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I had a powerful meditation for myVENUS MARS radical Love-in workshop. I led a guided meditation which takes participants into the real nano-particle integrtaion of Vensu and MARS conjoining at 0 degrees AQUARIUS. The work in the visualiation that were received are a foundation for the next 2 years until the next Venus/Mars, Venus Conjunct Mars Dates

July 12/3, 2021

VENUS conjunct MARS at 19 degrees LEO

  This is a major once in 2-year occurrence. The Sacred Marriage aspect of the divine opposites coming together in a very hot passionate union. This makes us proud of our love and who we love. This brings courage in love, to speak out against your family who may want you to do the old traditions. There will be love drama galore.I

I led a workshop for that one too. It is available for purchase.
February 16, 2022, VENUS/MARS met at 15+ Capricorn

All 15 degrees of all signs are the peak middle, a crest of a waveform. 0 degrees is always new cycles and beginnings.

March 6, 2022 at 0+ Aquarius

0 Aquarius was also the degree that Jupiter and Saturn met at on Dec. 21, 2021 igniting a brand new 20 year and a much longer meeting of these two balancers of the Zodiac. in a much longer 200-year cycle of only meeting in AIR signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

One important thing to remember is that PLUTO will activate this 0-degree AQUARIUS when Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023, retrogrades back into Capricorn on June 11th, 2023, and then back in Aquarius on January 21s, 2024. Pluto is a destructive transformative aspect. I will write more on this soon.



KEYNOTE: The power inherent in all great human works endures far beyond the workers’ life spans.

The works and spirit of the Spanish priests who directed the building of the California missions have had a lasting influence on the development of this land; these remain as a monument to the men who were able to make their mark upon this alien environment. While the zodiacal sign Capricorn begins with a symbol of socio-political power, Aquarius at its start presents a more spiritualized and idealistic or creative picture of the social forces at work. Moreover, it stresses the enduring character of human achievements ensouled by a great vision. At least within the frame of reference of our Western civilization, the symbol speaks of the projection of a noble ideal into concrete forms of beauty and significance, thus of the radiation of a “civilizing” power into an institution offering to primitive men the opportunity to reach a higher, more organized, and productive, level of activity.

This is the first stage in the sixty-first five-fold sequence. It speaks to us of THE CONCRETIZATION OF AN IDEAL. This also implies the “immortalization” of an individual within a great collective and cultural enterprise.

QUESTIONS for reflection before the VENUS/MARS conjunction

What are my past patterns in love and relationships? Which personality traits do I keep attracting in my partners?? This is reflected in your own Inner Masculine and feminine your personal VENUS and MARS placements.

         Is my heart open to love or closed?  If my heart is closed what do I need to work through to heal my heart to be ready to receive and give love and find the Beloved within?

What does your Inner Divine Feminine look like? What does she like? What does she love? How does she want to be loved, appreciated and respected?

What does your inner Divine masculine look like? What does he like? What does he love? How does he love you? How does he want to be loved, appreciated and respected?


Feb 22, 2024, at 6+ AQUARIUS 

January 7/8, 2026 at 18+ Capricorn this is similar to Feb, 16  meeting at 15+ Capricorn

November 24, 2027
June 14, 2028
September 7, 2028
November 23, 2029

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