Venus conjunct NEPTUNE La La land for real

Hollywood that great synchronizer. Somehow or other it manages to be just ahead or right on time with the cosmic pulse.  I haven’t seen this movie yet but since I grew up on Hollywood musicals we will go see it soon.

Hollywood is governed by the planet NEPTUNE ruler of the sign of PISCES. Neptune rules all things visual, film photography, illusions, delusions, magic, high romance, drugs, addictions. It’s water, it’s the ocean, which L.A. is on. It is imagination, it’s spirituality, intuition, psychic energy dreams.  It is the source, our mother’s wombs, it symbolizes the end of all life, death, dissolution, egolessness, the 12th and last house.  

LA LA LAND just swept the Golden Globes with an unprecedented amount of statues on the 8th. This was a deja vu to the real thing. The real La La Land.

On Jan 12 on that Big Fat Cardinal  Cross Full MOON; VENUS, the planet of women, romance, money, luxury, love, sex, art, and values, human love, meets up with NEPTUNE the planet of spiritual cosmic soul mate love. Venus in Pisces is exalted, as she gets to bestow unconditional spiritual soul mate love now.

This is a perfect example of LA LA LAND LIVE and in your life and living room. Venus is earthy, Neptune is celestial. Not just on the Big screen, in cinemascope, or anything, in your face and in your heart and in your bed and in your life. Life imitates art and art imitates life.

At 10+ degrees PISCES Neptune has just advanced one degree. Use this aspect wisely and well. Neptune shows us that we are all one, that no one is separated from the entire whole.  This aspect brings that knowing into our flesh and into our blood and bones. We can feel it it is palpable. 

This is also a sign of the GREAT ESCAPE or Great escapism

the downside of Pisces. Denial, also debt, illusions, oil, water problems, addictions rehab. Be aware of what you may not be wanting to face in your love life, your financial situation and the world at large right now.

Check into your natal chart to see which house and aspects Neptune Venus makes. For me it’s in my 4th house, my roots, foundation and squaring my Moon in Sagittarius. 

The aspect happens Jan. 12 @ 1:54 pm PST/ 4:54 pm EST and 9:54 pm GMT and on Friday the 13th in Australia and China.

Build an altar to VENUS- bring in all her most beautiful attributes, shells, jewelry, get

bring in all her most beautiful attributes, shells, jewelry, get yourself all made up like a Goddess, or a God. Venus’ metal is copper, she likes greens and blues. Gemstones in those colors would work well, aquamarine, or emeralds, lapiz lazuli, sodalite, aventurine, etc. Buy roses, the most feminine of all flowers, very fragrant. Get on your beautiful seductive aromatherapy oils.  Bring in symbols for Neptune, starfishes, shells, dolphins, whales, mermaids, cosmic symbols, mandalas. Lay it all out. Have cups of water, eveyrthing that symbolizes beauty.

It would be optimum to do a bathing ritual as well, alone or with your beloved. Put in rose petals and rose oil, or lavender. Imagine that you are VENUS risen from the sea foam; Desirable to all, the love goddess who attracts love everywhere she goes. Who spreads love everywhere. See your heart expanding and being the source for all love you wish to attract.

Neptune in PISCES is unconditional love. The more love you give away the more you receive. Help the unloved, the forgotten, the neglected, the more love returns to you. Do something charitable, do it anonymously, write a cheque, donate online, donate your time. Pay it forwards in a lineup, leave money somewhere for a stranger to find. Put prayers onto your money whenever it changes hands, the prayers and good intentions go with it. 

This is a day of massive forgiveness. Forgiveness can’t be forced. The ones we need to forgive most is ourselves.  Give yourself permission to forgive yourself for whatever it is you did. You can also get down on your knees and prostrate yourself to the Great Mystery, because it is good to be humble. 

This is a day to call in your BELOVED, the other half of you which is always part of you but seems to be existing in another person. That is the illusion, part of the Neptune trick. 

Yes, Forgive everyone, Republicans, Democrats, your “enemy,”- the Jews, gays, Muslim. Christians,  your ex-. Just send it out there.

Imagine that we are all one in one big ocean of BLISS.  As you imagine it, you create it. 

A big night to incubate dreams and to do visualizations. Imagine the world at peace, in a cloud of unconditional love. Incubate the dream of the beloved before you go to sleep at night. 

We are in a #1 year and Neptune and Venus are at degree #10 – 1. 

We are the magic we are the love, we are the beauty, we are the cosmos, we are humans we are eternal, we are fragile, we Love. LOVE thyself, in a non-egotistic way. This is super important now. You are not who you think you are. You are much bigger than that. You dont need to boast or acquire or show off, or be arrogant or try to impress anyone else, or show anyone up, That is all nonsense ego games.  Be the soul you are. You are sexless, eternal, whole, enlightened, unattached, loving, giving, caring. 

Have a blessed Full Moon. The Cardinal Cross is intense but can also be seen as a foundation of power in the 4 elements. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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