Weekly Astrology Guide August 29-September 4

We’re at the end of summer already going into Labor day weekend and back to school.

Aug. 28 VENUS opposes SATURN in AQUARIUS at 20 degrees LEO/AQUARIUS

Venus rules money and Saturn in aquariums is always limitations, setbacks, obstacles, the Crypto market will experience a downturn. Women are going hard against patriarchal systems, they are taking back their power and revolutionizing being center stage. Women may also get a lot of criticism and hate on. Your love life and family can be challenging, with lots of dramatic hear- opening moments. Venus is strong this week.

August 29 to September 4


Aug. 30 SUN inconjuncts JUPITER in ARIES- 7 Virgo/ 7 Aries

We may not see a blind spot, but they are very important. Get your blind spot glasses on. This energy holds over the entire week.

Aug. 31 VENUS inconjuncts NEPTUNE-at 24 Leo/ 24 PIsces

Neptune is Venus’s higher aspect.Love and illusions are misaligned. This is a good thing. All that glitters is not gold, the bubble bursts in relationship projections, debt, oil prices, addictions issues, fake news, money laundering, leaders are exposed, Scandals or glamourous Hollywood or pop stars. Be careful of anything that seems too good to be true all week. When in doubt, do nothing.

Aug. 31: Sedna in Taurus stations Retrograde at 29° Taurus conjunct ALGOL

For those of you who follow Sedna she is a new planetoid and ruler of all ocean life to the Inuit Canadian Natives. Her conjunction station on Algol, the “demon” star should put the fear into us about harbouring safety for all ocean life, eat sustainable seafood and make the fisheries and other corporations who mess up the oceans clean up their plastic messes.


MARS in GEMINI sextile JUPITER Rx in ARIES at 6 degrees

A hot-headed wordy trigger, easy to start new conversations, generate new ideas, launch new products, and dating hook ups. Be careful to not blurt out the truth too fast, fighting words can lead to heated arguments. This is a positive aspect upleveling Jupiter’s magnanimous output. Great for writing stream of consciousness. Look to the 2/3 when words become actions.

September 1/2 Venus inconjunct PLUTO at 26 LEO/CAPRICORN

The quincunx or Inconjunct between a powerful I am the Queen leonine Venus of royal values and Master of death destruction wealth and rebirth bodes not well for financial markets. Pride comes before a fall. Power games,big money fails.


VESTA, the Feminine Form of Genius, opposing Venus in LEO is a great time to launch a revolutionary female or feminine-based organization, network, or to gather popular internet networking sentiment.

Venus in LEO is STRENGTH in the TAROT,

This aspects bring in the power and heart or Venus in LEO with the unique feminine multi-tasking genius to bring everything together. When women gather amazing things happen. If we can catalyze our lofty heart centered goals collectively women can change the world. It is incumbent upon on women to understand the true nature of the Divine Feminine and her inherent strengths to relate to nurture and protect children, to create, to always be in the flux of change.

September 2/3 Mercury in Gemini opposes JUPITER AT 6 LIBRA/ARIES

All oppositions are tense even involving Great Benefactor Jupiter, A plethora or words, diatribes, dialogues, choices, partnership opportunities abound. Good for sparking communications. This is good for planning and writing our plans for entrepreneurs, business launches and just getting a handle on what’s ahead. Telling the truth may clear the air from unspoken issues which have been building to a head for a while.

Remember that Mercury will turn Retrograde on September 9 and is already very slow, results may not be forthcoming.  This can be back to school thwarting of issues.

Sept. 4 -29th Venus in VIRGO 9:05 pm PDT/Sept. 5 12:05 am EDT 4:05 am GMT

VENUS in VIRGO is very much the GREAT MOTHER CERES/Demeter

Mentnafunangann, CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The beauteous feminine planet enters earthy hard-working health conscious, perfectionist humble VIRGO to shift our love languages, values, aesthetics, and grace to a budget conscious, harvesting, cottage core level.  Venus in Virgo is about serving the community, valuing health, diet, getting the job done on time on budget making it look easy, Great time for decluttering organizing, accounting, and getting your harvest in and getting ready for a long cold winter.



Venus in Virgo will affect your diet. Eating more plant-based, in season get the fresh fruits and vegetables now. It can also affect your digestion or have us more tuned into our digestion and emotions. We love to worry and what if with Venus in Virgo so make sure you can be more mindful and watch your diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle to manage your stress. Yoga walks in nature or helping to create something of value in your community will be beneficial.

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What to do when your dreams don’t match, relationship Astrology

There’s lots of lunacy today Wednesday Sept. 7. The energy is quite complex. We are still under the intensity of the Scorpio EMO moon. There is often a sting attached. 

Scorpio Moon, Tara Greene Astrology

Venus in LIBRA is in one of her prime signs where the times are all about relationships, trying to keep the balance, making peace and wanting everyone to think you are nice. Your reputation and social standing is everything. Love is ALL. My 18 year daughter loves to watch these reality bachelor and bachelorette series. So I watch with her as a bonding thing.I do like to keep my finger on the pulse of what goes on in the culture. Otherwise I would never watch this stuff.

I love to see the synchronicity of the planets transits to earthly events and today’s is really good. 

Venus Libra Love Tara Greene

The Love Goddess makes a SEXY sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius

Making it easy to Love those SAGITTARIANS!

Sagittarius astrology Tara Greene

Me! Me! and all of their pursuits. Travel, being a gypsy, higher education,travel, foreigners, exotica, sports, animals and their rights, humor, optimism, having your day in court, philosophy, justice, procrastination, being hypocritical and needing space in relationships.

Enjoy being back in school, planning new classes,travel or connecting with elders, teachers and those you respect.  Standing up for justice and stay on course. 

Venus inconjuncts Neptune! 

Yes the Bachelor in Paradise finale will have some major let downs as it synchs up with this aspect. This could be an inconvenient illusion, wake-up call. Your soul mates chakras and theirs are out of alignment. The rainbow bridge has hit a snag. 

Your romantic idealism and your specific others’  insert name here____________ dreams do not quite match up under these energies. It’s hard to see eye to eye.  You don’t want the same things. They want to live in Portugal and he doesn’t want to live where your family is for example. This could be a real deal breaker.

Don’t go into needless guilt or blame. Both planets are in their own signs and equally as strong. Both of you want what you want and that’s fine.

VENUS in LIBRA is all about communication. Talk about your different expectations, projections, and ideals. Take back your own projections. This is super important if you really want to have a spiritually whole relationship. It’s a prime part of the work. BALANCE things out. It is all good and for the benefit of all. It will be for the better. It’s getting better all the time. 

The scorching Scorpio Moon trines Chiron, inconjuncts Uranus, and makes two sexy sextiles the first to Mercury  then to Jupiter.

In English this means that it is easy to connect with being vulnerable, yours and others. This is hugely beneficial. But the reaction may be to rebel and run in true Uranus in ARIES fashion. Plus  the Scorpio energy brings on a  hate of being vulnerable.

The double sextiles make it easier to Redefine what we want to say { Mercury in RETROGRADE} and how loud and expansive we want to say it. {Jupiter}. Have a great Wednesday ruled by planet MERCURY. 

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