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Joe Biden Election Astrology Prediction

On November 3 Election Day in the U.S. JOE BIDEN CHANCES breakdown.

I am being impartial in my prediction. This is based purely on straightforward transits to Joe Biden’s Birth Chart and upcoming eclipses. I use Western Tropical Astrology and my intuition, I am also a psychic. I have accurately predicted many political wins since 2004 in Canada and in the U.S. which have been published in Newspapers, on the Web, on TV and in my blog. I predicted both Obama Presidential wins years ahead of time, Justin Trudeau’s first win a year in advance when that was totally unforeseen. I predicted Prince Harry meeting Meghan Markle years in advance and the Fukushima nuclear explosion to the month. I also predicted Covid-19, as I saw 2020 as a very dark year of death, restrictions and very hard times and was warning my readers. Covid-19 was not only the SATURN-PLUTO conjunction of January 12,2020 but also a mass virus from planets Jupiter and Neptune in 2019. You can reference some of these articles on this site.


The transiting SCORPIO SUN is conjunct to Joe’s MARS in Scorpio right on the cusp of his 12th House. This aspect would normally bring excitement, passion, anger, power and drive as Mars rules Scorpio. BUT, transiting MARS is currently still RETROGRADE at 16 degrees ARIES which is not good at all. The brakes are on, there is no power going out, only reaction, repressed anger and frustration. -STRIKE ONE.


The Moon symbolizes the people in mundane charts like this and its in GEMINI which is good for triple GEMINI Trump and Biden’s 9-degree Saturn in Gemini. The MOON is travelling through Joe’s 7th house of all “others” on that day which is good he is connecting emotionally with the people and the prevailing split state of consciousness on this day. -GOOD.

The Moon is ruled by MERCURY on this day

MERCURY in LIBRA at 25 degrees TURNS from Retrograde to STATIONARY

and at the most powerful turning point at 9:50 am PDT/12:50 pm EDT.

This Mercurial turning point by The Trickster planet will change up the flow of communications. Expect votes, information and communications to go haywire. It brings all media to a HALT. There may be satellite breakdowns and internet stoppages temporarily. It will surely create confusion with all information, mail-in ballots and definitely a recall. This is what happened in the 2000 election as well. LIBRA is the scales of Justice and people waffle and change their minds. Justice, the courts will surely have to weigh in on this matter. -NOT GOOD.

MERCURY squaring Joe’s natal JUPITER at 25 CANCER. This puts pressure on Joe’s emotional connectivity.


Venus, women, and attraction sextiles Joe’s PLUTO in LEO. Women love him. CHIRON is trine to his PLUTO in LEO, but he does not appear strong. He has no energy and is not seen as a powerful defender.-NOT GOOD.

The disaster crew of SATURN and PLUTO now joined by JUPITER in CAPRICORN EXPANDING THE CARNAGE, but also bringing all the power in Corporate structure and on the world’s stage is opposite Joe’s JUPITER Retrograde in CANCER at 25 degrees. This can be either incredibly good or totally destructive as the Nature of Saturn and Pluto are. These planets are sextile, an easy aspect to Joe’s Mercury Sun, Venus in Scorpio in his hidden 12th House.- SOMEWHAT HELPFUL.


Joe’s SATURN in GEMINI at 9-degree is exactly on the November 30 Penumbral, a very faint LUNAR ECLIPSE which is at 8 Gemini a Full moon and will be visible over Washington D.C .for 4 hours. Eclipse repeat in 18+ year cycles and have a fated nature. Saturn is responsibility and maturity. Saturn in in Joe’s 7th house of relationships with all others. Lunar Eclipses are more internalized. Moon Saturn conjunctions restrict feelings and bring depression, regret, sorrow.- NOT GOOD.


Is conjunct Joe’s PART OF FORTUNE which means anything can happen. Uranus brings wild chaos, freedom, explosions, revolutions, attacks, hi-tech, and change of status quo.  URANUS is opposed to JOE’s SCORPIO MARS which exacerbates the unpredictable nature it applies; it has been supplying for some time. An explosion ready to blow sky high.  NOT GOOD!

This indicates a heart attack! If not now very soon. Joe has Pluto in Leo in his 8th house of sudden death. Pluto in Leo indicates heart attacks.  URANUS changes DIRECTION from RETROGRADE to DIRECT on January 14, 2021. The swearing in of a new President is on January 20, 2021.  VERY BAD! JOE Could be incapacitated or die. Kamala Harris will become President if Joe wins the election. I haven’t even looked at Kamala’s chart but I hear it’s fantastic. -DISASTER


Neptune is right at the bottom of Joe’s chart on his I.C. his roots foundation, home and family and is on the axis to his M.C. the Topmost part of his chart, the cusp of the 10th house of World Fame and Career Success. This is not a good aspect because Neptune is deceptive, its unreal, unfathomable, illusionary and projection. It’s like a Hologram. Neptune makes things go up in smoke. Yes it is the planet of spirituality and dreams, also illusion and debt, glamour, and deceit.- NOT GOOD.



This Node is exactly Square a hard aspect to Joe’s M.C. world career success and his I.C. Squaring CERES, the Dwarf Planet of Mothering, Nature, the Mothering Principle. Squares are hard aspects; this can be interpreted positively or negatively.

The December 21, 2020 conjunction of JUPITER and SATURN occurs at 0 degrees AQUARIUS and usher in a new 20-year cycle. The Grand Conjunction is an immensely powerful positive cycle. They both exactly square Joe’s 0 degree Taurus MOON in his 5th house of leadership, as it is naturally a Leo overlay house, which indicates a big move and an expansive Jupitarian Lucky radical change and a Serious responsible mature Saturnine new career, reality and outlook where Joe lives, literally and in his emotional body. -THIS IS A GOOD FUTURE ASPECT.

On DECEMBER 14th,  the day that the Electoral College Votes, after the popular votes are cast and possibly ‘flipped’ or somehow tossed on Election Day November 3, 2020.

There is an important South Nodal NEW MOON Sagittarius TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 23 + Sagittarius. ECLIPSE occurs in his 1st House of self-identity and widely squares Joe’s MC/IC widely and his natal Ceres in PISCES. Total Solar Eclipses change outward consciousness. It is considered too wide an aspect to have an effect.


I have to say that as I have tuned into this psychically I first saw Biden win. But now as we are closer, I see Trump re-elected. But there will be a civil war because of this. This is an inevitable occurrence in America as it is fated because what is really happening is, this is about the U.S. 1st PLUTO RETURN.

A U.S. Pluto return is when the Planet Pluto returns to exactly the same degrees as it was on July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed. This once every approximately 250-year transit will be exact all through 2022. It’s already in progress, and like him or not, Trump is the perfect foil for this process. A once in a lifetime Pluto transit in an individual’s life acts the same way. Pluto, ruler of the Soul, psychology and the Shadows demolishes the old false-self. Pluto, Lord of The Underworld brings whatever destruction is necessary to force changes. Pluto, is Lord of Wealth, helping an individual or a country to walk its’ soul’s true path. There is always destruction before a new, totally authentic self can be reborn, as hard and difficult as that is. I have been predicted a Civil War and a return to zero point for over three years now. American may not exist under the terms the founding fathers created in 2022/2023/2024.

As a Canadian watching our neighbours go through this election, we are also affected as we are tied in most strongly with U.S. Policy. We share the world’s longest border peacefully. I wish all Americans a peaceful, clarifying, election with justice and democracy prevailing. The coming Aquarian Age needs higher consciousness, a revolution in government and the people taking back their power.

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Seven to do’s because it’s Saturn Retrograde

It may take a while till we feel the effects of the Lunar eclipse. But there is a lot still happening.

The SUN conjoined MERCURY March 23 after the eclipse.

This sparks  new energy and new ideas. The eclipse was very close to the Zero degree ARIES world point. This is a true turning point. Ultimately new thinking caps and new bright ideas will emerge.

March 24  Mercury @ 5+ DEGREES ARIES trines Mars in Sagittarius @ 3:45 pm PDT/ 6:45 pm EDT

Under a void-of- course Moon. This is an upbeat pursuit of truth, adventure, travelling, optimism and justice. Be daring, be bold, be passionate. 

It’s GOOD FRIDAY March 25

The archetypal story of an anointed Higher consciousness being, called Yeshua or Jesus, knows he must die and sacrifice himself for a Higher Purpose, traditionally to the Great Mother, as a martyr to bring higher consciousness to the world. The story of death and rebirth is a terribly ancient one, since humans first became conscious. All life is a continuous unending cycle of birth death and transformation.  That is under Saturn’s realm.  Easter in the Bible was tied into the Jewish Festival of Passover which is based on a lunar calendar. Usually the two coincide but this year Passover is very late and begins April 22 on a Full Moon. 

The real meaning of EASTER or OESTRE is an ancient pagan fertility festival tied to Spring. 

rabbits, easter, hare, Goddess, tara Greene

Kelly Louise Judd image

ISHTAR, ASTARTE , TARA, OESTRE ancient Goddesses of fertility were honored with symbols of hares, sacred to the Moon, the lunar monthly fertility counter, and rabbits which are very fertile. The symbols of eggs and rabbits were taken on as an overlay on ancient festivals by the Christians. Anyone who studied pagan symbolism can easily see this. 

SATURN TURNS RETROGRADE  March 25 @ 16+ SAGITTARIUS, 3:00 am PDT/ 6:00 am EDT/ 10:00 a.m. UT

LORD OF TIME STANDSTILL and begins to slowly turn the Karmic  wheel backwards. 

wheel of Time, Tara Greene Buddhist



We are going into DEJA VU time, as the Great wheel of time slows and appears to revolve backwards until August 14th where Saturn will be at 9 degrees 47 minutes of Sagittarius. Lets think back as to where we are headed in that future and where we were. Saturn was last at 9 degrees 47 minutes of Sagittarius on December 20, 2015, think back what you were doing and what you were planning for 2016.

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is very optimistic, altruistic, honest to a fault, pursues justice, higher  philosophical perspectives, education and relating to exotic and foreign things, persons and travel. Saturn rules the Patriarchy, authority, the old boys network, history. In Sagittarius this is politics.  Expect a total change in the political run for president now over the next few months. Sagittarius reveals the truth. 

JUPITER’s square to  SATURN right now amplifies the more optimistic side and expands Saturn’s usually cynical bitter restricting influence on any sign. This  is positive and pressuring. As Saturn moves slowly backwards it is like going through a wormhole or time tunnel, we get to go back to the past to change the future. 

Saturn Retrograde gives us tine to mature,to work on things. It’s like the necessary time spent to let the dough rise, or setting a bottle of wine away. You cannot rush when something is ready. Use this time wisely to carefully craft your master plan, because all of Saturn’s energy has to do with long term goals, career, commitments, maturity and plans. 

Some commitments may break up now or at least must be reexamined. Honesty is truly the best currency now. 

We will have to go back to the drawing board where all ideas are conceived and nurture tweak and reset them in stone before they can really begin to be birthed next August. 

Saturn in the TAROT is THE DEVIL #15. Ultimately the DEVIL is the material plane. Temptation. EGO. It is ultimately not real. This can be a good time to revisit what your fears are. Are you being governed by your ego? What devils do you project onto others? This is a pretty hot topic now. 


1. Revisit all your goals for 2016.

This is important to do now as there are energy shifts coming in the fall. It’s OK to change your plans.

2. Scrap what you are not fully committed to

Only put your energy into long-term goals that you are really into for the long run. Its better to focus on one higher goal.Draw out what your peak looks like, why you want it and what you expect from it.

3. Re-commit your vows, in a relationship or in your career .

This is a good time to remake vows, personal and relationship. Second that emotion. Saturn rules career, redraw a career mandala or where you see yourself in 7, 14 years. 

4. Ask the advise of a mentor or more mature person’s experience. 

This is good to do now. You will be more open to hearing their advice. Also think about your retirement or any long-term distant goals and how to plan for it.

5. Finish up old legal, tax or educational courses. 

Saturn is the tax man, get any old unfinished business done. Immigration, wills or other legal matters of this sort should be finished over the next few months. Finish up the courses already.

6. Honor your father and any male person who helped you

Visit your dad, and honor him whether alive or dead for the karmic lessons he gave you. For some this may be good and for others painful. If there are old childhood wounds this is a good time to let that pain out. Inner child work is very important.  

Tell someone you respect a male teacher, how they helped impact your life It’s important to tell that person how he helped make a difference in your life. Call him, email or meet in person, or send an old-fashioned letter by mail. 

7. Learn to use your time more wisely.

Time is a very precious commodity and it goes faster these days. Manage it wisely. 


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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4th of July, Donald Trump Astrology

It’s an Aquarius Moon on the 4th of July, the Natal Position of the US. Moon in 1776.  The U.S. actual Solar return is Tomorrow July 5th at 11:58 a.m.EDT. The U.S. has a Natal Lunar Return an hour before the Solar Return.  Very interesting.. tune in manana.

I just discovered that the U.S. birth chart has Venus, Mars and Pluto Out of Bounds. I will cover that tomorrow. A renegade country for sure. 

 I just wanted to mention that Vermont Independent Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders raised $15 million from only 250,000 donors in the last 3 months. see the link below. He is a serious contender but the mainstream media locks him out.  Sanders drew 10,000 people to hear him speak in Madison, Wisconsin the largest of any Presidential Candidate so far. I believe in his non-corporate agenda. The media only covers that clown Donald Trump and the Republican dynasties. I will look at the U.S. election day charts themselves later. 

The Donald,  a Triple Gemini, born June 14 1946 at 10:54 am in Jamaica,New York  is getting pummeled now because Chiron in Pisces is in square to his North Node and his Sun in Gemini and square to his Moon at 21 degrees Sagittarius. Jupiter, the planet of Luck is travelling through his 12th house of self-undoing. Pluto is squaring his Natal Chiron at 14 degrees of Libra in his 2nd house of self-worth and Pluto is also square to Natal Lucky Jupiter at 17 degrees of Libra in his 2nd house of resources, money and physical assets . Uranus, the planet of chaos is in his 8th house of death, rebirth and transformation which is also in a hard square aspect to his natal Saturn in Cancer in his 11th house which symbolizes wishes hope dreams and the Aquarian ideal of we are all made the same. Uranus is also opposed to his natal Jupiter in Libra. So Trump is Trumping and sabotaging himself.  

Donald Trump Astrology Tara greene

Inspirational daily card for July 4 America’s birthday

Trump #2 The High Priestess Thoth Tarot deck 

The High Priestess is the Moon embodied, the 2nd card in the deck. She is the veil and the unveiler of the Mysteries. She shows up after the Magician and before the Empress. She is the Middle Part of the Holy Trinity. Number dos, is about duality, us and them, self and other, and dialogue, communication and relationships. Also reflection. Yes America needs more self-reflection. She is Receptive rather than Active, extremely feminine, she symbolizes the mood, the instincts of the people themselves in Astrology.

The High Priestess as the Moon is all about cycles, as it say in Ecclesiastes 3:4  ” a  time to laugh, a time to weep” and everything moves in cycles. It is not always macho, linear, up. It is Feminine, circular, intuitive, hidden, dreamy, birth, life, death, transformation. 

The High Priestess is mysterious and the Great Mystery Itself. She symbolizes the Unconscious, she is referred to as the masculine part of the Feminine. She is more Lilith to God’s Left hand side than the Shekinah who is more biologically Feminine, the Empress Trump #3.  Wow I just realised this.  These two powerful Feminine archetypes balance the Upper world of creation.

The High Priestess symbolizes fertility, women, women’s power as creatresses, witches, sibyls, seers, psychic, inner knowing. Psychic ability is also available to men as well.

America’s 239th year belongs to everyone getting in touch with their intuitions, their unconscious, their deep feelings. It is the year of the Divine Feminine. Not necessarily Hilary Clinton who is hawkish in every way, a Patriarchal woman. The card symbolizes waiting for the right time to act. Listening to your instincts to know what is right and true and NEVER any outside power, influence or expectation making you act out of synch with your own inner truth.  The High Priestess symbolizes being whole and true within oneself, self-contained. O how I wish everyone could get this level of self-awareness that is what will change the world. It requires un-conditioning at this point to get there. Meditation, reflection, openness, dreaming deep. Listening to Inner Truth.

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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