7/7/17, Sextile words and inconjunctions, daily Tarot

July 7, 2017 is 7 7 2017 or 7/7/17. The numerical symbolism is The Major Arcana #7 THE CHARIOT, the sign of Cancer and #17 THE STAR sign of Aquarius. That means two chariots to hitch your star to.

A lovely sweet sexy sextile between Mercury in Leo and Venus in GEMINI today.  Mercury in Leo speaks from the heart with strength and courage.  Venus in Gemini may be very flirty and can’t decide how to respond. But go ahead and say what’s in your heart anyway.

Think of the higher purpose of your actions, free your mind, baby and think outside the box, as SAGITTARIUS MOON emanates from the COSMIC VAGINA, the GALACTIC CENTER at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS trines URANUS in ARIES. 

Your mind will be all on fire with new ideas, new options, optimism. Plan a wild adventure. 



That’s a 150-degree aspect between how you feel or not feel in this case, as Capricorn moon really doesn’t want to get emotional. The Goat moon is in full RAM mode, butting against the mind that can’t decide what it loves or wants -Venus in GEMINI, and the consciousness of pride, bling, selfishness, egotism, grandstanding and leaders.  A stubborn standoff in love and communications. 

We are feeling the powerful pull of the Rolling THUNDER MOON in Capricorn July8/9. 

Let’s do a Tarot card for guidance. 

Crowley Thoth Tarot deck The Aeon


The 20th Major Arcana Card is traditionally called Judgement. 

#20 Judgement Gilded Tarot Tara Greene

#20 Judgement, Gilded Tarot by  Ciro Marchetti

This card could very literally be seen as a wake-up call. Judgement Day is a Reference to the Book of Revelations written by John of Patmos from visions he received about the return of Christ and Judgement Day where all of the dead would rise again.

This card always speaks of a new birth or rebirth.  The child on the card shows a return to original innocence, essence, trust, and wholeness. Let go of all judgments and limitations on yourself and others. This frees you up.

You may also need to make a final choice or decision in order to begin this new beginning. 

The Aeon Card shows the New Aeon after the old Patriarchal age is ended. This was a vision Aleister Crowley channeled in 1904. He foresaw the world wars coming and predicted the New Aeon where people learn to live in a state of higher consciousness, love and light after undergoing a harsh discipline and learning to perfectly control and balance the opposites within themselves and have full connection with and conversation with their Higher selves.  The previous card was the SUN #19 the Source of all light. We must be in touch with SOURCE energy with the spiritual light within to be born anew.

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10:10:10 Finger of FATE, 2 for 1 Astrology Tarot Tara Greene

Wow this entire week is so chock full I need 8 arms to write about it all.

So this is a 2 for 1 article- BOTH YOUR DAILY TAROT CARD INSPIRATION and a quick overview.

Tuesday, March 26 Rules by MARS  Mardi in French

has MARs at 10 degrees ARIES SEXTILE Jupiter at 10 degrees GEMINI and

both planets Quincunx – create a FINGER OF GOD aspect to SATURN at 10 degrees Rx Scorpio

XACTLY 10:10:10 interesting Numerology

Number 10 in the TAROT TRUMP cards is the WHEEL OF FORTUNE

and life certainly can feel like a crapshoot these days,

Make a creative gamble.  FEELING LUCKY? How bout tickling FATE?

JUPITER is the Planet ruling the WHEEL OF FORTUNE- see glyph in lower right of card

Action/ Reaction in Gemini-  and focus on remembering the lessons from the PAST with Saturn in Scorpio= karmic.

Saturn also sextiles Pluto, one degree up at 11 degrees CAPRICORN- sextiles blend energies easily

the planet of reality and the planet of SOUL both point their FINGERS to JUPITER in GEMINI

the FINGER OF GOD aspect is to both SATURN and PLUTO

crisscrossing in the SKY making an X /Treasure map

X marks the SPOT- PLANET X

If you have planets at those point in Gemini or Scorpio- the cosmic finger of FATE is upon you.

Is it Fickle? Yes in GEMINI it truly is.

In Scorpio- NEVER fickle. Always fateful, destiny.  It is soulful, SOUL FINGER>

have to have a bit of a laugh over that one- to the tune of Goldfinger,

we need a bit of humor amidst all the ARIES heat and Jupiter always has a good laugh

Feeling pretty hot under the collar? in the scrutiny of Saturn?

YEs the week is fraught -see LIBRA FULL MOON ARTICLE http://taratarot.com/id32.html


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