The rape of the world, Pluto Retrograde

Pluto turns Retrograde April 27 at 4:04 pm EDT at 26 degrees CAPRICORN 48 minutes, as the Psychopomp-I love that word- descends to his hometown of Hades, the Underworld deep in the earth. PLUTO is the LORD of SOULS and huge wealth that’s why the wealthy and powerful are called Plutocrats. They say that astrology is not real?

Pluto will be visiting his home turf-THE UNDERWORLD/HADES until October 6th on a NEW MOON in LIBRA at 2:29 pm EDT a 5 + months journey into Plutoland. This is a more internalized time to do soul work.

NOTE that the this degree is only one degree away now from when U.S. has its 1st Pluto Return, and Pluto was RETROGRADE in the U.S. Natal chart of July 4, 1776.

The Revolution is written in the stars.

There will be three Direct Hits at 27°33’ Capricorn

  1. Feb. 20, 2022
  2. JULY 11, Pluto Retrograde like July 4th,
  3. 3. 1776, DEC. 28, final Return Direct

Pluto STATIONED RETROGRADE April 26 on one of the most intensely powerful SCORPIO SUPER Full Moons of the year. The Moon is in SCORPIO, Pluto’s rulership amping up the Death and rebirth energy plus MARS the trad ruler of Scorpio is moving OUT OF BOUNDS! This should be one wild journey into the underworld this time.

The Underworld, Hades is a pagan Greek and older tradition that the Christians renamed as HELL. It is not punishment but the land of dead souls. It is also the psychological realm of the shadow, our own aspects which we project out onto the world when they are disowned to punish.

For while supremacists for example their shadows sides are fear of black people, which is fear of the white people’s own “dark, forbidden aspects” or whatever they project onto black people to be the carriers of, power, violence, sexuality, rap music,drugs, poverty, rock and roll, “primitives” or their own wilder and mysteries instinctive selves. But we absolutely need to understand and know our shadows and integrate them. The subconscious does not speak in words, but in symbols and images like in our dreams. The unconscious is transpersonal, archetypal and transhuman. It is where our imagination, our souls, and our eternal selves live.

INTO THE DEPTHS of SELF – the Underworld is the INNERWORLD – not Hell as we moderns think of it for punishing souls
I am aware of the tragedy that women and girls are being raped physically ever day in the thousands
how the Earth herself is being raped by big Multinationals, Corporations, MONSANTO, oil, mining, BIg PHARMA, Dictators, deforestation. It makes me sad.

PLUTO and the RAPE of WOMEN, the Divine Feminine and the WORLD
I have been reading ancient star lore myths, feeling the need to be more poetic,
Pluto Retro is the Soul {Feminine younger soul aspect Persephone} being raped by PLUTO- Lord of CHANGE.

The inner power soulful, deep shadows, veil of the shadow of death realms are easier to touch while Pluto is Retrograde.
MYTHOLOGICAL Psychologically Rape is in the story to force one to wake up – this is  Archetypal territory here not to be taken literally, the myth of being wounded to grow and awaken is primal, it is part of life. The parents need to push the little bird out of the nest so it can fly, sometimes they hit the ground.

Be absolutely fearless for these next months. Confront your fears and shadows. What is your soul needing now that our lives are so threatened? What does your soul need to feed itself, to grow now? As if your life depended on it. BECAUSE IT DOES.
As Joseph Campbell says the myths still live within us, through us.

Pluto is nearing his long stay in Capricorn a 16 year period from November 26, 2008 until January 20, 2024. and I feel Pluto’s energy will be intensified while he is completing this once every 248 year journey through the 10th sign

We may have to revisit, retrace, review, and retouch the tumultuous journey through Covid-19 that Pluto and Saturn have wrought sinc ejanuary 12, 2020 when they met at 21 CAPRICORN over the last year.

Of course if you have planets at 21 CAPRICORN to 1 AQUARIUS you will be touched by Pluto’s claw back to the underworld. This is a good thing as Pluto is the master of Recycling.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Venus square Pluto, 911, Lilith, Juno

It’s the 15th anniversary of 9/11. That’s half a Saturn cycle.

“And the hits just keep on coming” which sounds like a radio DJ from pop AM radio I know, but it’s true. 

Yesterday was the last exact Saturn square Neptune aspect, the reality versus the illusion. It’s not over until the 2 planets separate, this is when NEPTUNE stops Retrograding on NOVEMBER 20th and they are more than 7 degrees apart. Keep working out those illusions till then. 

Mourners and others are gathered at the Pentagon remembering and crying.  I am so sad that thousands of innocent people had to die and the effects of their loss will always be felt for the rest of their lives by families, friends, and colleagues. But the cause is an illusion. 9/11 was a set up between the U.S. secret government, the CIA, Isreal, the Saudi’s, and who knows who else to destabilize the world. I always knew intuitively that it was a setup as I watched the second plane hit the World Trade Cente. My spirit guides literally punched me in the stomach to wake me up and delivered that message to me.

The chart for then and now is very telling as well.  Yes and VENUS squares PLUTO today too, a very powerful aspect. Love and Death. This means Love needs to be balanced with our deepest darkest secrets and shadows. Combined with yesterday’s powerful Saturn-Neptune square taking back projections is paramount.

911, and now, Astrology Tara Greene

Under a CAPRICORN MOON, the Venus/Pluto aspect affected our dreams, and unconscious, as PLUTO’S crib is the Underworld, the world of the shades or shadows as Carl Jung named it.  My dreams were so intense last night. How were yours?

This is the realm of the ancestors, ghosts, spirits, and daemons. This underworld may be quite scary to Venus in LIBRA, who may live life,like a proverbial surfer, too much on the surface of things. VENUS in LIBRA is always the perfect hostess, trophy wife, smoother of life’s wrinkles, ironer out of problems. 

SATURN is now almost conjunct to where PLUTO was at 9/11 a 12+ degrees SAGITTARIUS and opposite to where SATURN was at 14+ degrees GEMINI. Both are closely conjunct to the GREAT ATTRACTOR, the importance of which we are still trying to ascertain. This is clearly a half way cycle stopping point. SATURN crosses these degrees again between October 13-November 4th.  This is during Halloween, Samhain and the Day of the Dead. Certain ghosts may rise again for sure.

VENUS is actually transiting the Ascendant,also affecting the Midheaven, IC and DC -all the angles of the 9/11 chart, where Mercury and Jupiter were at that time. 

PLUTO,Lord of DEATH and rebirth, is power, sex, money, control, secrets, riches, manipulation, the PLUTOCRACY. VENUS in LIBRA rules communications, it is an air sign. PLUTO can unearth, long held secrets from the cabal. 

On a more personal level. VENUS is in her own sign and very strong now. Libra is a bridging sign. PLUTO can bring the Divine FEMININE in contact with her own dark chthonic powers. This is Her shadow side, Persephone, LILITH, HEKATE, KALI; all the dark and denied Goddesses. THIS IS a very good thing.

LILITH and JUNO, the FEMININE form of Genius are exactly conjunct at 12+ degrees SCORPIO now and sextiling PLUTO, THIS IS a very good thing. They are forming a YOD to VESTA and SATURN at 10-14 degrees GEMINI from the 9/11 chart. I will write about Juno Vesta separately. Isn’t it totally fascinating how all of this works?

If you have any planets at 10-14 degrees GEMINI use the deepest intuitive faculties you have now to uncover secrets that you thought were long past their due date. 

PLUTO and the MOON  are conjunct today. Use this monthly cycle to connect intuitively with these dark Goddess aspects, they were the original rulers of the Underworld, and are sharing power with Pluto to bring us to our soul’s riches. Our inner wealth, beauty, and creativity are where all outward creativity begins. 

Cappy Goat Moon squares VENUS tying it all together.

Moon will later Trine the VIRGIN QUEEN SUN 

Shine the light from the dark to illuminate your ego consciousness.

MOON trines MERCURY @ 10:37 pm PDT/ Sept 12 @ 1:37 am EDT/ 4:37 am GMT. 

DO Pay attention to your dreams tonight.


This may be an irritable “I don’t like Mondays” day. This Mercury Retro because it is in VIRGO is particularly dastardly. Expect tempers to blow, but the fires will be out quickly as Mars in Sagittarius moves on fast to bigger adventures.

PLEASE Share widely, all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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