Saturn Direct October 23

Saturn, The Reality planet, old Father Time, karma, maturity and testing, tradition and the Old boys Colonizers Patriarchal club turns stationary DIRECT at 18° 35’ October 23 @9:07 pm October 22 in PDT: October 23 at 12:07 am EDT and 5:07 am GMT
NASA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Saturn’s been dragging his heavyweight Karmic Baggage around since June 4 where it stationed at 25 degrees 15 minutes Aquarius. Think back on what was going on in your life then, what were your obstacles, depressions, responsibilities or endings?

Saturn, The heavy Downer Planet has been slowing down to a snails pace since october 1st have you been feeling more tired than usual? I sure have been .

Check out where 18° Aquarius is in your natal chart. While Saturn sits stationary in the sky things can feel heavy, especially for those signs impacted by these degrees. for 3 days until actually moving Direct.

Saturn governs Karma and in the unconscious in the underworld, Saturn’s been counting your karmic debts

The frustrated rebellious Aquarius energy thats been sitting on that back burner is about to bust out. Battling any restrictive influences is Aquarius energy. Protests about job losses, inflation, an Air element thing will commence.

Saturn moving forwards in Aquarius will see New tech innovations as Elon Musk buys Twitter on October 28, Redoing a website, reworking collaborations, networking, innovative management, new contracts with organizations and meeting like minded Vibing people come together now. Issues with authorities, history, your dad, elders in general, time, restrictions, patience all under Saturn’s grinding force are unleashed. Saturn is the great teacher, tester, limiter, obstacle maker and also bestows great rewards

Saturn hits those with planets at 13-20° of all Fixed signs- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius of course and also effects Saturn ruled Capricorns.

Relationships that formed while Saturn was Retrograde can gather strength and endurance now.

Use this stationary time to redefine your goals, your career outlook, your long-term plans commitments and strategies.

Cryptocurrencies will start to rise again as Saturn turns direct

SATURN is elders, ancestors

Confer with the ancestors, those who are in spirit are very much connected to you and all you have to do is ask them to help guide you. They may be very different than your genetic ancestors. Give thanks to your ancestors for without their hard work and dedication you wouldn’t be here now.

 Saturn is the builder and architect of reality, Do physical things, build, work with clay, with your hands, be close to nature and the earth. 

Saturn rules foundations, this is so important because if you don’t plan well then the building won’t be strong. look at the footings of your career, relationships, life and house. Saturn is sitting close to my IC right now the roots or foundation of my chart and my house is literally being rebuilt at its foundation now.

Take responsibility for creating what you have in your life. Saturn is the great leveller. Saturn rules the Tarot Card #21 the World or Universe card.

Saturn rules maturity, old age and death. We need to acknowledge that we are manifested physical brings on the earth. That our spirits temporarily reside in the physical plane governed by Saturn. We must abide by the laws of 3D but we are also much more than that. Don’t get caught into the illusion of the material plane that Saturn rules. It’s not about money, wealth, bling, impressing others, fancy expensive cars or any of that ego material temporal stuff at all. That’s why one must also be able to laugh Saturn/Saturn the Devil in the face when you are asked to sell your soul to the devil for material gain.

Saturn will take until January 27, 2023 until Saturn by passes its Retrograde degree.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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