The last Dance for Donna Summer, love to love you, Donna’s Disco Astrology from Tara Greene

Never can say goodbye, but sad to hear of Donna Summer the Queen of Disco passed away May 17 after a lengthy bout with Cancer at 63.

Born LaDonna Adrian Gaines on Dec 31 1948 she was a legendary American singer, songwriter and artist. Donna leaves behind her husband,three daughters and four grandchildren.

Best known for her twirling mirrored disco ball hits Love to Love You Baby, Hot Stuff,She Works Hard for the Money

A five time Grammy award winner. Donna holds the record for having three consecutive double albums go to the top of the album charts and she became the first female artist to have three number one singles in a twelve month period.

Lets look at her Astrology chart. Born Dec 31 1948 at 9:00 pm in Boston Massachusetts.

Disco Queen astrology

Donna had a lot of CAPRICORN energy, the sign of worldly success, hard work, staying power. Born with a very lucky and career success oriented chart Donna had the

Sun conjunct Jupiter exactly conjunct at 10 degrees of Capricorn.

Also Mercury Mars and the Moon in Capricorn, also a very powerful combination for writing, communicating,hard work,stay with it power.

An earthy VIRGO ascendant with Saturn Retrograde also conjunct her natal chart. She grew up in a strict, Saturnine, traditional religious family. She was no stranger to hard work.

Her North Node her highest spiritual goal is at 2 degrees of Taurus in her 9th house of International relations. Her south Node, symbolizing the past is at 2 degrees of Scorpio in her 3rd house of communications.

The Scorpio south node shows a deep  ingrained passion drive and desire behind all that hard-working earthy,Capricorn Virgo Taurus earth.

LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY oozed SCORPIO sensuality, I remember how it turned everybody on,. That’s why it was such a hit.

she had Pluto in Leo in the 12th house that is heart and -soul and very spiritual drive to be a STAR!

Venus in Sagittarius -also at middle powerful degrees  in the 4th house means she connected with the entire world and was very popular Internationally.

Neptune ruler of higher octave music is at 15 degrees of Libra in the 2nd house of money, the middle degrees 14 and 15 are always the  strongest point. Her spritual gift of song, made her successful. She had real soul behind what appeared to be a superficial element- Disco. But disco following has grown over the years in popularity as a nostalgia item, and Donna’s songs proved to be long lasting.

Her Mid heaven or highest career point is one degree 28 minutes of GEMINI where the eclipse is occurring on May 20 is.

 Donna hid her trials with cancer. 

The Astrology at her death MAY 17 2012

Pluto Lord of Death and rebirth was conjunct her Sun and Jupiter, for the last year. 

Saturn, the GRIM REAPER  is also  retrograding and has been SQUARING her Moon since November 2011, Saturn was just square to her Mars and was approaching a square to her Mercury.

THE NORTH NODE the highest spiritual calling has been SQUARE to her Saturn and her Virgo Ascendant since the beginning of 2012.

CHIRON the wounded healer has been opposite to her SATURN and Ascendant since March this year.Chiron was sitting exactly ono her Descendant,t he point where one interacts with the World.

All in all, my intuition says that her higher self knew and that she wished to experience the May 20 solar eclipse from the point of view of Spirit.

Donna Summer’s spirit will be dancing and singing and helping us boogie through the transition of the Solar Eclipse on Sunday MAy 20. 

MAy she sing and dance with joy eternally.

Thanks for the LAst dance with you Donna,

Venus Retrograde in Gemini,Love Potion #2, Love cleanse and Astrology from Tara Greene

May 15 @ 7:33 am PDT/10:33 am EDT VENUS stops and turns RETROGRADE and you know what that means!

Re-purposed lovers, rehashed loves, back up loves, retrace your tracks loves, re-cycle lovers, all those RE- things that’s the Rx or medicine for any Retrograde. IT’s Love Potion # 2 because it’s GEMINI the twins.

 Re-lax, in the Tarot the sign of GEMINI is the sign on the card of the LOVERS

Lovers Gemini

Most of you know about Mercury and what its oft Retrograde phases portend.

Mars just did his Retro time Jan – April.

Venus only turns Retrograde  once every 19 months. A reflection of the Moon’s 19 years cycles.

VENUS of course, is the goddess, ruler of Love, relationships, money, values, art, nice, flirty, luxury, balance-supposedly,justice

She is going retrograde at  23 degrees 59 minutes, isn’t the earth tilted at 23 degrees? of GEMINI

You know this one will be bringing up, vomiting  indecisiveness, some childlike reactions, old lovers, young lovers,

a reflex gag reaction, maybe you won’t want to talk about it anymore at all, during the V.R.

endless talking about what we want and don’t want, debating about same ex marriages, the lady on the cover of Time magazine breastfeeding her little boy recently,

Gemini is an air sign, it is all HEAD, Venus is the HEART.

As Venus moves Retrograde she will take the Gemini Head and journey backwards, not into the heart of darkness but into the heart of Light in front of the Sun.

What began in June 8, 2004 Read my article on the importance of that initiating cycle here

is being completed now. Think of how far we have come in only 8 years! No one had heard of Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga.  The last Venus eclipse was also in Gemini and so issues of duality have been brought more and more to light in order to be healed. I predicted a return of the Goddess. Gemini rules communications and certainly Iphones, androids, I-pads, Kindles are all manifestations of a Venus love affair with gadgets to communicate with ad nauseam as an absolute necessity.

VENUS retrograde is symbolized in the Ancient myth of INANNA  Queen of the Underworld.

Venus is visible in the east as MORNING STAR for 258 days. She is invisible for 60 days of darkness { the New moon phase} she passes through the Sun either as a  superior or exterior (direct) conjunction with the Sun. Venus then spends another eight months or so shining in the East as Evening Star. So, about 95% of Venus’ visual cycle involves a slow transmutation of over 18 months, and includes her morning star, underworld, and evening star incarnations. It is18 months from first morning appearance to last evening appearance.

Venus’ retrograde period, which lasts only 40 – 43 days, is about 5% of 584 days, the total synodic cycle. It also contains all three of Venus’ visible phases. But, in stark contrast, what previously took 18 months to unfold, we will now experience in a mere 14 or so days!

read all the detail here : –

VENUS path traces a perfect 5 pointed stations which create a perfect 5 pointed pentagram in its 584 journey from Evening star to invisible to Morning star. Wiccans pray to VENUS not the devil.

I always wished my last name was MORNINGSTAR.

Venus has two kinds of Retrograde stations in her entire cycle. The situation now from May 15- June 4  is the end of Venus’s previous Scorpio based journey around the Sun. It’s 18 months from first morning to the last evening appearance.

From June 5/6 – 27th when her Retrograde is over, is the beginning or seeding phase of an entirely new GEMINI journey which will last 584 days or 19 months till this phase concludes. 

The next Venus transit is in 105 years!!!

So, Venus also will stay an extra long time in Gemini from April 3- Aug 7 rather than the usual four weeks per sign.

We are being initiated into two MERCURY rules sign sin 2012. VIRGO & GEMINI.

hmm something to do with thinking, analyzing, service, balancing the books, communicating, duality…

Venus will Retrograde back to 7 degrees 29 minutes of GEMINI. So look at which house or houses and what planets Venus intersects with from

7.29 – 23. 59 minutes GEMINI occurs.

All mutable signs  are directly affected:                  VIRGO’s born Aug 30- September 16

SAGITTARIUS born Nov 29 – December 15          and            PISCES born Feb 26- March 15

Everyone has a GEMINI house somewhere.

21 Day LOVE CLEANSE – to VENUS eclipses of the Sun.

The count down begins: MAy 15 its now 21  or 22 days depend on which side of Greenwich mean time you love on till the VENUS SUN rendezvous!

I recommend doing a HEART Cleanse as this is the end of  the old VENUS in SCORPIO cycle of mean, dirty secrets, power play, control freakish things,shadow puppets,obsessions over what they did to you, being a victor or victim in the love game thing, 8th house issues.

Very important to cleanse the old otherwise the new can’t show up.

Sign up here:

day 1. Overview:

take time to reflect on the last 19 months in your relationships. Ask yourself these questions. This is  a GEMINI Venus transits. What happened? have certain people disappeared? new ones appeared?  What’s the quality of your relationships,  think about what you wish to change, what areas, attitudes, habits, ways of acting you’d like to officially deal with and end, what do you want to rebirth? how would you like the new You in love to be treated? more tomorrow…

 What portions of your love life symbolized in your Astrology chart needs to be cleaned?

Consult me for deep love cleansing consultations: I do phone readings:

 remmber to Re-lax, in the Tarot the sign of GEMINI is the sign on the card of the LOVERS its all part of one whole yin/yang

lovers Gemini

May 11, 6 months after 11:11:11 Do you know where U are? Metaphysical musings from Tara Greene

I  realised that today May 11 is six months since 11:11:11 a sacred numerology pre-encoded memory trigger,for humanity

You’ve seen 11:11 on your clock for years now right?

That was a sacred energy Gateway and Portal.  I was in Sedona for the 11:11:11 with my friend Kabbalistic Astrologer Joseph Mark Cohen and Iala Jaggs doing a Kabbalistic Tree of Life Ceremony there at 11:11:11 am

11:11:11 in Sedona Tara Greene ceremony

Tara Greene and Iala Jaggs in Sedona Arizona for the 11:11:11 CEREMONY  with Joseph Cohen          

Time is once again moving very fast now that Mars has gone direct.

The number 11 has to do with memory

Years ago when I was a kid, the 11 O’Clock news from a local TV station from Buffalo, New York used to come on every night with the intro.

Buffalo New York Tv news anchors

 “It’s 11 O’clock, do you know where your children are?”

Six  months after 11:11:11  I remembered this admonition, this is one of the memories it triggered.

So, Do you know where you are?

Time is shifting…

VENUS WILL GO RETROGRADE May 15th @ 10:33 am EDT at 23 degrees 59 minutes of Gemini.

When Planets are Retrograde, that is appearing to move backwards to the naked eye they are closer to the earth and their effects strengthened many times. I will write about that later.

HINT:  it has to do with Love, relationships, values, money, copper, creativity, choices, duality, old flames burning into and out of your life, shaping duality from the Feminine, having balanced relationships, seeing through Duality from the perspective of LOVE and LIGHT,

I know it sounds NEW AGE but hey the symbol will be so powerful, so literal, and so mind bending ya can’t miss it when Venus occults the Sun June 5-6. A once in  a lifetime transit, you don’t want to miss it, you can’t miss it, even if you try.

Moon is in Aquarius today…. those solar flares have made me feel totally exhausted and I have been hearing that from many clients and friends.

Just for now, figure out where you are located, Why you are where you are, What choices you made, or didn’t make that got you to this NOW

WTF it is you are supposed to be doing.

need Astro guidance? get a reading Tarot or Astrology

I am into kick-ass manifestation these days, so ….


Super Sunday, Mother’ day, Golden Goddess luckiest day of the year,astrology fromTara Greene

Mother’s Day

You should honor your Mother for giving birth to you, and Always honor our common mother the EARTH

We’ve seen many positive astrological aspects form lately, Mucho Grand Trines, the beautiful Venus Jupiter Moon alignments in April.

The fabulous May 5 Super mOon in Scorpio. Did you have huge blow outs BTW? just askin…

One of the best most positive LUCKY STRIKE blessings of the year is coming up on Mother’s day May 13

the Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 23 degrees of  Taurus @ 6:23 am PDT/ 9:23 am EDT

Lucky YOU

This is BIG Source,  a Super Luck  filled day. The Sun =GOLD, Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and in Taurus it wants to touch you a lot!

Remember 2012 is all about VENUS, She rules the sign of Taurus where most of the planets are lined up right now,

its standing room only.

Jupiter in Taurus is the Bull markets, now I know gold and silver have been having their ups n downs and that is the upcoming Uranus Pluto squares forming. later for that one….

really its  a GOLDEN opportunity: Golden Goddess of Luck

as good as it gets. Positive  optimistic  thumbs up  cue the applause  everybody loves you   in the right place at the right time

win the lottery! the best is yet to come, stairway to Paradise LAdy Luck  Blessings from the Source,

Golden means  Rise and SHINE! 

You are the SUN, the Source, you have the gold, So focus on your highest good, receiving the highest blessings,

breathe deeply in through your mouth out through your nose,

imagine the Sun and see it’s light expand and expand,

the universe will not have a heat melt down you control the temperature,

feel the Sun’s light streaming to you and filling your 8th chakra

about a foot above your head, secure the golden light above your head,

feel this golden honey light flow in to your crown chakra at the top of your head,

down into your brain, your eyes, you will see only golden opportunities you will see always the Light,

into your mouth where you will speak only Golden words with a golden tongue,

into your throat chakra also empowering your voice so you will sing with a golden voice

 into and filling up your heart chakra, feeling warmed with the Sun light  your heart is golden is all Light

 down to your solar plexus, your 3rd  chakra, enlightened your will, golden and radiating your warmth

 into your 2nd chakra, your creative womb source,this is a sexual chakra, all filled with potentiality birthing light

and down into your Root chakra grounding your self in golden warmth,

send th golden light down through your root chakra into the earth

feel the golden light descend into the eart h where it mixes with physical gold, crystals and gems,

and see the sun light reach Mother earth’s heart flame,

feel the alignment of solar Logos sun, with you and earth mother.

All is in perfect alignment, this is TOTAL UNCONDITIONAL MOTHER LIGHT LOVE healing energy.


These meditations are channelled to me spontaneously, I don’t know where they will take me until I stop channelling.


See Stuart Wilde 

and Rudolph Steiner for more info on the Solar Logos.



in all ways at all times. That is iT!

practise this, stay mindful, this is Alchemy turning Lead= matter, into GOLD

Nicholas Flammel was a real Alchemist, a  real person mentioned in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

alchemy Tarot cards

 In the Tarot deck that I use the THOTH Tarot A lchemy is  # 14 called The ArT

and remember re=member VENUS rules ART


If you require some good luck Golden advice, please call upon me it will be honor:

So auspicous and symchonis on Mother’s DAY  Golden goddess of Opportunity.