Reactionary U.S. Retrograde Progressed Mars

I guess I had been out of the loop all day reading at a Fundraising Charity event for the United Way and then at my daughter’s High School Graduation this evening. So I come home and find all of this gobbledygook from Trump’s minion’s and the bible belters accusing Hillary of being a STANANIST?????

Because Hillary’s adviser Howard Podesta got an invite to an ART PERFORMANCE by world famous artist Marina Abramovic’s “spirit dinners” which supposedly consisted of Horrors Breast milk and sperm.  Those are ancient archetypal symbols of the feminine and the masculine and symbols of fertility, they even had to drag Aleister Crowley’s name into it of course. 

Now the levels of insanity are going to drown the Titanic. Who put the LSD in the kool-aid at the Church stump for Trump?  OMG These right wing conservatives are certifiably insane.  They are so stupid and gullible. This kind of witch hunting makes me really mad. 

Yes I have read about the Rockefellers’ the Queen, the Bildenburgers, the topper most of the top peeps who do satanic rituals Sacrifice children etc. Is is true? Maybe… If you are totally into power and control, you have totally sold your soul to the devil which just means Saturn/ Satan, the material world. I mean the Nazi’s were obsessed with this. 

I spent 5 years in Art College from 1971 when performance and conceptual art were just beginning to take off. I understand Marina Abramovic’s use of these  symbols. They are common archetypal and ancient tantric symbols. They are used to transcend the material world in actuality. 

The concept of the Devil and their counterpart witches was created by the Catholic Church anyways. They turned their own demonic pursuit of control of everybody and everything into a shadow projection onto the simple pagan, nature worshippers. The God Pan was worshipped in ancient times as the Goddesses consort and as a fertility god, to impregnate the Goddess to ensure life would continue. The Church knew the power of sexuality as a direct expression of connection to the Goddess and God force energies. They wanted to stop all of that.  All of the demonic upside down pentagrams were never used by authentic pagans. The Church used them to stop the pagans. The church leaders were the devil incarnate, they are satanic.  Then they killed almost 9 million innocent people the majority 80% were women as witches, and then stole their property. 

Fourth of July Tara Greene

Don’t get me started on a 21st Century Witch burning. 

This kind of behaviour made me think of the U.S.’s progressed astrology chart which has MARS the planet of the men, war, sex, aggression, and defences now RETROGRADE since July 19, 2006,  @ 18 degrees 42 minutes of Libra in the U.S.’s 10th house of worldly reputation.   


It is a technique where planets move forwards, are progressed in a system that counts 1 day for a year. It is used with a natal chart to see how a person, country or business is growing and changing. Progressions also include planets turning Retrograde. This technique gives us another hidden access to WTF is going on here.

If Mars is the action planet then Mars moving backwards or Retrograde is a REACTION. If one is reactive one is not “at cause” one is “at the effects of” something else. 

I would  see all of these behaviours, platforms and anti-defensive shutdowns of the borders rhetoric of Donald Trump as stemming from the Nations’ collective REACTIONARY state, very literally. It explains so much to me.  

Also NOTE the U.S. progressed SUN  entered PISCES!!! on Halloween- speaking of witches, in 2004. The Progressed SUN the will, life force and identity of the U.S. is delusional, in denial, is addicted to unreality and believes in false gurus, saviours, redemption, addicted to religion,food, cell phones, drugs, Hollywood, money, oil, glamour, BIG PHARMA, etc.  in PISCES. 

U.S. election outcome Astrology TAra Greene

The U.S. Natal, progressed and transit chart for Nov. 8. 2016

This is an incredibly powerful chart to use to see why this election is so crazy. 

The Progressed U.S. Sun is @ 12 degrees PISCES squaring the Natal Ascendant at 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS which is conjunct to transiting SATURN at 14 degrees Sag. This indicates a fog over the land. Saturn in Sagittarius is a traditional conservative but Sun in Pisces indicates some fishiness. There is compassion, delusion  but also sleight of hand. The  P. Sun is conjunct to transiting Neptune and the South Node. Delusions anyone? 

The  P. Sun is conjunct to transiting Neptune and the South Node which indicates a movement to the past which is projected as “heavenly” or whole. Delusions anyone? 

The U.S. Progressed MOON- the people’s mood is @ 8 degrees SAGITTARIUS exactly being squared by Transitting NEPTUNE and the NODES This is such a FATED time.

The Progressed MOON, the unconscious is exactly opposite to the U.S.’s natal URANUS @ 8 degrees GEMINI. Which is also being squared by the NODES and NEPTUNE. Yes we want a change, freedom and revolution but Who knows WTF end is up?

The U.S. Moon is conjunct to transiting SATURN @ 14 degrees Sagittarius and the US Ascendant at 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS. The Moon is in the 12th house of unconsciousness and projection, endings, delusions but on the Ascendant, the persona and mask. Progressed MARS at 18 degrees LIBRA

Progressed MARS @ 18 degrees LIBRA in the U.S. 10th house of worldly fame is also conjunct to Natal Saturn @ 14 degrees LIBRA and transiting JUPITER @ 12 degrees LIBRA. This is a karmic battle between restriction and expansion, should I stay or should I go? Jupiter is the planet of humour, foreigners, and laws. Saturn with Mars is the restrictive, Patriarchal, macho, Old Boys, “we’ll knock ’em out.” Trump style to a  T. 

Transiting Pluto at 15 Capricorn is squaring RetroPro Mars,Saturn, and JUPITER. 

Pluto  in Capricorn is the PLUTOCRACY.  On the one hand Hillary is that 1% but so is Trump even if he is “independent.” His casinos and his buildings are usually tied to the Mafia. There is a battle going to be fought, and it will be HUGE as Donald says. HUGE!  No  matter what side wins- America is set to go through an internal battle with its  own shadows. 

I could go on and on but I’ll leave you with this.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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The Artists statement of Marina Abramovic

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Election Day and Lilith Astrology by Tara Greene

Let’s look at what the sky says about the U.S. Presidential election on November 8th, to see if we can get a sense of who will be sworn in as of January 20, 2017. I will be as unbiased and neutral as I can. 

Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton tara greene

Clinton                 Trump 

I’ll look at the chart alone and then at Clinton and Trump’s charts. 

I’ve used 2:56 pm in Washington D.C. to cast the chart.

November 8 2016 Tara Greene astrology

The Sun symbolizing the will at 16+ degrees Scorpio is conjunct to LILITH the first woman, who was rejected by the patriarchs who created the story of Genesis and the Patriarchal God. She told Adam to screw off as she would not be sexually dominated by him when male and female were created equally. LILITH is extremely powerful on this day. She backs women and hates misogynists. Her power has been ignored for too long. She is making her come back with Feminists, and women taking back their power, the witches, political activists, and generally younger females.  The Sun is  governed by Mars at the 29th critical degree of CAPRICORN Sign of the Patriarchy, big business, corporate structure. The Sun is also governed by modern ruler PLUTO at the 15th, also a very powerful degree in Capricorn as well and squared by positive JUPITER in LIBRA

The Sun is  governed by Mars at the 29th critical degree of CAPRICORN Sign of the Patriarchy, big business, corporate structure. The Sun is also governed by modern ruler PLUTO at the 15th, also a very powerful degree in Capricorn as well and squared by positive JUPITER in LIBRA. PLUTO is the apex of a Cardinal T-square. This energy has been in effect since 2015. 

Mars is squared by URANUS in ARIES the planet of freedom, sudden change, chaos, and revolution is conjunct to dwarf planet ERIS- Goddess of disturbia, the war making Goddess. Squares produce pressure and conflict. This indicates a revolutionary fervor but also a totally uncertain outcome. Freedom is a relative term. 

Sun is also governed by modern ruler PLUTO at the 15th degree, also a very powerful degree in Capricorn, the sign of the Plutocracy, the 1%, Hillary Clinton. Pluto is also squared also by URANUS and ERIS and by positive JUPITER in LIBRA.  Jupiter expands whatever he touches and supports lawyers, legal due process, and Hillary Clinton. But the flip floppy Libra nature makes things feel very imbalanced. This is a karmic rebalancing going on.  

If Mars rules the Scorpio SUN, from Capricorn, then the ruler of Capricorn the planet Saturn is the Final dispositer. Saturn is also at that very powerful mid-degree 15 of SAGITTARIUS, the sign of politics, truth in government, inspired leadership, justice, and foreigners.  Saturn limits and structures things. Saturn is being squared by NEPTUNE Retrograde and the SOUTH NODE in PISCES in a tight conjunction. Neptune in Pisces’s past karma can be one of deception, secrets, administrators, addictions, debts, illusions, delusions, glamor, and endings. CHIRON, the wounded Healer is also in square to Saturn at 20 degrees PISCES.  Saturn symbolizes history, tradition, solidification, maturity, testing, karma, obstacles. The country is hurting. This indicates a secret government in control of the outcome. 

CHIRON, the wounded Healer is also in square to Saturn at 20 degrees PISCES.  Saturn symbolizes history, tradition, solidification, maturity, testing, karma, obstacles. The country is hurting. This indicates a secret government in control of the outcome. The Sun is trining Chiron, the wounded healer, the underdog, the victims. 

The MOON always symbolizes the people. For most of the day, the Moon is in AQUARIUS, symbolizing the importance of computers in this election for better or worse and seeking a higher minded consciousness for the greater good of all. This can also symbolize a younger more technologically based group pulling its weight. If this indicates Millenials they will favor Clinton. Trump is also the master of tweeting. People can be detached and less emotional about what has been a very heated election. 

The Moon is void of course for most of the day, which usually symbolizes a less than positive outcome. The Moon enters the emotional feminine sign of PISCES at 1:45 pm PST/ 4:45 pm EST which makes the mood much more emotional, sensitive, rooting for the “underdog” deceptive, projections may be off, religious addictions may take sway, something will be “fishy.” The Moon is close to Neptune and the South Node indicating that things will remain the same. 

The Moon enters the emotional feminine sign of PISCES at 1:45 pm PST/ 4:45 pm EST which makes the mood much more emotional, sensitive, rooting for the “underdog” deceptive, projections may be off, religious addictions may take sway, something will be “fishy.” The Moon is close to Neptune and the South Node indicating that things will remain the same. Neptune rules ideals, and also fog. People may be feeling confused and unable to focus. The outcome may be hard to discern. There is a sleight of hand, aspect to all of this. Who knows what’s really going on?

MARS the planets of men, action, defenses and war enters AQUARIUS @ 9:51 pm PST. This shift gears in the energy as well. The polls will be closed, but the way the election will be commented on or accounted for may shift to depending on computerized information. Hackers may intervene in the election.

The only thing we can know for sure is that whoever wins the other party will be up in arms. A civil war will start as the result of this election.

Lets look at Hillary and Trump’s chart against this chart. I have switched the time back to a natural chart with Zero degrees Aries on Ascendant.

TRUMP is a GEMINI born June 14, 1946 @ 10:54 am in Jamaica, New York with URANUS and the North Node conjunct his Twin nature Sun. He was born on a Full Moon with his Moon in “tell it straight|, Sagittarius at 21+ degrees. Trump’s Sun Uranus NN is opposite to transiting SATURN which his Moon is conjunct to. Saturn is always tests and limitations, karmic difficulties but also consolidating and structuring power. Trump is having his Jupiter return which is very positive, but Transiting Jupiter is also conjunct to his Natal Chiron-Jupiter conjunction in Libra and opposed by Uranus in ARIES on Nov. 8th which makes everything extremely unpredictable for Trump. He is a wild card. 

Transiting Mars is opposite Trump’s Natal Saturn VENUS conjunction in late Cancer and squared by URANUS and ERIS in ARIES. This is a difficult aspect. The Moon in late Aquarius will cross his Part of Fortune but is also opposed to Trump’s Natal macho MARS and Ascendant in Late LEO. The “I am king macho drama guy who thinks he owns women”. The majority of women will be out to trounce him. 

Transiting LILITH is conjunct the Scorpio Sun and inconjunct to Trump’s Sun  Uranus and Natal North Node. Lilith conjunct the Sun in Scorpio brings death to any man who tries to conquer her.  I feel this bodes ill for Trump.

Hillary Clinton now has a more accurate birth time, October 26, 1947, 8:02 am Chicago. Hillary despite her recent FBI investigation will have the SUN and LILITH, Mercury and JUNO the Feminine genius Asteroid conjunct to her natal Chiron, Mercury, Venus, South Node and Jupiter in Scorpio.  Sun, Lilith in transit also square Hillarys very ballsy natal Mars-Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Leo, That’s female power. Transiting Pluto  is conjunct to Hillarys natal LILITH at 19 degrees CAPRICORN. Pluto symbolizes the collective unconscious of the country and he is backing Hillary as the First women president. 

The North Node in Virgo the transiting highest evolutionary point is in her Natal 10th house of worldly power. Saturn in Sagittarius is trining her natal Mars/Pluto conjunction in Leo conjunction. Yes, she is a hawk. Saturn also trines her natal Saturn giving her an easy ascent to power.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra is exactly conjunct her natal Neptune. Pluto in Capricorn is also squaring her natal Neptune. This is a dream come true.  As Jupiter in Libra is about equality in relationships, having a women president for the first time balances that power. 

Hillary health is an issue as she has transiting Chiron on her Natal PISCES MOON, this has been going on for awhile. She will come out of it in 2017. Transiting Venus is at the Galactic Center at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS squaring Clinton’s natal Moon and Chiron in Pisces in general. Venus is also opposite to Clinton’s natal Uranus in GEMINI conjunct to the POLE STAR.

Women will be the ones who make the difference in this election. Hillarys Moon in Pisces indicates she also has many secrets which we know about, but, the women will be the ones who change the fate of America here. Venus in Sagittarius is equality for women, they are feeling the pain of being held back victimized, raped, used, blamed and martyred for far too long. As imperfect as Hillary is, she still symbolizes the evolutionary nature of the election and these times. She has stood up for women’s rights.

It will be a roller coaster. I send the U.S. prayers. The astrological community just had a big conference in the U.S.  at ISAR. They picked Hillary Clinton to win.  I had predicted Hillary the next President back in 2015.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Sunday October 30 please join in with an International Prayer Vigil to support and stand with the water protestors of STANDING ROCK there is a Facebook page. Wherever you are please add your prayers. Prayer asks great spirit to help those with a pure heart and intent. The way the indigenous people have been shamefully treated battered and arrested during an unarmed, peaceful protest has the world watching in horror.  Call President Obama and ask him to keep his promise to halt the DAP. 




Dark space, Scorpio New Moon Astrology

October 30 SCORPIO NEW MOON @ 10:38 am PDT/ 1:38 pm EDT/ 5:38 pm GMT is the darkest Moon. Scorpio is associated with the time of death and darkness in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the ancient pagan/ witches New Year on Halloween. November 1st being the New Year’s day. These ancient festivals are older than time.  Scorpio is associated with the most feared Tarot card in the deck. The DEATH card. All traditional Tarot decks show The Grim Reaper in its symbolism. The Grim Reaper is planet SATURN. Scorpio is ruled by MARS and PLUTO in modern astrology and they are still conjoined in Capricorn the seat of corporate, wordly power.

This is the last New Moon before the U.S. election and for one of the candidates the Grim reaper will come for them. The Fear of death stems from the ego, which by its nature is an illusion. Fear of change, fear of the unknown, stem from the ego which falsely thinks it is separate from our immortal souls. The more we are in our unconscious ego state the more we fear real change. Scorpio is a Fixed water sign.

Mystics talk about needing to die and be reborn within ourselves to achieve enlightenment. This death is a metaphorical and very real ego-death, which once experienced changes our ground of being totally and we are reborn in life. This rebirth is not dependent on religion or a belief in God but stems from a direct experience which changes our consciousness.  Death is not to be feared.

Scorpio New Moon Astrology Tara Greene

The Lady of Shalott by John Atkinson Grimshaw  1875

Scorpio takes us into the deep muddy waters where the soul’s roots must grow to blossom like a lotus. Scorpio is the shadowlands, the unknown, avoided, disowned, darkness within each one of us. These regions of the psyche by being ignored and denied react within us with the need for power, control, secrecy, sex, money, and projections. These most fertile parts of our soul making, need to be accessed and transformed through the alchemy of deep inner psychological or shamanic work, bravely facing our demons, anger or feelings of rejection  and turning this lead, the dark, heavy, depressed parts of ourselves into Gold, the Light of spirit.

MERCURY in SCORPIO conjunct the SUN and MOON helps us access the hidden emotions and karmic residue. NEPTUNE in PISCES trine the three helps us to have compassion with ourselves and for those who have rejected us and who were blind to our natural inner light. These are present day and past life patterns and memories which we need to transform, so that new life may be reborn. 

SATURN the Grim Reaper is at 14+ SAGITTARIUS conjunct to the Great Attractor and Venus at 15+ degrees. This union of death with the irresistible power of attraction to the dark void which is Love, is an archetypal symbol of rebirth like the phoenix; of Light and dark, faith, inspiration and optimism no matter how dark the times seem.  SATURN  and VENUS square the Moon’s Nodes Saturn  and VENUS square the Moon’s Nodes

SATURN  and VENUS square the Moon’s North Node conjunct Psyche square Neptune

These are karmic fateful points in the outer and inner world’s cyclic development. Psyche is the asteroid symbolizing the soul. Psyche is the root of psychology. The North NODE points us to soul work, deep, into the void of the unknown, the death and rebirth show. We must choose to be responsible, mature, and to move from a place of love not fear, to what attracts us and not by what we are repelled by.  Like moths attracted to the flame of spirit, higher education and humor, all Sagittarius traits.

PLUTO is in an approaching square by JUPITER in LIBRA

This is another Cardinal Cross which will be exact November 24 which is U.S. Thanksgiving at 15+ degrees, as were the 2015 Cardinal Crosses.

JUPITER in LIBRA is the peacemaker, the go-between, and social conduit. Jupiter can amplify whatever it touches. We can be too polarized between self and other which we can all feel these days. It can be too hard to decide anything or come to some middle ground, win-win situation. Jupiter in LIBRA is karmic Justice. We are

Jupiter in LIBRA is karmic Justice. We are in the scales and being tested. PLUTO is riches on the deepest soul levels. On unconscious levels, Pluto manifests as pure greed for power at any cost. Jupiter-Pluto in aspect is great for manifestation, but that depends on what the motivation is. We can manifest whatever we wish. We must learn to use that awesome power wisely and justly.

This is also very powerful sexual energy. Kundalini rising! If you do have an awe partner pratice Tantric sexuality, sex as a path to the Divine by controlling yoru sexual energy. 

PLUTO and MARS are conjunct in CAPRICORN and square Uranus, ERIS and CERES

The heavy Mars-Pluto aspects are about to separate which is good as the election is only 9 days away.  The forces of radical change are prevailing, one way or another. CERES the Great Mother, the earth reminds us to be ECO WARRIORS, to fight to protect Mother earth as the indigenous peoples are doing in Dakota right now.  A number of men took solemn vows to attest to this at the 1,000 Goddess Gathering in Washington D.C. I attended on October 21.

Chiron in PISCES is squaring MARS in Capricorn

Rather than integrate our unowned shadows, we project them onto others-Muslims, Mexicans, women, which causes more pain and suffering. We are all one in the great ocean of consciousness, no one or thing is separate from Source. The farther one ventures into the hard realities of power the farther one can get from the source. Tears will fall, denial will be high, many will respond violently. Psychic protection and boundaries will be necessary.


The independent woman, is being helped by women working together for the greater good of women as a whole. Compassion reigns. This favours Hillary Clinton.

The symbol for 8 degrees SCORPIO by John Sandbach

“A woman in a hot bath. Outside, snow is falling. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Receptive

There is an ability here to create one’s own atmosphere around the self and to be so thoroughly immersed in it that one becomes impervious to any harsh or unfriendly conditions in the outer world.  {Pisces tendency} There is a need, though, to question one’s motives for ignoring outer reality. At its highest,the energy can be used to protect oneself so that creative and spiritual agendas can be carried out. But if this way of being is not serving a higher purpose and is depended on to the point of becoming a crutch, it will result in stagnation, and eventually fail.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A retarded man with white hair. He has an angelic countenance.” This degree is beyond intellect, and even if the person who has a planet in this degree is intellectual they will be detached from such processes, in such a way that the narrowness and biases that create intellectual limits are transcended. Sometimes it will disturb other people that the person of this degree knows things automatically and directly, even when they have had no prior exposure to them, or haven’t taken in much information about them. This ability to directly access truth can be used to nurture others, and help them to realize the existence of other realms of reality.

A bunch of iron keys. (Chandra Symbol). We have all that we need to open all doors and when we realize this we come into a synthesis of our innocence and our wisdom.

Fulfillment degree: Taurus 19. A bottle of gold dust gathered from many places over many years. (Omega Symbol). Meaning extracted from many different experiences and sources is synthesized together and creates an inner assurance that is joyful, nurturing, and warm, and which protects us from the hostile forces of life.” This degree is opposite to Lilith.

At this very dark New Moon make sure you set aside time to do serious ceremony. This is symbolically the end of the year. Most of our Universe is dark, unknown, filled with invisible stuffs. The dark is our natural birth place, we are created in the dark of our mother’s wombs, it’s where we are feelings of being safe, hearing our mother’s heartbeat and knowing we are connected to the source in physical reality. The dark is a place of transcendence. Let go of old notions, let your ego justifications go, let it all slip away. Have faith that you will survive and thrive. There is nothing to fear.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Scorpio throwdown this week, love and danger

Mercury enters Scorpio Oct 24  -November 12.

The messenger trickster joins the sun, it’s obsessive thinking, messaging, sexting, sending “the looks that could kill” at your enemy. 

Alchemy Mercury astrology Tara Greene

Our brains, our thinking our minds are hardwired into FIXED mode. We are into sex, power, money, death, wealth. The big essentials. Please pay attention to the criminal behavior of the North Dakota Police to indigenous peoples peacefully protesting the DAP. They are pepper spraying, beating and arresting hundreds. The DAP is illegal and against EPA laws. The company and the N. Dakota government are colluding.

We are heading into the U.S. presidential election final leg there is only 15 days to go. This is a very very intense, SCORPIO’s- middle name week to add to it all.

Oct 24

The Moon is in LEO on MONDAY morning entering VIRGO in the evening to bring us some groundedness. 


Venus trine neptune

this is a BEAUTIFUL but also hard SPIRITUAL LA LA LAND aspect. The dreamy over the rainbow, feet off the ground, stars in your eyes energy.

This energy is extremely good for artists, doing all kinds of creative work, and visualizations, especially near water and combining the fire element. Do be very careful not to be too spaced out as is the nature of this aspect. The challenge is to tell the truth, be honest and create intimacy, not fantasy projections

And do be especially careful about doing any kind of medication, drugs, alcohol and no mixing that stuff either. WOMEN be on high alert for date rape under this aspect. The Moon will be in Virgo opposite Neptune which helps you to stay grounded and foccussed.

Oct 27

Moon enters LIBRA where you are supposed to be all nice. 

SUN and MERCURY CONJUNCT on the 27th @ 4+ degrees SCORPIO

If you haven’t heard a shitload of insults from Donald Trump boy he will pile them higher than the Tower of Babel. 

Donald Trump/Babel, tara Greene

VENUS in SAG squares the NORTH NODE of the MOON @ 11+ degrees VIRGO

this is a very karmic aspect and deals with choices. I will write more later.

OCT. 28 

Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES to make for some difficult dreams

conjuncts JUPITER sextiles VENUS and SATURN  and squares

which is a very nice wonderful romantic dates and dinner night for serious elegance

and Moon squares PLUTO igniting cardinal crosses

MARS in CAPRICORN SQUARES URANUS in ARIES @ 21+ degrees night PDT/ Oct 29 EDT/GMT *****

9:05 pm PDT/ Oct 29@ 12:05 am  EDT/4:05 am GMT *****

Mars square Uranus Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene

Water color by Napoleon Brousseau

another cosmically shaky day. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Volcanoes, earthquakes, explosions, terrorist attacks, crazy drivers, wars starting, explosions.  Maybe an even bigger CRAZY INTERNET HACK or sunspot CME, Cardinal cross energy. This is heavy.

Oct 29 

VENUS conjuncts SATURN @ 14+ degrees on GREAT ATTRACTOR

WOW! Love and karmic truth coming from the greatest attraction center we know of in the universe. SPEAK Your truth, use the laws of attraction. focus on your highest greatest expansive energy. I will write in more depth about this one.

Moon enters SC ORPIO at night




this is some wickedly wonderful magical deeply emotional energy for keeping that great attractor energy going. You know the caveat “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.” – these are very powerful aspects. ALWAYS INTEND WHITE MAGIC. 

NEW MOON is @ 10:38 am PDT/ 1:38 pm EDT/ 5:38 pm GMT


Halloween /SAMHAIN witches NEW YEAR is on OCT 31 at the dark moon time which is perfect and continues on into the Day of The Dead Nov. 1. 

It’s all perfect. 

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Lovers in a Dangerous time


Aries Super Moon of the Amazons

The Aries Full Moon @ 23+ degrees  is on October 15 @ 9:23 pm PDT/ Oct 16 @ 12:23 am EDT and 4:23 am GMT.

It’s a SUPER MOON,also known as the Hunter’s Moon, this is very appropriate as it is a Wake-up call for all the Amazon Warrioresses in the world to go to war against those misogynist pigs like Donald Trump and his ilk.  This is already in process.

Aries Full Super Moon, Amazons tara Greene

AMAZONS from Xena the Warrior Princess

The planets and Asteroid Goddesses spell out their meaning.

The Moon, symbolized by DIANA/Artemis the Hunting Goddess is conjunct to URANUS the planet of freedom, independence, and ERIS, the Goddess who started the Trojan War, the symbol of the rejected Feminine. CERES the Great Mother of the Earth stands with URANUS ERIS and the MOON at the last critical 29th degree. They are all opposite the SUN conjunct HAUMEA, the dwarf planet of Fertility and childbirth @ 23+ degrees. The number 23 in itself is significant as it is one of the most commonly cited prime numbers – a number that can only be divided by itself and one, and the angle of the earth’s tilt. 


CERES is in a Fire Trine with VESTA Goddess of the sacred fire and Investments, also at that critical 29th degree. They are trining the GALACTIC CENTER at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS an enormous BLACK HOLE at the center of our Milky way Galaxy. In Greek and Egyptian traditions the stars are the Great Mother’s milk which spurted from her breasts across the night skies. We live under the starry milk of unconditional love and kindness. This is a The time to tune into these Tripple fiery Goddess energies of nurturing, focus and the Galactic Vagina’s Cosmic intelligence itself during this Full Moon.

ARIES is the first sign, the recognition of consciousness the “I AM” principle.  All ARIES Full Moon’s, are a fulfillment of a strong consciousness of self, will, passion, fighting spirit, and are loaded with energy, full of  life’s impulse to create new beginnings.  Opposite the Moon is the SUN in relationship oriented LIBRA with Mercury nearby at the 15th degree. JUPITER is also in Libra in his annual visit through the 7th sign. 

 The SUN conjuncts the Dwarf Planet Haumea. Discovered in 2004 when Jupiter was last in Libra, Haumea orbits past Neptune,considered by astronomers to be the “farthest out” planet in the solar system. Haumea is named after the Hawaiian Goddess of childbirth and fertility and she is the mother of  PELE the Goddess of Volcanoes. Her naming and acceptance in September of 2008 brings the energies of this powerful creation Goddess into our consciousness.  She moves very slowly, taking  285 years to make one orbit. Haumea is approximately a third as large as Pluto. Haumea spins on her axis once every four hours, making it the fastest-spinning, known, large object in the solar system. This is also a very feminine metaphor as the Ancient creator Goddesses are connected to weaving the web of fate.

URANUS, ERIS, and Haumea will remain in close proximity for several years. URANUS makes five oppositions to Haumea from mid 2016-to early 2018. They last conjoined in 1962. This is the mid-life crisis of that time period.   Haumea is in opposition to ERIS between late 2014 through 2018. They last conjoined in 1831. 

These three planets symbolize revolution, higher consciousness, inclusion, the Divine Feminine and nurturing. ERIS and HAUMEA symbolize the deep feminine creative powers to birth and to destroy. Their combination in ARIES symbolizes a volcanic rebirth of the Divine Feminine and aligns them with KALI. There are native myths that say that if the people do not honor Mother Earth,then the earth’s spirit will bring destruction to cleanse herself of her selfish children.

MARS is the planetary ruler of this FULL MOON . MARS is conjunct PLUTO in CAPRICORN which will be exact OCTOBER 19 @ 15 degrees in the sign of worldly fame, the modern corporate patriarchal earth sign.  This combination of the “terrible twos” of War and DEATH, both ruling Scorpio, in square to MERCURY, the SUN,and Haumea  in Libra and URANUS, ERIS and the MOON in ARIES. This is a huge T-square with “heads will roll” energy. Already major corporations are seeing top level CEO’s like Wells Fargo, leave because of Scorpio like scandals. Expect more of this!  There is danger from warlike energies. The use of extreme co-operation is needed. Seeing that we are all one not “them” and “us” is the way of world peace. Mars and PLUTO will have 8 conjunctions in Capricorn from 2008-2022. This is the second.

SATURN at 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS is close to the Great Attractor and squaring the North and South Nodes at 12 degrees VIRGO and square NEPTUNE in PISCES.

The “big wheels keep on turnin as Tina Turner sings it. These are karmic days my friends. The challenge is to see through the smoke and mirrors to the reality in politics, education, culture, and an addicted society of escapism, and denial. Wakey wakey time. 

Consulting John Sandbach’s Oracles for 24 degrees ARIES Moon-edited down.

Aries 24. Beautiful, expressive lines flowing out of a pencil. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Responsible

You love to be able to move and to be free. All you need is a supportive context in which to create and experiment in direct, open fashion, and your essence will shine forth, continually surprising both yourself and other people.

The Chandra Symbol  “A harp which plays itself.” The movement of the music is free and flowing like the lines the pencil draws. There is no stopping and deciding here, just a pouring forth from the soul, and a powerful ability to keep moving in sync with the inner rhythm of self, a moving that stays focused and attuned to its own essence.  
Azoth Symbol: Laying in summer grass a man falls asleep and dreams of love.


Coiled up in the pencil are many lines, waiting to be drawn. This does not require patience, for many of the drawings sleeping in the graphite will never be drawn. Anything that needs a birth will create one, anything else can sleep in the realm of potential where it may dream dreams if it so desires, or enjoy the bliss of a dreamless sleep. Right now, though, beautiful lines are everywhere flowing onto the paper, as blood flows through the eyes that watch their birth.


These are beautiful symbols.  Begin anew to stand up for your rights as women, as individuals and for the earth herself. 

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. 

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“You’re so vain” Donald Trump by Carly Simon

Caught between a bullying, sexist, narcissistic, patriarchal, lying man with no morals or ethics and terrible taste and Hillary is a lying, cheating, power hungry, scam, artist of the worst order. There are no choices here. Each is as despicable in their own way as the other. As a feminist woman, Hillary makes me more ashamed than Donald who is just a crass, rich, white, patriarchal, “good ‘Ole Boy”  white supremacist. Power corrupts completely. They are equally as bad each in their own ways.  Sad. Good use of Carly’s song here.

Mars in Sagittarius Full Moon recall

May 21  Full Moon at 1+ degrees Sagittarius is conjunct MARS Retrograde at 1+ degrees.

This is one HOT HOT Full repressed angry Full Moon. Tempers will be flaring, as old issues that have been simmering on the back burner will burst into flame. Mars Retrograde’s repressed anger can only go on for so long. This Full Moon draws out the waters of the tides but also of the element of FIRE.

We can see the anger growing over the POLITICS of the election in the U.S.  Sagittarius rules the political arena, laws, foreigners and most importantly TELLING THE TRUTH. 

WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH? Most people are not aware of the lies they have been drip fed from the moment they are born and  before that. The shit is about to hit the fan.

SAGITTARIUS always aims higher and Saturn in SAGITTARIUS is RETROGRADE and BERNIE SANDERS is basically Saturn the elder, wise philosophical teacher incarnate, who is FINALLY speaking the TRUTH. Bernie Sanders is aiming to take freedom higher, to expand the vision of the people and he is trusting and having faith and keeps humbly to the task of being of service to the collective. This is ambodying JUPITER the ruling planet of SAGITTARIUS in VIRGO and square to SATURN – exact May 26. 

This is an important aspect, the last of three JUPITER square SATURN  @ 14 degrees VIRGO/SAGITTARIUS.  Saturn is also conjunct to THE GREAT ATTRACTOR  a vast anomaly in space which curves time and allows us to see things from a totally different perspective. We have a unique convex space-time mirror with which to see the hidden agendas. Where are these degrees in your NATAL chart?

Jupiter is Faith and Saturn is reality. Jupiter laughs and Saturn is bitter. So together they balance each other out.   Where do you need be less critical, less perfectionist about sweating the details?  Saturn’s shows where you need to tighten up and be totally honest whowever hard that may be. Where do you need to be more grounded, realistic, honest and mature with your  ideals?The dreams need to have more flesh from both of these planets now. 

Their first square was August 3, 2015  at 28 LEO/ Scorpio- conjunct old Fixed star Regulus. 

their second square was March 23, 2016 @ 16 degrees VIRGO/SAGITTARIUS.

We need to think about where we were at  when they started this trinity of squares.  Balance your work and your play. Do pay attention to the details. 

THE GAP  between your dreams and the REALITY is super important.

Sagittarius’ shadow is hypocrisy. Do you lie to yourself? Do you promise things you can’t follow through on?Do you let others do that to you? 

It is the First of the Four Agreements of Toltec Shaman Don Ruiz

BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD – Be faithful to your ideals. 

It is time to teach what you know, grow up take yourself seriously, the world is waiting for your knowledge. Or perhaps you need to go to school and start learning what your vision is so you can make it your work.  Follow your bliss and keep it real. 

 there is also a GRAND EARTH TRINE 

Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury in Taurus -turning DIRECT MAY 22nd @ 14 degrees TAURUS and JUPITER and the NORTH NODE at 13 and 18 degrees VIRGO respectively. 

This is a framework of pragmatic magic. A triangle of keeping it real.

The SUN is conjunct another hot flame and that is the Asteroid Goddess VESTA at 2 degrees GEMINI. Vesta keeps us focussed on our goals. We stay steady incorruptible, dedicated to keep that spark alive whatever that is for us. 

We are literally burning the candle at both ends. That is literally what it is, what it feels like and how it looks. Are you feeling that way? I have mentioned feeling the fatigue from Mars Retrograde. This aspect will breathe some fresh air into the flames. 

MARS is very bright in the sky and makes it closest pass called perihelion to the Earth on MAY 22. this is important in a real gravitational way too.

MARS is the warrior God when he lays down his arms when Retrograde he feels uncomfortable and insecure as he is used to being a warrior. His exact opposition to VESTA indicates that he is ready to be initiated by the Vestal Priestesses to heal his old warrior ways. He needs to be reborn, cleansed and loved by the Great Mother of his PTSD. This is partly mentioned in the Fisher King story.  The wounded warrior goes to Vesta’s Temple and honours the Goddess for his shame of spilling blood and killing at the Full Moon. Only a Sacred VESTAL Priestess who is menstruating can cleanse his soul from the profane bloodshed in war. By admitting his sin the Great Mother may forgive him as he repents, and the Mother’s love is the most powerful cleanser there is. The Vestal acts as the Goddess and in their sacred lovemaking, while she is veiled, anonymous, she shows him that her sacred menstrual blood of Life can cleanse and renew his soul.  As the warrior lets down his defences and allows himself to be human and vulnerable and awed by the beauty and power of the Goddess, and years to love and protect her more than his own life. then his tears open his heart so he can receive the Goddess love and can emerge cleansed, renewed and purified to return to ordinary life, loved unconditionally by the Vestals sacred Blood of Life. 

On the Full Moon, this is a time to recall those ancient ways. We can light and balance the spark of trust and faith. If you have been wounded or been the wounder it is time to meditate on going to Vesta’s sacred Temple with offerings to the Goddess. If your inner masculine is wounded you can ask for healing for that part of yourself. If you are a man and feel that you have abused women, or someone else or your own inner feminine intuition by only doing your duty, or passing the buck then you need healing at this time as well.

The old masculine warrior Patriarchal model can and must be healed and brought into balance now. We desperately need a whole, feeling-based Goddess honoring Masculine energy. Mars will enter Scorpio May 27th and we will go deeper into the Masculine’s soul wounds, 5,000 years of being split off from the mother, from living in fear. Mars will be Retrograde until June 29th and will stay in Scorpio until August 2nd.  

This is a time of a lot of tension.This full Moon in Sagittarius demands that we speak our truth and show our wounds in order to be healed and made whole once again.. 

Neptune is squaring Saturn at 11 degrees Pisces and so is the South Node.  We are releasing old martyrdom scripts, of being the long-suffering victim. We are leaving unhealthy spiritual fantasies and projections behind and learning to know that it is in real life that real change and real dreams happen and can grown to bring substance and sustenance.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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2016 Psychic predictions by Tara Greene

2016 predictions by Tara Greene

These predictions were edited and posted on a Lithuanian website in early November.

I am using Astrology and my intuition to figure out what 2016 has in store.

The energies of 2016 are very different than they have been since 2012 when we have been under the Cardinal Square energy which are still in effect but dissipating. The energy is now Mutable, changeable, and less stable than it has been which is not a bad thing.

We are in a number 9 year, called the Hermit or the Sage year in the tarot.

A huge reality versus a false assumption about our culture, our world, politics, laws and justice will be a huge major clash in 2016. People will be waking up or escaping further into relaxed marijuana laws which are being passed to make it easier to keep citizens passive in the U.S. and Canada.

There is a mix of more grounded energy until October when Jupiter enters Libra. Economics will be in more of a recessionary belt-tightening phase worldwide.  I predict a huge world-wide economic crash with debt being unable to falsely capped any longer. Inflation may be the silent worry that rears its head.  Best to learn to live simpler to cope.

Revolution will be in the air as corporate profits in the TPP will be fought in courts. Laws will be rewritten. Educational reform is also a big topic.  Worldwide standards of education will be implemented to make it easier for people to live and work anywhere in the world, at later dates.

Many people will be turning away from the rat race and choosing to drop out and live simpler more back to the land, grow their own food and live in commune lifestyles as in the 60’s. Everyone born in the latter part of the 60’s is karmically impelled to choose to live out those ideals now…

Issues around food safety, GMO’s, food transportation, the environment, and climate change, rising sea levels and instability in world weather will be a huge topic. There will be more a more unified direction by a worldwide government body to deal with climate change.  The insurance industry will be severely tried.

Issues about religious freedoms, rights to education, land and water rights will be huge battles.

Oil prices will continue to deflate causing countries financial futures to changes accordingly.

We have entered a new legal, educational and foreign policy era which is way more restricting and much less liberal than it has been. Refugees will be limited and subjugated to very rigorous tests to enter and settle in any foreign or E.U. country. Religious tolerance for Muslims is shrinking not expanding. Muslims and refugees may be rounded up and put into FEMA camps in the U.S. and Canada.

Travelling in general will be more limited and there will be many plane crashes. 

This year’s energies are similar to the Reaganomic years November 1985- 86. The U.S. economy boomed and oil prices dropped. The Iran-contra affair was in the news. We are in another era but with similar energies.

Saturn, the lord of karma is in now in the fiery mutable {changeable} sign of Sagittarius. Justice, truth, ethics, foreign politics, travel, airplanes, the military, refugees, legal matters, International co-operation are all part of this energy.   Assisted suicide for elderly and terminally ill patients will be universally adopted. Seniors get more respect.  Animal rights will be huge.

Big year for women to make gains in the corporate sector.

It will be a year of scandals and secret clandestine cabals being revealed like the recent Volkswagen scandal. Every major industry will be revealed to be corrupt at every level in what most people think of as democratic countries. Major corporations will be sued.This will be shocking for many.

The U.S. will have Saturn cross its Ascendant, this shows a testing time, a dimishment of the U.S. power. The Constitution mat be amended. Saturn and Pluto straddled the U.S. Ascendant/ descendant on 9/11 literally creating that horrible event.

All Countries and cities with Sagittarius strong in their charts by sun or Ascendant or other aspects will be strongly tested in 2016. Such as Toronto Canada. Spain, Lebanon, Yemen, Mongolia.U

U. S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION I see a dual outcome.

Donald Trump destroys the Republic Party. CLINTON may win, even though she has her issues. It is the time for a woman to be elected. Bernie Sanders is the real upstart in the election. I also see the possibility of the U.S. being in a war state and Obama staying on as president.It will be a roller coaster of an election.

Saturn crossing the U.S. Ascendant can also make the U.S. more hawkish on foreign policy. Revolution is fomenting in the U.S. March 23, June 17 and Sept 10 are major dates to watch for in the States and the world.

New  stricter laws about immigrants.

U.S. gun laws may be changed this year to protect citizens against the thousands of murders that happen in the U.S. every year. Even simpler I.D. and regulations.

The mood in the U.S. will be sober. Major Financial crisis. Major debts are out of control. I am predicting a bigger than 2008 market crash in March May and October 2016. Huge recession.


Level is very high this year.Danger of terrorist attack is also high as the 9/11 energies are being reignited in …..

The E.U.

The E.U. must refocus what its goals and long term direction is. The refugee crisis will destabilize the economy which will be chaotic.  Values and laws will be changed. Stricter immigration policies will be made law. This is a time of confusion and dissent.


Is going to go through a lot of violence and change in their political ideologues in 2016.


May change their laws about refuges, initiating much stricter limits.


Is rebooting its overly inflated economy. Its economy will be quite unstable this year. Agriculture and land reforms will be an issue. There will also be revolutionary energies in the country at the end of 2016. China will be working more behind the scenes over the next number of years.


Will be heavily expanding its weight in the world. But it may be in a false illusion about its own power. Its involvement in Syria is a power ploy around controlling the Oil. Putin may have stepped into a false sense of power and may fall flat on his face.


Is going to self-destruct in 2016. It could be the cause of WW III. Assad will be murdered or have to flee.. This is a huge year for the lies and deceits about who is involved behind this regime will out.


Will also be changing the way it interacts with the world. The deal with the U.S. opens it up a bit more but there may be a setback around shady nuclear dealings or terrorist dealings in late 2016.


Will be under fire. Saturn will limit their oil trade big time. This could be a huge fall in the countries power.


Is in for a very difficult time. There has been lying about the Fukushima disaster and the pollution of the oceans. There will be a dishonorable leaving of the head of the country. Japan will be in shame.  A further earthquake/tsunami  may leave the country virtually inhabitable over the next two years.


Is going through a change in power and will have a very strong year. Economy is good.  They will seek to leave the Queen’s sovereignty of the country.


Will continue to be an ongoing part of the daily news. Chemical warfare is a huge danger this year. Viruses, airborne or water born disease are the way terrorists will work. Food poisoning will also be at an epic high. Airplane hijacks will also be at a high. Travelling will be restricted. Ebola, and flash eating diseases rear their heads again as well as Mad cow.


Summer Olympics will be a huge test of Rio to emerge as a true world class city. They aren’t prepared to handle the infrastructure. There may be problems with water supplies and clean water. Scandal and corruption will be associated with the running of the Olympics. Unexpected unforeseen issues will cause chaos. Security issues will also cause problems.


EL NINO in North America and South America creates warmer winter. Earthquakes, tsunamis, more severe extreme weather is likely all year under the mutable signs but quickly changing. Food shortages, drought, forest fires in the drier Western America. Very hot in summer in Europe. Major earthquakes in Western U.S. all up and down coast. 


Natural medicine, herbs, organic foods. Non GMO foods. Sound and spiritual healing, water therapies,

Cleansing with colonics, and food as Medicine.  Traditional Chinese, Indian and Native Indigenous methods will be used for children with autism. Ayahuasca, a native plant concoction from South America will be used as a serious method for curing schizophrenia, addictions etc. instead of big pharma. 


Technology stocks will do well with many alternative fuels, heating, and energy sources coming to the foreground. Hi tech anti-pollution devices. 3D printers, water purification, will all do well.

Big Pharma may have a terrible year as huge law suits will be slapped on them for lying to the public and controlling governments, education and doctors.

MONSANTO and other huge food industries will also see their powers limited. Many medical breakthroughs using water and sound. New discoveries in physics will change our basic understanding of the laws of the universe.


Ancient evidence will be unearthed as to the nature of extraterrestrials being involved in humans being genetically engineered.  Battle between the old guard scientists, archeologists, researchers and new irrefutable evidence that will change the old order of reality.


VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS and PISCES as well as Gemini are the featured signs this year.

Capricorn and Aries are still the movers and shakers as well as Libra and Cancer.

Jupiter is in Virgo until October. Saturn is in Sagittarius all year-2017. The two major planets of long term expansion and contraction are squaring off each other and the planet Neptune planet of illusion delusion, addictions, fraud and debt is creating tough situations in the world.


Virgo is the sign of Health and with Jupiter in this sign, Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Jupiter makes it enjoyable to be disciplined, on a budget, watching our weight and dieting. As Virgo rules the digestive tract and upper intestines Jupiter’s influence can also exacerbate anyone with weakness here and so we must be careful to watch our diets. Virgo is the sign of the accountant perfectionist worrier and workaholic. Jupiter may make everyone work harder for less this year.

Jupiter and Neptune sign of religion spirituality and compassion are in hard aspects. Learning to meditate and distress from the workaholic penchant of Virgo is recommended.


Saturn in Sagittarius is also the teacher of sports, exercise and discipline. So it will be a big year for working out, with people taking their sports more seriously. The U.S. should do very well in Rio in the summer Olympics. With new swimming diving and racing records being set. China will also do very well. Older, more mature athletes will do exceptionally well. Major comebacks by athletes is possible. 

Children born in 2016

Will be very bright curious, intelligent, grounded spiritual and practical. Higher education is very important to them. They will love animals, sports, nature, travelling and learning. They will be adaptable and sensitive. Music, arts, classical mythology and secularism in religion will be their hallmarks. They will be tuned into their own truth and will be natural teachers. Honesty will be extremely important to them. They will be idealistic and maybe naïve. They are naturally trusting. Alternative healing and natural medicines and simple eating is important to their sensitive systems. They will be wise beyond their years.


Vladimir Putin

He is definitely holding more power on the world’s stage. He must be careful about being caught in a web of deceit.

Prince Harry’s love life will be heating up big time. Someone new, a karmic love, a commoner. They meet in a foreign country. He will fall fast.

Taylor Swift

A quiet relationship year for her. She is planning a whole new identity later in 2016.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez

So happy to be parents, the get pregnant with another child, a boy.

Miley Cyrus

Needs to be careful with her drugging. She will take off in a new identity direction in 2017.

Justin Bieber

Continues to have a great year, He must still stay sober. He may turn to acting, and must also be careful about being swindled by a gold digger. He may become a father.

Kanye West

Very creative year for Kanye. He may go in to a creative partnership with another top player. New music for sure.


 She may also be pregnant with a second child but her marriage is in danger..

George and Amal Clooney
Yes she will get pregnant. He is definitely going to enter politics but not for a while.


Serious relationships. He may start a creative media network. He becomes more spiritual.

Still needs to be careful of her health. She may have more strokes.


Really needs to watch his addictions. He will be getting more and more popular.

Johnny Depp

 new wife Amber Herd. 


continues to use his Hollywood status to do more political work.


Jack Nicholson,


Jennifer Lawrence

May develop ulcers or need to take a break.

Barbra Streisand

needs to watch her health. 

Dark Knight Rises movie massacre, Archetypal Astrology connections,by Tara Greene

Very sad to hear of another terrible gun massacre of innocent people at a movie theatre in AURORA Colorado at a MIDNIGHT debut screening of the latest Batman movie on  July 20 at 12:30 am in Aurora Colorado. AURORA means the dawn, so the dawn of the Dark Knight.

But the MOVIE TITLE is  so obvious archetypal it reminds me that it was almost like the 911 symbolism of th planets Saturn in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius which was part of the creation by the planets., Cant’ see the forest for the Trees? If we know how to read the subliminal yet very obvious signs of the times. we can be better prepared. That is my job.

How aptly named for this tragedy was the movie title. The DARK KNIGHT RISES is the first half of a phrase called the DARK NIGHT of the Soul.

The Dark Knight is the opposite of the good white knight, the Templars who served the Goddess. Batman is all about dealing with his own shadow.

The suspect, 24 year old James Holmes shot round after round with a semi-automatic military weapon,killing  12, injuring at least 50 people. He had recently purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition over the Internet. He dyed his hair red and said he was The JOKER, one of Batman’s arch-enemies from the Comic book. Holmes set off an unknown gas in the theatre, wearing a gas mask himself began firing rounds into the movie theatre crowd.


It was reported that moviegoers didn’t know what was happening and some thought the attack was part of the show. It was reported that they saw a silhouette of a person in the smoke in the front of the theatre near  the screen, pointing a gun at the crowd.


Warner brothers who released the film have postponed midnight screenings in Paris and have increased security in New York.

Among the dead was Jessic Ghawi, a 25 year old U.S. aspiring sportscaster who had just missed being hit by gunfire in Toronto last month at the Eaton Center, where a  random shooting occurred in the downtown Toronto tourist attraction. Toronto, where I live at present  is the safest  for its size,over 4,000,000 in North America. Althought here have been a spate of many shooting here as well lately. I would say very sadly that death has been stalking her. Some people survive all kinds of near deaths, shootings, crazy catastrophe’s. Sad that this young woman is gone.  A number of young children were hurt and injured. What were they doing in a movie theatre at midnight to watch an ultra-violent movie you may be asking.

This tragic story is so fraught with Archetypal symbolism it is crazy.

Batman movie massacre Astrology

On July 16 in my article about the JULY 20 NEW MOON –  I predicted wild out of control terrorist, attacks, s & m energy. ” A lower level effect is also being overwhelmed by crazy sexual energy out of control, wild, unconscious, raping, torture, s & m,from being repressed for so long, be very careful.” 

The MARS PLUTO URANUS  T- square energy that was exact on the New MOON ONE DAY BEFORE, is exactly the type of energy which fuels these horrific kinds of massacres with sudden, unexpected, URANIAN -violent MAR S/ guns, attacks, PLUTO – the Unconscious the SHADOW, the JOKER, DEATH rebirth.

I had a dream Thursday Night on the New moon July 19, I told my husband about it because it was a very LUCID dream. where everything is hyper-real like super HD.

In my dream a young man was staging a theatre performance. He spoke to me of the spectacle, a surprise performance in the crowds. I walked through large staircases, and there was a big crowd of all kinds of people. The youngish man was wearing huge conch shells on his shoulders, with spikes sticking out, and he wore a vest made of large shells. I went by a TV monitor in the stairway which looked like an old 5–60’s type of monitor and the image on the screen was black and white, but it was a modern flat screen monitor. On the screen was the emblem of NEPTUNE, a trident. Everything else was in vivid color. I remember telling my husband about the young man, he felt very intense, absorbed in his role and his unique costume. The image looked like this.

Neptune, Astrology Tara Greene

I am a psychic by profession, I do often dream of things before they happen. I was of course upset to hear about such a  tragedy.

NEPTUNE in my dream, relating to this horrible tragedy and astrologicalyl now tells the sad tale. NEPTUNE rules images, photography, illusion, delusion, delusional characters, dreams, fantasy, addictions, fog, masks, HOLLYWOOD, glamour, no-boundaries, the ocean, spirit. Neptune was the Ancient Greek God of the oceans, but he like Pluto, rules the unconscious,in a different manner than Pluto.

Neptune rules the blurry boundaries between reality and illusion, the Twilight zone. Note the word TWILIGHT becoming so prominent in culture. Hollywood, is THE major  vehicle for subconscious imagery. All images are magical and powerful, that’s why Jews and Muslims were traditionally banned from making images, it is a GODLIKE power. An image is a representation of what, it is, an ancient “primitive” belief  very voodoo like. The ind doesn’t diffenrentiate but what is real and what is an image.

But it is clear in this story that the suspected gunman said he was the JOKER and was appropriating the archetypal role as a means to vent his own deranged psychological frustrations by shooting and killing a group of strangersas he embodied the movie character.

The JOKER is death. I don’t go see these kinds of violent movies because they are disturbing to me. Reading a comic book of Batman is not the same as a full fledged Dolby sound induced theatre experience these days. In quantum physics and meditation the mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is an illusion.

The Batman series has become darker and darker since the first reigniting in the ate 80’s. Batman is also not a super- hero. He is a human person, and therefore more easy to identify with.

Neptune is currently being squared by the North NODE in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules military pageantry on the one hand, it is a fire sign, one of truth, higher teaching, sacred law.

As a Canadian where guns have always been licenced and Canada coming from the British tradition where police didn’t used to carry guns at all I find the ability to so easily have access to guns in the U.S. outrageous.

Without guns this kind of thing would not happen. But it isn’t the guns, it is Hollywood itself perpetrating this violence,. It is the reality tv show, it is the loss of meaning in people’s lives, It is the overly technologized culture, it is a culture devo id of real meaning, sustenance, balance.

Young boys in the age group of the alleged killer have been spoon feb violent video games. They have been created to be violent, so that they can be dispensable drones in wars. They are just pawns in the game. Everything is  a movie.

Hollywood should be held accountable for perpetrating this violent culture. They are the god creators.  Hollywood is one of the U.S. largest earning corporations, this movie was one of the largest anticipated movies for 2012.

 As Neptune is Retrograde now  backing up to Zero degrees Pisces the sign it rules on November 11 2012. Ww can reset the Neptunian structures in our lives. Neptune will be reigning supreme in his sign until 2026.

America, Hollywood, the entire U.S. culture which leads the world in images, advertizing, media and therefore controls the world will have to deal with how Neptune is portrayed. Neptune like Batman or anything has an inherent duality.

 The DARK SIDE of NEPTUNE is The Dark Knight, violence and addictions. No sense of self, appropriate indentities.

The Light Knight Neptune rules is spirituality, compassion, oneness, forgivenss.

We are all the murderer, the violent and the murdered. Meditate on that and decide which was you want to vote.

Your comments are most welcome.

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x zone radio Sept 18 Tara Greene talks politics & Astrology

I’ve just been asked to make a special appearance on the x zone radio show Thursday Sept 18

10:00 pm EDT/7:00 PM PDT you can tune in on the internet, local radio broadcast or via satelite

I will be talking about politics especially the elections in the U.S. the birthcharts of Barack Obama and John McCain and Canadian politics as well. I will also be divining the future with my Tarot carts and a pendulum.  SO tune in