Bye Bye B.B. King, The blues will never die.

Blues legend B.B. King passed away today at the age of 89 from a series of mini-strokes. He had fought diabetes for thirty years. 

B.B. King early Tara Greene

“He is without a doubt the most important artist the blues has ever produced,” wrote Eric Clapton in his 2008 auto-biography. Coming from ‘the God of guitar” that is saying a lot.

B.B. grew up on a rural Mississippi cotton plantation and his early life was that of the very traditional poor cotton-picker hard labor blues singers. Influenced by early blues guitarists Blind Lemon Jefferson and Lonnie Johnson, Riley’s first recording was in 1940 when he was only 15.

His most famous hit was The Thrill is Gone.B.B. in 1969 although he produced an enormous wealth of albums. 

B.B.  was the hardest working musician, touring constantly, spending  more than 65 years on the road. He played more than 300 shows a year until cutting back to around a 100 during the last decade. He did everything in excess, like his name,the King, he had gambling, womanizing and workaholism issues.

He was continuously creative, producing ten albums between 1995 and 2008. During that time he won eight of his Grammy Awards, five of them in the best traditional blues album category. In 1995, King received Kennedy Center Honors from President Bill Clinton. 

His famous guitar Lucille was made famous by Gibson guitars who created the B.B. King Lucille in 1982. B.B. influenced an entire new generation of white audiences in the 60’s when he was put on the bill of Bill Graham’s psychedelic rock concerts because he was a huge fan.

Married twice, he has 15 children from multiple women and had over 50 grandchildren.

I had the good fortune and the honor to meet B.B. backstage at the concert in Phoenix Arizona in 87 which was filmed in U2’s Rattle and Hum documentary. He seemed like the most genuine, humble man. Apparently he never made enemies with anyone, that says a lot.

Where do B.B.’s talents come from? Do the blues jump out at us from his chart?

Born Riley B. King Sept 16 1925. I do not have a birth time, I have rectified his time to 3:00 am.

B.B. King Astrology Tara Greene

B.B. is a quadruple Virgo which explains the hardest-working musician in show business for decades. Virgo is also associated with ill-health issues and intelligence. B.B. was noted for always learning.

B.B.’s Moon in Virgo is conjunct Mercury. He poured his emotions-the Moon out through his music. He was a master communicator, salesman, and a highly intelligent man. 

Mars conjunct his Virgo Sun was opposite Uranus in Pisces. B.B. was an original artist and a man who forged his own path and style. This aspect made B.B. prone to ill-health. Virgo rules the digestive system. His passion was work, work, work and perfecting his gifts. Mars in Virgo is also very humble, a servant of the people, he wanted to please them. Mars in Virgo is also insecurity, shyness. These aspects also shows difficulties with money.  Sun opposite Uranus, B.B.  loved computers.

With his Saturn in Scorpio on the I.C. or most private part of his life, his roots, his childhood is a heavy load to carry. B.B. lost his mother at an early age, there was dire poverty and hard work. He was forced to be mature and independent from an early age. His father or lack of a father was a key point in his make-up. I believe this is the key to why B.B. sang the blues. Saturn is traditional and historical. It’s a black man’s heritage from Mississippi, it is the roots of black culture, it is a way out. 

Saturn in Scorpio makes one endure all kinds of ups and downs, with huge emotional upheavals but incredible endurance and will. His Venus in Scorpio describes his large sexual appetites and a love of money. His songs were about love and loss surely a Venus in Scorpio motif.

His North Node was in Leo- B.B. along with his Neptune planet of creativity, spirituality and soul. B.B. was meant to be KING, just like his name. He was a larger than life figure, a big man, a natural star who loved to perform. He oozed emotion out of his famed guitar Lucille. He manifested his spiritual goal of being the king through his heart, his will and his huge soul. He received the fame and fortune he so richly deserved. 

B.B. also had Pluto in Cancer conjunct the Fixed star Sirius opposite to Jupiter in Capricorn which symbolizes success and wealth. Pluto- Jupiter is longevity and the people s’ adoration. B.B. had an incredibly long career, reaching so many generations. 

Venus rules the kidneys, and the Moon rules the pancreas.

at HIS DEATH  May 14 2015

Venus rules the kidneys, and the Moon rules the pancreas. Both of these planets indicate diabetic issues. Venus in Scorpio indicates death from diabetes. Leo rules the heart, heart failure is a Leo issue.

Pluto was transiting his Natal Pluto, that is a beautiful soul returning home. 

Saturn Retrograde was exactly squaring B.B.’s Moon, his spiritual, intuitive side, indicating a karmic ending, an emotional completion, at 89 a life very well lived. 

For the rectified Time I chose. Jupiter was passing over B.B.’s Ascendane, another regal royal King returning to his eternal rest, journey and learning. 

Chiron the wounded Healer is opposite to B.B.’s Mars Sun conjunction in Virgo.  A sense of the wounded healer, finally healed, whole and complete in Pisces. 

B.B.’s music will love on and inspire generations into the future. The Blues will never die. ” As long as people have problems, the blues can never die” said B.B. and he was right. 

Singing, wailing and sounding your hurt your feelings is extremely healing. 

Thank you B.B. for gifting the world with so much creativity and so much heart.

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3 o’clock Blues B.B. King 1950

One of B.B.’s best performances 

Taurus XXX Full Moon, ground control Astrology

Almost a whole month since the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries at 15 degrees cardinal cross energy.

Its been INTENSE!!!! not to mention the Solar eclipse two weeks ago at ZERO degrees Scorpio.

TAURUS FULL  MOON at 15 degrees of the Bull is right on the most powerful FIXED DEGREE. 

Its at 2:23 pm PST/ 5:23 pm EST

Two stars govern it. 

Almak  at 14 degrees 08 minutes of  Taurus Tropical  is in Andromeda’s foot.

It is a double-star. With a Venus Mars nature. This star points out the need for patience, rooted in faith {Jupiter} and trust in Divine Help.

Menkar in Cetus the Whale at 14 degrees 06 minutes Taurus,is directly opposite the south scale where the SUN IS NOW.

MENKAR symbolizes human consciousness or the collective unconscious. The old myths saw the whale as a sea monster, e now consider these gentle giants of the oceans our ancestors from other star systems and record keeps. Menkar  has a saturnine quality where one must consider the consequences of one’s actions. 

THE SOUTH SCALE at 14 degrees Scorpio relates to Saturn and Mars the two most difficult planets

PLanets conjunct this star pertain to loss, theft, betrayal, venereal disease, revenge, criminals. DIFFICULTY WITH HANDLING POWER. Isn’t it always?

VENUS is in SCORPIO and she rules this Taurus Full Moon 

Venus XXX Astrology Tara Greene

SLEEPING VENUS by Paul Delvaux 1944

Venus is  XXX Scorpio energy on this full moon

“The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow.” – George R.R. Martin

VENUS is closely conjunct the Scorpio SUN-  LOVE and Death, sex and death

She is turning up the LOVE, as she stands between the Sun and Serious karmic Lord of Death Saturn which rules Mars and Pluto in Capricorn right now as the depositer. All of these “planets are in mutual reception,strengthened in their combined energies of deep transformation and rebuilding a new earth.

This FULL MOON harkens a time for deep introspection and intuition and really opening our hearts to embrace our darkest shadow sides.


Sexual abuse of women, is a heavily featured topic by the recent Jian Ghomeshi sexual violence scandal in Canada. Girls being gang raped in India and Boko Harum stealing young girls all of these topics have the sane root cause, the sexual enslavement of women which is now finally and honesty coming to light in the west.

In the TAROT, TAURUS is the Sign associated with THE POPE TRUMP #5 – Christianity Patriarchal authority 

This Full Moon is holding the light for that deep sexual transformation which will transform the earth and rebirthing the Divine Feminine Goddess energies as necessary for human survival..

Yes it’s time to face the dark music, and make serious long term choices. Saturn is already in the home stretch of Scorprio at 24+ degrees.

MARS and PLUTO are already cheek to butt only 3 degrees away in Capricorn as they move into TOTAL CONJUNCTION November 10.

The recent explosions and crashes by the Nasa rocket and Virgin Galactic are part of this energy.The volcanic lava creeping over Hawaii as well 

We need to be prepared in advance as any real Taurus would for that INTENSELY FATED connection. 

If you are on the Sunny Scorpio side of this Full Moon you may tend to be more nihilistic. I know its ironic.

If we look at Mars Pluto conjunct as an APOCALYPTIC signature, they both rule SCORPIO,

 then this Taurus Full Moon  signifies that we should indulge our  every sense and drown ourselves and our loved  ones in rivers of  chocolate. 

It’s all about the body and this is the Garden of Eden. We are only our physical bodies right? Feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, sense it.

Or you could use this Taurus Fullness to simply get grounded, be practical, make sure you have enough wood for the wood stove,

food in the pantry, blankets, candles,and  necessary resources to survive 

You choose which feels right to you.

JUPITER is squaring the Moon Sun and Venus and Saturn at 21+ degrees Leo

Jupiter  amplifies, exaggerates, makes everyone feel more egotistical and defensively Royal on the down side now

To use Jupiter in Leo on the higher side one must know that all power comes through the HEART. 

Chiron in Pisces is quincunx to JUNO at 11 degrees LEO 

Chiron the great wounded healer is not jiving with Juno Goddess of feminine genius. 

 It is up to women to honor their own genius their own ability to speak their truth, claim their power and take their rightful place of power on the world’s stage which has been denied to them for so long. The whole Islamic Terrorist movement boils down to this. Women have been brainwashed to be silent, living always in fear, loving their demon lovers.

The Sabian symbol for 15 degrees Taurus- my paraphrasing.

“Cover your head with an outrageous silk hat, protect yourself against the cold, brave the storm have the courage to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition.” 


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Daemon Lover Shocking Blue 1990 

LOVE BUZZ by shocking Blue 1969