Catch 22, Grand Cardinal Cross, Jan 12

Eight days until the Presidential Inauguration of the 45th President of the U.S. This Cancer Full Moon is a fierce Cardinal Grand Cross and it has millions of people cross, angry and fit to be tied about it. The Moon symbolizes the mood of the people. 

The SUN at 22+ degrees is conjunct to PLUTO in CAPRICORN. 

This is a death and rebirth time for all of us but especially for the United States whose natal PLUTO is at 27 degrees of CAPRICORN. The major revolution/ rebirth/death/end/ beginning of the U.S. is officially begun.  

It isn’t comfy being in the rebirth canal.  SUN PLUTO are squaring URANUS in Aries conjunct to ERIS, Goddess of DISCORD at 22 degrees and CERES the EARTH MOTHER and opposed by JUPITER in LIBRA at 22 degrees. 22 is a Master Number.  This is like being in the Tarot  trump of the MOON #18 the number of Life in Hebrew.

SUN PLUTO are squaring URANUS in Aries conjunct to ERIS, Goddess of DISCORD at 22 degrees and CERES the EARTH MOTHER and opposed by JUPITER in LIBRA at 22 degrees.                                                 22 is a Master Number. 

This is intense. The U.S. Sibley or Natal Chart has its Natal CHIRON, where it is the most wounded and vulnerable at 20 degrees of ARIES and natal MERCURY at 24 degrees of CANCER. There are major communications problems going on throughout the U.S. in all manner of ways. These planets are being impacted on this Full Moon.

Hokusai Wave, Full Moon Tara Greene Hokusai wave, Japanese woodblock print 1829-32

This is a continuation of the Grand Cardinal crosses of 2012-2015 which are now exact at higher degrees. New territory to foment revolution and change is being initiated. It’s a tsunami. 

If you have natal planets at 17-27 degrees of CARDINAL SIGNS- Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you will feel the full emotional effects of this Full Moon very intensely.  

If the pull of the cardinal crosses isn’t enough for you. MERCURY is at 29 degrees SAGITTARIUS on the World Point of zero degrees CAPRICORN and conjunct to the GALACTIC CENTER. Mercury is slow but Direct. Tune into the higher Galactic message for instructions. Mercury is squaring CHIRON at 21 degrees PISCES and we are feeling vulnerable, wounded, weak, but it is a good learning place. 

To keep the Catch 22 theme going, Saturn is at 22 degrees of Sagittarius, squaring MARS in PISCES which is conjunct to CHIRON and quincunx to the Moon. Justice, truth, martyrs, scapegoats, freedom of speech, illusions, blame, fake noise, “real news”,  foreigners, airplanes, religion, Hollywood, oil, drugs, travel are all issues which are being tied up in this double bind. 

The TOXIC MASCULINE, TESTOSTERONE VIAGRA driven, is drowning in its own shit. Its’ own lies, its own delusions, its own falsehoods, its own addictions to OIL, its own delirium and drugs, religious self-righteousness and nefarious bank deals.  But we’re not going to take it. Saturn in SAGITTARIUS urges the truth, higher justice, Karmic Law.  We know in our deepest feelings what needs to be nurtured.


Trine to CHIRON in PISCES and to the CANCER MOON.

Women we need to embrace Lilith while she is in her ruling sign of Scorpio. You know where it hurts, you know where corruption lives, you know about being martyrs, you know where you allow the Feminine to be only one flavor, the All Good Nurturing Unconditionally loving Mother Mary archetype. Well screw that. LILITH is way more powerful. With the Republicans trying to control women’s freedom of reproduction I say Call on LILITH and be the banshee, be BriDGIT, be KALI, be the DEATH BRINGER, the natural counter-balance to the Cancerian Moon mother archetype. Women cannot express only one aspect of their beings.  They have all 3, Maiden, mother and Crone.

I am Calling on all the CHRONES to be fearless in the face of this PATRIARCHAL backstepping insanity. 

Things are complicated. NEPTUNE in PISCES is conjunct VENUS and ATHENA Goddess of wisdom and war and the SOUTH NODE. Oil is over, he who ties themselves up with oil deals will sink. DEBT will rise, Neptune in PISCES, the banking games are over. That is a good thing, the propped up false banks in Europe, Greece, Italy etc will fall like dominoes. 

But who know what to believe these days?

Do what you need to make yourself feel emotionally secure. This is the new normal. There will be protests and clashes in the U.S. during the Inauguration and I feel Trump won’t last long anyway. The Democratic Party are all bought off by lobbyists. The idea of a Democratic party is nice, but really Trump is not a real Republican either. He is an independent who said he was a Republican so he could win. The whole world needs to be enveloped in a big cleansing flood. Things will have to get more dire before enough people wake up. The 99% that voted for Trump don’t have a clue either. I understand hating Hillary Clinton too. No one is any good. The only one who has a heart is Bernie Sanders and since when did anyone in politics really care? What century was that in? 

Stomachs and emotions and women’s menstrual periods will be at peak. Expect much rain or snow depending on where you live. Tsunami’s and hurricanes are likely. Psychic energy will also peak at this full moon. If you are trying to get pregnant it can work well for you. This is a Full Moon of nurturing ourselves and creating emotional security in the face of major opposition. 

Cleansing near water or in water is recommended. Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated and feel all the emotional events wash right through you.

Stick to simple things, What sustains you when times are tough? That is the question to ask. Ultimately it is our families, friends and those that we comfort and care for that make us whole. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Japan 8.9 Earthquake/Tsunami,Uranus’s critical entry exit point,Eclipse factors and more by Tara Greene astrology

8.9 Eathquake/Tsumani  is Uranus’s 29th critical degree good-bye to Pisces


Uranus @ 29 degrees PISCES {OCEANS} = 8.9 Magnitude quake and Tsunamis in Japan March 11 @ 2:46 pm Local Tokyo time. Why? How? 

Uranus the planet symbolizes sudden change, cataclysmic unexpected events. Uranus is at that very last degree of Pisces, sign of the Oceans.  

The 29th, called the {anaretic} or critical degree, last degree of any sign, is called that because a planet leaving the last degree is attempting to digest all of that entire sign, at 29.59.59 of intense energy at once, it’s like having all the energies of the sign compacted and smushed together into one symbolic tiny degree. The pressure is immense! The next degree Zero is also considered critical, as it is all brand new, a clean slate. 

THE NORTH NODE { considered to be the public’s highest spiritual conscious and emotional state} also just passed the 29th degree of Sagittarius on March 8th– see more about this critical degree as it was where the Sun was opposite to n the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE DEC 21, 2010 re-triggering that point!

The Dec 21, 2010 Total Lunar Eclipse at 29 degrees 21 minutes of Gemini, with the Sun opposite in Sagittarius is moments away from opposing the Winter Solstice ingress point of ZERO degrees of Capricorn, the “world point.”

29 degrees of Gemini, the Lunar eclipse degree is conjunct The North Star. The Sun at 29 degrees+ of Sagittarius is connected to the Galactic Centre at 27 degrees+ of Sagittarius, that famous Dec 21 2012 date. – see more below

ECLIPSES and Shadows trigger wordly events

note the eclipse shadow as it falls over Japan

Lunar Eclipse over Japan Dec 21 2010

Lunar eclipse path cast shadow over Japan Dec 21 2010

I think the eclipses are more powerfully related to earthquakes, tsunamis etc. as potential power triggers. Traditionally eclipses were always seen as harbingers of bad luck, ill omens, the dragon eating the sun or moon. Of course solar end Lunar eclipses happen on average of 4 times per year. Old superstitions before people understood what eclipses really were about. Still, where the eclipse shadows falls on the earth are the places most affected.  

MARCH 11,today Uranus enters ARIES @ 4:54 pm PST entire new cycle

March 12 @ 00:54 am GMT    March 12 9:54 am Tokyo time. 

Uranus has sent literally and lethal shock waves out from the ocean’s depths and created cataclysmic damage to people and property in Japan and threatens many nations in the Pacific rim put on hi alert for dangerous tsunamis.  

Uranus in Pisces since 2003 has brought us the massive Phi Ket Tsunamis in Thailand 2004,Hurricane Katrina 2005, earthquakes in China, India, flooding in Pakistan 2010, Peru, etc. Pisces the last sign of the entire Zodiac is watery and karmic. Pisces symbolizes the end of life, the waters of life, the Oceans from which all life emerged from, the wombs of our mothers.  

In Ancient Astrology Jupiter is the Ruler of Pisces. Jupiter enters Aries the Fiery First sign, the Sign of martial warfare, defences, action, and initiation on Jan 22 2011 when the Egyptian protests were starting. So we can see already how planets entering Aries the 1st sign initiates aggressive new change in whatever planetary form it takes.  

With Uranus entered Aries the 1st sign for the first time in 84 years and I must prophesy again how Uranus was in Aries in the 1929 Stock market crash. Uranus in Cardinal sign Aries is now moving in to Square PLUTO in Capricorn and oppose SATURN in Cardinal Libra, This is a somewhat heavy angled aspect called a T-SQUARE. T as in tension, TROUBLE with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for PLANETS!!!

Neptune, ruler of Pisces in modern times was called Poseidon. He was one of the three main Greek brothers who were the Big Boys of Gods, so to speak.

Zeus, aka Yahweh, is at the very top; he is symbolized by the royal purple of Jupiter. Uranus was the ruler of the sky.

The God of the Underworld is Pluto {Hades} Lord of death and Rebirth.

Poseidon is also known as THE EARTH SHAKER.  

NEPTUNE ruler of Pisces is also at the critical 29th degree at 29 degrees 11 minutes of AQUARIUS, Uranus’s Sign. And Uranus is at 29, 57 degrees of Pisces.

These two planets are in what’s called mutual-reception and have been for most of last year. They work easier together, they are hosting one another. 

Gee it wouldn’t have been hard to predict this event at all now would it have been. If only the Presidents and meteorologists, dictators, Kings and Queen’s went to their astrologers as they did for thousands of years perhaps some suffering could be alleviated. 

SUPER MOON CAUSE of Earthquake?

Astrologers are using the term Super Moon which astrologer Richard Nolle coined to indicate when the Moon is closest to the earth thus affecting the tides, tectonic plates etc. most powerfully. On Feb 18, March 19 and April 18 Super Moons all fall on Full moons for this year making them even more powerful. 


CHIRON, comet known as the WOUNDED HEALER, has just re-entered Pisces on Feb 8th. Chiron is now at 2 degree of Pisces. The day of the BP deep water rig blow up in the gulf April 22 2010 was the day that Chiron entered Pisces. And by the way Saturn was at 29 degrees of Virgo on that day too. 

I am also sorry to hear of human losses and devastation to land oceans, eco –systems.  

Prophesies of Earth Changes have been coming for over 30 years. Edgar Cayce America’s “sleeping prophet” described this years ago. Oh so Cayce’s prophecies didn’t happen on the Eclipse in 1999 but timing for this type of events is always difficult things change.  

We are seeing the oceans, the earth re-act with more and more magnitude. Is the Earth trying to tell us something? The planets Jupiter, Venus etc. are like her sister and brothers. They are sending us their encoded messages if we but only be aware and alert enough to heed the call before it’s too late.