Jealousy, Posession and freedom.

Venus in Scorpio is inconjunct to Uranus in Aries Dec 18 .
Think of an inconjunct, a 150 degree aspect between the planets as an Inconvenient Truth.  Something you don’t want to deal with but must even though you can’t figure out how to combine the oil and water together. You can’t and they don’t blend.
Venus in Scorpio is jealous. Terribly jealous and possessive.
This aspect triggers rebellion which is a great thing. Are you feeling possessed by the insecurity of the Scorpio energy person who wants to control your behaviours to meet their own selfish needs?
Possession is a very real thing. Emotions are real energies and become negative entities. You don’t need an exorcism by a Catholic priest but you do need to establish some healthy boundaries. Imagine a circle of white light around you. Call upon the angels to guard you at each direction.Michael in the East, Gabriel in the South, Ariel in the West, Raphael in the North.
If so this is a great opportunity to see the light and RUN>.
This is a good healthy thing. Avoid those who are trying to manipulate you to their own ends. This includes gazillions of phony psychics out there, professing to remove curses, bring back the ex-lover, bring you good luck etc. As well as anyone who holds the proverbial carrot on the stick out for you. Think about the encultured manipulations as well. This is all media, whatever the media serves up to the public is a manipulation to get your attention to go -there. Where they want you to go. 
I would use the wild chaotic need for freedom energies of Uranus quincunx VENUS to get the hell out of any toxic relationships asap. Don’t be afraid to be alone over the holidays, Don’t stay in toxic relationships. The unknown is the portal where you discover your real self. 
Let’s pull a card to guide you. 
Ace of pentacles or Disks Tara Greene Tarot
This is perfect of course, as the cards always are. The Ace of Disks is the initiating and most powerful potentiality of any new physical situation, event or reality. It is a new beginning. It is the acorn who knows it must become the giant oak tree.  Trust in this impulse to grow in a new way. To plant new seeds, to begin a new path, a new way of life. 
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