Sex love politics Venus square Jupiter

Feb.3 Under a VIRGO MOON you may have a restless sleep or be very hyped up as La LUNA is very busy in the wee hours interacting with Venus in AQUARIUS and URANUS in ARIES in “I’ll pretend you are not there aspects- quincunxes.

A nice aspect to Jupiter in SCORPIO  brings on sexual fantasies.

Old issues of fears phobias and OCD issues; karmic issues long forgotten; woundings and feelings of helplessness may come up through your dreams as the Moon opposes CHIRON IN PISCES. Be gentle with yourself as this is your psyche’s way of cleansing itself. 

SORAYAMA SEXY ROBOT #2 sexy robots Venus in Aquarius squares Jupiter in SCORPIO

Think Jane Fonda in Barbarella in the 60’s. The female astronauts the needy girl, the feminist, the tribal, freedom-loving babe, the researcher, the organizer for Big causes, the rebel, the quirky unusual outsider.

Literally, this symbolizes the first A1 computer Sophia who was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship recently.

Venus in a tense hard aSpect to JUPITER in sexy deep SCORPIO

Jupiter is Scorpio is expanding the secrets in everything-your own psyche and in The world-check out that declassified memo. Jupiter in Scorpio rules the canals of super wealth and finances.

Jupiter is Scorpio makes us want to explore the dark sides wild sides sex, exploring forbidden. Territories, our deepest shadows.

This aspect keens our sense of “x-ray” vision-the ability to see right through the pretenses. No one can Fool you when Jupiter in Scorpio taps into that energy, under this energy You may discover truths about yourself that you didn’t realize you had.

Jupiter in Scorpio is about Power- the insatiable obsession for it and the ruthless need to be in control.

Certain Scorpios are having their darkest sides exposed now or hunkering down deeper into their own cells.

Venus square Jupiter

Are two very personal planets dancing a dangerous electric dance of seduction, power, money laundering, prostitution, mercenaries, sexual politics, maneuvers of power, justice, espionage and politics are all front and center right now.

As Jupiter exists da everything it touches this is a golden time to find love on the net or in unusual unexpected places.

You need to connect with those on the same electric double wavelength that Aquarius symbolizes and go deeper in love and intimacy than ever before.

Venus in Aquarius loves to be cool detached and icy. Jupiter is Scorpio melts that ice queen down to a puddle. That is the fear and the desire. Scorpio is ego annihilation through the Power of sexuality.

That is the truth about sexuality. Sex death life birth is all part of the same cycle. That is what the “little death” is all about as the French aptly call the orgasm.

Venus in Aquarius pushed on by Jupiter opens any nerdy detached in their head virtual reality human into a soul with feelings. 

If you side with the Aquarians you will escape to your spacecraft in the sky or sexbot refusing to get down and dirty wet and messy with Jupiter in Scorpio.

MERCURY sextiles MARS today too

There is sexy communication going on any way you look at it. 

Moon enters gotta relate sign of LIBRA later in the afternoon

Libra Moon is always a good moon to socialize under. Good for parties and especially cultural and art openings- that’s where I will be Saturday night with my husband. 

The mood can get serious quite quickly if you meet someone new as Moon squares SATURN in CAPRICORN

This is excellent for meeting a silver fox or foxette. Also being attracted to older mature more worldly people. Combining a business with a social event is to do.

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post-Trickster Full Moon

The Full Moon usually makes me wakeful, Does it do that to you too?

It is a very active Full Super Moon and I wrote about it already so dont want to go back. The energy is high flying with a great tendency to indecision.

Dec 14 

Gemini Moon trines MARS in AQUARIUS in EST And GMT  at night

Bad Girls Astrology Mars

future space exploration dreams on Mars. If you haven’t already done your online Xmas Holiday shopping,do it now. This energy is good for brainstorming, 

MOON enters CANCER on the 14th in the morning

Cancer Moon nurturing, tara Greene

the mood turns to nurturing, sensitive tummies and what kind of delicious food to put in them. Make your menu plans for the Holidays with the Moon in Cancer as it is the most conducive to comfort foods of the traditional kind.  I hope you are cozy and warm. 

Cancer Moon inconjuncts VENUS in AQUARIUS at night

Venus in Aquarius Tara Greene

Do you recognize one of the models in this 60’s photo?

Be careful not to be too mothering, matriarchal, nurturing and overly fussy or judgemental over any woman who is independent, never wants to have kids, is totally career oriented and loves technology. 

CANCER MOON TRINES NEPTUNE IN PISCESPisces South Node Neptune astrology Tara Greene

In the fishbowl of the psyche, the emotional soup, swimming in romance, drowning in drugs, boozed up, fantasied out, in La La land, ungrounded, spacey, wearing rose colored glasses. Use this aspect to meditate and to program Lucid Dreams.

Gotta go. I am feeling tired winter has set in here and it will be getting very cold in the next few days.  This is the darkest time of the year. We are supposed to be hibernating like bears.

The SATURNALIA begins DECEMBER 17-23 an ancient roman pagan holiday of role reversals and major festivities which the Christians placed Jesus birth over as to not upset those pagans overly much. 

Be well please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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