Inspirational Daily Tarot, win win from Tara Greene

I miss doing these so lets just do it.

Sunday October 13 looks like 10 13 2013 a nice sequence. 

I’ve been guided to choose  JUSTICE # 8  KARMA BALANCING POINT 

justice Tarot Tara Greene readerROSETTA TAROT # 8 ADJUSTMENT

To find true balance one must be constantly, minutely moving,

in order to balance the scales until they naturally and slowly come to a standstill point.

So adjustments are always necessary.

Think about this, in life nothing  is absolutely still for long unless you are dead.

Atoms molecules are always in constant motion, flux, change.

LIfe requires constant shifting, delicate nuances of adaptation to every situation.

We are always shifting, adjusting, shucking and jiving at this, especially in terms of our relationships with others.

LIBRA is all about relationships, how can I accommodate myself to you? 

How will you accommodate for me? give and take, push and pull, you can’t have one without the other.

As you sow, so shall you reap.  

As you flux, so shall you flow. TM

What have you sown that shows what you are reaping now? 

What adjustments must you make to bring balance, serenity, peace?

Adjustments produces win win energy. 

We could certainly use this symbol in the world now. The U. S. government is still shut down.

Compromise is necessary, diplomacy, considering the other’s point of view.

we could all use that now.

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