Weekly Astrology, Rare Venus Star Point, Saturn Direct, Scorpio season

A very big week ahead in astrology Venus is super activated, The planet of love and money makes love to 3 planets and the SUN God Apollo as Neptune, Mars,Pluto, and conjuncts the SUN in a Venus Cazimi and a VER RARE star point at 29 degrees LIBRA a point which Venus has not made since 1870. No one alive now has experienced this. SATURN stations Direct late on the 22nd in PDT and on the 23rd in EDT and GMT. Venus enters SCORPIO as the SUN does too initiating a very loved up SCORPIO season on the 23rd and they both promptly inconjunct Jupiter.

Oct. 17 Venus inconjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES at 6:00 pm EDT

Love, both human and unconditional love are not seeing each other’s aspects at all. This is a bad combo. expect disagreements, love problems, arguments, illusions addictions denial. Look at how you are victimizing yourself.

Oct. 17 SUN trines MARS in GEMINI 

It’s great for positive thinking, flirting, socializing sales and big curiosity


A LUCKY IN LOVE aspect. It can be too flirty but good for having two relationships going on at once. Or flying free and solo too.

Oct. 19 SUN square PLUTO at 9:33 am EDT

Always intense Uppperworld King and Lower world King. Power struggles Pluticrats> US and Russia duking it out.

Oct. 19 MERCURY opposite CHIRON at 9:24 pm EDT

Healing the head wounds, the brain bleeding, the overly taxed relationships ruts where you’ve talking things over and over and get nowhere. But this can also be a turning point in that trying to please others and only getting hurt or misunderstood. Use this aspect to get to the bottom of those defences and have healing arise.


Love or power? That’s what Psychologist Carl Jung said. there are only two emotions. Relationships can get down and dirty in a good way to. This is intense chemistry between people too.

Oct 20 VENUS square PLUTO at 2:03 am EDT 6:03 am  GMT

LOVE or POWER? Carl Jung said there are only two emotions LOVE or FEAR, POWER is an outward aspect of fear. There is tension but also sacred sexual soul riches to be created.

OCT. 22 MERCURY inconjunct URANUS in TAURUS at 7:24 am EDT

Your head and your body may feel off-kilter today.

Oct. 22 *****VENUS CONJUNCT THE SUN at 5:17 pm EDT VENUS MAKES HER STAR POINT IN LIBRA at 29 degrees for the first since 1879. This is a super rare and auspicious occasion as VENUS has not made a STAR point in Libra since 1870.


Good for serious commitments in relationships, laws and elder’s speaking.

Oct. 22 SATURN turns DIRECT at 18 degrees 35’ AQUARIUS at 9:07 pm PDT since June 4th at 25 degrees 15’

Serious career, idealism, radical breakthroughs, freedom, and innovation move ahead rapidly now.

Oct 23 Saturn turns DIRECT at 12:07 am EDT and 4:07 am GMT

Oct. 23 VENUS enters SCORPIO at  12:52 am PDT/ 3:52 am EDT with the SUN Oct. 23 SUN enters SCORPIO at 3:36 am PDT, 6:36 am EDT/ 10:36 am GMT

ITS A LOVED UP SCORPIO SEASON and a partial South Node Solar Ecipse in Scorpio on the 25th too.

Oct. 23 VENUS and SUN quincunx JUPITER 5 hours apart

Be aware of where you may be feeling too frisky or too rambunctious for your own good.

IF YOU HAVE PLANETS at late degrees CARDINAL signs-ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN you will feel the impact this week

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March in like a lion Astrology

MARCH comes in like a lion and out like a lamb the old saying goes. March astrology aspects3 planets change sign this month. There are major conjunctions of the Sun and planets with each other this month which lights the way.



 NEW MOON in PISCES is swimming in Bliss or awash in addictions, the choice is yours. Psychic overwhelm needs big boundaries. New spirit guides may bring special messages. Be aware and listen to your dreams. A long hoped for one could be coming true.

Especially look to March 9 to 14 NEW MOON in PISCES for incredible expansion in creativity, marketing, and spiritual renewal. Take time off to reflect and use this time wisely. Could be good for spiritual retreats using plant medicines but under very sacred conditions. Watch your dreams carefully too.

VENUS and the SUN pair up from the 25-28 in ARIES

This is a very high light. So beautiful to start something you love, fall in love and get inspired with new values. It is   very creative, bringing to light anything new.

LIBRA FULL MOON opposed Sun/Venus /Chiron/ CERES in Aries and Trines MARS in GEMINI conjunct the NORTH NODE OF FATE and SATURN in AQUARIUS.  A fated partnership, legal matters, rebalancing the karmic scales, and disruptive new ideas sweep in on personal and world levels.

March 3  VENUS in PISCES sextile URANUS in TAURUS

-unusual attractions, grounding spirituality and sensuality

March 3  MARS enters chatty dualistic mutable  GEMINI- go for its Gemini.

read a full article about Mars in Gemini here https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2015/05/11/mars-in-gemini-psychopomp-androgyny/

March 4 MERCURY conjunct JUPITER in AQUARIUS -17 Aquarius

 -talking, selling, merchandizing the  revolution

March 10 SUN conjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES

-blinded by the Light, Neptune Cazimi is spiritual and deceptive, fake news highlights, addictions, floods,

March 13 NEW MOON in PISCES – Pisces overload


This should be valentine’s day. Floating on a cloud, super compassionate, forgiveness,

March 15: Mercury enters Pisces-April 3

Thinking, feelings, intuition and spirituality merge in this  mutable sign

3 nice sextiles in a row

March 16 Sun in PISCES sextile PLUTO in CAPRICORN

March 17 Mars in GEMINI sextiles CHIRON in ARIES

March 18 VENUS in PISCES sextiles Pluto in CAPRICORN

March 20: Spring Equinox SUN enters Aries.

Its an archetypal new natural year International ASTROLOGY DAY

March 21: VENUS enters ARIES until April 14

read about Venus in Aries here https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2019/04/21/hot-women-venus-in-aries/

-for a new beginning in love, values women


 – nice positive

March 21 MERCURY in PISCES sextiles URANUS in TAURUS

March 23 MERCURY in PISCES squares MARS in TAURUS

This is the only hard aspect this month! Speak from the gut and the soul.

March 25/26 VENUS conjuncts SUN/CAZIMI

 makes new star point at 5 ARIES, A turning point which occurred 8 years ago at this degree.

March 28 LIBRA FULL MOON and VENUS conjuncts CHIRON in ARIES

With 5 planets in ARIES! and


March 29/30 MERCURY conjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES-spiritual mind meld

-More creativity, inspiration, charitable thinking, a mind meld,

The month ends with more supportive sextiles.

March 30 VENUS sextiles SATURN in AQUARIUS

March 31 SUN sextiles SATURN in AQUARIUS

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Love and Light, Venus in Heart of the SUN

Your search for a heart of Gold is over now as Venus and the SUN conjoin June 3 at 13 Gemini 35 minutes at 10:44 am PDT/ 1:44 pm EDT/ 6:44 pm GMT. Venus is considered to be in the heart of the SUN until she reaches 13 degrees 18 minutes in GEMINI. This period lasts according to my calculations, using the Classic orb of 17 minutes until June 3 at 9:40 am PDT/ June 4 at 12:40 am EDT and June 4 @ 5:40 am GMT lasting around 11 hours. 

Venus at the heart of the Sun June 3 2020

Venus at the heart of the Sun June 3 2020

That’s an extremely special and rare event. A Good long time to Lighten up your heavy heart and bask in the heart of the sun.

Ishtar on Akkadian Seal Venus Retrograde Ishtar/Innana/Venus in Gold

Venus is in her Retrograde cycle, a 19-month transformation. She is in invisible and in darkness from our vantage point until she rises again as the morning star around June 11th. Venus Retrograde is enshrined in the Myth of Inanna in the Underworld also known as Ishtar.

This is LOVE And LIGHT for real. Use this rare and special time to send love and light from your own heart out into the world which needs it now. 

This is a time that completes the very rare and historic Venus crossing in front of the SUN on June 6, 2012 a once in a lifetime event. Think back to where you were 8 years ago. The number 8 is the number of infinity. This is INFINITE LOVE and LIGHT.

read more about that here https://www.astro.com/astrology/ivccn_article180927_e.htm

Venus  Cazimi should be a great day for creative and artistic pursuits and for developing love. Hit the drawing board, paint, dance, sing, tone. VENUS RETROGRADE in GEMINI, increases social media, texting, online dating, quick connections. yes, traditional cookbook astrology says old lovers will connect with you, You may be unable to stop thinking about them. 

WOMEN crown yourself with the SUN, You are Queen for the Day as is everyone because all genders even non-genders have a feminine aspect of receptivity, love and creativity within themselves, The Masculine and the Feminine is not gender-related necessarily. These are anthropomorphic, Patriarchal and sexist attitudes of good-bad, overlayed. Masculine and Feminine or active and receptive are equal polarities and that is what GEMINI is all about. The Sun can dissolve all boundaries. 

VENUS rules LUXURY and this conjunction can indicate a fall of the gold markets. Gold is the SUN in material form. Wear gold jewellery and gold and green clothing. It may increase socializing, luxuriating,  going out for fun and amusement.  

Cue the Neil Young song https://youtu.be/Eh44QPT1mPE

This cycle ends with Venus in GEMINI squares Mars in Pisces and an ongoing square with Ceres in PISCES applies thru the whole 2-week transition. Ceres the Great Mother is conjunct MARS now. The GREAT MOTHER offers compassion, empathy an abundance of feelings and most importantly the realization that we are all ONE. Mars and Venus are locked in battle indicating the taking of sides and polarity exaggerating things.  Ceres Great Mother energy steps in to make sure her children dont squabble and scrap. 

Take time out to meditate, make love tinctures, and open your heart to the Source of LIGHT and LOVE and send it out 

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Dark Venus Alchemy with the Sun

Venus is Retrograde and moving quickly to her next STAR POINT in her pentagram shaped cycle. On March 25/26, Venus, now invisible in the skies, is in in her dark, Black, New Moon or negrido phase, the alchemical term. VENUS in ARIES is getting all beautified for her rendezvous with APOLLO, the Sun God. She weds and beds the SUN in an ALCHEMICAL SACRED MARRIAGE.  This symbol ensured wholeness, fertility and exchange of energies. That Alchemical marriage is the Tarot card of TEMPERANCE #14 major Arcana in the TAROT. 

Venus in ARIES symbolizes LOVE OF SELF.

Yes, selfies is one way to put it. Aries is the  “I AM”  sign. The mantra would be “I am love, I am that I am. I am a Warrior Goddess.” Note the movie Wonder Woman coming out soon, which is VENUS in ARIES, another synchronicity with Hollywood. 

Venus is under MARS’ rule as she is in his home sign. Mars is in TAURUS, which is VENUS’s sign. The two planets of sex and relationships are in each other pants, er houses. This is called mutual reception,just like it sounds, they partake of each others qualities.

Temperance #14 tarot trump Alchemy Tara Greene

#14 Temperance or Alchemy/ Art Thoth Tarot 

Venus in ARIES is strong, powerful, independent, needs no man to protect her. MARS in VENUS’s sign learning to be more feminine, receptive, sensuous, creative, earthy, adoring the Goddess. The Taurean Age was the Age of the Goddess-worshipping and Bull or cow worshipping cultures world-wide. In Crete, in Egypt, in India, Taurus, the Bull or cow was considered the animal sacred to the Goddess, because its horns symbolized the waxing and waning crescents of the Moon.  These are all excellent symbols of alchemical renewal, a rebalancing of the opposites and the roles the Feminine and the Masculine have been defined by. WE NEED THIS NOW> 

Venus Turned Retrograde at 13+ degrees Aries= 14.  The SABIAN SYMBOL,

“A Serpent coiling near a man and a woman. ” This is the story of LILITH in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. Genesis is a prime myth in Patriarchal culture which was designed to take away women’s sexuality and power which Lilith symbolizes.

Venus turned Retrograde with LILITH at 2 degrees SAGITTARIUS squaring the NORTH and SOUTH NODES of the MOON. This is a fateful symbol as well as the turning point in Lilith’s cycle of truth, independence, education and Justice. 

VENUS Star Point March 25/26 @ 5 degrees ARIES is opposite SUPER GALACTIC CENTER and trines {120 degrees}  LILITH in SAGITTARIUS.. 

LILITH is helping women and Men symbolized by the SUN, to come to consciousness about the DARK GODDESS, about the negated aspect of women’s sexuality and power in order to bring a new respect honor and balance into relationships. 

The SGC, M87, @ 2 degrees 3 minutes of LIBRA, is a supermassive BLACK HOLE with the mass of 30 trillion Suns, though 90% of it remains invisible. Black Holes suck all light and matter into themselves, they are the great voids/ wormholes/cosmic vaginas of space/time. They symbolize the SUPER GREAT MOTHER.

Read more about the SGC https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2016/09/18/jupiter-super-galactic-center-dance/

VENUS =Women and Love is in the darkness. Darkness has always been associated with magic, mystery, the feminine, the unknown, the void, the womb, death, rebirth. The Dark was always considered sacred and safe up until Patriarchal times.  With the ascent of SOLAR GODS like Apollo, who were once the Goddess’s consorts or brothers, the SUN, the Masculine Light of Consciousness, and literacy, dominated the magical, intuitive, feeling nature of the heart and the Feminine.

Darkness began to be feared.  A split in the psyche associated darkness with fear, loss, the hag, crone, witch, isolation, separation, negativity, madness, demons, depression { Saturn} and the shadow.  The dark or negrido blackened phase is important. It is when Inanna is turned into rotting meat in the Underworld. It is PERSEPHONE’s archetypal journey into HADES. all part of the entire journey and one part is no better than another and all are dependent on each phase in order for wholeness to be achieved.

The dark is a phase of quiet, of retreat, of stillness, of sitting in the void, it is a liminal time. It is the holding of the breath, the unknown space between the inhale and the exhale. 

Venus is not actually Dark as she joins the SUN. She is like the image of the Goddess in the Book of Revelations, the woman clothed in the SUN. 

Barney, Woman Clothed with Sun 1904

a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars” (12:1). … Then there is “a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns …Dark Venus is associated with dark matter, she is not a reflection of the Sun, she becomes the Sun as she consummates the sacred Marriage. She is as strong as the SUN, although much smaller, and she is one with the LIGHT again.  This is a huge symbolic love feast between the Goddess and her Masculine counterpart. 

During the next three days think about what VENUS as you, the Love Goddess preparing for her big Wedding Night. You are the Goddess ready to meet her Sol Mate. 

Review your past relationships; your lovers. How were you loved? or not. How did you love? Could you receive love?

Review your values; Venus represents money and Luxury, re-evaluate your relationship to luxury and abundance and the Light, it is based on your self-worth. 

Review the life scripts and Karmic Patterns you play out in all relationships; as daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, mother, aunt.

Review what your heart truly longs for. 

Allow your yearning to unite with the Beloved to be strong. Venus is filled with light, consciousness, she is brilliant, fiery, a living flame, super hot, dangerous, burning with desire, wild, unknown, passionate, independent, demanding. Allow yourself to become VENUS, to become desire as the SOURCE of your life by bringing light and LOVE to all the dark shadows and fear.

The SUN is VENUS’s lover, he loves all parts of her. He loves her shadows, her beauty, her strength, her power.

The Union of Venus with the SUN symbolizes a Tantric union. One which is energetically and spiritually always going on. The love of the Goddess and the God for one another is the very nature of Creation and the Universe. 

CHANDRA SYMBOL for Aries 5: A woman harvesting rose petals to make perfume. 

(Degree Angel: MAHASIAH (mah-HA-see-YAH) Healing, Rectification)

Your loving and positive intentions can be a healing balm to yourself and others. You have the ability to stay attuned to a spiritual wavelength which simplifies, harmonizes and elevates the atmosphere around you. To the extent that you can just be yourself all negativity falls away and your path opens clearly before you.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “The statue of a God worn smooth by devotees’ kissing.” So many kisses, so many rose petals – the drop by drop accumulation of love which gradually accumulates a focus of spiritual light in the physical realm. The hardness of stone meets the softness of a kiss and finally, at last, the stone disappears, is worn away, just as, also, the fragrance of divine love as embodied in the rose distills itself into a healing balm.

Pleiadian Symbol: Gently a feather falls from the sky, settling on a gigantic pyramid.

Seed Degree: Taurus 19. A bottle of gold dust The SUN = GOLD, gathered from many places over many years.  The gold gathered is transmuted into a higher form – love, whose healing fragrance is once again dispersed.

The symbol is so perfect. Venus pentagram cycleVenus makes a rose pattern in her cycle.
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Bipolar Gemini Time Astrology by Tara Greene

Sun enters the 1st Air Sign May 20 @ 7:36 am PDT/10:36 am EDT/2:36 pm GMT.

Gemini the sign of the naturally bi-polar TWINS, known as a “FUN da MENTAL”  sign. I made that up years ago. It’s a fast paced sign and month of mind games, light-headed, shall we say Air Head? Social butterfly, changing partners, do- see doe-ing, dodging being committed, all the while smiling charmingly in general. I mean no harm to bipolar people and their suffering.

GEMINI is Ruled by that fancy hatted and shoe’d fleet- footed messenger of the Gods –MERCURY, the planet. MERCURY is  consciousness, intelligence, analysis, communications. Our minds have two sides, two lobes, that’s why Mercury is a dual sign. 

Because MERCURY is RETROGRADE in TAURUS as Sun enters GEMINI and almost at standstill turning Direct May 22nd, the energy will be kind of at a standstill for the weekend, inspite of a Sagittarius FUll Moon.  It would be wise to wait till June 7th before really initiating anything new, when Mercury is back to 23+ degrees Taurus on June 7 and bypassed it’s Retrograde degree.

The SUN opposes Mars May 22 a rare highlite. See my previous articles. 

Venus will enter GEMINI May 24 and oppose Mars on the same day-

We will be loving all that duality. The polarity will get stronger. 

Gemini SUN squares NEPTUNE in PISCES on JUNE 1st .

This is very romantic and idealistic. Watch out for fast talkers and too good to be true deals. Craziness, delusional, fantasies, denial. everywhere.


the times they are getting serious. Gemini is a time of splitting hairs, fractiousness will get stronger in politics. 


This is a GRAND MUTABLE CROSS which will be in effect from June 1-11th.

Things are tense but adaptable. This is during the big primaries in the U.S. 

June 6 SUN Conjuncts VENUS in the SACRED MARRIAGE, Superior Conjunction at 16 degrees GEMINI.

Venus is in the Underworld already and invisible to us for a while now. This is the same star point in Venus cycle as 8 years ago or 4 years ago at the famous Venus transit of the Sun in 2012 with Venus Retrograde. Doesn’t that seem like aeons ago?

The SACRED MARRIAGE of the SUN and the Goddess VENUS, is the symbol of the LOVERS in the TAROT! 

THE LOVERS Tarot Psychic Tara Greene


This will be a super time for weddings, besides being JUNO Goddess of Marriages month. Think about where you were at in your relationships 4 years ago. Where is the Sacred Marriage point, 16 degrees Gemini in your Natal chart? Look at the aspects to it. I’d be happy to advise you. 


GEMINI has what is called PEUR or Peter Pan, mentality.But ya gotta love ’em, They  move too fast for you to pin them down.  Don’t try to pin them down. Their charm will win you over, they can sell refrigerators to Inuit folks. They shine in public speaking, disseminating info.

GEMINI men take for ever, if they ever do,to settle down. They naturally wander. GEMINI’s get easily bored, male or female. Their main thrust is to gather information, move like the wind, curious,wiry, young, forever young. Like Paul McCartney. 


If so it is very difficult for you to be in a monogamous relationship. Your nature is to have your cake and eat  it too. You will have to work hard to come to terms with your roving childlike qualities. 

Mercury/Hermes Gemini's planet ruler

used by FTD florist as their symbol

MERCURY rules two signs – GEMINI a masculine Air element sign and VIRGO a feminine earth sign element.


VIRGO gathers, organizes, perfects, focuses, remembers, all the scattered details in a quite OCD manner. VIRGO is the polar opposite of GEMINI in so many ways. Yes they are very focussed on work, diligent,worry worts, often work in the health field, terribly disciplined in diet, exercise, being always punctual.




Here’s some Traditional Astrology knowledge about Gemini from Vettius Valens, 2nd Century Anthologies, Book I.

Gemini is male, bicorporeal, articulate, the house of Mercury, upward-trending, celestial, feminizing, a freedman, sterile, public. Under it are born scholars, those working in education and letters, poets, music lovers, declaimers, stewards, those who receive trusts; also translators, merchants, judges of good and evil, sensible people, practitioners of the curious arts, and seekers after mystic lore.

This sign is calm, {?} Its first 3° are worthless and destructive; from 3° to 7° it is well-watered; good weather from 7° to 15°.  The last degrees are a combination of traits. It has 21 stars. 

The gods Apollo, Hercules, Vulcan, Juno, Saturn are associated with it.

 The following zones are subject to Gemini: to the front part, India and the adjoining areas and Celtica; to the breast, Galatia, Thrace, and Boeotia; to the midparts, Egypt, Libya, Rome, Arabia, Syria.


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