Jian Ghomeshi, Rape culture day in court

Jian Ghomeshi gets his day in court February 1st 2016 after over a year since his initial sexual assault charges by three women. It’ll be more like Groundhog Day where Jian will be reliving the same  thing over and over.

rape culture, Jian Ghomeshi, Astrology Tara Greene

While the verdict will not be in for a few months. I wanted to quickly update what the stars are saying the outcome will likely be. 

Even if you are not familiar with this particular trial case of sexual abuse. Please read what the stars say about the supposed perpetrator and how his outcome fares. I frickin love astrology. 

With Uranus at 17 degrees ARIES in his 3rd house of communications,and PLUTO in Capricorn in his first house, of self-image and persona exactly opposite and in square to his Natal Mars at 16 degrees  Libra {in detriment} in his 9th house of justice and honesty. This can indicate a very heavy shadowy wild card ride for Jian. He will be trying to appear peaceful and balanced, with his “rough sex consenting womens” alibi showcasing his passive/aggressive Mars side. 

PLUTO and Mars both co-rules SCORPIO the sign of  sexuality, S & M, shadows, control, secrets, death, power. Jian has SCORPIO on his 10th house CUSP, his highest standing in the world, his shining Career. He will be UNDONE by his sexual appetites, his need to be in control and his ignorance of dealing with his own shadows psychologically and having no respect for women.

Jian is a BORN NARCISSIST with mother issues. He has CERES the Great Mother in late degrees of CANCER, the most smothering of sign conjunct to his powerful EXACT JUPITER VENUS conjunction in LEO in his 7th house of “marriage” or all relationships, business ones as well.

The Jupiter Venus conjunction also squares his Lunar Nodes, indicating that this is a past life issue with all the women he is dealing with, which is no excuse. Jian’s North Node is in Taurus – extremely sensuality, stubborn and earthy which is right on his I.C.the 4th house cusp, of his childhood, home and foundation, also indicating a powerful mother -connection. 

Mars is currently in Scorpio passing through his Career house as is the Moon today Highlighting the sexual secrets nature of this trial. 

SATURN LORD OF KARMA is at 14 degrees Sagittarius entering Jian ‘s Natal 12th house of incarcerations, prisons, secrets, shooting oneself in the foot, etc. Saturn will be there for the next 2 years and the minimum term is 18 months for Jian. 

Saturn is also Squaring his Natal Pluto in VIRGO in his 8th house of sex, power, control, the Scorpio House of birth, death and transformation. Saturn is also opposite his NAtal Gemini Sun now until the third week in March when it goes Retrograde. Saturn will be exactly opposite Jian’s Sun in December of 2016, exactly squaring his natal Pluto and his URANUS in VIRGO. 

CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER at 18 degrees PISCES is exactly opposite his Pluto in VIRGO in his 8th house and square to his Natal SUN in GEMINI in his 6th house of work. His wounds will be writ large all over the public stage.He is finished publically. 

LUCKY planet Jupiter is in VIRGO conjunct to Jian’s Natal Uranus and Retrograding back to connect with his PLUTO and square his Gemini SUN now and again in July and August 2016. JUPITER can be beneficial but often too much of a good thing….. All of the planets are interconnected. 

The March 8th SOLAR ECLIPSE at 18+ degrees PISCES exactly Squares Jian’s GEMINI SUN and his PLUTO/URANUS in VIRGO from his 2nd house of resources, money, self-image. 

These are very tough transits to be going through at this time. MY prediction. Jian will serve jail time and have to pay huge amounts back to each one of the women. He will be made an example of his through his misconduct. 


All writing is copyright of TAra Greene 

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This is a Canadian media sex-scandal. If you don’ know who Jian Gomeshi is, at 47, he was one of the Canadian Broadcast Corporations most popular radio hosts. His show was also broadcast to  public radio stations in the U.S. He had been working for the C.B.C. for the last 12 years.  He created his popular Q radio interview show , interviewing many famous personalities.  Q aired five days a week across Canada on CBC radio and was very popular and acclaimed over the last 7 years. Gomeshi was also a popular Canadian TV Host.

JIAN was a musician playing in a band called Moxy Fruvous before getting into radio. On August 14, 1997, their song “YOU WILL GO TO THE MOON” was used by NASA to wake the crew of STS-85. Note the song title.

 Jian was born in London England, and is of Iranian descent. His family moved to Canada…

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Kremlin or Church behind Pussy Riot Trial. I have the T-shirt| News | The Moscow Times

Kremlin Behind Pussy Riot Trial. Or Is It the Church? | News | The Moscow Times.

support pussy riot Tara Greene

SUPPORT PUSSY RIOT! protests are gearing up world wide in support of FREEDOM of speech

feminist art punk rock band has gained support from MADONNA,The RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS And other major musicians,

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Pussy Riot Takes on PUTIN, Russian Church. Lillith,Astrology,world news by Tara Greene

Russian Feminist Band PUSSY RIOT

Feminism is definitely NOT DEAD! Russian punky Performance Art Feminist Band PUSSY RIOT got busted for protesting the corruption of church and state. Three young Russian women have been in jail since February and are now on trial and their protest and making PUTIN look like an IDIOT is the begining of the end for old dictator PUTAIN.

They could face  seven years in Jail. Amnesty International and supporters in Washington D.C. and rock band  the Red Hot Chilli Peppers have come out in support of the 10 member baklava wearing anonymous group of young women.

The young women are simply part of  the OCCUPY movement energy which is the current from the two planets URANUS/PLUTO in square  which began June 24 XAct. The next exact square is on September 19.

THE 60’s revolution is coming of age NOW!!!

These 2 planets were in conjunction in Virgo in the mid to late 60’s, opposed by Saturn in PISCES which caused the great 60’s LOVE -IN Peace, drugs, sexual revolution, feminism, black liberation. The current squares continue for the next 3 years as the two planets progress in ARIES and CAPRICORN.

I’ve been wanting to writer about so many things, I don’t seem to have enough time in the day to get everything I want done.

I wanted to write about LILLITH and PUSSY RIOT is the perfect opportunity.

The obviously named FEMINISTS  perfectly describes  LILLITH’S energy. There are three things which describe LILLITH  in ASTROLOGY. One is the Black Moon Lillith which is not a solid object but a point of alignment, the apogee of the Moon’s orbit, the point that is farthest from the earth. Just like the North Node, this point is also very powerful and important. There is Asteroid Lillith and a DARK MOON LILLITH.

This is the original HOLY TRINITY, maiden, mother, crone, and all her untameable powerful insatiable unstoppable sexuality, which was unbridled and free in the pre-patriarchal world.

The Swiss Ephemeris I use denotes the Asteroid Lillith, a real object, orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. She is the ORIGINAL WOMAN before EVE, who was just a Patriarchal make believe propaganda story. The archetypal original woman Lillith left the GARDEN of EDEN to live by the RED SEA. She uttered those famous Greta Garbo words.” I WANT to be alone”  rather than let ADAM demean her and try to ride her sexually like an animal. Lillith’s energy is ALIVE & WELL and FULLY embodied through PUSSY RIOT today.

Since Jan 1 this year Asteroid LILLITH has been at 1 degree of Taurus, an earthy embodied, Venus ruled sign. TAurus ua stubborn, strong willed, artsy. Lillith and Jupiter were French kissing at that zero degree of Taurus.

IN February when the PUSSY RIOT Girls performed at a MOSCOW  church theywere busted, Pluto, planet of the UNCONSCIOUS, the soul, the PLUTOCRACY, corporate structure, the PATRIARCHY, was trining LILLITH who was emboldened and optimistic, by being conjunct to risk taking, good humoured, JUPITER At 5- 6 degrees of TAURUS..

Now at the end of July the Sun is at around 8 degrees of Leo, which is square to where it was in February when PUSSY RIOT got arrested. Lillith is now at 25 degree TAURUS and near to the PLEIADES which were involved in the May 20 Solar Eclipse. MERCURY is retrograde at 5 degrees of Leo also square to that point in Taurus last February.Things are coming to a head and PUTIN’S pimple is about to POP!

The trial and subsequent protests will put PUTIN’S career in a tailspin. The Pussy Riot trial started July 30, Live streaming was shut down. The 3 young women apologized and said they did not mean to insult the Russian Orthodox Church but the Patriarch Kirill who said the Orthodox must vote for Putin. There is no democracy in Russia under Putin’s rules. Less than 1% of cases that go to trial in Russia end in a not guilty verdict.

What has PUTIN unleashed in his repressive tactics? LILLITH’s fury is like a million Hells’. .

LEt’s look at PUTIN’s astrology chart

Putin astrology by Tara Greene

Vladimir Putin astrology chart

Doesn’t Putin sound like PUTAIN? Prostitute in Italian? Made me laugh. The uNiverse always speaks in puns. Plus  ONLY IN CANADA, or rather QUEBEC, Putin sounds like the national fave dish  POUTINE!


Putin with his rod

Putin with his rod

He has definitely taken on the WRONG OPPONENT at this time. But the right one for the WORLD’S EVOLUTIONARY COURSE.

In PUTAIN’s   natal chart,what does he have up there at his M.C? 

Black Moon Lillith, DARK MOON LILLITH & the Asteroid LILLITH all straddling around a cosy Triple Threat of FEMINIST FURY Waiting to be unleashed in the NOON DAY SUN. PLUS he has his NATAL PLUTO conjunct Asteroid LILLITH @ 21 and 22 degrees of LEO!! WOW. this is so archetypal its freaky! AY YI YI!

this is the FEMINIST vs the PATRIARCHY shoot out at the NOT SO OK corral at the KREMLIN. 

The M.C. not master of ceremonies but MID HEAVEN is the high noon position. This is rich. His fall from grace is about to happen.

And wait there’s more! SATURN the KOSMIC kop is sitting right on PUTIN’S Natal MERCURY right now. From his point of view he thinks he is crushing any dissenting ideas, thoughts, voices {Mercury in Libra}. But it will rebound on him,as Saturn is in his 12th house of secret enemies, self-undoing and endings.

Saturn is going to cross his heavy power and control Ascendant of 3 degrees of Scorpio on November the 1st. We all know what that means! WHat began 28  years ago ro so has come full circle.

The South Node, the past,  is now at 3 degrees of Gemini and about to conjunct PUTIN’S natal Moon, which symbolizes his mother, his emotions, his unconscious. This guy has big MOTHER  issues, which are going to be ousted as the North Node in Sagittarius drags them out during this trial.

Lillith the asteroid is squaring one of the LILLITHS in his Natal chart at 27 degrees of Leo, which is conjunct to Fixed Star REGULUS, the heart of the lion. Lillith takes down all hubris egotistical power f+$#7ckers, women hating, archetypes eventually,

 And eventually is NOW!!! 

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BTW. I wasborn with Asteroid Lillith directly opposite my Natal Pluto, I remember the entire story.