End of the line, Venus leaves Pisces

February 6th

Venus, Goddess Of love is at the very end of the zodiac at the 29th degree of Pisces the most critical degree of them all.

This is The End of a love cycle, a karmic cycle that began when Venus entered Aries on April 20/21 2019. 

It’s time for lovers to part. Pisces is related to karma as the 12th sign. The projection that they are the ideal lover who you can fix must end. The addiction to love is at a critical turning point.

Pisces symbolizes endings, spirit, source, oneness, bliss, forgiveness, compassion illusions projections and addictions. Time to let go and move on Just before a Full moon in Leo. Venus leaves Pisces its the end of the line for toxic love projections and a new beginning. Venus conjuncts Lilith and Chiron on February 8th.9th on the Full Moon. We will feel her passion and power strongly then, Venus will be in Aries on Valentines Day

Venus enters Aries in the 7th until March 4th where she marches forth 

The Love Goddess will be in Aries on VALENTINE”S day

where love can be competitive, fast and furious, ending quickly.

The best time for new ventures is now. Women can step out stronger, more confident and independent.

Venus is considered weak in traditional Astrology because she is in Mars sign.
Venus will have obstacles from squares from Saturn and Mars in Capricorn after the red planet enters on 16 February. 

Venus in Fiery Aries brings some much-needed heat to the Zodiac. 

Look back on your values, what you live and your creative output and earnings since the spring of 2019. Venus rules all of these things. 

VENUS conjuncts LILITH and Chiron on the Leo Full Moon February 8/9th

This starts a brand new cycle- see my next article on the Full Leo Supermoon

Venus conjunct LILITH in ARIES

Venus meeting Lilith in Aries will give you the strength to walk away from Toxic Masculinity and be happy being alone. Lilith went to live alone by the Red Sea in the myths rather than have Adam dominate her sexually. This is Venus conjunct Lilith in Aries totally.

LOVE LILITH, She is the archetype of the first woman the necessary death-bringing side of life, one half of the divine complementaries. Lilith is raw feminine Sexual power, Kundalini energy, shakti and demands equality or refuses to play.Venus and Chiron Conjunct on the 10th at 2+ degrees ARIE. This is where the love wounds bleed raw from and where the healing begins anew. Chiron the Wounded Healer can heal only through vulnerability. The Leo Full Super Mon can give us the heart strength to be fully vulnerable to allow the healing to begin.  Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene all writing is copyright of Tara Greene http://www.taratarot.com


A little Venus Magic, burning love

I did the Venus ceremony and called in whoever asked to be part of the energy.

witch, magic, Venus, love invocation

From my Venus banishing and invocation ritual April 4-5

Tuesday Moon squares Saturn in SAGITTARIUS at night

be aware of serious karmic issues coming up to be cleared in your dreams Monday night. 

Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto to put some soul into it. MOON goes VOID OF COURSE @ 3:33 a.m EDT/6:33 am EDT

ARIES SUN TRINES SATURN April 5 @ 9:09 am PDT/ 12:09 PM EDT/ 4:09 pm GMT 


that is a very good powerful FIRE TRINE @ 16+ degrees – if you have Sun, Moon planets or angles at 16 degrees LEO this makes a GRAND FIRE TRINE

Fire is energy passion power action and burns up the past.

VENUS enters ARIES and will stay there until APril 29. 

Moon conjuncts CHIRON in PISCES for some shamanic healing time

You may need to have extra psychic protection.Black Tourmaline is very good for this 

MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS @ 4:09 pm PDT/7:09 pm EDT/ 11:09 pm GMT 

Mercury in Taurus bridges the body mind connection improving your “gut instincts.” Do pay attention to your body’s signals, the body always knows. 

MOON ENTERS ARIES @ 11:46 pm PDT /APril 6 @ 2:46 am EDT/ 6:46 a.m.GMT 

heating up for the ARIES SIZZLING Hot super NEW MOON 

please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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VIDEO of part of the Venus banishing ceremony