COP21 Horoscope, World Rehab by Tara Greene

The last day of November goes out  with a flaming hot FIRE TRINE as the 21st session of the Paris UN Climate Conference begins. Yes COP21, the synchronicity is interesting. The Cop of the 21st Century being created? or the COP-out as they used to say in the 60’s?  

Fire Trines Astrology Tara Greene

There is also something very Pisces fishy  to me about all of this co-operation as the outcome could simply be another way of making the ordinary folks pay the carbon taxes to governments which then pays corporations to simply change the way they do business, albeit cleaner which benefits the earth. But the corporations who created the mess should be totally responsible and be sued for creating it and have to foot { Pisces} the whole  bill. It is their Saturn responsibility to fix the mess they made and made billions of $ profits from. 

Hundreds of countries and thousands of associates are attending the conference under very tight security after the November 13 terrorist attacks. 200 protesters who hurled candles taken from the November 13 memorial were arrested November 29 in Paris. There were large climate change protests world-wide.

Forecasting the weather with astrology/astronomy was an ancient science.  Johannes Kepler a famous mathematicians, astronomer and astrologer, a key figure in the 17th century scientific revolution, recorded meteorological observations to support his belief that the conjunction of Saturn and the Sun would produce cold weather.

Talk about synchronicity, what aspect did we just have November 29?

The Sun conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius at 7+ degrees Sagittarius, with the square to Neptune in Pisces.  Yes Saturn is now officially crowned by the Sun King as being in Sagittarius for the next two years. 

This is a brand new cycle which began exactly 30 years ago. The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius with the Sun was November 22 1985 at zero degree Sagittarius. We want to look back at what was started then has come to a close and an absolutely new 30 year cycle begins now. 

Back to the Future was the top grossing movie of this time period. We need to look back to see how this future panned out. 

President Reagan and Gorbachev were clearing the air and Russia was hoping that the U.S. will not use “Star Wars”  for offensive purposes.

In Malta – 57 are killed when  Arab terrorists on board detonated hand grenades in the crowded passenger compartment when Egyptian commandos stormed the plane..

The FBI arrests Ronald W. Pelton, a former NSA communications specialist and accuses him of selling “extremely sensitive” intelligence data on the Soviet Union. It was the fourth espionage arrest by the FBI in five days in the Washington area.

Steven Wozniak  resigned from Apple in February of 1985 and sold much of his stock in the company to finance a new venture. Then bought $5 million of stock back. 

What will the earth look like in 2045 if we don’t change the ways  manufacturing is done?  if we keep gobbling up precious and limited natural resources? How many humans will be alive and how can they bed fed? How many people can the earth support? What about the rise of cancer? Mother Nature herself? Will the oceans, ruled by Pisces be alive?

Saturn is the LAW, the structure, hard-core physicality whose dark side is pure matter, greed, corporate profits, the Devil in the Tarot.

Saturn is the COSMIC COP who will test everyone. The ringed one will make you walk your talk and get your hands dirty in a good hardworking way. Saturn will sober you up, and with Jupiter in Virgo it makes everyone do very simple humble work. which may be a good or bad thing. Virgo is also a karmic sign of harvest, accountability and order.

With Neptune involved everyone needs to come down off their too New Age pipe-dream idealisms as well as the status quo Pisces addictions of the ego, such as the glam trap of selfies, escapism, empty entertainment, ayahuasca salvation shamanism, even legal marijuana and all kinds of addictions. All organized religions will go through a big overhaul with Saturn square Neptune. This also means DEBT. 

The world needs to go to Rehab now and every one needs to say yes yes yes. 

Look at Amy Winehouse, bless her talented soul as the Angel of what not to do. 

 In Sagittarius this is all about international co-operation. In square to Neptune in Pisces the fog and mirrors game bends, warps, and melts reality. It is very much like being on an ayahuasca or LSD trip and your ego melts.   In other words everything is being re-structured.This also relates to creativity. No more louche pseudo pretenders, including artists.


We can be hitting the wall,literally, This is a Sagittarius thing, Sag energy is often impulsive and spontaneous and not always in the body. Saturn in Sag will make you more likely to walk into walls, corners, doors and people.  I did this already two weeks ago and my forehead still hurts. But you must keep dreaming.

Honesty, transparency, higher education and intelligence will be brought to the worlds stage. This is all good.

Emotions will be high at the beginning of the two-week long November 30- Dec 11 conference. 

Nov. 30 A passionate Leo Moon is inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces in the early a.m. 

This may prove to be initially disappointing. Leo Moon trines Saturn SUN and Mercury  to provide an inspiring optimistic forward-looking leadership with leaders from around the world. 

Moon later inconjuncts Pluto – big ego and power plays of course. 

Mercury gets in the act to keep things honest at the end of the day. 

I am finishing up my 2016 world predictions. 

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International Water Day, Go with the flow

March 22 has been officially made International Water day since 1993 by the UN.

Water is our most precious resources.  And it will be running out, SOON. Reports of looming shortages world-wide our scary and real. We must conserve water now. Brazil is on high alert for only one year of water left.Three years of drought in California have taken a huge toll.

Fox drinking precious water Tara Greene

Fox drinking precious water by Bruce Finocchio

We waste too much. Most of that hidden water usage comes from eating meat. We waste water in our homes in the west, in our lifestyles while other die of sickness and disease from lack of fresh water. We think that water, like life will be in an endless supply. But it isn’t. The recent 30 degree Pisces solar eclipse points to an end of the water cycle.

We can’t GO WITH THE FLOW if there is no flow.

There is modern technology which can clean up water, the oceans and renew land. But changing weather patterns weather due to the Sun, pollution, global warming or whatever is what is in our faces now. The world is not “a wish fulfilling gem”- John Greene. We need to act. We need to be more conscious. Consciousness is what water symbolizes.

Do you dream of water? It is one of the common symbols. Water is the collective unconscious. We come into the world in the salty water of our mother’s wombs. 

Yes we could wring out all those water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  Just kidding.

Especially water and earth signs, you are naturally more in touch with the physical plane. Air and Fire signs need to learn to pay attention to the natural world.

Look at what you can do to save water. Even going meatless one day a week makes a difference. Use natural local plants and trees that grow in your surroundings and habitat rather than important exotic ones which require more watering. Forget lawns. Golf courses always give me a pain. Unless they recycle their water they are a huge gluttons. Get rain barrels. Don’t let taps run. Shorten showers or take one every other day.  Fix leaking taps. Use dish water on your garden. YOU can think of many clever ways to conserve water.

We cannot live without fresh water. Plants cannot grow, all of nature needs water to survive and thrive. Think of the dolphins and whales. Think of the mermaids…

weepingforwater Napoleon Brousseau

Compassion Bubble- weeping for the waters by Napoleon Brousseau

Moon will be in earthy sensuous stubborn Taurus Sunday

Moon quincunx Saturn in Sagittarius. “I’d rather indulge on the coach then be off at the gym, or going to a lecture.”

Moon sextiles Pluto- could be sexy day, count your blessings and resources.

Moon will conjunct VENUS it will be a very loving day, slow down, be in your body, sensual and creative. Feel the water of your body. Notice how much you thirst.

Moon sextiles Neptune is last aspect.

Do invite your guardian angels, spirit guides and higher teachers into your dreams.

Wow my dreams have been very vivid and intense all week,

YOURS? got stories to tell?

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OH the water- Van Morrison