Best love luck aspect January 22 Venus Jupiter

Taken from my window as i awaited the xact aspect @ 7:25 am EST

Venus Jupiter love magic rituals

A short video for you. I did a ritual invocation of Beautiful Venus and Bountiful Jupiter tonight at 3:15 am EST.  I called upon Venus and her pentagram her copper and emeralds her symbols of love and beauty. I called upon Jupiter as initiator benefactor higher master teacher lightning bolt thrower and expander.

This cosmic conjunction brings a balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. “As above so below” @ 3:15 am EST. Nov 13 at the conjunction of Goddess Venus and God Jupiter I called in the two planetary lovers to bless all of us and in all worlds with a new balance of divine cosmic blending of love beauty power and strength.

 A more potent auger of what we need right now in the sign of SCORPIO sign of sex death secrets power and rebirth. How amazing is this synchronicity!

In the Tarot, VENUS is #3 THE EMPRESS and JUPITER is #10 Wheel of Fortune

Venus and Jupiter Love Astrology Tara Greene

Venus and Anchises-Annibale Carracci 1597- Farnese Gallery, Rome copyright free image

I then picked a tarot card to help guide you. The Chariot Tarot Arcana #7. Cancer energy the womb birth nurturance nourishment sustenance safety. Home. The primal ocean of emotion and consciousness. The Great Mother. 7 is the laws of cycles the 7 Heavens. 

The Day is ruled by the Moon. The planetary hour was ruled by Mercury the messenger.

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Be Lucky in Love November 13

Another one of those “best days of the year” is coming up next week. 

November 13 at 12:16 am PST/ 3:16 am EST/ 8:16 am GMT the two planets  beautiful Venus and JUPITER the largest planet will appear to merge into one.

They will be in astronomical terms they will be conjunct and parallel by declination being only less than 1/3rd of a degree apart. This may have been what the “STAR of BETHLEHEM” looked like that the three wise men who were astrologers followed to find Christ. 

This is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious aspect!

You will want to set your alarm clocks to go outside at night to gaze at the beautiful sight if you are EST to PST. 

If it isn’t clear skies where you live. meditate and draw down the beautiful energy into your heart and will chakras.

Make LOVE POTIONS and tinctures using Venus and Jupiter energy talismans and associated energies. Colors-music stones- incense- oils. 

They will be at 7 degrees SCORPIO 20 minutes. go circle that spot in your natal chart. This is where BIG LUCK IN LOVE MONEY AND POWER is happening. Especially for you Scorpio’s born this day!

Jimmy Kimmel turning 50. and Whoopi Goldberg 

VENUS the jewel of the night skies is, of course, the planet of women beauty money love romance and the arts is in SCORPIO where she deepens the values of all things feminine. Venus in Scorpio is the seductress and siren.  She has very rich tastes. Money and high finance is a Scorpio thing. Her ability to mesmerize is legendary. She is sexual power and she will get whatever she wants using whatever means necessary. 

JUPITER is the optimist; the benefactor; the expansive good-natured teacher and philanthropist. In Scorpio, he brings intense desires and willpower. Jupiter in Scorpio demands you take that trip to hell and come back with the prize.When these two meet up its GOOD LOVIN for sure. 

Under a LEO moon November 9 the Moon squares Venus in SCORPIO to produce sparks.


get up on your soapbox and PREACH BABY>

Moon squares JUPITER we’re getting ready to rock and roll.

And the aforementioned- see yesterdays post about MARS IN LIBRA inconjunct to Neptune in PISCES

a too safe to fail day? Relationship disappointments. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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