovers, friends, money,career, women, what luxury is. 

VENUS is RETROGRADING back from her independent Amazon Warrior status as

in ARIES to Watery mermaid, Venus in PISCES.  The fire and water don’t mix.  We will have to be “PATIENT” a word that does not exist in Aries vocab. 

VENUS re-enters ARIES April 28.That’s a month and a bit away and a whole emotional universe away from now.

Just SNAIL IT and SLOTH IT for the next few months. 

LILITH in SAGITTARIUS squares North and South Nodes and TRINES VENUS in ARIES

Lilith’s @ 3 degrees SAGITTARIUS, Venus is at 7 degrees ARIES

Check out where Lilith and Venus are is in your natal chart.

Women will be on warpath, fiercely fighting back all this repressive anti woman anti-abortion, anti- rights even stronger. In Texas a bunch of women dressed in red “Handmaiden’s Tale” cloaks to protest anti-abortion lawa being put forth allowing doctor’s to lie to their patients about birth defects in foetuses which would result in abortions. They want women and families to have children that are damaged and a drain on the state forwever? 

VENUS Retrograde remembers her POWER. She remembers when the GODDESS was the one source of all that is She is the birth giver, the natural one to worship. Have you ever seen a young baby nursing at its mothers’ breast gaze into its mom’s face? That is a human witnessing the Goddess. She is real, warm, she feed us, nurtures us, comes when we cry, makes us feel safe. We come from within her, we know every cell of Her, we heard her heartbeat from the beginning of our own existence. Every human who has ever lived has experienced the Goddess! She is known as VENUS.
As the planet VENUS, known as Goddess of Love, Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Light bringer, Dawn star, Retrogrades back from Aries to PISCES April 2nd we will collectively be flushed with Her waters of remembrance.
Pisces is the most spiritual of all signs, it is the collective repository of all the Unconscious memories. It is easier to tune in now and hear the Goddess speak directly to you. She is speaking louder to me by the moment. Tune in now and open your heart and your womb and listen. Be the hOly Grail. Allow the love blood of the Goddess to fill you. The Divine Feminine grows stronger every moment. She is calling every one of her children to recall, reawaken, Be the Love.
Gotta go love  you all.
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Venus Retrograde, turning point of love

Venus turns Retrograde  March 4 – April 15 in the next turning point of LOVE.
Venus Retrograde Tara Greene astrology
Venus will be extremely beautiful tonight March 4 near the Crescent moon, Look up and feel her eternal beauty. Know her as the Goddess of all love. 

Just like a Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde’s periods make us Reflect, renew,  to review,  reinvent, and renew our romantic relationships. Old lovers and friends, especially women can come back into our lives during the Venus Retrograde period.

The last Venus Retrograde in Aries occurred March 6 – April 16th, 2009, you will want to think back about what was going on in your love life then.

Venus rules our values and our earnings. Money issues can crop up big time when Venus turns the tap off temporarily. The world economy can take a nose dive. Venus governs our tastes, what we love, and how we want to be loved. Your tastes in all kinds of things: lovers, friends, food, dress, makeup, money, art may change.

Venus turns Retrograde for an average of 40 days every year and a bit as she transitions from being the beautiful evening wishing star to journey through the underworld, where she is a gangsta of love? and returns as the beautiful morning star.

In her 8-year journey between her retrograde star points, she depicts a 5 pointed star or pentagram formation in the skies. She also forms the diagram of a rose. That is why the rose is considered to be the ultimate feminine flower and the apple is sacred to Venus as these are the images she creates. Remember Lilith giving Eve the apple to eat in the Garden of Eden?

Venus turns retro in ARIES where she is an independent amazon Warrioress from 13+ degree of ARIES. Venus is traditionally considered to be in detriment and out of her own element in MARS’s home sign. But those are the old patriarchal values ascribed to Venus. Venus in Aries is the ancient independent warrior Goddess archetype like Brigid of Ireland, or the Amazons themselves.
Venus moves from the initiating impulsive masculine fire sign back to her exaltation sign of spiritual watery PISCES. Venus will absorb the deep mysteries of the Feminine source of unconditional love before she moves direct and renters ARIES again on APRIL 28.
Venus moves from Aries, a masculine fire sign ruled by Mars back to her exaltation sign of spiritual watery PISCES. Venus will absorb the deep mysteries of the Feminine source of unconditional love before she moves direct and re-enters ARIES again. 
Venus will cross the Zero ARIES point twice which symbolizes a significant new beginning in the world. Venus crossed it initially on Feb 3. She will Retrograde back over the point on April 3rd, and cross it again moving Direct on April 28. Watch for significant new beginnings. 
On March 24th, Venus will make an inferior conjunction to the Sun. Venus will become invisible at night. About a week later after the inferior conjunction, Venus’ begins to appear once more, rising as the lovely Morning Star, where she is known as Lucifer, the light bringer.
Venus will cross the Zero ARIES point twice which symbolizes a significant new beginning in the world. Venus crossed it initially Feb 3. She will Retrograde back over on April 3rd, and cross it again, moving Direct on April 28. 
Venus backs into PISCES on APRIL 2 where she is EXALTED.Venus goes from her weak point to her strong point during this Retrograde. VENUS will be bathed anew in the spiritual source and re-empowered with the spiritual Unconditional Love, empathy, and forgiveness of PISCES. 
The Grail of the Summer stars by  Kinuko Y. Craft
The Grail of the summer stars by  Kinuko Y. Craft
This is a very symbolic returning to the original Goddess Energy of Venus and women as SOURCE of all. A very potent symbol. 
On April 8th VENUS retrograde in PISCES squares SATURN at the GALACTIC CENTER which could mean a cosmic karmic changing of the patriarchal old guard. This aspect may be the ending of many relationships which have been together for many years.
Venus turns DIRECT on April 15th at 26 degrees PISCES. Venus continues be in square to Saturn at the Galactic Center at this time to bringing a karmic, fated weighty aspect to this turn of the heart.
The planet of love and maturity square off again with VENUS DIRECT on APRIL 21, If things have fallen apart in relationships this could mean a reconciliation, legal proceedings, or the final straw that broke the camels back {one of the symbols of the HIGH PRIESTESS in the TRAOT} from carrying too much old martyrdom and addictive karmic patterns in relationships that were clearly recognized with Venus in PISCES square Saturn.
You want to look at where the track of Venus’s retrograde is in your natal chart. 26 Pisces- 13 Aries to find out how Venus will affect you personally. Look at the house and other aspects Venus triggers.  
If you need a personal love, $, your feminine power reading-
Venus was traditionally INANNA QUEEN OF HEAVEN, and earth. Not just a Goddess of beauty, romance, and the arts.  Her Retrograde period of 40 days- note that significant count-is mythologized in the tale of Inanna going into the underworld to visit Ereshkigal her dark twin sister and returning after being killed by her. She sends her consort-lover into the underworld to replace herself. The myth explains Venus’s cycle and is also an archetypal myth about all aspects of the Divine Feminine, the light and the dark and how we must own all aspects of Her as well as aspects of the light and dark masculine. 
I will post individual Horoscopes for each sign for LOVE MAPPING. 
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Why Oscar’s chaos? Eclipse Astrology and more

If you were watching the Oscar’s live last night you saw the Pisces eclipse energy mix up where the expected winner La La Land, with a record 14 nominations was announced by Faye Dunaway. The directors, actors, and producers all went up on stage. Then the producer of La Land and then Warren Beatty announced that a mistake had been made and that Moonlight a $1.5 million dollar Indie film about a gay black man had actually won Best Picture. Oscar's Moonlight, La La Land 2017

The shock on the faces of the director, producers, writers and actors of this little film was amazing. Everyone did a double-take. Warren Beatty explained that there were two pieces of paper in the envelope. It was a classic Steve Harvey Miss America all over again.

But actually it was a perfect Pisces Eclipse tsunami. An eclipse is when one body eclipses or overshadows another. That’s exactly what happened with the two films. 

I had to check the Astrology of that moment. The real winning film MOONLIGHT was announced at 9:12 pm PST on Sunday Feb 26 EST.

oscar Moonlight. Astrology La La Land

Oscar Mix Ups, La La Land, no Moonlight.

I haven’t seen either of these movies. I did predict that under these astrology influences to expect the underdog to win. I read the synopsis of Moonlight and the main character is called CHIRON, The Wounded Healer. The story is about a poor black gay man reminiscing about his life. La La Land, a modern romantic musical won many awards already. It’s title and message about never letting go of your dream, is very Neptune in Chiron. Hollywood itself is La La Land. 

I read the synopsis of Moonlight and the main character is called CHIRON, The Wounded Healer. The story is about a poor black gay man reminiscing about his life. La La Land, a modern romantic musical won many awards already. It’s title and message about never letting go of your dream, is very Neptune in Chiron. Hollywood itself is La La Land.  

Chiron, the astrology body, is at 23 degrees PISCES inconjunct to JUPITER in LIBRA, also Retrograde on the Ascendant. Retrograde Jupiter in LIBRA indicates a big mix-up or back step at the forefront of a big social event. Jupiter in LIBRA symbolizes karmic Justice and having an all black cast of a small indie film about a minority of a minority win is a very political issue. Remember last year’s ballyhoo about ” Oscars so white?”  Retribution is in place now. 

The eclipse was at 8+ degrees PISCES, with Neptune the ruler of Pisces conjunct to it. Pisces is the sign of illusion, delusion, fantasy, projections, actors, and artists it rules Hollywood. Note a film called Manchester by the Sea won with Casey Affleck, Ben’s brother, as best actor. A very Neptunian sounding film.

At the exact moment of the correction. JUPITER is RETROGRADE on the ASCENDANT at 22+ degrees LIBRA. A classic do-over, we want to be fair energy. ERIS the planet of disruption is exactly opposite to JUPITER conjunct to MARS and URANUS in ARIES on the Descendant. This is a high-octane energy of chaos, revolution and being spontaneous= GRAND FAUX PAS.

Furthermore, VENUS is in her shadow Retrograde period, moving very slowly as she turns Retrograde March 4th at 13+ degrees ARIES then direct on April 15 @ 26 + degrees of PISCES. Venus entered her shadow Retrograde field at the end of January. The Academy Members voted under this Venus shadow. As Venus rules values, money, the arts,. Winning an Academy Award guarantees increased exposure and earnings for any film.  This Pre-Retro period is in effect indicating a turnaround.

Certainly a very eclipsing awards show.

What do you think?

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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How to use Jupiter Retrograde to Rejuvenate your life

Jupiter will turn his big back on us as he turns RETROGRADE, as he does every year, on Feb 5th/6th @ 23+ degrees LIBRA and the BIG PLANET will Retrograde back to 13 degrees 13 minutes until June 8/9th. RETROGRADE planetary times get a bad rap but they are very important and ought to be used very positively.

This means its REJUVENATION time!

As Jupiter is the planet of optimism, faith, trust, foreigners, freedom, risk taking, gambling, religion, truth, higher education, honesty, justice, politics, the military and travel as ruler of SAGITTARIUS and PISCES all of these things will now go SOUTH. Restrictions on these things is already being set up and will be reviewed. This is not a time to move forwards. Do not gamble. 

 Over the next four months things contract. All of the forward progress made will be poured over, investigated, re-examined, sent back to the courts, as many laws will be repealed maybe over and over again. Back to the drawing boards to overhaul, pick apart and rebalance in all phases of your life. RE-examine your goals, education plans, business expansion, health, investments and your spiritual path. 


JUPITER is the WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the TAROT #10 which is also #1

Jupiter has already been in its own shadow phase since Jan 22 just after Trump’s inauguration. The upcoming eclipses on Feb 10/11 and Feb 26 are also Retrograde affected. 

All leaders, which JUPITER symbolizes will get grilled over the coals, especially Donald Trump and all of his appointees. Expect non-stop protests, court battles, back and forth, tit for tat. It’ll be like watching some grand tennis match. Be careful of whiplash. 

This is a good time to do all the RE- things. Review and renew your faith or become cynical and atheistic. It’s a good time to reflect, reject, relax, renew, review and rest.

ALL Relationships will go through serious examination as Jupiter in LIBRA now.


just before MArch 8 which is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY

VENUS does her once every year and a bit RETROGRADE turn @ 13+ ARIES until April 15/15 @ 26+ degrees PISCES.

Because Trump and his cronies are so anti-women, misogynist, bible thumpers and back in some crazed dark ages. The women’s march that we saw in Washington the biggest one-day event of its kind will see another one then and world-wide. Putin has just made it legal for Russian men to beat their wives again. Do you remember PUSSY RIOT? They were on trial, jailed, whipped by police in public and incarcerated for a long time for daring to stand up to the old Russian Orthodox religion. They did an art performance in a church that was what they did wrong. The Republicans are trying to make it illegal for protesters to protest. This is Fascism in the making. WOMEN must lead the fight or loose their rights.

Venus will move into her next phase where she will become the MORNING STAR during this phase. Venus is the ancient myth of INANNA who goes through a shamanic death and rebirth initiation into the underworld. She leaves her consort Dumuzi on her throne. She is instructed to take off every vestige of her royal accouterments until she is reduced to being a rotting piece of meat on a hook. Her sister Ereshkigal is like Persephone, Inanna’s opposite, the QUEEN of the UNDERWORLD. Inanna has helpers who come and rescue her, she eventually recovers her life, her flesh and restores herself and returns to the Upperworld to find Dumuzi partying and forgotten about Inanna and drunk with his own power. Inanna has him dispatched and sent away. She regains her throne sets her Queendom straight and engages in this endless cycle of rebirth as a Virgin Queen whole and complete unto herself over and over again since time out of mind. 

We need to integrate INANNA’s archetypal story into our own lives. What outward symbols of power and ego needs do we need to give up?  Who are we when we are reduced to our essence? This is a dark night of the soul aspect. Jupiter represents hope and when Inanna is all alone and barely conscious, that is what this symbolizes. The Dark Night of the SOUL is what the world is encountering as Jupiter and Venus both retrograde.

If people don’t get off their asses now and fight, fight, fight, for their democratic rights every day, while the planets are retrograde and major changes can be redressed removed, rescinded, etc. then they are doomed. Please get off your couches and act.  If people got as enthralled with their freedom and rights as they do about the Super Bowl or Beyonce’s pregnancy or The Bachelor the world would be very different and much better. 


SATURN, LORD of reality, seniority, seniors, the Lord of Death, SATAN, turns RETROGRADE @ 27degrees 38 minutes of SAGITTARIUS exactly on the GALACTIC CENTER.  

That is a very profound symbol. Reviewing the law, who is in charge, corporate structure. Saturn turns DIRECT @ 21 degrees SAGITTARIUS on AUGUST 25th.It will take until NOVEMBER 29/30 until Saturn actually moves forwards.

SATURN RETROGRADE is restructuring, reordering, and resetting your reality.

The most important word to remember in a JUPITER Retrograde is REJUVENATE.  One of JUPITER’s other names is Jove, which is the same as Jehovah or God. To rejuvenate literally means to return to God, or the God force within. Spend a lot of time meditating, searching and asking for the answers within. The only authority to listen to is your own higher self or guardian angel. There is no outside authority that has the power to make you do anything against your will or unconscious agreement. 

In dissecting any astrology chart Retrograde planets represent karma. 

Do use these next few months to examine deeply your own unconscious beliefs and shadows. Jupiter symbolizes trust, Venus is LOVE, Saturn is the Mother, the earth and structure. It would be a good time to do past life regression, dream recall, and recapitulation.

Check out where in your own natal chart JUPITER VENUS And SATURN Will be retrograding to see where you need to reset all of the aspects in your life.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Venus in Aries,Hot Love

Venus enters ARIES Feb 3, 2017 @ 7:51 am PST/ 10:51 am EST/ 3:51 pm GMT  where she is an Amazon love bomb in MARS sign, He’s been waiting for her.

Yes, this girl is on fire. VENUS in ARIES is a warrior Goddess, like DURGA on her white Lion, or Quan Yin and her dragon {who appeared to me in a healing ceremony}.

Like popular media – all the new female super heroes, SUPERGIRL, Xena, Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, Katniss Everdeen or ancient Goddesses Diana or Athena, Goddess of War, Brigid- she is fierce, fearless, strong, risk-taker who fights back and Demands HER RIGHTS! She belongs to no man.

The recent Women’s march the largest single day march ever in the entire world is just the beginning. As the Dalai Lama said “Western women will save the world.” We will. Never mind trump and his bible thumper cronies. The Women can be warrioresses. They hold all the power as they always have. Women will demand their rights to choose their own ways and will not tolerate any man, religious belief or outside authority trying to control them at all. When millions of women get together with PUSSY POWER watch out guys.

The Goddess of love, beauty, values, arts, relationships, ignites a  HOT NEW FEMININE LOVE Warrioress energy.

Men and women can be more understanding of doing things independently. Women will be much more impatient, energized, in fighting mode, standing up for themselves, competitive and aggressive.  Venus in Aries chooses everything for herself and she would rather be alone, like LILITH than compromise. 

Most men can’t walk in those mile high stilettos that many women force themselves to wear but women sure can put on their Nike running shoes and go to war like Goddess ATHENA NIKE who they are named in honor of. 

Venus in Aries is considered to be “in detriment” traditionally as she is in Mars’ home territory. Mars is already on his home turf and the two will be visible in the night sky and stay very close to each other but don’t conjunct exactly until October 5 where they will be incredibly close together, separated visually by only 13.2 minutes visually. This will occur at @ 19+ degrees of VIRGO.  MARK that date down in your calendars and check out where the “sacred marriage” will occur in your natal astrology chart. Check out when the masculine and feminine planets are in the same sign and compatible in 2017.

VENUS GOES RETROGRADE! March 4 @ 13+ degrees ARIES,

Lovers karmic rewind.

She Retrogrades back into PISCES- as we have some unfinished Karmic love business to settle on April 4TH.  VENUS turns DIRECT on April 15 @ 26 degrees PISCES. She is already in her “shadow period.”  Venus will re-enters ARIES on April 29th and will take until MAY 19th to cross the 13th degree Aries point.  I’ll write about that more in-depth soon. 

VENUS and MARS in the same sign throughout 2017 

Venus and Mars are in Pisces from January 3, until January 28, 2017.

Venus and Mars are in Aries from February 3, until  March 10, 2017.

Venus and Mars are in Leo from August 26, until September 5, 2017.

Venus and Mars are in Virgo from September 20, until October 14, 2017.

Venus and Mars are in Libra from October 22, until November 7, 2017.


In the TAROT the symbol of SEXUAL balance is called ALCHEMY. 

Tarot Major Arcana for VENUS and MARS in ARIES

#3 is the symbol of VENUS THE EMPRESS       #4 is the symbol of MARS the EMPORER

So check out HOW Venus aspects you and WHERE LOVE enters the picture. Mars is ARIES until March 10th. These two planets ignite new relationships now. 

The GULABI GANG in India- women in bright Fuschia sari’s beat men with sticks to protect women against rape.

VENUS is LOVE, which is the greatest power there is.

Check out celebrities who have VENUS in ARIES to see if they match up to the strong individual, fiery, risk-taking, independent person.

Famous VENUS IN ARIES people:


Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Maria Carey, Shakira, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Jessica Parker- Sex and the City, Kiera Knightly, Bar Rafaeli- plays Wonder Woman. Eva Longoria, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Michelle Geller, Janet Jackson, Sarah Palin, 


George Clooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Nicholson, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Nicholas Copernicus, founder of modern astronomy, Steve McQueen, Pharrell Williams, artist Michaelangelo, Baudelaire, Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman. 


All writing is copyright of  Tara Greene