Saturn Retrograde, the devil made me do it.

APRIL is going to be a very hectic intense month.

Starting the first week of APRIL with SATURN Lord of KARMA turning RETROGRADE joining Venus, and Jupiter.

EXACT times: on the 5th @ 10:06 pm in PDT/ 6th  @ 1:06 am EDT/5:06 am GMT

SATURN spend about 5 months of the year turning Retro. But this year it’s the point at which Saturn turns back, at the GALACTIC CENTER, 27 degrees of SAGITTARIUS. Remember that CHIRON is also squaring Saturn as it turns Retrograde leaving us feeling vulnerable and rather raw. The most powerful of karmic planets turns back at the Black Galactic hole void place until August 25th @ 21 degrees SAGITTARIUS.

Saturn, Versailles, Astrology Tara Greene

The fountain of Saturn. 1672-77. gilded lead. Francois Girardon.French. 1628-1715. Gardens of Versailles

While Saturn is RETROGRADE, I can’t say it won’t be heavy. SATURN is lead, depression, obstacles, limitations and testing. Old karmic issues of all types shapes and sizes pull us back through a wormhole to face any old unfinished KARMIC business. Saturn is the TAX MAN. He is LEAD. Saturn is hard-hitting reality. He is the great reality show itself. More than D. Trump/ He is time, and patience. He is discipline, and maturity. All of these SATURNINE qualities are important we need them in order to make our dreams reality, to build something that lasts; a career, a family, marriage or a lifestyle.

Saturn, aka SATURN or the illusion of the earth plane is the Symbol of THE DEVIL himself in the TAROT #15 / the opposite and complimentary of the LOVERS. 

the Devil Tarot Tara Greene

SATURN is the ruler of CAPRICORN equivalent to The DEVIL 

“Better the devil you know than the one you don’t” is an old saying. The Devil or demon is alas a Daemon or helping spirit guide according to ancient Greek philosophers and modern psychologists like James Hillman.  Saturn isn’t all bad, but discernment is necessary. 

Use the time of Saturn’s retrograde in SAGITTARIUS to grow up in areas where you may be avoiding responsibilities. Saturn is concrete work, he rules your career. Go over any steps you need to take to rebuild your career or see where aspects of your career need reworking, remodeling, or reviewing.  Saturn in SAGITTARIUS is higher education. Brush up on old knowledge, decide to take or re-take courses. Decide to go back to school. What knowledge do you have that needs to be repolished in order to take it out into the world and teach others?  Saturn is good for making long term goals. 

Yes, Saturn can be hell. It’s true. Depression, failure, wanting to quit can all be part of Saturn retrogrades heavy lessons. If you need help reach out and ask for it. Saturn has a horrible reputation. He ate his own children, he cut off Uranus balls and threw them away. He is a monster. Use this time to work out any old shadows, and “monstrous” qualities in yourself. One of my heroes is James Hillman and he talked about Saturn as the SENEX, the old wise man who helps us by using depression and heaviness as a means of resurrecting ourselves. Many people take drugs to avoid depression but there is a depth in depression that can be very helpful and necessary. What goes up must go down. Get down. 

Travel is also a big Saturn in Sag. issue as Trump’s travel ban is now in hiatus. Sagittarius rules laws, courts, higher law, teachers. All of these professions and activities will be highlighted. Laws are being repealed, and there may be much back and forth action around all of these issues. Many activists will be busy repealing, recalling, re-legislating,  in politics during this time. 

SATURN is our greatest goals; to climb to the top of the mountains, to be at the peak of our world. You must be clear about what this is. Saturn will always test us. Saturn makes you sweat for your success. But the discipline and the hard lessons which Saturn gives make the success all that much sweeter. 

Saturn rules the body. What do you need to do to improve your health.?As much as attitude is important, none of us is getting physically younger. There is a wisdom in aging, yes like fine wine. We need to applaud elders, we need to turn to them for their experience for simply having lived so long. We need to record the stories of all people. 

Saturn is history. What will the future, if there is one? say about these times? our times?

What is the GRIM REAPER: Facing your death and old age is a shamanic and Buddhist technique to help one wake up to living in the now. The Tibetan Buddhists meditate in Cemeteries and charnel grounds where bodies are burned after death. What do you want your life to be remembered for? What physical gifts do you wish to leave behind in this impermanent world? 

Saturn is the PATRIARCHY, and Trump and his too white, old boy, bible thumping racists sexists.  There will be more reaction and resistance to everything Trump is trying to push forward. Not much action will be advancing till August, so prepare to move slow. 

Seniors will come forwards as leaders. Their needs need to be recognized as pensions will be disappearing. Their quality of life needs to be held up.

For those with birthdays which fall on the Galactic Center on December 19 plus or minus 4 days. You will feel Saturn raking you back more than others. 

Remember Saturn is always your father. If he is still alive give him a nice hug, tell him how much he means to you or call him. If you dad has passed on as mine has, let the tears flow if you miss him or if you are angry at him, or can’t forgive him. 

Finish up all old karmic battles, revenge trips, anger, jealousy, or just can’t le it go. Let it go. The nice thing about Saturn in SAGITTARIUS is when Saturn goes direct again and is at the Galactic center again within two degrees from early November 2017- December 20th. We can use that big Galactic Center as an enormous recycling void for everything that we do not need. 

Make sure you get your taxes done. I am guilty of being late this year from last year for the first time. Or finish up whatever you have been avoiding or procrastinating about. Sagittarius tends to procrastinate. We can get refocused during Saturn’s retro. 

One of Saturn’s gemstone’s is blue sapphire. In Indian Astrology gemstones are used to alleviate a planet’s negative influences.

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